After party fun – part 1

It was summer vacation. My college was closed. I used to be at home.

One morning I got a text from my friend that he is Arranging a party at his House and he is calling many hot girls. I was excited I ran towards the kitchen to have a breakfast my mom was doing yoga in living room I went near her . I helped her in some pose she was happy . I asked her ” Today is my friends birthday and he is arranging a small party at his house I will be coming tomorrow home “.

My mom looked at me and said.”You are not allowed to do anywhere . I know what small party means. And I don’t want any talk about this again ” I was angry and went to my room. That night my dad came home little early and my mom was busy preparing dinner. I went to party without telling mom and mom went in my room I was not there. “Abhi had gone to the party without telling me let this boy come home return ” I will wait for him in his room and going to punish him

I return home and went directly in my room I saw girl sleeping in my room with sexy nighty.

Abhi – ( I must be dreaming again) oh well I better get start then. This ass sure looks nice! I (hic) must had too much drink

(I left her nighty and move her underwear side. Her beautiful ass and pussy was clearly seen now. )

Abhi – this must be the best dream I had ever.

(I removed my dick and start rubbing on her ass chicks)

Abhi – ohh yeah ” What a feeling ” I am already going to exlode! Lets see who she is… Mom.. I don’t care (hic) not the first time I imagined this (hic)

She start wake up because of my humps

Abhi – wow your ass chick feels good mom! Your hero is going to rescue . ..
Mom – what… (Zzz) ohh shit I overslept (is abhi fucking me) what the fuck are you going..? (Saying with low voice)
Abhi – I am saving you don’t worry!
Mom – (from the smell of it he must be drunk)
Abhi – this is the best dream ever… I am your hero I will save you..
Mom – sheee.. Keep your voice down your dad will hear you and how will we explain this …?

( I flip move frontway and start rubbing my dick again she was wet now)
Abhi – I am going to finish my task … Remove the appeal
Mom – no wait keep it down (it can’t be helped if I scream his dad will hear us

I took of her bra and side her under wear her pussy was soak wet.
Abhi – princess ? Princess?
Mom – yes I am your princess but keep your voice down
Abhi – your wish is my command
Mom – ( wow he is really getting into it! ) are you wearing a condom.

I was inserting my dick inside her pussy and the wet pussy pushed me deep inside her

Mom – abhi are you wearing a condom
Abhi – the hero (hic) will come inside the princess
Mom – don’t come inside the princess (oh fuck now I get it) wait.. (This is bad)
Abhi – here it cums!

I came inside her pussy she was tigh down there.

Mom – what have you done ( ohh fuck) you are going to be in so much trouble
Abhi – don’t worry i saved some for your mouth

( while saying that I took my dick out of her pussy and insert directly in her mouth and catch her head with my hand and was getting a after blowjob after few movement she pushed me)

Mom – get off me… Now.. (Get up and was looking at her pussy ) look at all this semen (could it be my fault?was I more hard on him? )
….. Abhi are you sleeping?

Abhi – zzzzzz… Zzz
Mom – ( I hope you don’t remember any of this ) ( I hope I won’t get pregnant because of this ) I need to sleep.
Next morning ( at kitchen)

Dad – today I will be more busy . I think today I am going to late coming home.
Mom – try to come little fast we can have some yoga together and abhi is not doing his workout also
Abhi – (ohh fuck) I feel kind of dizzy today…!
Mom – you were going things that … We’re things that are not allowed to do last night.. !
Dad – go easy on him dear.. He didn’t go outside like you told me… So there is no reason to be angry on him

( after breakfast my dad went at work I was alone with my mom)

Mom – wait abhi..! We need to talk about what happened yesterday..
Abhi – what did I do
Mom – don’t pretend like you don’t know anything (really he don’t remember anything )
Abhi – all I know was I went to party and had some drinks
Mom – Okk I won’t tell your dad but you need to workout with me

Later ….. My mom was going her workout in living room while I was peeking on her..

Abhi – (how I am going to forget that pussy …. Why she is just wearing short pants and a tight bra while doing workout… Oh fuck I fucked that pussy few hours before I am already missing it again…)

After few minutes
Mom – abhi are you coming down for doing some yoga…?
Abhi – yes mom coming
Mom – okay we will do me first and then we switch …
Abhi – so what do you want me to do…
Mom – I don’t get a partner much so I am a bit rushy on the teamwork exercise

( mom was bend over her short pants was showing her ass chicks little )

Mom – get behind me and pull my thing up and this should force my muscles to stretch

Abhi – okay… I am going right… (My penis was touching her ass)
Mom – pull…..!

( got an hard on)
Abhi – mom … We should stop now…
Mom – .. 5…6…7 … 8.. Ni… Ne(what the fuck is rubbing on my back) Is that yours

( I was rubbing on her ass my dick carefully) mom truned and slap me.

Mom – you little prevent…. You are trying to do this again..?
Abhi – aaha…its not my fault this time… You are basically asking for it
Mom – you little shit.. If I wanted someone to fuck me…. What make you think that….i would pick you huh… Just because I let you have your fun last night… Doesn’t mean that I can’t get better if anything… I did you a favor
Abhi – (while touch his dick) ohh please.. You know how many girls I can get? …. You keep trying to put me down with all this exercise and muscle shit. .. But when it comes to girls… I only need one muscle….. And mine is as big as they get!
Mom – don’t make me laugh…. You want to talk out in the open… Fine my me…. They want big eco’s too!.. They want man that can handle their shit…. Girls don’t just want big dicks… And you are not that kind of man
Abhi – ohh yeah… I am… (With angry eyes looking at mom )
Mom – (while walking away) prove it then….!
Abhi – I fucking show you ( while catch moms panty and push her down and rip her panty and bra

Mom – (in doggy pose) that was my favorite bra
Abhi – what are you going to do about it huh…
Mom – ( angry face) wait I show you…. (Catching my shirt) you little bastard

Part 2 will come soon if you like please comment me on gmail – [email protected]

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