College son spies on Mom’s sleepwalking escapades – Part 1

My name is Dex. It’s short for Dexter and I never tell anyone that and no one in my family uses the full name unless it’s Mom and she’s pissed at me. The name was passed down to me after my grandfather, Dexter, died a month before I was born. I am nineteen, almost twenty and will be starting my sophomore year in college, next fall. It’s summer break and I’m home with my parents and twin sisters. My dad, Jarod, is forty-five and is a successful business man. He is a good father and has always spent a great deal of his time with us three kids. He had been in middle management until recently. He just got a promotion which he almost declined to accept because it would mean he would be traveling more frequently. He and mom decided together that he should take it because us kids were grown and getting ready to leave the roost anyway. Mom didn’t seem to consider the time he would be away from her. I guess the bump in salary was more important. None of us kids were consulted.

My mom, Madelyn, or Maddy for short, is forty-two. She started working in the same company as Dad when she graduated from high school, and that’s where they met. Dad was twenty-five and Mom was twenty-two when they married and I was born a year later. Mom took her three-month maternity leave and never returned to the work-force. My twin sisters, June and Julie, were born a year later during the final minutes of June and the initial minutes of July. We had always celebrated their birthdays on the dates on their birth certificate instead of the same day like most twins. June and Julie theorized that they got more presents that way.

Mom is stunningly attractive for her age. She is tall with all the curves in the right places. Her tummy is taut and flat on a slender waist. She’s proud of her ability to eliminate the baby pooch, especially after the birth of the twins. Her hips flare smoothly from a narrow waist to firm thighs. She has broad shoulders and her breasts are large for her overall slender body and her ever visible cleavage is ample and sits particularly high on her chest. She has auburn hair with natural vertical curls that she wears below her shoulders. She is always trying to eliminate the curls, but I think they’re sexy. Her big eyes are emerald green. She has high cheek bones and puffy lips. She turns every man’s head when she walks by and she knows it. Ever since the hormones began churning through my body, I’ve noticed too. I’ve routinely jerked off imagining what Mom looked like naked. I never got a chance to find out until recently.

June and Julie are identical twins but I can tell them apart even from a distance. They both have long blonde hair, like Dad had when he was young. They have the vertical curls like Mom and they do everything they can to enhance them. Their facial features are more Mom’s than Dad’s, which Dad is always thanking God for. I look more like Dad than Mom.

The twins are nearly as tall as Mom. They have gorgeous, long legged bodies which gives me even more jerk-off material. Their breasts sit high on their chests like Moms but they are smaller. They look incredible on their more slender, athletic bodies. They often catch me staring at them and then tease me about it. I am always embarrassed and turn red-faced to their delight and they tease me even more.

I had a growth spurt in recent years and am now well over six feet tall. I’m kind of uncoordinated, probably caused by the growth spurt; so, I started working out in the weight room at school. I catch the twins looking at my ripped body now and giggling between themselves and I’m embarrassed all over again imagining what they are laughing at.

We live in a nice house in a ritzy neighborhood. It’s not a mansion or anything close. The master bedroom with ensuite bathroom is on the first-floor. Three fairly large bedrooms are on the second-floor. None of them have its own bathroom. The lone, large bathroom on the second-floor is half-way down the hall, on the front of the house, abutting my bedroom at the end of the hall and Dad’s office at the top of the stairs. Mom and Dad’s bedroom is across the hall from the bathroom with large windows looking into the backyard. The twins have the ensuite master bedroom on the first-floor.

I’ve only been home a couple days and I have not slept well. I guess it’s the ‘new’ bed and pillow and I had tossed and turned for almost two hours trying to get comfortable. It was dark and perfectly quiet as I laid on my side facing the open bedroom door punching my pillow into a new form when the hall light came on. From my position, I could see all the way down the hall to the stairway leading to the first floor. I squinted my eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness of the light. Nothing more happened for a few moments and I lifted my head to see better. Then it happened.

I heard my parent’s bedroom door knob turn and Mom stepped slowly into the hallway. She was completely naked; my dreams had come true. I figured that she was heading across the hall to the bathroom but she just stood there with a confused and dazed look on her face. She turned her head to look down the hall to my room and I dropped my head back to my pillow so she wouldn’t see me looking at her. Her eyes were open but they seemed vacant like she was in a trance or something.

I dropped my eyes from her face to examine her amazing body. I figured that I would never get another chance and I wanted to remember every square inch of her. It was more spectacular than I had imagined. Her full breasts sat high on her chest and had only a slight sag. Her nipples were erect and I realized that I was licking my lips. My dick was as hard as a steel rod and my hand was already stroking it from tip to balls under the covers.

Mom just stood there like a statue. I hated to pull my eyes from her breasts but I didn’t expect that she would be standing there like that for long, so I pulled my eyes down over her flat stomach, past her navel to her crotch. Her pubic hair was dark and neatly trimmed. I was familiar with the female anatomy from previous girlfriends and I could clearly see her puckered outer labia. I increased the pace with my hand and risked being seen as I reached for a wad of tissues from the box on my night table. I was getting close.

Just as I pulled the tissues under the covers, Mom turned and took several unsteady steps toward my room and stopped in my doorway. Her eyes were still open but seemed unseeing. Her form was backlit by the hallway light behind her silhouetting the curves of her torso to her waist to her hips and legs. Her right hand moved to her crotch. I couldn’t actually see it in the dark, but the movement of her arm in the backlight indicated that she was masturbating. I stopped moving and pretended that I was asleep, just in case. My rigid cock pulsed harder in my grip as I watched her arm moving through half-closed eyes. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was sure that she could hear it. That’s all I could hear.

Mom moaned and rocked her hips forward as the movement of her hand in her sex increased. After a couple minutes, she gasped hard and her head snapped back on her neck as her knees buckled slightly. She muttered softly, “Oh my God. Yes.” After she settled down, she pulled her hand up to her face. Again, the backlighting of the hall light prevented me from seeing but I could clearly hear her sucking on her fingers. I gripped my raging cock harder trying to stave off my ejaculation. Then I lost the battle and softly emitted a strangled groan as I jammed the tissues onto the end of my cock and cum exploded from my erection. I silently prayed that Mom had not heard my groan.

She gave no indication that she had as she slowly turned around and moved back down the hallway with her hand still at her face. Once beyond the hall light I could see her ass swaying provocatively, with each tenuous step. She stopped at the bathroom door but she didn’t turn or even look that way. After a moment, she continued down the hall.

Suddenly, Dad appeared in the hallway heading quietly but hurriedly toward Mom. He was naked too. He caught up with her before she reached the stairway and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. She stopped immediately and turned her head to look at Dad’s hand. Then she slowly turned around and pressed her tits to Dad’s chest and kissed his shoulder. Then she pushed Dad around and up against the wall as she kissed her way down his chest. Dad offered no resistance to her maneuvering.

In this new position, I could see that Dad had an erection and Mom reached down and wrapped her hand around it as she continued kissing her way down. She squatted and kissed the tip of Dad’s cock. He let her go and when Mom dropped to her knees and inhaled his cock all the way to his balls, he groaned hard and his head dropped back against the wall.

My cock was instantly hard again as I watched. I was breathing so hard and my heart was pounding like a jack-hammer in my chest. Mom pulled her lips back to his glans and pushed back down again. Dad pulled his head off the wall so he could watch. Mom moved her hand off Dad’s cock to her left breast and began tweaking her erect nipple. My hand was flying up and down my cock. I was so aroused that my body was trembling.

Mom pulled back to his glans again and then pulled off and licked the underside of his cock down to his balls and then sucked each of them into her mouth for a moment before popping her lips off. Her face was looking up at him the whole time but it still appeared that she wasn’t seeing anything. Dad reached forward and put his hands on either side of Mom’s head and held it in place as he began fucking his cock all the way into Mom’s mouth until her nose pushed into his pubic hair. Mom took it all without a single gag.

In the total silence that was broken only by the slurping sounds of Mom’s mouth on Dad’s cock, I heard Dad softly mutter the words, “Jesus Maddy. Why can’t you do this when you’re awake? You won’t even remember this in the morning.” Until that moment I was confused by the trance that Mom had seemed to be in. I hadn’t put two and two together until Dad muttered those words. Mom was sleepwalking.

After a couple minutes, Dad’s head pushed back against the wall again and he groaned hard and drove his hips forward and held them there as he was obviously blowing his load into Mom’s throat. She gagged once but didn’t fight against his grip. I should have pulled out a fresh wad of tissues but I didn’t and I followed Dad’s ejaculation with my own into the original tissues and I had a hell of a mess all over the sheets and my hand, arm and stomach.

Mom gripped Dad’s cock and licked it clean and then Dad helped Mom to her feet and she pushed her body against his and stretched up and kissed him on the lips. Dad kissed her back and then guided her back to their bedroom and the hall light flicked off. I heard their door latch shut.

I swiveled my feet around to the floor and grabbed a bunch of tissues and tried to clean myself up in the dark. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. Mom, sleepwalking and sucking Dad’s cock without even realizing she was doing it. My cock was hard again just visualizing it. I jerked off again into a fresh wad of tissues and got back beneath the cold, cum stained sheets. I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was wondering why Mom had stood in my doorway masturbating until she had an orgasm. Was she dreaming? Were sleepwalkers locked in a dream? I’d have to Google it tomorrow. I finally drifted off wishing that I had had the presence of mind to video it with my cell phone. Next time I would; if there was a next time.

Because college was out for the summer, weeks before the high school, the twins were up and ready to leave for school when I came downstairs the next morning. I was taking a few weeks off before I started my summer job as an intern with Dad’s company. He had already left for work when I sat down at the dining room table as Mom handed me a cup of coffee. She bent down and kissed me on the cheek and said, “I’m so happy to have my baby boy home for the summer.”

June and Julie were both mimicking Mom’s words and gyrating their body around as their head cocked from side to side. I looked past Mom to watch them and Mom turned to see what I was looking at. They stopped their antics before Mom caught them. June came around the table and hugged me and said, “Yes, big brother. It’s nice to have you home.” Her voice dripped of sarcasm. Julie followed suit and sat down in my lap and put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. The little minx squirmed her ass around in my lap and my cock involuntarily hardened in response. She giggled and squirmed a little more and then stood up and headed for the door with June close behind. They were giggling again and I was embarrassed again.

Mom brought a plate of scrambled eggs and sausages from the kitchen and set it down in front of me and then she sat down at the table with a cup of coffee and just watched me eat. She had an odd look on her face as she watched. It was a bit of a sultry look when I thought about it later.

The weather was unseasonably warm for late May and I spent the day in my bathing suit alternating between the hot tub, the pool and a lounge chair. Mom brought out a beer and a glass of wine and sat with me for a while. I was underage but that wasn’t mentioned. Mom unbuttoned a few of the buttons on her blouse to get some sun on her chest. She didn’t show anything more than her cleavage, but I was watching, just in case and my dick grew hard in anticipation. Mom caught me looking and chuckled as my face went beet red with embarrassment. I immediately looked away.

As though in retaliation, she looked down at my lap. I didn’t dare look down. I knew what she was seeing. I glanced at her face and she was still looking. I took a sip off the beer can and Mom took a big gulp of her wine. Her face was flushed. I assumed that it was from the wine.

Without a word, Mom got up and went back in the house and I looked down to see my erection tenting my bathing suit straight up in the air. I groaned and even though it was too late, I adjusted the position off to the side so it wouldn’t be so obvious. Mom returned with another beer but she didn’t stay. I finished the second beer and with the erection gone, I climbed onto a float in the pool and promptly fell asleep. I hadn’t gotten much sleep last night and I hoped that I wouldn’t get any more tonight for the same reason.

I don’t know how long I had slept but I was shocked awake by water splashing on my back. Mom said, “Dex. You’re going to get a bad sunburn if you’re not careful. The sun is hotter than you think.” I rolled off the float into the water. Jesus, it was cold. I got out of the pool and pulled a lounge chair into the shade and settle into it and drifted off to sleep again.

When I woke again, I was dreaming of last night’s events and my dick was a stone pillar in my suit. My hand was inside stroking it up and down. I yanked my hand from suit when I came to enough to realize what I was doing. I quickly glanced around to see if Mom had caught me jerking off. I had always feared that Mom, or even worse, the twins would catch me jerking off. I didn’t see her anywhere in the yard. Thank God.

When my erection receded, I got up and gathered the empty beer cans and went inside. Mom wasn’t anywhere on the main floor. I went up the stairs and down the hallway to my room to change. The door to my parent’s bedroom was open and Mom was sprawled, fully clothed, across their bed, sound asleep. I lingered in the hall a moment to see if there was anything to see and then continued to my room.

The vision of Mom sucking Dad’s cock popped into my mind and my dick responded accordingly. I pulled on a pair of athletic shorts and went down the hall to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and jerked myself off to visions looping in my head. It didn’t take long.

I dropped my clothes and turned on the shower to clean off the chlorine smell from the pool and hot tub. The shower has a frosted glass door so someone else can use the sink or toilet if the shower is in use and I had just stepped under the hot water and closed the door when a quick rap on the bathroom door was followed by Mom. She said, “It’s just me. Take your time.” A minute later she left.

I dressed and went back to my room and turned on my laptop computer to research sleepwalking. I discovered that sleepwalking was more common for children and was equally common for boys or girls. If a child was a sleepwalker, it was much more common for that child to be a sleepwalker as an adult. I didn’t know if Mom had been a sleepwalker as a child. It was normal for a sleepwalker to have their eyes open and adults could engage in normal daily activities including sexual activities without even realizing they were doing it and may never remember doing it when they wake up. It’s not unusual for a sleepwalker to fix themselves something to eat or even go for a walk outside or even drive in the car. That sounded dangerous. It’s not dangerous to wake a sleepwalker unless the walker doesn’t recognize where they are or who woke them and they may attack the person or persons. For that reason, it was recommended that they be ushered gently back to bed without waking them. Last night, I had witnessed much of what I discovered on the web.

So, even though Mom was looking right at me as she stood in my doorway last night, she wasn’t seeing me. I also discovered that sleepwalking can be inherited. I couldn’t help but wonder if I walked in my sleep too. How would I know unless someone told me? What if I walked in my sleep and just went back to bed after and no one saw me?

For several nights, either Mom didn’t sleepwalk or I didn’t wake up to see her. My research had not mentioned how often a sleepwalker would do their thing. I wondered what Mom would do if Dad didn’t guide her back to bed.

Several nights later, I woke for no apparent reason and decided to go to the bathroom since I was awake anyway. I got back in bed and hadn’t even got the covers back over me when I heard my parent’s bedroom door open. The hallway light didn’t come on but I could see my Mom walk out into the hall in the gloom of streetlights filtering through the bathroom window. Again, I expected that she was just going to the bathroom because she probably woke up when I went. Again, she just stood there in the hall looking left and right like she was deciding which way to go. I could tell that she was naked but I couldn’t make out any details of her naked body.

I was disappointed when she didn’t come down the hall to stand in my doorway like before. She turned and slowly headed for the stairs. She stopped at the top of the stairs and didn’t move for more than a minute. I was expecting Dad to make his appearance and hoping that the same thing happened when he did. Mom slowly made her way down the stairs. Then the lights at the bottom of the stairs came on. She was out of sight by then.

I got out of my bed and pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and headed toward the door to my room. I was concerned for Mom’s welfare as Dad apparently wasn’t going to wake up to guide her back to bed. As I stepped through my door, Dad burst out of his room into the hall muttering, “No, no, no, Maddy. Not the girls.” I stopped dead in my tracks as he hurried down the hall to the stairs. I couldn’t imagine why Dad had said those words, but they would stick with me.

Dad hurried down the stairs and the light from the downstairs hallway revealed that he was naked like before. I cautiously and quietly moved down the hall and stopped and sat down on the second step and looked past the landing to the hallway below.

Dad had caught up with Mom just before the twin’s closed bedroom door. I maneuvered over to the edge of the stair so I could see. Mom had already turned and pressed herself to Dad’s chest and he was gently holding her. She was jerking on Dad’s erect cock with a hand-shake grip. I cursed myself for leaving my cell phone in my room and I wasn’t about to go back and get it. I reached through the hole of my boxer shorts and pulled my erection out and then cursed myself again for not grabbing some tissues to collect my cum. I found myself wishing that I could deposit my cum where Dad was going to deposit his.

Mom stretched up and kissed Dad on the lips and instead of kissing her way down his chest to his cock, she turned around and pushed her face and chest against the wall beside the twin’s door and arched her back to present her ass to Dad’s erection. She looked back over her shoulder with that same sultry smile that I had seen days before at the pool. Dad seemed to know what that look meant better than I and he moved in close behind her and bent his knees as he pushed his hard cock up into her pussy. It could have been her ass but there were no preliminaries and he was inside her. Mom groaned hard as Dad pushed in, pulled back and pushed forward again. His head was over Mom’s left shoulder, blocking my view of her face. He picked up the pace. I was jacking myself off for all I was worth. The erotic sight before me caused my breath to seize in my throat.

I noticed the twin’s bedroom door opening slowly and I saw June’s face, or half a face really, appear in the opening. Dad didn’t notice because his view was blocked my Mom’s head. June was a foot to the right of Mom and Dad as they fucked against the wall. Mom was not quiet and Dad was making more grunting noises as their passion increased.

I looked past Dad and Mom and made eye contact with June. I could see a half mouth frown form on her face when she noticed me on the top stair. I didn’t think she could see me jerking off but when she raised her hand to her face and gave me the universal motion for masturbation with her curled fingers going up and down, I knew that she knew, even if she couldn’t actually see. Then June’s face disappeared and Julie’s face took its place. She grinned up at me and jabbed her tongue into her visible cheek and thrust it around symbolizing a blowjob. I smiled down at her.

Dad had been bracing himself with his hands on the wall above Mom’s shoulders as he thrust his hips back and forth. Then he dropped his hands to Mom’s tits. I couldn’t see but it was obvious that the twins could. Their door opened a little wider and full faces of both girls appeared. Julie was on her knees and June looked out over Julie’s head. They could reach out of their door and touch Mom’s tits if they wanted. Considering that Mom was sleepwalking, they could have grabbed Mom’s right tit and she wouldn’t have known. I didn’t know if the girls understood that Mom was sleepwalking or not.

With Dad still pummeling her pussy from behind, Mom turned her face toward Dad’s head on her left shoulder and now she was looking directly at me with that blank look in her eyes. Dad pulled back and grabbed his wet cock as Mom turned further to face him. Then she aggressively pushed him against the opposite wall and followed him, pressing her tits against his chest. She pulled his cock down and lifted one leg into Dad’s hand and pulled herself back on his cock again.

Dad bent down and grabbed her ass cheek with his free hand and lifted her up as she slid her pussy fully onto his cock. I had to come another step down the stairs so I could watch. The twins had opened their door even further and now I could see Julie’s naked tits as she knelt below June’s naked tits. They were both tweaking their erect nipples which were extraordinarily long. That was all I could take and I sat back and furiously stroked my cock and spewed cum into my cupped left hand. When I looked down again, June and Julie were both jerking their curled hands up and down. Julie was grinning up at me. June was not.

Mom groaned hard and violently began humping her pussy onto Dad’s cock. She was in a hard orgasm as Dad groaned hard too and let go of his own orgasm. He held her close to him as they continued to hump on each other before they both slowed to a stop. There was no indication that Mom woke in the middle of all that.

With the action over, the twin’s door quietly shut and I carried my cum-filled hand up to my room and wiped it clean with a wad of tissues before sliding back into bed. The light at the bottom of the stairs went out and I could see the darkened forms of Dad guiding Mom back to their room.

When I came downstairs the next morning dressed in my usual tee shirt and athletic shorts, June and Julie were gathering up their book bags and stuff and heading for the front door. Julie smiled and threw me an air kiss and winked. June flexed her index finger at me indicating that she wanted me to follow them outside. I hesitated a moment but fell in behind Julie admiring the exaggerated sway of her hips.

On the front porch, June pushed up close and looked up at me and hissed, “What the fuck was that last night?” She wasn’t smiling like Julie was. Julie covered her mouth with her hand so as not to give her amusement away. June looked back at Julie with a stern look and Julie turned around presenting her back to us.

June turned back to me and quickly glanced down at my crotch. I told them everything I knew about Mom’s apparent sleepwalking and Dad’s attempts to get her back to bed without waking her. June scoffed in her throat and cocked her hips indicating she didn’t believe a word I’d said. I told them what I’d seen on the internet about sleepwalking and didn’t leave out the part about it being genetic.

Julie cut in and said, “Do you mean that Mom was asleep while Dad fucked her up against the wall? How is that even possible?”

I just shrugged and said, “You were there. You saw her. She was completely oblivious.” June and Julie shared a glance between them. I continued, “Several days ago Dad caught her in the hallway upstairs and she turned around and gave him an incredible deep-throat blowjob, with the hall light on.” I suddenly realized that relating these incidents to the twins was giving me an erection and I pushed my hands down to cover the tent in my shorts. That movement only accented the fact that I had a boner and both of them looked to where my hands went.

June looked up at my reddened face and said, “You pervert. You’re lusting over your own mother.”

Julie snickered behind her and mumbled, “So am I.” When June turned to admonish Julie for her comment, we both saw that Julie’s hand was under her skirt working in her pussy. The soft squishing noise revealed that she was soaking wet.

June reached down and grabbed Julie’s busy hand and pulled her down the stairs. She glanced back at me with a disgusted looked as she hit the ground. I pulled back my hands and gripped my erection around the shorts and thrusted my hips forward, highlighting it for June. She couldn’t help but look at it, but only for a second before she pushed Julie into the passenger seat and ran around to the other side. June didn’t look again but Julie did and she jabbed her tongue into her cheek several times and grinned at me as June practically peeled rubber leaving the driveway.

Dad had left for work already as I sat down on a barstool watching Mom working in the kitchen. She was wearing a fluffy robe that came to her mid thighs. Her hair was fixed for the day already. She hadn’t put on her makeup yet but she didn’t use much anyway. I was, as always, struck by her beauty. Her high cleavage was visible at the top of her robe. Seeing her made me think of last night and my boner was back with a vengeance.

She pushed a cup of coffee across the bar and bent down and put her elbow on the counter and said, “Did you sleep well last night?” Her robe parted slightly and more cleavage showed. I tried not to look but I couldn’t help it. June was probably correct. I am a pervert.

“Better. I think,” I said. “I’m getting used to the bed all over again. How about you? Did you sleep okay?” I glanced into the gap of her robe again. She probably realized where I was looking because she stood up and pulled her robe tight and synched the belt.

“I think I slept okay. I don’t remember waking up, but I feel tired. What’s with that?” I just shrugged and tested the coffee with a tentative sip. The fact that Dad had not told her that she’s sleepwalking told me that he was a dirty old pervert too. He was getting crazy hot sex every time. He had to be loving it. I know I was. I wondered how long this had been going on before I came home from college for the summer. Last night seemed to be the first time that June and Julie knew anything of it. So, I couldn’t get any information from them. I finished my coffee and went back to my room to further research sleepwalking to see if there was anything dangerous about this condition. I was concerned for Mom’s health and safety.

An hour later, Mom appeared in my doorway and said, “Honey, I’m going to lie down and take a nap. I seem exhausted and it’s not even ten o’clock. Don’t let me nap too long or I’ll never get to sleep tonight.” I nodded and she went to her room.

When I went downstairs, Mom’s bedroom door was open and I noticed that she was lying on her back in her robe. One hand was in perched, unmoving on her pubic mound, separating her robe. There was nothing much to see because her hand was covering her sex. The weight of her hand had separated her robe all the way up but both of her breasts were mostly covered. I decided to let her sleep another half-hour and then wake her.

When I went back upstairs after the half-hour, Mom was sitting on the edge of the bed. She had shrugged off her robe and it lay at her waist on the bed. I assumed that she was already awake and I jumped back into the hallway and said, “Sorry Mom. I didn’t know you were already awake.” There was no response at all and I said, “Mom? Mom, are you awake?” Again, no response. I looked around the doorframe and she was in the same position. Her head hung slightly and she was staring at a spot on the carpet. Again, I said, “Mom?” No response.

Then she slid forward to her knees and then on hands and knees as she moved across the floor to the spot she had been staring at. She sat back on her feet and poked her finger to the carpet and then started scrubbing at it. I couldn’t see anything particular that she was scrubbing on but in her mind’s eye there was obviously something.

I stepped up behind Mom’s naked body and bent down to touch her shoulder like I had seen Dad do but she ignored the contact. I said, “Mom. Let’s go back to bed.”

She violently shrugged off my hand from her shoulder and loudly said, “No. I have to clean this.” I backed off. I hadn’t seen her like this. I preferred the other sleepwalking Mom. I stood there and watched her scrub on the carpet with her fingers. I didn’t dare leave her alone. Then she pushed herself up to her feet and turned to face me. She just stood there and I took the opportunity to examine her gorgeous body in the bright light of day. My cock was rock hard. I couldn’t help it.

After nearly a minute, with her glazed eyes still wide open, she smiled and said, “Jarod, honey. You’re home early. The kids are at school. Come to bed. I need you.” She reached out for my hand and I froze where I stood. She unsteadily walked to me and I couldn’t move. I was terrified. ‘Holy shit, what should I do now’. I took a step back and she continued toward me, closing the gap. I took another step back and bumped into the bed. She continued toward me and I fell back on the bed to get away from her. She followed me down and pressed her lips to mine. I wanted to scream but I didn’t want to wake her up.

Her passion was incendiary. I kissed her back before I even realized what I was doing. She straddled my thighs and reached up the leg of my shorts and pulled my raging hard cock out and pushed her lips half way down my shaft and then lashed her tongue around and around. My mind was screaming. My heart was hammering in my chest. I couldn’t get my breath. I was trapped under her and I was going to cum any second in my mother’s mouth. She pulled her lips up my shaft and then off and muttered, “I need you in me,” and pushed her lips back on my throbbing cock.

I came right there with her lips half way down my cock. She sputtered and coughed and pulled back to my glans, locking her lips there and furiously began jerking on my shaft with her right hand until she was satisfied that I was done. She popped her lips off and looked at me with her glazed eyes and muttered, “So quick? Now I didn’t get mine.” She rolled off me and wiped her lips and chin with her hand. “Can you get a towel? I have to clean that spot on the carpet.”

I exploded up out of her bed and ran to the door. She had already laid her head back on the bed and appeared to be asleep. But she had been asleep the whole time. I left her there after covering her naked body with her robe. I got myself together and came back a half-hour later and gently shook her awake.

She groaned and came up on one elbow and said, “Oh my God. I slept hard. I needed that.” She pulled her robe around and slipped her arms in and pulled it together as she synched the belt tight. She sat on the edge of the bed and smacked her tongue around in her mouth and said, “I’d better brush my teeth. I’ve got bad morning breath.” I helped her to her feet and she thanked me for taking care of her.

“No problem Mom. I guess you would have slept all day if I hadn’t woken you.” She hugged me to her and then kissed me on the cheek. The odor of cum wafted around my face. She headed for the bathroom and I returned to my room. I was troubled by my reaction to Mom’s sexual advances. I knew she had been asleep and didn’t realize what she was doing and I was comforted by the knowledge that she wouldn’t remember it. But I remembered it and the troubling part was that in spite of my trembling fear at the time, I wanted more. June was definitely right.

A few minutes later, Mom appeared in my bedroom doorway wearing a very skimpy bikini. She posed in it and said, “What do you think of my new bathing suit? Get yours on and we’ll spend the day at the pool.” She was gone before I could say a word. I never got a chance to express how great she looked in the new bikini, but my cock was rock hard again.

Mom was in the hot tub when I came through the three-season room onto the deck. She had a glass of wine in one hand and she raised a beer can for me as I stepped in to the hot water. With the sunburn I’d got the day before, the water seemed scalding and it took me a few moments to settle in as I groaned in pain. Mom giggled and said, “You should have used sun-screen yesterday.”

After overheating in the hot tub, we cooled off in the pool and then moved to the lounge chairs. Mom had several glasses of wine and I had a couple beers. I tried hard to ignore her erect nipples pushing against the flimsy triangles of material that was a stretch to be called a bikini top. It was double hard because Mom wasn’t ignoring them as she ran her right index finger over one and then the other. Her eyes were closed so she didn’t see me watching her do that. I adjusted the position of my erection in my suit.

At dinner that night, Dad announced that he would be on travel for the next few days. The twins queried him on why but he would only say that it was for work. He must have already told Mom because she didn’t react to the news.

My first thought was, ‘What about Mom. Who will watch out for her sleepwalking escapades? Who will keep her safe? Who will guide her back to bed?’ There was no one to ask. Mom didn’t even know she sleepwalked and if I asked Dad, he would know that I knew about the sleepwalking sex in the hall. Mom’s sleepwalking episodes happened about once a week, at least since I’d been home, but she had sleepwalked last night, so hopefully Dad would be home before she had another one. The problem with that theory was the morning’s episode of cleaning the spot on the rug and the rest. She was clearly sleepwalking only hours after sleepwalking last night.

That night I struggled to stay awake after Mom and Dad went to bed. The research suggested that a sleepwalker was usually active an hour or two after going to bed. That seemed to be true for the couple of episodes I had witnessed. Nothing happened and I woke at the usual time the next morning.

When I came downstairs, June and Julie were kissing Dad goodbye in the foyer as they headed for school. Julie threw me an air kiss and stared at my crotch before making eye contact again and winking. June just scowled at me. I didn’t know what problem she had with me other than the fact that I was a pervert. They went out the front door.

Dad’s bags were packed by the front door and he hugged and kissed Mom. He said his goodbyes to me and we man-hugged. He picked up his bags and turned back to me and said, “Take care of my girls,” as he hugged Mom to him and pinched her ass. “You have my cell phone number if you guys need me.” I nodded and smiled as he pushed his way through the door. Mom and I stood side-by-side in the open door and watched until he drove away. Mom hip-checked me and said, “Well. I guess it’s you and me. What do you want to do today?” I shut the door and shrugged indifference but I knew damn well what I wanted to do. I knew it wouldn’t happen but I vowed that if it ever did, I wouldn’t be the frightened wuss that I was yesterday.

I spent the day lounging by the pool again. Mom joined me after lunch in her new bikini and had several glasses of wine before she dozed off to sleep on a float in the pool. I watched her while I worked on a plan. It was a plan any pervert would love. It all started with a thought, ‘What if I was a sleepwalker too; it’s hereditary after all. What if I just faked being a sleepwalker and was awake the whole time? How would my family react?’

Dad seemed to be the only one in the house besides me that was aware of Mom’s affliction, until last night anyway. June was skeptical and Julie was aroused. Then I thought, ‘What if Mom is faking it?’ That thought brought my dick up to full size and I rubbed the glans through my suit with the palm of my hand as I watched Mom floating in the pool with her legs dangling off each side of the float.

It was the eyes. Mom’s eyes were glazed over. How could she fake that? I concluded that Mom wasn’t faking her sleepwalking. If I was going to try faking it, what could I do with my eyes to convince others that I was really sleepwalking. I reviewed my research in my mind and realized that open and vacant eyes was common but not always. Sleepwalkers often had their eyes closed. That could be dangerous though, walking around the house with my eyes shut and besides, I wanted to see what was happening.

I got out my cell phone and opened the camera app for a selfie. I squinted my eyes almost completely shut and clicked a photo. I reviewed it and wasn’t satisfied. I tried several more with my eyes closed more or less tightly and reviewed the photos. I found that the best option was with my eyes half shut and rolled up in the socket slightly. I could still see but the photo was kind of eerie. Just the look I was trying for.

I knew from my research that Mom’s little catnaps during the day where exactly the wrong solution to her sleepwalking but I left her there on the float and went to my room. I practiced the half-eye closed look in the mirror and smiled with the results. It was kind of creepy. I had no idea how I was going to introduce my fake sleepwalking, but one step at a time.

My room had no windows to the backyard and I wanted to check on Mom so I went into her room and looked out the window and she was still lying on the float with her legs dangling in the water, but now her hand was down in her skimpy bottom and I could clearly see her fingers fumbling under the triangle of material covering her pubic mound. I yanked my suit down and started jerking myself off as I watched her doing the same. I was consciously trying to time my orgasm with hers and I wound up being only a second or two behind her.

Her body went rigid on the float, just like that night she had masturbated in my bedroom doorway. Her mouth opened to form an “O” and she lifted her head. She was awake and looking all around the yard to see if she got caught. Her fingers slowed down and then stopped and she pulled them from her bikini bottom. She dropped her head back to the float and let out a long sigh of contentment.

I wiped my glans with the wad of tissues I had grabbed from a box on Mom’s bureau at the last moment and then went to the bathroom to piss. I stood there at the toilet for a while until my erection had dissipated enough so I could go.

That evening, June and Julie worked with Mom in the kitchen to prepare dinner. They didn’t usually offer their help. It was like they were staying close to Mom because Dad was gone. Dinner was amazing and then the twins disappeared to their room to do their homework. They were both good students, vying for valedictorian of their graduating class. Both were excellent athletes too, playing Field Hockey in the fall, Basketball in winter and Softball in the spring. Their softball team was currently undefeated and they were involved in the state-wide playoffs.

I was a klutz, but I was tall. I played varsity basketball in my junior and senior year but I didn’t start. I was always besieged by questions about why I wasn’t as good an athlete as my sisters. I sure would have had an easier time in high school if I was.

That night I woke to a faraway rhythmic banging noise. I held my breath and listened but it had stopped. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. There were no lights on in the hall or downstairs and I could see that Mom’s bedroom door was shut. As I was drifting back to sleep the sound started up again and I sat up and swiveled my feet to the floor. I expected the sound would stop again before I even got up but it kept going.

I quietly walked into the hallway. The sound was louder and coming from downstairs. I stepped to my parent’s bedroom door, turned the doorknob and pushed the door open enough to see if Mom was in bed. She was. I closed the door and headed down the hall to the stairs. The sound was much louder.

I padded silently down the stairs. I was wearing my cotton boxer shorts and didn’t realize that my flaccid cock was hanging out of the front gap. The downstairs was illuminated only by the digital clocks and timers on the various kitchen appliances and Mom always used an LED nightlight at the end of the bar. The sound was coming from the twin’s bedroom and I stopped at their bedroom door to listen. The banging noise stopped for a moment and then started up again much softer than before. If I didn’t know better, I’d have sworn that the banging was caused by a headboard banging on the wall. That vision caused my dick to harden and push further out through the gap in my boxers. I stood there and listened.

I couldn’t stand not knowing what was going on so I put my hand gently on the doorknob. My heart was hammering in my throat as I slowly turned the knob. Thankfully, it made no noise. I pushed the door inward an inch and just as slowly released the knob. The banging was much louder. I put my fingertips on the door and slowly pushed it open a foot or so and pushed my face into the gap. The room was illuminated by a LED nightlight between their beds. I was stunned by what I saw.

In the dim light, I couldn’t tell which twin was which, but they were both on Julie’s bed. One of them was on her hands and knees with her head against the headboard. Behind her was the other twin pushing her hips against the kneeling one’s ass with her hands on her hips. Their backs were to me. In the illumination from the nightlight, I could tell that they were both naked and the hip thrusting twin had black straps around her waist and the top of her thighs. Under the rhythmic bangs of the headboard against the wall was a soft squishing noise and the kneeling twin was lightly moaning with each thrust of the other.

I knew enough to know that one twin was fucking the other with a strap-on dildo. The fucker made no sound at all, but the fuckee sure was. My cock was raging hard and I furiously began stroking it from glans to hanging balls which slapped noisily against my legs. I stopped instantly and gritted my teeth as I pulled my head back and closed the open gap but I didn’t pull it shut. The banging noise stopped and I thought, ‘Fuck. I’m busted.’ I heard feet drop to the floor in the twin’s room and I gently pulled the door shut. I had to think fast because I was about to get caught spying on my sisters in a most compromising position.

I retreated quickly back toward the stairs. I knew I couldn’t make it up without getting caught. I turned around and stood there at the bottom of the stairs like I was in a trance with my practiced creepy eye look on my face and waited just a moment before the twin’s door burst open. It was June. She was holding a pillow over her bare breasts but she apparently didn’t realize that the black dildo was sticking out of her crotch under the pillow. She looked toward the kitchen and then toward the stairs. As expected, she gasped when she saw me rigidly standing there five feet away with my creepy-eyed look on my face.

June started to admonish me like she usually does but Julie stopped her and pushed her way past June and came closer to me. She was naked and completely unconcerned about it. My cock was incredibly hard and still poking through the gap. Julie flipped the hall light switch on and gasped when she saw my erection. She came closer and looked into my eyes and waved her hand in front of my face. I didn’t react. That was the hardest part to practice. I just stood there for a moment and then took a step forward as though I was unaware that she was there. She stepped back into her doorway beside June.

I moved unsteadily down the hall without looking their way. June was slack-jawed as I stumbled by and Julie said, “He’s sleepwalking. He doesn’t even know we’re here.”

Julie giggled as I moved into the dining room toward the kitchen. I heard her say, “Let’s have some fun with him. Don’t wake him up and he won’t remember a thing tomorrow.” I heard them slowly following along behind me and I just kept going. My impromptu plan was working incredibly well, so far.

In the kitchen, I opened the refrigerator and stood there for more than a minute just staring inside. I closed the door and left the kitchen heading for the family room. Both June and Julie stopped at the bar and watched me at the refrigerator.

I sat down on the middle cushion of the sofa and acted like I was watching television, which wasn’t on. The hall light that Julie had turned on was the only illumination but it was enough to clearly see everything. At one point, I chuckled, like I was watching some comedy or something. I was adlibbing like crazy and hoped that I wouldn’t overplay my hand. I curled my hand around my hard cock and stroked it once down to my balls and held it there stretching the skin tightly across my glans.

June, ever the skeptic, came close and waved her hand in front of my eyes. I offered no reaction and chuckled again at what was on the television. Julie came over and stood between me and the television. I guess that was to see if I would try to look around her but I used the opportunity to examine her naked body. My cock hardened further. Julie came over and sat down beside me on the right and June sat to my left. I bent forward to pick up a nonexistent glass off the coffee table and took a sip and then chuckled again at something funny on the TV as I put the fictious glass back down.

I nearly blew my plan when I noticed in my peripheral vision that June was still wearing the strap-on dildo. It was sticking straight up from her crotch toward the ceiling. I chuckled from the absurdity of the dildo. I couldn’t help it. The previous chuckles covered this gaffe though.

Julie reached out and curled her fingers around my cock and whispered, “Jesus. June it’s huge. It’s bigger than your dildo.” I didn’t react to her hand other than to harden further. I didn’t even want to do that but it was out of my control.

June reached over and wrapped her fingers around my cock just above Julie’s. They were both slowly jerking me off. My heart was hammering again. I was sure they could hear it. Julie whispered, “Suck on it. If he doesn’t wake up, I’ll get in his lap and fuck it. I was so close to cumming before… .” My heart went into overdrive.

Both girls let go and June stood up and unsnapped her strap-on and dropped it on the arm of the sofa. Julie reached behind her and turned on the table lamp. June was startled by the bright light and she looked me in the face to see if I had reacted. I hadn’t. June leaned across my left leg and gripped my cock hard and increased the pace of her hand job. She was looking at my face to see if I would give myself away. She was obviously still not convinced that I was asleep. Then she dropped her gaze to my cock and bent forward and pushed her lips over my glans. She looked back up at my face. When she pushed further down my shaft, I groaned hard. I had already considered that if things got this far that I would involuntarily react this way. But I remembered that Mom had groaned hard when she orgasmed in my bedroom doorway and then when Dad was fucking her outside the twin’s bedroom door. Mom had acted like any wide-awake person would during sex and the twins had witnessed that.

June pulled off when I groaned and she stared up at me and then looked at Julie who was sitting right beside me strumming her fingers through her pussy. Julie grinned at June and said, “It’s okay. Mom did the same thing.” I was home free. I lifted my hips, pushing my cock toward June’s face. She dropped her lips back on again and then to my astonishment, she pushed down my shaft until she gagged and quickly pulled all the way back off again coughing out gobs of saliva onto my cock. Julie giggled and whispered, “Told yuh. He’s way bigger than your dildo.”

June giggled and whispered, “I guess I’ve got to get a bigger dildo. I got this one because it’s bigger than Brad’s cock and I’ve practiced on it so I could deep throat him.” Her hand was all over my cock rubbing her saliva in for lubrication.

Julie giggled and said, “Mini-dick Brad? Everyone can deep throat his dick.” June cocked her head at Julie as her mouth dropped open.

“You’ve had sex with Brad? You slut. Is there anyone left for me.” Julie acted like she was thinking and then she smiled and pointed at me. “You really are a slut.” Julie grinned and June said, “Well you’re not getting him first,” and she dropped off the sofa to her knees and maneuvered between my legs. She lowered her lips to the underside of my glans and lashed her tongue down the underside of my cock and sucked my left testicle into her mouth. I thought I was going to die right there. She batted my left ball around inside her mouth with her tongue and then she pulled off with suction and did the same with my right testicle. Julie giggled at the sudden passion exhibited by her sister.

Julie said, “Now that’s more like it my cynical sister.” June grabbed my cock and pulled it forward and drove her lips down to her gag point again and held it there as she coughed around my shaft. Her eyes were filled with tears and her cheeks distended with each gag. She pulled back to the glans and went right back down again. My cock had never been harder than right then. I groaned again and dropped my head against the back of the sofa and rolled onto my right cheek examining Julie’s incredible tits through my half open, creepy eyes.

They were perched high on her chest like Mom’s but smaller. There was no sag at all. Her coffee colored dime sized aureoles surrounded long erect nipples, which she was rolling around with her left index finger as she concentrated on June’s blowjob. The lower contour of her breasts and her cleavage formed a ‘script W’. There was no space between them so she had constant cleavage even without a bra.

June was feverishly bobbing her mouth on my cock and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I wanted to feel what her pussy felt like on my cock so I lifted my hips and groaned. Julie said, “He’s gonna cum. If that’s what you want; fine. If you’re gonna fuck him, you’d better stop now.”

June slowed her frantic pace and then stopped but she couldn’t resist rolling her tongue around my shaft. She reluctantly pulled back and my cock sprang upward and slapped back on my stomach smacking her hard on the nose as it went. Julie giggled and June scowled at her.

June stood up and I could see that her pussy was soaking wet and glistening in the light from the table lamp behind Julie. She ran her fingers to her sex and separated her labia as she ran her middle finger along her wet, pink vagina.

It took all of my will-power to not react too much to what happened next. Julie was staring intently at June’s pussy and suddenly she dropped off the sofa to her knees and buried her face in June’s sex. June was caught off guard and she doubled over in protection mode. After a few moments, June groaned and stood back up holding Julie’s head in her sex. My cock was throbbing as it angled up off my stomach by three inches and bouncing up and down.

June’s eyes were closed and her mouth hung open. Then she muttered, “Fuck Julie. You’re amazing.” Julie didn’t respond. She was busy eating June’s pussy and I was going to be the dessert.

Then Julie pulled back and stood up. The lust in her eyes was amazing. She pulled June forward toward me and June placed her knees on either side of my thighs on the sofa being careful not to wake me. Once she was in place sitting high above my crotch, Julie came around and grabbed my cock and pulled it back to June’s pussy. June lowered herself to my glans as Julie made adjustments. Then June steadily pushed herself on to my cock. I groaned hard as the bigger part of my cock slid into her. She groaned hard too. I lifted my head off the sofa and looked directly at June with my creepy eyes. She stopped moving when I moved, but resumed her fucking motion when she was satisfied that I hadn’t woken up. June leaned forward and put her hands on my chest and twerked her hips on my cock several times and then she leaned back and put her hands on my knees and twerked again. She seemed to like that position because she stayed there grinding her sex on my cock. I could see my cock pull out to my glans and then push almost all the way in again.

Julie shocked me again when she stepped up on the sofa to my right with her fingers flailing in her pussy. She lifted her right leg over my chest and pushed my head back against the sofa again. June didn’t slow down as Julie pushed her pussy down on my face. She ground her pussy around on my chin and lips. I wanted so bad to taste her but I hadn’t thought this contingency through. Who would have ever thought this would happen? My mind was flashing through all the possible actions I could take and all the ramifications of each.

In the heat of the moment I settled on one stupid solution that happened to work out okay. I pushed my tongue into Julie’s pussy and flicked it on her clitoris. She screamed and lifted herself off my face and stared down at me. With the creepy eyes still in place, I mumbled out, “Mom. I love your pussy.”

All the action stopped. June’s pussy was full of my cock as she looked up at Julie, who was looking back over her shoulder at June. I had made my move and I kept lashing my tongue searching for a pussy. June said, “Holy fuck. I didn’t see that coming. Did you?” Julie just shook her head and then turned and looked down at me.

Julie said to no one particular, “I guess there’s more to our nerdy big brother than we thought.” I was hurt by the nerdy brother comment, but I guess that is what I had always been.

I mumbled, “Come on Mom, give me that pussy. It’s so good.” I worried that the last part was a little over the top but it was too late. I was staring up into Julie’s pussy as she was finger fucking herself. June was still sitting, unmoving, on my cock, apparently waiting for Julie’s next move.

I stuck my tongue out as far as I could to invite Julie back down and I flexed my cock as hard as I could in June’s pussy. June groaned from my flex and said, “Fuck. What was that? How does he do that? Jesus, Julie, he’s going to split me in two if he keeps doing that.”

Julie wasn’t paying any attention to June as she lowered herself down to my flicking tongue. She moaned when she made contact and her head rocked back on her neck as she stared at the ceiling. I pulled my tongue back in my mouth and muttered, “Oh my God Mom. Fuck me.” I drove my tongue deep in Julie’s vagina and she softly screamed just as June resumed her fucking motion. She was gasping for air as she furiously twerked her pussy back and forth on my cock.

I was going to cum. I didn’t want to cum inside June and the only way I could think of to avoid that and get June to pull off was to mutter, “Jesus Mom. I’m gonna cum.” June recognized the implications and she pulled her pussy off my cock and started jerking me off with both hands as she sat back on my knees.

Julie was thrashing her body all over my face and I started concentrating on her clitoris. In moments she went completely rigid and her hips pulsed hard. She placed her hands on the wall above my head so she wouldn’t collapse against me. I kept right on going and Julie mumbled, “Jesus Christ, I’m cumming.”

June said, “Fuck Julie. His cock is pulsing really hard. What should I do?”

Without hesitation Julie turned her head back to June and said, “Let him cum in your mouth. We’ll all be busted if Mom finds cum all over the sofa and floor.” June tentatively put her lips on the tip of my glans and increased the pace with her hands. I was so close to blowing my load and when Julie reached back and pushed June’s head further down my shaft, that was it for me. I drove my hips upward and a huge load of cum exploded into June’s mouth. She squealed and started to pull back but Julie held her head down. June was struggling to get off as the first salvo finished and the second started a moment later.

I could feel cum running down over my balls to the sofa. June couldn’t hold any more in her mouth. Julie said, “Jesus June. Swallow.” June tried to swallow but she just gagged more cum down my balls. Julie spun off my face to the floor and moved her head in beside June’s and then pushed June aside and pushed her mouth onto my cock in mid shot number three. Cum was pouring out of June’s mouth and down her chin to fall on her tits. She ran her hands through the cum like she had never touched it before. I would later find out that before that night, she had never touched a real cock before let alone experience male cum.

Julie easily handled the diminished quantity of my later cum shots and swallowed the spunk without difficulty. When she was sure I was done, she pulled off and licked my cock clean and scooped out any remaining cum from the eye. I felt like I was a puddle of ooze. I mumbled out, “Fuck Mom. That was amazing. You’re amazing.” Julie bent toward June and licked the cum off her chin and from her tits.

June groaned and held Julie’s face to her tits and said, “I didn’t get off.” She stretched over to my left and picked up the strap-on dildo and handed it to Julie and said, “Let’s go back to bed so you can do me.” Julie grinned and wiped cum from her lips and cheeks with the back of her hand.

I struggled up off the sofa and moved past the twins mumbling, “Come on Mom, let’s go back to bed.” Just to accent the fact that I was sleepwalking, I went into the kitchen and crawled up on the bar and made like I was pulling the covers over me.

Julie came into the kitchen and wet a sponge in the sink and went back to the family room. I could hear her scrubbing on the sofa. I stayed right there for fifteen minutes after the twins went back to their room. I could hear the moans and groans as Julie apparently dildo-fucked June into an orgasm. Then all was quiet and I rolled off the bar and quietly went back to my room.

I couldn’t go to sleep. The visions of what had happened looped through my mind. Who would have figured that twins could be so different? Julie was basically a slut and June was a cynical prude. I jerked off twice before I drifted off.

When I came downstairs in the morning, the first thing I noticed was the two big, pink, matching suitcases by the front door. They obviously weren’t Dad’s. The twins were sitting at the dining room table eating cereal. Mom came out of the kitchen with a stack of pancakes in one hand and a bottle of maple syrup in the other. She smiled at me and said, “Good morning sleepy-head.” The twins looked over at me and then started giggling. This time I knew what they were giggling about. They both threw me air-kisses and then looked at my crotch. I was wearing a pair of blue athletic shorts and a tee shirt.

Usually I’d go red with embarrassment when they stared at my crotch. I always feared that I had at least somewhat of an erection, and I usually did. I wasn’t embarrassed this morning. I headed for the table. “What’s up with the suitcases,” I said. June glanced toward the door while Julie continued staring at my crotch as if she was trying to get me aroused; it worked. My cock jumped up to lift the left leg of my shorts. Julie looked up at me and jabbed her tongue into her left cheek a few times. June was to Julie’s right side, so she couldn’t see what Julie was doing. She did finally notice my tent as I pulled out a chair and sat down.

I used my boarding house reach to fork two pancakes into my plate. June swallowed a mouth full of cereal and said, “We’re playing the softball finals tomorrow. We have a six-hour bus ride and we’ll be home day after tomorrow.”

I muttered, “Ugh. Six hours on a bus. Shoot me first.” Julie grinned at me and nodded. June ignored my comment like she usually ignores me in general. They were both dressed in identical hot pink short shorts and tank tops. Neither wore a bra and I could easily see their nipples through their tee shirts. Julie’s were becoming erect and pushed against the material.

June noticed Julie’s nipples hardening and she gave her a scathing look and said, “Seriously?” June glanced toward me to see if I was looking at Julie’s nipples. I was busy pouring syrup over my pancakes. When June went back to her cereal, I looked at Julie and we both smiled at each other. My cock was trying hard to push right through my shorts.

I heard a large vehicle downshift and come to a stop with the hiss of air-brakes outside and a loud horn blew. The twins jumped up from the table and Mom came out of the kitchen to kiss them goodbye and wish them good luck. I couldn’t get up from the table because of my erection. Julie came over and bent down to give me a kiss and said simply, “Later.” June gave me a kiss too and whispered, “Pervert.” I just chuckled. They headed for the front door and I wished them good luck as the door closed behind them.

I heard the bus groan through the gears as it drove up the street. Mom sat down at the table across from me and forked the remaining pancakes into a plate she had brought from the kitchen. She was in her fluffy, mid-thigh robe tied at the waist. It gapped slightly exposing her high riding cleavage. Mom asked if I had slept well and I just nodded as I shoveled a forkful into my mouth. She said, “I slept amazingly well last night. I really needed a good night’s sleep.”

The twins would be gone two days and Dad was due back the day after. I had two days plus to try out my fake sleepwalking on Mom to see what she would do. My erection was back as I contemplated the possibilities. I spent the day planning while I lounged by the pool. Mom went grocery shopping and asked if I’d like to go. I hate shopping in general and grocery shopping in particular. I declined.

Mom cooked a frozen pizza for dinner. I picked out an R-Rated movie on Netflix to stream to the TV to set the stage and we went up to bed when it was over. The movie was pretty racy and Mom commented on it as we went up the stairs, “Wow. I’m not sure I can get to sleep after that.” We hugged at her bedroom door and I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Mom came in when I was nearly done. She was wearing a nearly transparent, short red nighty. She glanced at me in the mirror and pushed her high-flying tits together with her arms and said, “How do you like my nighty? I bought it for your father’s return. After that movie, I really miss him.”

I kissed Mom on the cheek and said, “If he doesn’t love it, he’d have to be dead.” Mom giggled and twerked her ass. I headed for the door before Mom could see my burgeoning erection. As I went through the door, I said, “Goodnight Mom. Sweet dreams.”

I hurried to my room. Adrenaline was surging through my body, which only added to my arousal. I stripped naked and crawled under my covers. My mind was flying through memories of last night with the twins and my plans for tonight. I jerked off into a wad of tissues, which I set on the night-table when I was done. If things got that far, I didn’t want to cum too fast like before. I watched Mom exit the bathroom and cross the hall to her room. The light in the hall went out and I heard her door gently latch shut. A wave of uncertainty washed through me. I wasn’t sure I could pull this off, even though last night was a total success and I hadn’t even planned it. It just happened. I thought through all the bad possibilities and decided that none of them were terrible. I already had another boner as I talked myself back into it.

After an hour and a half, I sat on the edge of my bed thinking, ‘It’s game time. ´ I stroked my raging hardon and stood up. I practiced my creepy eye thing and slowly zombie-walked down the hall and paused at Mom’s bedroom door. My brain was going a million miles an hour as I put my hand on the doorknob. I was about to cross over the line of no-return.

I was naked and my cock was bouncing up and down in front of me, leading me like a divining-rod toward pussy rather than water. I slowly turned the knob and pushed the door in and went into my practiced sleepwalker mode. To my surprise, the light on Mom’s night-stand was on. It was too late to back out. I was committed. I staggered forward with my boner pointing the way. When I passed the corner of her closet, Mom was laying with her legs spread wide furiously fingering her sopping wet pussy. She was breathing very hard, almost gasping for air. I continued to the foot of her bed, following the plan. Mom, masturbating in front of me, was not part of the plan, but I had to adjust on the fly.

Initially, Mom’s eyes were shut as her right index and ring fingers held her labia apart and her middle finger flailed on her clitoris. She was close to an orgasm when I intentionally bumped into the foot of the bed and stopped. ‘Here we go,’ I thought.

Mom’s eyes burst open and with a look of horror yanked her hand from her sex. She quickly pulled the covers over her waist and inhaled sharply. Then she must have noticed the creepy eyes and the air she was going to use to scream at me slowly expelled and she sat there, propped against her pillows and stared at my face and then at my bouncing erection. She muttered, “Jesus Dex. You’re way bigger than your father. Holy shit. Look at that thing.” Mom’s left hand went to her right breast, still covered by the nighty. Her nipples had already been pushing against the flimsy material.

I stutter-walked down the side of the bed and bent over the bed and made like I was lifting the toilet cover and sat down on the bed. Mom moved her legs out of the way. I was facing her closet, so I couldn’t see what she was doing. I was supposed to be oblivious to her presence. I increased the pace with my right hand. Mom came into my peripheral vision and she said, “Baby? Are you sleepwalking?” I didn’t respond in any fashion. I just kept jacking hard on my cock.

Mom swung her leg around to sit beside me. She was careful not to touch me. I would have ignored it if she had because I wanted her to touch me. She sat there for nearly a minute before her right hand reached across my body and wrapped her fingers gently around my cock and just held it. She took my left hand and eased it onto her soaking wet pussy. I nearly came at that point. I was certain that she could hear the booming noise that throbbed through my ears. She spread her legs wider and moved my hand along her sex. She was soaked. I went with her moves but I didn’t offer my own. Not yet.

Mom was measuring my cock with her hand. She gripped it just below the glans and then repositioned her hand one hand-width down my shaft before she slid her hand the remaining inch or two to the top of my balls. She could barely close her fingers around the circumference. She muttered to herself, “Fuck. That’s big.” She continued working my fingers in her pussy and she was starting to gasp for air again. Based solely on Julie’s preliminaries before she came last night, I assumed that Mom was about to cum on my fingers. She removed all doubt when she groaned hard and said, “Oh fuck baby. I’m cumming.” I felt her vagina clamp down on the end of my index finger and Mom pushed her hips upward to my hand and moaned, “Oh fuck. Yes. Yes.” She repeated the ‘yes’ with each pulse of her pussy on my finger.

When her pulses stopped, she released my hand and started jerking on my cock. I could see her leaning forward in my peripheral vision but I could only see that she was there and that she was staring intently at my face. I groaned involuntarily as the first vestiges of my orgasm appeared. I pushed it back. I wanted this to last forever. No premature ejaculation this time. Mom stopped her motion when I groaned and she just held my erection. The pause was perfectly timed so I could get myself back together again.

Then she released my cock and it bounced up and down in front of me. ‘Fuck,’ I thought. ‘Is that it?’ I grabbed my cock and started jerking hard. ‘If this was it; at least I was going to cum.’ Mom leaned further forward and I could see her face better. She was biting her lower lip. She had unfastened her nighty and she was working both nipples with her left hand. Then she leaned further forward and slid off the bed to her knees on the carpet and moved between my legs. Her tits were amazing and my cock hardened further. I increased my pace and Mom put her hand on my glans. I stopped my hand as Mom lifted it off my cock. I went with it.

I was praying that she would suck my cock and she was in position to do just that. She didn’t have to guide my cock to her lips. It was pointing right at her mouth. She looked up into my creepy, half closed eyes and softly muttered, as if to herself, “Shame on me but I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I’m going straight to hell but at this moment, I don’t care.” She leaned forward and kissed my glans and then pushed her lips to the ridge of my circumcised cock and flicked her tongue all around the ridgeline. I thought my heart would explode. I leaned back on the bed, bracing myself with my arms extended behind me. Mom was looking up at my face with my cock sticking from her lips. It was the most incredible sight of my life. I flexed my cock hard between her lips and she let my glans slide out.

She gripped my cock with both hands and pushed her lips back on again and pushed another two inches down my shaft. She was lashing my cock with her tongue. This sensation was new. None of the few blowjobs I ever got from girlfriends or June, last night had included tongue like this. I wasn’t going to last long with that technique. Mom released one hand and lifted my balls. She pulled back off my glans and kissed and flicked her tongue down the underside of my cock and sucked in each of my balls. She batted them around with her tongue before gently releasing them. She kissed her way back up my shaft and with one motion pushed her lips down my shaft to her gag point. She struggled to stay on but with tears streaming down her face, she pulled off and muttered, “Jesus. I can’t deep-throat it. What’s up with that? I guess I’ll have to practice more with June’s dildo.”

That revelation blew the whole charade. I wasn’t prepared for that. My eyes opened wide and I stared into Mom’s face. She was staring up at me with a big grin on her face as she pushed her lips down my shaft again to her gag point and then started the most incredible blowjob. Fuck she was good. I put my creepy eyes back on and Mom pulled her lips back to the tip of my glans and spit a huge wad of saliva on my cock and worked it in with both hands working in counter-rotation.

Mom said, “Okay. Give it up Dex. I set a trap with the dildo comment and you fell right into it.” She pushed her lips back on my cock and continued her fantastic blowjob grinning at me the whole time. I was a mental mess at that point. I was busted. I should have been bounced from her room like the pervert that I was, but Mom kept right on sucking my cock. My mind was everywhere except on the blowjob though and my cock started to soften.

Mom pulled her lips off and said, “Get your mind back in the game Dex. I’ve got plans for this incredible cock.” She lightly nipped my glans with her teeth and grinned at me. She stood up and disrobed completely and let me stare at her incredible body for a moment before going back to her knees. My mind was back in the game as she shoved her face back on my cock again. I groaned hard. I could feel my glans at the beginning of her throat. She was trying hard to push me deeper but she couldn’t do it.

She pulled off again and said, “Cum in my mouth and then we’re going to phase two.” I could only imagine what phase two was but that imagination pushed me higher and in moments, I was cumming what seemed like gallons of jizz into Mom’s mouth. She was grinning around my cock the whole time. She swallowed a few times and when she was satisfied that I was done, she pulled off and licked the post cum from the eye.

My cock was still hard but I could feel it softening. Mom felt it too and she started jerking me off again. She stood up and pushed me to her sleeping position on the bed and climbed in and sat down on my thighs as she continued jerking my cock back up to full size. My mind was reeling. The sleepwalking caper was busted but here I was, one blowjob down and I was apparently about to be fucked by my mother.

Mom bent forward with tits hanging above my thighs and pushed her lips back on my cock. If it wasn’t fully hard before, it was then. She took several full depth plunges on my cock and then pulled off and looked up at me as she said, “Fuck your mother, baby. I need this cock in me now.”

I didn’t move. I didn’t need to. Mom worked her knees up my thighs past my hips and pulled my cock toward her and guided it into her pussy. We both groaned hard as my glans penetrated her. She stopped right there for a moment as if to savor the sensation and then slowly dropped herself all the way down my shaft. It was incredible. She flexed her vaginal muscles several times like she was milking my cock. I’d never felt that before either. I flexed back as hard as I could and Mom moaned in response. Mom put her hands on my chest and let her big tits dangle as her erect nipples grazed my stomach. She bent her arms and came down and kissed me passionately on the lips. I returned her kiss in kind. Then she went to work.

If I hadn’t just ejaculated, I’d have cum after two cycles. Mom’s eyes went blank just like they looked when she was sleepwalking. She stared at the picture hanging above the headboard and drove herself up and down on my cock. She mumbled, “Fuck Dex. What an amazing cock you have.” She increased her pace and after a couple minutes I could see her visage change as her facial muscles tensed from what I knew to be her pending orgasm. She grabbed my hands and leaned back to get a different angle and then she exploded into her orgasm. It wasn’t anything like the gentle orgasm that she’d had in my bedroom doorway. It was violent as she thrashed herself all over my crotch. She bounced herself off my cock and frantically scrambled to get it back inside her. She was everywhere and I grabbed my cock and guided it back in. She was screeching and tossing her head back and forth and her tits were flying left and right. She grabbed them to hold them in place as though it was painful, somehow, for them to be flopping like that.

Mom’s orgasm went on for a minute or so. I had no real experience with female orgasms so I didn’t know if that was normal or not. Then suddenly, my own orgasm was on me before I knew it was coming. My cock surged harder and Mom squealed again and yelled, “Yes. Baby. Cum in me. Oh my God. Yes.” Both hands went to her sex and she was raking her fingers along the sides of my cock and over her clitoris. I thrusted my hips upward and screamed out a deep guttural sound from my throat and cum exploded up my shaft. Mom was screaming, “Yes. Oh fuck. Yes. Give your jizz to Mommy.”

I hadn’t called her ‘Mommy’ since I was eight and her use of that word now threw me. I thought, ‘Had Mom fantasized about fucking her son all these years?’ I wasn’t about to ask her. She rode my cock through the many salvos of my orgasm. I couldn’t believe how many there were. They just kept coming.

When I was done, I collapsed my hips to the bed like a limp rag. I was disappointed that it was over. I think Mom was too. I suddenly realized that Mom had burst into a second orgasm when I started mine. She was recovering from that when she lowered her tits to my chest and kissed me again. She whispered, “Thank you Dex. I’ve wanted to do that for an awfully long time.” She kissed me again with even more passion. When she broke our embrace, she sat back up and wriggled her ass around on my still hard cock and pulled her hair from her face. She said, “I know this is way wrong but I just couldn’t let the opportunity go.”

I stared into her beautiful green eyes and smiled. I reached up and ran my right hand down her face. She grabbed my hand and brought it to her lips and kissed each of my fingers. I said, “I know this is wrong too but I’ve fantasized about you since I started masturbating.”

Mom held my hand and brought it down to her tits. I lightly toured the contours of her breasts and then tweaked her erect nipples. She groaned from the touch. My cock swelled inside her and she moaned as her head dropped back on her neck. I pushed my hips upward. Then she stopped and returned her eyes to my face and said, “Your sisters are very pretty. Do you fantasize about them too?”

I paused for a moment like I was thinking about her question. I didn’t want to ruin the moment discussing my lust for anyone other than who I was lusting for at the moment but I answered with the truth. “In recent years, yes. They are almost as beautiful as you.”

Mom smirked at my response and said, “Very good answer.” She dropped her lips to mine and kissed me again just as I rammed my hard cock into her sopping wet pussy. She groaned hard on my lips and then pulled back and sat back up swiveling her hips on my cock. She said, “I have fantasies about having sex with them both at the same time. I guess I’m a pervert.”

I smiled at Mom and said, “Me too.” There was a moment of silence and inaction between us and then she lifted herself off my erection with her thighs. I figured we were done and I started to sit up to suck on Mom’s tits, which I had wanted to do since we started. She pushed me back down again and adjusted the position of her knees to my hips and pulled my hard cock back through her soaking pussy and lashed it all around to make sure it was wet. She lowered herself very slowly onto my wet glans. At first, I assumed we were going to fuck like before but the sensation was completely different. Her body angle was different. She rolled her hips around on my cock and then pushed down hard. My cock encountered considerable resistance but I could feel it enter an extremely tight cavity. I was confused and Mom could see it on my face. She pushed herself down my shaft another inch and groaned hard. She stopped right there. She was breathing very hard and erratically. She muttered through another groan, “I’m gonna fuck you with my ass.”

I was stunned. I’d heard about anal sex but never had the opportunity to do it. ‘Holy crap. She’s going to crush my cock,’ flashed through my brain. If this is what Mom wanted to do, I was all in. I pushed my cock up deeper into her bowels. She flinched and I stopped.

She moaned out, “Let me control the action until I tell you. It takes a little to adjust to a cock, especially one your size.” She grinned down at me and pushed herself down slowly to take another inch. The pressure and heat were amazing. I tried to not think about where my cock was going.

As if on cue, Mom said, “Your dad won’t do this. He thinks it’s dirty. He doesn’t want to get his dick dirty. I understand his reticence but the sensation is incredible and I haven’t been fucked in the ass since before your dad.”

In the span of twenty seconds, I dealt with the dirty part in my mind and said, “You can wash it nice and clean after. No big deal.” Mom grinned down at me and she grimaced as she pushed several inches inside. One more push and she’d be sitting on my balls. My cock was unbelievably hard and I gave it a hard flex. Mom groaned and dropped her chin to her chest.

When she lifted her head again, she had a wicked grin on her face and she muttered in a demonic voice, “Fuck. Yes. Do that again.” I did and she groaned again. Then she paid me back as she tightened her sphincter muscle hard grabbing my cock in a vice like grip. I nearly sat up straight as I gave a tooth baring groan as Mom giggled at my reaction.

“Pay back is a bitch,” she said and then she started to pull herself back up my shaft. She closed her eyes as if to savor the sensation. Her rise was steady but slow and when she reached my glans, she pushed back down again more quickly. She rolled her head on her shoulders and when she hit bottom again her head fell back and lolled around with her face pointing to the ceiling.

She stayed there and pulled her knees up to extract her feet. She planted them on the bed next to my waist and then leaned back to brace herself on extended arms behind her. Her hands gripped my knees and she looked down at me and grinned as she said, “Are you ready?” I grinned too and just nodded.

She lifted her hips quickly and slammed them back down again and we both groaned in stereo. In spite of the previous recent ejaculations, I knew I wouldn’t last long. The grip on my cock was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Combine that with the new view of my cock sliding in and out of Mom’s ass and I knew I was a goner. I closed my eyes and concentrated on holding back my jizz as long as possible. Mom could see my situation and she said, “Count backward from one hundred by threes.” I thought that was bizarre but it distracted me and Mom continued working herself up and down my shaft. She was nearly delirious with sexual heat. She moaned constantly as she picked up the pace. I was down to sixty-seven and thinking, ‘No that’s wrong.’

Then Mom started a low-pitched growl as she was flailing her ass up and down my cock. I abandoned the countdown and opened my eyes to find her staring at me. The growl built in frequency and power until she was screaming in a pitch that maybe only dogs could hear. She rebalanced herself and shoved her right hand into her sex and furiously began strumming her clitoris with her thumb and shoving all four fingers into her pussy like she was digging a hole in the sand at the beach. She yelled out, “Oh my God, baby. I’m cumming. Both.”

I didn’t understand the ‘both’ comment until I experience it first-hand. She seemed to be trapped on my cock. Her pace slowed almost to a stop. Her sphincter was grabbing my cock and it began spasming hard. It almost hurt. After a couple hard spasms on my cock, I watched Mom’s pussy begin to pulse on her fingers. I couldn’t feel anything from her pussy but I could clearly see what a woman’s vaginal orgasm looks like up close and personal, as they say. I smiled at Mom and pushed my index finger to her pussy and pushed it in displacing her fingers. The displaced hand went back behind her and grabbed my knee. I could feel her pussy grabbing at my finger. I pushed it deeper and I could feel my cock separated by a thin membrane.

Her hand came back to her sex and she feverishly began rubbing the heel of her hand on her clitoris. She screamed again. Her head was flailing on her shoulders. Then I could feel the familiar sensation of my pending orgasm and Mom yelled, “Oh my God. Yes baby. Cum in my ass. Jesus. NOOOWWWW.”

I marveled at Mom’s ability to know I was cumming almost before I did. I let it go and I poured at least eight powerful pulsing shots of Jizz into her bowels. She was going nuts. She pulled her hand back out of her sex and moved it behind her again and she began pushing her hips upward with her legs. My pulsing cock was being crushed by her pulsing sphincter muscle. It was like she was milking me of my cum. What a sensation. Holy shit. I finished before Mom did but not by much. She was gasping for oxygen and moaning hard with each breath. She fell to her left like a toppled tree, taking my softening cock with her. I had to roll to my right so she wouldn’t break it off.

I pulled my cock from her ass and she groaned all the way out. I rolled onto my back and she rolled onto hers. We were both searching for air like there suddenly wasn’t enough in the room. I spun around to line up with her sprawled body and pushed my lips to her closest breast and suckled on her nipple. She wrapped her arm around my shoulders and held me tight. I gently placed my top hand on her other breast and lightly tweaked that nipple.

Slowly, we began to breathe normally. I wasn’t sure if I ever would again. Mom reached down and wrapped her fingers around my flaccid, sticky, cock. I thought briefly about where my cock had just been and Mom seemed to read my mind. She released my cock and pulled away from my face and hand and rolled to her feet. Moments later, I could hear the faucet running in the bathroom across the hall and, in another minute, Mom was washing my cock with a hot, sudsy facecloth. She worked at it for a long time and my cock began to respond to her attention. She went back to the bathroom across the hall and returned with a rinsed, hot facecloth and a towel. She washed me again and dried it with the towel. I watched her as her attention was completely on the job at hand. Then she noticed me looking at her and she smiled as she bent down and sucked my hardening cock deep into her mouth. It wasn’t completely hard and she could deep throat it. Soon, it was as hard as before and Mom had to let it pulled back in her mouth before she gagged again.

She pulled off and dried her saliva with the towel again and then crawled up the bed and we cuddled until I fell asleep. I don’t know how long I had been asleep but I was awakened by Mom’s movement. She noticed that I was awake and she said, “We’re the only ones here. Sleep here with me. I don’t like to sleep alone.” I eagerly nodded and she moved into her sleeping spot and I took Dad’s sleeping spot. I wasn’t terribly comfortable with taking Dad’s spot in the bed but I would do anything to cuddle up next to Mom’s naked body.

I laid there thinking in the dark long after Mom’s breathing indicated that she was deep asleep. I wasn’t sure if this night would ever be repeated. I knew what I had started was wrong. I wasn’t sorry though and Mom wasn’t either. My mind kept coming back to the anal sex. It was incredible. Mom loved it and Dad refused to satisfy that itch. Perhaps I could be her go-to-guy for anal sex. I could only hope as I drifted off to a deep sleep stroking Mom’s tit with one hand and my semi-hard dick with the other.

I woke in the morning before Mom. I gently slid out of bed on Dad’s side trying not to wake her. I quietly padded to her bedroom door and gently opened it. I left it open and crossed the hall to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and stood at the toilet to relieve myself. I was just about to climb into the shower when the bathroom door opened and Mom staggered in steadying herself with a hand on my shoulder. She was still naked and she was walking funny. She quickly moved past me to the toilet. She sat down and said, “Jesus Dex. I’m gonna walk funny for a week after last night.”

I smiled to myself as I got in the shower and started lathering up my hair. Moments later, Mom stepped in the shower behind me and lathered up the rest of me. She started on a completely flaccid cock and ended on an incredibly hard one. She was on one knee working my lower body and she looked up at me and said, “Oh dear. Now look what I’ve done.” She grinned and guided my cock into her mouth and started an amazing blowjob. My knees buckled twice and I had to lean against the side wall to steady myself. Mom was using her tongue to lash the underside of my cock as she pushed down my shaft. She bobbed on and off to the depth that she could handle and then back to the ridge to lash her tongue all around my shaft. I watched intently and in less that two minutes, I was blowing another load in Mom’s mouth. She took it all without difficulty, swallowing a couple times as she needed to. She pulled off and grinned up at me and offered her hand for me to help her to her feet.

It was my turn to lather her up. She washed her hair while I washed her body. As one would expect, I concentrated on her tits and pussy and ass. She squealed with delight as I ran the blade of my hand between her legs and then washed her inner labia with my fingers. I washed her anus and pushed my middle finger inside as far as I could and Mom groaned hard. I finger fucked her anus several more times and she had a small orgasm. It wasn’t an anal orgasm like I expected. It was a vaginal orgasm. She giggled at my obvious confusion but offered no explanation.

While her pussy was pulsing through her orgasm, I bent down and pushed my tongue inside her vagina and flicked it hard and fast. She screamed and grabbed my head and held it there. I continued to tongue fuck her and was shocked when she had a second orgasm. Her entire body was spasming and she started to lose her balance. She grabbed onto me and started laughing hysterically. I chuckled into her pussy as I continued with my tongue until she backed away and leaned back against the back wall of the shower stall gasping for air. She looked down at me and muttered, “Jesus Dex. You’re going to spoil me. That’s another thing your father doesn’t like to do.”

I stood up and pulled Mom into my arms and she came willingly. I was thinking, ‘Maybe this could be a routine thing after-all.’ She stretched up on her toes and pressed her big tits to my chest and kissed me passionately and I kissed her back. My rising cock pushed against her stomach and she broke our embrace and she looked down and started laughing. In the middle of her laugh, she said, “Teen age boys. You’ve got to love em.”

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