Dad’s on travel, twins are away, Mom and Dex enjoy each other – Part 2

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With the twins off playing in the high school, Class L softball championship and Dad on business travel for another couple days, Mom and I enjoyed each other over and over again. My fake sleepwalking ploy had gone awry when Mom became suspicious and laid a trap that I fell into. I figured I was in very deep trouble when Mom tripped me up but she kept right on sucking my cock. She confessed that she had always had a fantasy about she and I together and here was her opportunity. I was in heaven, enjoying sex with the woman who had always been my sexual fantasy and masturbation goddess. We had sex in every conceivable form and I learned that Dad was not inclined to provide a couple sexual duties that Mom was missing and I figured I could be a routine sex partner for Mom to satisfy those needs when the opportunity arose. With everyone else in the house on travel, the opportunity was now and we took full advantage.

The twins would be home tomorrow afternoon and Dad would be home the day after that. Mom and I had spent last night together in sex and sleep and then showered together this morning. We made no plans for today. Things would happen as they happened.

I sat naked at the kitchen bar, slowly jerking off as I watched Mom work around in the kitchen. She was naked too and she knew what I was doing. She wasn’t concerned in the slightest that I would cum and she’d lose an opportunity. It wouldn’t take any effort on her part to get my cock right back up again. Just seeing her incredible naked body kept me in full bloom.

We ate breakfast side-by-side at the bar. Mom ate her cereal with her right hand and took over on my cock with her left. She had set up her cell phone on video and propped it in an open cupboard so it was at eye level and videoed us eating breakfast. She was really videoing whether or not a person standing in the kitchen would be able to tell if she was jerking me off. While she ate, she tried out different techniques trying to avoid movement of her upper arm, which would be clearly visible to the camera and any person standing in the kitchen. At the time I didn’t know what her thinking was and she didn’t share it with me. She was jerking me off and that was all I cared about.

I was getting closer to blowing my load and Mom grinned over at me as her eyes went wide like she had just thought of something. She said, “I have to find out if the camera would see me on my knees.” She dropped her spoon into the empty cereal bowl and slid off her stool to her knees. She pushed herself up against the bar and guided my cock to her lips. My spoon went clattering across the bar to the kitchen floor. My hands gripped the edge of the countertop. I groaned hard as she bobbed around on my glans and then just inhaled my cock. She hit her gag point and pulled back and placed her hand around the shaft like a marker and she gave me an incredible blowjob. I launched my load with her lips locked on my glans and she swallowed several times before I finished.

Mom pulled off my cock and grabbed her stool to pull herself back up. She looked at me with lust in her green eyes and opened her lips to show me her pearly, white prize. She pushed the cum out onto her lips and then sucked it back in. ‘Fuck, she is sexy,’ I thought. She stuck out her tongue that she had formed into a bowl to show me again and some of it rolled off her tongue and down to her chin. She pulled her tongue back and started giggling. Then she started coughing and she was forced to swallow her prize. Once her mouth and throat was clear, she started laughing again.

Mom cleared the bar and put our bowls and spoons in the dishwasher. She collected her cell phone and leaned back against the sink and played her video. I could clearly see that Mom’s pussy was sopping wet and some of her juices were drooling down her inner thighs. Her nipples were incredibly hard and my cock was on the rise again.

She intently watched the video. She didn’t appear to realize that she was off-handedly commenting on what she was seeing, “Nope. To obvious. That won’t work… Nope, but better… Nope, worse.” Then her eyes brightened with a grin and she said, “Yes. That works.” She pulled her eyes from the screen and said, “Perfect.” Then she went back to her video. Several seconds later she said, “Fuck. Yes. Now if you could just appear nonchalant while I suck your cock under the bar, no one would know.” She grinned at me. I grinned back suddenly realizing what all this was for.

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