Dad’s on travel, twins are away, Mom and Dex enjoy each other – Part 2

With the twins off playing in the high school, Class L softball championship and Dad on business travel for another couple days, Mom and I enjoyed each other over and over again. My fake sleepwalking ploy had gone awry when Mom became suspicious and laid a trap that I fell into. I figured I was in very deep trouble when Mom tripped me up but she kept right on sucking my cock. She confessed that she had always had a fantasy about she and I together and here was her opportunity. I was in heaven, enjoying sex with the woman who had always been my sexual fantasy and masturbation goddess. We had sex in every conceivable form and I learned that Dad was not inclined to provide a couple sexual duties that Mom was missing and I figured I could be a routine sex partner for Mom to satisfy those needs when the opportunity arose. With everyone else in the house on travel, the opportunity was now and we took full advantage.

The twins would be home tomorrow afternoon and Dad would be home the day after that. Mom and I had spent last night together in sex and sleep and then showered together this morning. We made no plans for today. Things would happen as they happened.

I sat naked at the kitchen bar, slowly jerking off as I watched Mom work around in the kitchen. She was naked too and she knew what I was doing. She wasn’t concerned in the slightest that I would cum and she’d lose an opportunity. It wouldn’t take any effort on her part to get my cock right back up again. Just seeing her incredible naked body kept me in full bloom.

We ate breakfast side-by-side at the bar. Mom ate her cereal with her right hand and took over on my cock with her left. She had set up her cell phone on video and propped it in an open cupboard so it was at eye level and videoed us eating breakfast. She was really videoing whether or not a person standing in the kitchen would be able to tell if she was jerking me off. While she ate, she tried out different techniques trying to avoid movement of her upper arm, which would be clearly visible to the camera and any person standing in the kitchen. At the time I didn’t know what her thinking was and she didn’t share it with me. She was jerking me off and that was all I cared about.

I was getting closer to blowing my load and Mom grinned over at me as her eyes went wide like she had just thought of something. She said, “I have to find out if the camera would see me on my knees.” She dropped her spoon into the empty cereal bowl and slid off her stool to her knees. She pushed herself up against the bar and guided my cock to her lips. My spoon went clattering across the bar to the kitchen floor. My hands gripped the edge of the countertop. I groaned hard as she bobbed around on my glans and then just inhaled my cock. She hit her gag point and pulled back and placed her hand around the shaft like a marker and she gave me an incredible blowjob. I launched my load with her lips locked on my glans and she swallowed several times before I finished.

Mom pulled off my cock and grabbed her stool to pull herself back up. She looked at me with lust in her green eyes and opened her lips to show me her pearly, white prize. She pushed the cum out onto her lips and then sucked it back in. ‘Fuck, she is sexy,’ I thought. She stuck out her tongue that she had formed into a bowl to show me again and some of it rolled off her tongue and down to her chin. She pulled her tongue back and started giggling. Then she started coughing and she was forced to swallow her prize. Once her mouth and throat was clear, she started laughing again.

Mom cleared the bar and put our bowls and spoons in the dishwasher. She collected her cell phone and leaned back against the sink and played her video. I could clearly see that Mom’s pussy was sopping wet and some of her juices were drooling down her inner thighs. Her nipples were incredibly hard and my cock was on the rise again.

She intently watched the video. She didn’t appear to realize that she was off-handedly commenting on what she was seeing, “Nope. To obvious. That won’t work… Nope, but better… Nope, worse.” Then her eyes brightened with a grin and she said, “Yes. That works.” She pulled her eyes from the screen and said, “Perfect.” Then she went back to her video. Several seconds later she said, “Fuck. Yes. Now if you could just appear nonchalant while I suck your cock under the bar, no one would know.” She grinned at me. I grinned back suddenly realizing what all this was for.

We spent the day together in the backyard. We started out with bathing suits but they were quickly discarded. I fucked Mom’s ass in the hot tub with her kneeling on one of the seats with her tits laying on the top edge. I had a good grip on her hips and she was fingering her pussy the whole time. She had a vaginal orgasm and I kept right on pounding my cock hard in her ass as water sloshed hard against the walls of the hot tub and splashed high in the air. She stuffed a towel in her mouth to stifle her screams. I quickly learned what screams were in pain or passion.

Mom had a second vaginal orgasm and I was getting close even though I was concentrating on anything but what I was doing. Again, she knew I was about to blow before I did and she looked back over her shoulder at me and pulled her towel from her teeth and groaned out, “Oh God. Yes Baby. Give it to me, hard. I want your cum in my ass.”

I began pistoning my cock as hard and as deep as I could as I could feel pressure building. Mom had to grip the edge of the hot tub with both hands after shoving the towel back in her mouth to muffle her screams. We had no close neighbors so she wasn’t giving us away.

As cum boiled up my shaft, I gritted my teeth as my body went rigid. Cum exploded into Mom’s bowels and Mom’s screams jumped up another octave. My heart felt like it was in my throat and pounding a million-miles-an-hour. My groan, through gritted teeth, continued unabated until I finished and Mom’s screams through the towel did the same.

Neither of us could get our breath. I folded down on Mom’s back and pushed my hands under her tits. She lifted her torso to accommodate me. Folded together like that, I kissed her ear and neck and she pulled her head to the side to give me more access. She groaned from that contact and said, “Sweetie, that drives me nuts.” I kissed her there again and she rolled her face against my forehead and groaned again. I now knew where her go-button was.

When I pulled my semi-hard dick out of her ass, she dropped her hips under the water and turned toward me. She said, “Don’t sit down.” She dipped the towel that she’d pushed into her mouth into the hot water and rang it out. Then she looked me in the eye as she washed my dick off with the towel. When she was finished and removed the towel, my cock was in full bloom again. Mom grinned at me and I returned one to her. I shrugged my shoulders indicating that I had no control over what that appendage was doing. She giggled and bent forward and kissed my glans and then pushed her lips down over it and flicked her tongue around the ridge several times and then spent more time on the underside bundle of nerves at the base of my glans. I knew about the particular sensitivity at that spot but I had never experienced the incredible sensation of a tongue working on it like that.

Mom pulled back and grinned up at me. She said, “Feel Good?” I grinned and nodded. She said, “Your father likes that too.” I’d have preferred it if Mom didn’t keep commenting on what Dad liked or disliked. He was ‘out-of-sight and out-of-mind’. But it was information that may or may not be useful in the future.

I helped Mom out of the hot tub. We were both overheated from the water and the sex. Mom seemed a little woozy and her face was flushed bright red. I got behind her and guided her hips toward the walk-in stairs of the pool. We needed to cool down some. I watched her ass sway as she walked. It was intoxicating.

In the pool, Mom swam up to me and threw her arms around my neck and pulled herself against me. She wrapped her legs around the small of my back, pulled herself tight and kissed me. She had that look again. She dropped one arm from my neck and her hand went between us to my dick. It was flaccid when she gripped it but it didn’t stay that way for long. She grinned at me as she felt my dick respond to her hand-shake hand job. I kissed her and then said, “Jesus Mom. I hope I can keep up with you.”

Mom continued jacking on my cock as she kissed me and said, “Sweetie, you’re doing fine. Better than fine. I absolutely love your cock.” I smiled and groaned and she giggled and released my cock so I wouldn’t cum in the pool.

We both crawled up on floats that had blown against the side of the pool at the deep-end. She was on her back and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. Her nipples were erect and I couldn’t tell if she was still aroused or they were reacting to the cold water. I was on my back too and my cock was at full staff, moving everywhere like a sail-less mast in high seas. Mom had closed her eyes and she was lightly ‘poofing’, which I had learned was her version of snoring. It was difficult, but I kept my hands off my cock and behind my head.

A cool breeze came up and I was chilled. I slid off the float and slowly walked to the stairs. I sat on the edge with my feet dangling in the water and watched Mom’s naked body on her float. She must have been in a dream as she muttered, “Suck my clit, Baby.” Her hand went to her neatly trimmed pubic hair and then her fingers walked down to her sex. She gave a long groan. I could only imagine what she was dreaming and I was pretty sure I was part of it. Then she muttered, “Come down here and suck Mommy’s nipple.” Her other hand moved to her right breast and tweaked her nipple and then rolled her index finger around and around it.

I was getting very aroused as I planned on satisfying what ever was going on in her dream. Mom pushed her hips upward in a sexual offering and blew my mind when she muttered, “Yes. Julie. Oh my God. That’s wonderful. June, baby. Suck mommy’s titties.

I expected that my cock would collapse but it got harder as I imagined Mom’s dream. She was having sex with my twin sisters and I wished I was there with them. I grabbed my cock and started jerking myself off, but then a plan formed in my mind and I let it go.

I stepped down into the water again and waded to Mom’s float. She was lifting and dropping her hips as her index finger slowly teased her clitoris. I didn’t want to wake her from her dream but I wanted to, in real-life, take the places of Julie and June in her dream. I pulled Mom’s float in to shallower water so I could bend over her and tongue fuck her pussy like I imagined Julie was doing in her dream. I pushed her float up against the side of the pool so it wouldn’t drift away and I very lightly fondled Mom’s tits and nipples to see if she would suddenly come awake. She didn’t. She just moaned and said, “Oh yes. June baby. That’s nice.”

I bent over and kissed her pussy before pushing my tongue slowly into her pussy. She groaned and lifted her hips. She muttered, “Oh my God, Julie. Yes. That’s perfect.” I pushed my tongue inside as far as I could and then pulled out and slowly flicked my tongue from her anus to her clitoris and back again. She moaned and pushed her hips upward again. Her skin on the vinyl float made a loud screeching noise whenever she moved. I was sure that would wake her up. If she did wake up, she would find me tongue fucking her and that would be fine. I was positive that she would never admit that in her dream, it was Julie eating her out or June on her tits and that would be fine too.

She didn’t wake up at all. I drove her to an orgasm in the dream and sucked her nipples until she recovered, all still in her dream. At least I assumed it was all in her dream. She settled down and started ‘poofing’ again. I smiled to myself as I dunked my head underwater to wash her juices from my face. I let her float drift away and I returned to my perch on the edge of the pool by the stairs.

Mom slept another half-hour and came awake with a start. She looked all around like she didn’t know where she was. She spotted me sitting on the edge of the pool and she settled back down. She gave me a half-hearted smile and then pushed her right hand down to her sex. She grinned as she pulled her wet fingers to her mouth and sucked each one inside. She repeated the action twice more and then paddled the float over to me. In an accusatory tone, she said, “Did you give me an orgasm. I had one in a dream. I’m soaking wet and it’s not water. Was that you?”

I lied and said, “No Mom. You must have had an orgasm in your dream. That happens to me occasionally. You know; wet-dreams.” Mom smiled and dipped her fingers back inside her pussy and guided her wet fingers to her lips. I was amazed that Mom hadn’t woken during her orgasm, but I figured it had something to do with her sleepwalking affliction which she apparently still didn’t know she had.

I helped her out of the float and she quickly washed her pussy in the pool before walking up the stairs. She took my hand and led me to the lounge chairs and lined them up side-by-side. The sun was hot and the goose-bumps on her entire body quickly dissipated. I watched her as she turned her head toward me and stared down at my flaccid cock. She looked back up at my face and gave that sultry look of hers. That look of pure lust got me going again. I could almost read her mind. As my cock rolled off my left thigh to my hip and then crawled up on my stomach, Mom’s gaze moved to my eyes. She grinned and licked her lips and returned her attention to my cock as it lifted an inch off my stomach. She licked her lips again and then sucked her lower lip between her teeth and bit down gently. My cock was now bouncing up two or three inches and then slapping back down on my stomach only to rise again.

Mom was starting to breath heavily again. I could tell my pulsing cock was getting her aroused again. She was insatiable and my job was to remedy that condition. I flexed my cock hard and it jumped and bobbed above my stomach. Mom’s eyes flashed back up to mine. I grinned at her and she said, “You’re evil. You know that, right? Teasing your mother like that. Shame on you.” She grinned and pulled herself out of her chair and knelt on the grass beside my chair with her face inches from my bouncing cock.

She didn’t touch it with her hands. She bent closer and flicked her tongue over my glans without touching it with her lips. It bounced away from her but quickly returned and she sucked the knob onto her lips. She looked up at me and smiled again and said, “Definitely. You are definitely evil.” I grinned down at her but didn’t say a word and when she forced her lips down my shaft, my hips involuntarily lurched upward as my torso launched back into the chair.

I mumbled, “Jesus Mom. Are you sure you’re not the evil one?” With pure lust in her eyes, she nodded with my cock deep in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my shaft as she maintained her position three-quarters of the way down. She swiveled herself around so she could watch my facial contortions. I was glad she hadn’t thought to video record them because I was sure they were very amusing.

Mom kept her tongue going on my shaft while she fondled my balls in both hands. I became aware that she could get me off by just doing the tongue thing. She hadn’t moved her mouth since she started but her tongue was amazing.

It wasn’t very long before I could feel that pressure building in my balls again. They were beginning to hurt a little as they struggled to keep up with Mom’s near constant demand for my cum. Mom grinned around my cock and resumed her tongue action. I groaned hard and lifted my hips preparing to blow my load in Mom’s mouth when she pulled back and then off my cock just as the first powerful salvo launched. Mom took the first few shots in the face before aiming my cock down to finish the rest of them on her tits. It was an incredibly erotic sight.

She was covered. Until then, I hadn’t realized how much cum I actually expended when I came. It was a lot. Mom ran her fingers through the cum on her cheeks, along her nose and across her forehead into her hair. She used her index finger to scoop cum from her right eye. She was grinning broadly as she scooped up cum and pushed it into her mouth. She didn’t even get half of it. I just watched as she looked down at her tits and hoisted them up to her lips and sucked cum off her nipples. She giggled and said, “What a mess. You bad boy.” She grinned and so did I.

Mom returned to her lounge chair and laid back in it. She made no further attempt to clean cum off her face and chest. She let it dry right where it was. I got up and went to the pool house and got a towel and laid it on the bottom of her chair. She looked at the towel but ignored it and closed her eyes, luxuriating in the warm sun.

I guess we both must have dozed off for a while because when I opened my eyes my face was in shadows from the trees around the house. I touched Mom on her arm and she came awake. Again, she seemed to not know where she was and she looked around. She picked up the towel and got out of her chair heading for the hot tub. She dipped the towel into the hot water and used the towel to scrub the crusty cum from her face and chest. I came over and took the towel from her and finished the task. She stretched up and pressed her body against mine and kissed me. She headed through the three-season room into the house and I followed far enough back so I could lust after her perfect ass as it swayed left and right. She knew what I was doing and she accentuated her ass’ motion with model-styled cross-over steps through the family room, hall and up the stairs. On the stairs, she looked back at me and said, “Come-on bad boy.” I smiled and reached out to goose her ass and she squealed and scurried forward to get away from my hand.

We went directly to her bedroom and got in her bed. We didn’t leave until the next morning, except to relieve our bladders. We didn’t stop for dinner or anything. The more Mom got, the more she wanted. There was no limit for her. I discovered that I had a limit and my balls told me that my limit was coming up soon.

After leaving the pool area and chasing her up the stairs and into bed, I felt confident enough to initiate slow, passionate love to Mom. She had been doing all the work so far. She was on her back with her knees over my shoulders as I ate out her pussy. Her face went from looking down to watch me to looking up at the ceiling as she screeched in delight. She had taken my head in her hands and guided me where she wanted me. I was thankful because I was just winging it. She didn’t object to anything I did but she had her preferences and I paid close attention to them.

I used my tongue, lips and fingers in no particular order and Mom had several orgasms before she said, “Enough. Give me your cock.” I came up on my knees and moved into a position to push my cock into Mom’s pussy. She kept her ankles over my shoulders and my positioning lifted her hips off the bed and her pussy right to my cock. I pushed my velvet knob to her labia and used my hands to run my cock through her sex to spread her outer lips. Mom’s facial expression changed from a smile to a cringe as my cock brushed over her clitoris. Air exploded from her lungs as she mumbled, “Oh my God, Baby. Fuck me now.”

I pushed my knob inside and stopped. Mom groaned from the initial penetration. She used her legs to pull her sex up my shaft to try to get more cock inside. She was wild-eyed and frantic and I teased her by resisting her efforts. She whimpered, “Please Dex.” I leaned forward and kissed her and she grabbed my lower lip with her teeth. I knew she wouldn’t release me until I gave her what she wanted.

I slowly pushed my cock deeper in her pussy. When I was balls deep, she released my lip and air burst from her lungs. She quickly inhaled and said, “Now fuck me, God damn it.” I grinned down at her and she said, “Please, Baby.” I fucked her slow and steady with full penetration on each stroke. Mom mumbled, “Oh God, Yes. Just like that.” She used her legs and pulled her sex up my shaft as I pushed down. Then I followed her rhythm so I could give her just what she wanted. There was no concern for the subtleties of my needs. I had none. All I needed was exactly whatever she wanted in any way she wanted it.

Mom’s eyes glazed over as she stared intently into mine. Then she whispered, “Go Baby, I’m gonna c…” The last of her words seized in her throat as her torso lifted off the bed. I shifted into high gear and started pummeling her pussy as hard as I could. Her head lolled from side to side as she gritted her teeth and seethed air through them. I was gasping for air right along with her. She grabbed my arms that I had placed by her shoulders to brace myself and then quickly released them to grab her tits and then release them too. She was thrashing under me and she shoved her hands down over her stomach to her sex. I could feel her fingers on either side of my cock and I quickly pulled out and pushed back in. She was using the heel of her hand on her clitoris.

Her scream started out as a low-pitched grunt and steadily built in frequency and volume. I picked up my pace again as best I could. I was tiring and my orgasm was going to be right behind hers. Her pussy suddenly grabbed my cock and started pulsing. Her eyes went wide and she held nothing back as she screamed very loudly. I was distracted by her thrashing body under me and my pending orgasm just seemed to disappear. I jammed my cock deep in her vagina, once, withdrew and repeated. She stopped her thrashing and went rigid.

Mom flashed eye contact with me and groaned out, “Oh shit.” It was an odd statement given the timing. Her pussy was clamping hard on my cock and my orgasm was back. She started humping her hips up at me. She had that wild-eyed look back as I buried my cock deep in her and exploded cum into her. I felt a pressure building like she was trying to push me out. I resisted and kept on fucking her. Her facial expression changed to a more frantic visage. I didn’t understand what was happening with her but I was cumming and nothing else mattered in the world at that moment. That familiar, dreamy sensation washed through me.

The pressure continued to build and before I could finish, I pulled back and Mom screamed hard as a pressurized liquid followed me out. It was like a fire-hose. Mom was staring at me with an ‘I’m Sorry’ look on her face as her head wagged side-to-side. I moved back quickly in total confusion and caught the stream from her pussy all the way up my chest. I pulled my face away. I was sure Mom was pissing on me. Mom shoved both hands to her crotch to knock the stream down. It squirted between her fingers and became a spray. The stream subsided to a dribble and then another geyser erupted. The second one wasn’t as powerful as the first. I pulled Mom’s hands away so I could see where it was coming from. She wasn’t pissing on me after all. Mom’s hands retreated to her tits as she looked down between them.

When her fountain stopped, I must have had an odd look on my face because Mom burst out laughing. In mid laugh, she said, “Oh Baby. I’m not pissing on you. That was a ‘squirt’. I have them occasionally but not often. It’s kind of like your ejaculation. Women can have them too. It’s very intense.” She chuckled and continued, “And they’re very messy.” I looked down my body to the bedding and smiled at the totally understated use of the word ‘messy’.

I ran my fingers down my chest to collect the liquid. I tasted it and if it had a taste it was sweet. Mom grinned waiting for my culinary assessment. I collected more and stuck my fingers in my mouth and sucked on them. Mom threw me an air-kiss and I smiled down at her.

The bed was a disaster area. When I had pulled back away from her ‘squirt’, her legs had dropped to either side of me. She rolled over and got to the floor. She offered her hand and she pulled me off the bed too. She stripped the bedding and threw it on the floor. We remade the bed with fresh sheets and checked to see if the blanket was wet. It was fine.

We both took a quick shower without sex being involved. We dried each other with fluffy towels and we didn’t escape without some sexual teasing and I chased her squealing to the bedroom with a coiled towel. She fended off my attack with her own towel. She was squealing and giggling like a teenage girl and she was reveling in it. I had never seen her this way. She had always been so ‘adult’. I liked it.

She was laughing hard as I readied my towel for a snap. She went on offense and launched her body against mine. Her tits crashed into my lower chest and she pressed her head against my chest and clung to me. She wasn’t laughing anymore. Time seemed to stop. She just held me tight to her for what seemed forever. I dropped the towel and wrapped my arms around her lower back. My fingers gently kneaded the indentation at the base of her spine where the swell of her butt-cheeks rose.

Mom started gyrating her hips around and without even looking up at me she said, “You’ve found one of my erogenous zones. Your father touches me there when he wants to have sex.” I increased my massage of that small indentation and Mom giggled and said, “Okay, I get it.” She pulled back from me and then led me to her bed. She got in first and I moved my knees between her thighs and gazed down at her gorgeous face and wet hair. She said, “There are still some things I want to do to you while we can.” I grinned at her as my cock rose to full size again.

She had just wrapped her fingers around my shaft when the phone by the bed rang. At first she made no move to answer it and then the tinny, digital, female voice on the phone said, “Call from…Jarod.” Mom said, “Shit. I have to answer it. You stay right where you are.” I was thankful that it wasn’t a Facetime call.

Mom stretched her arm out and picked up the cordless phone and brought it to her face. She sweetly said, “Hello, Honey.” The conversation went back and forth. I could hear the occasional word from Dad’s side of the conversation and of course all of Mom’s side. After several minutes of inane banter about the weather and his trip I heard Dad say the words, “Phone sex” and I groaned softly and started to climb out from between her spread thighs. Mom grinned at me and placed the mouth piece of the phone firmly to her left breast and whispered, “Stay right where you are buster.” She put the phone back to her face and said, “Sure Honey. I’m getting undressed. My nipples are hard for you and my pussy is soaking wet.” She guided my right hand to her pussy and I placed my left hand on her right breast and rolled her hard nipple. Mom moaned from my touch. “Tell me when you are touching yourself,” she said over the phone. She smiled up at me. This was an awkward situation for me but I was incredibly aroused and Mom motioned for me to come closer and when I did, she wrapped her free hand around my shaft and started jerking me off. “Yes Honey. I can feel it. It’s big and very hard. Can you feel me jerking you off? Ya? Ya? Don’t cum yet. I want your big cock in me. I need you in me.” Her voice had an urgency in it but she grinned up at me. I was thrusting my hips, driving my shaft through her hand.

She put the phone back down tightly against her breast again and whispered, “Pull me up on your cock.” She released my cock for a moment while I got in position and pulled her ass up onto my lower thighs. She grabbed my cock again as she put the phone back to her ear. “Tell me when you are pushing your big, hard cock into my sopping wet pussy. I need you there. Please hurry.” She pulled my cock down to her pussy and rubbed the velvety knob on her clitoris. She jumped and groaned hard. “Yes Honey. Your cock just touched my clitoris and I nearly came right there. Push it in. Bury your cock in me. I need it.” She nodded at me signaling me to push my cock inside her pussy. I did and she groaned from the penetration. “Oh my God. Yes. I can feel it Honey. It’s buried in me. Fuck me Honey. Fuck me until you cum. Fill me up.” It didn’t take much to figure out that her directions to Dad were really directed at me.

I started fucking her pussy in long full penetrating strokes. Mom moaned hard with each deep thrust and she wasn’t hiding her moans from Dad. Mom wasn’t grinning anymore. She was in sexual heaven and her moans were for real as Dad believed they were meant for him.

Mom held up the phone so I could hear his sexual pleasure. I heard him say, “Fuck, Maddy. You are really good at this. You sound like I’m really there fucking the shit out of you.” We could hear the rhythmic skin on skin thwacking noise of his hand on his cock. Mom continued to moan but she smiled up at me and motioned for me to go faster and her moans picked up the increased pace. Dad must have picked up on the increased pace of her moans and the thwacking pace increased too.

Mom put the phone back to her face and she groaned hard and said, “Fuck Honey. Hurry. I’m gonna cum any second. Cum with me.” I heard Dad grunt hard and then a long guttural groan as he yelled, “Oh fuck. Maddy. I’m cumming. Did you cum with me?”

Mom groaned out, “Oh God. Here it cums. Oh fuck. Yessssssssss.” Then she gave a scream as she motioned for me to slow down. She hadn’t faked anything through this except for the climax. “Fuck Honey. That was incredible. I’m gonna sleep well tonight…I’m sure you will too. Will you be home as planned?…Good. I’ve missed you…I love you too… Goodnight.”

As Mom wound up the phone call, I was slowly fucking Mom with just my glans. That’s the most sensitive part of my cock and the sensation of the velvety, bulbous head sliding past the entry to her vagina to the ridge of my circumcision was amazing. Mom dropped the phone on the bed once she was sure it was hung up and looked up at me. She started pushing her hips with my slow rhythm and I thought she wanted more cock so I pushed all the way in. She shook her head and said, “No. No. Do what you were doing before. Oh my God, that was wonderful. I’ve never been fucked that way before. Jesus that’s wonderful.”

I returned to my glans-fuck and her hips lurched as she started to lift her torso. She grabbed her tits and began mashing them with her fingers as her head pressed deep into the pillow. She was gritting her teeth again and seething air through them.

I was getting close and it sure looked like she was too. I wanted to hold off until she had her orgasm, and in the end, we both came within a second of each other. Mine enhanced hers and vice versa. Mine was powerful and left me drained with aching balls. Hers just oozed out of her as she groaned through the whole thing. It took longer than her previous orgasms. I wasn’t sure when it ended but after a while Mom’s eyes opened and she grinned up at me and said, “Fuck. That was awesome.” I was happy that I had pleasured her with my experiment. The glans-fuck would be a favorite of ours.

I pulled my knees out from under her ass and rolled over to Dad’s side of the bed, still gasping for air. Mom took huge gulps of air and muttered, “Jesus…Jesus…Jesus,” as she exhaled and then inhaled again. We both just stared at the ceiling for a long time before our breathing was back to normal. I wondered what Mom had left in her bag of tricks. I was hoping that I could keep up. Fuck, my balls ached.

When Mom was breathing normally again, she reached over and shut off her lamp on the nightstand. The instant darkness was startling. Mom rolled on her side facing me and then scooched herself closer to put her head on my shoulder and press her tits to my side. She kissed my hardened nipple and whispered, “Goodnight, Sweetie.”

Mom had never called me ‘Sweetie’ nor ‘Baby’ before the last couple days. She called Dad ‘Honey’ on the phone and she had always called him that unless they were arguing and then she called him ‘Ass-hole’. He often referred to her as ‘Babe’ unless they were fighting and he’d call her ‘Bitch’. Once, when he was particularly angry, he called her ‘Cunt’. Once.

I had no clue what Mom and Dad’s sex-life was like other than these sessions in the hall when she was sleepwalking. Still in the back of my mind was the possibility that she was faking her sleepwalks for the sole purpose of forcing Dad to have sex with her. It was just a thought though. If I had to bet, I’d bet that she was really sleepwalking and based on the phone sex, I’d bet they had a great sex life. That reminded me; Mom hadn’t had a sleepwalking episode for a few days now, other than the weird episode in the pool today. That might have just been a vivid dream. I had already resolved to do what Dad did to guide her back to bed after she sucked my cock or goaded me to fuck her standing up like beside the twins bedroom door.

My mind flashed back to the twins and my fake sleepwalking sex session on the sofa. My cock responded to that memory. The twins would be home tomorrow afternoon. Probably, early afternoon, if the bus left at the crack of dawn. Mom’s hand was resting on my stomach. She liked to run her fingers in the peaks and valleys of my abs. I had a pretty defined set of six-pack abs, but I wasn’t willing to put in the time to make them really ripped.

When Mom felt the covers tent above my hardening cock, brought on by my reliving sex with June and Julie, she slid her hand down through my pubic hair and wrapped her fingers around my shaft. She mumbled something but she was asleep or nearly asleep. She just held it. My balls ached as though they recognized the imminent call for an ejaculation and were not prepared to deliver the goods. I put my hand on her wrist to make sure she wouldn’t start jacking on it.

It wasn’t all that late but our day had been busy to say the least. I was exhausted and the last thing I remembered before drifting off was Mom ‘poofing’ and drooling on my shoulder. When I came awake, it was pitch black. This bedroom was situated on the back of the house with a view of the pool and backyard. There was no streetlight to provide illumination. Initially, I was confused in the total blackness. My room had a window facing the front yard and the streetlights provided at least a dim illumination. I eased to consciousness and realized that I was in bed with Mom. Then I realized that Mom wasn’t on my shoulder and the covers were pulled down to my thighs.

Then I felt a warm moist pressure on my glans. I lifted my hips as it became apparent that Mom was back at it again and I groaned hard in response. Mom pulled off and whispered, “Just lie back Sweetie and let your mother suck your big, beautiful, hard dick.” When she said those word, ‘let your mother suck your dick’, I thought that I should react negatively to them. I didn’t. I was aroused and Mom giggled as my cock hardened further in her mouth. She was doing her tongue thing again and I moaned in response. Mom doubled her efforts. My balls were objecting and the ache was palpable. I wasn’t about to stop her or even slow her down. Aside from the pain, I was exactly where I had dreamed of being for a long time. Mom was sucking the jizz out of my balls in her bed. ‘Fuck,’ I thought and drove my hips up trying to push more cock into her mouth. She gagged in response and pulled back.

“Sorry, Baby,” she whispered. “You’re so big. I’m trying to take it all, but I just can’t. I’ll practice and next time I’ll give you a throat fuck.” My mind seized on the ‘next time’ and I reached down and pushed Mom’s lips down my shaft and she continued her blowjob. In the back of my mind, I wondered if there was even cum available to shoot. I hoped so, I’d never ejaculated without ejaculating. That phrase amused me and I chuckled to myself as I began holding Mom’s head in place while I piston-fucked her mouth.

She knew when I was going to cum and thankfully, I did cum. The quantity was less and the power behind the two or three shots, but Mom still had to swallow before I was done. She was gulping on my cock as she received it. My automatic response to the start of my climax was to drive my hips upward into her mouth. She gagged and struggled against my hands holding her there. When I realized what I was doing, I released her head and her mouth quickly pulled back to my glans with a gasp. She quickly gathered herself and lashed her tongue around my shaft to clean it. She pulled off with a ‘pop’ and giggled at the sound. She pushed her lips back to the ridge and pulled off with another ‘pop’ and giggled again. Then she kissed my velvety soft glans and pulled herself up my body to place her head back on my chest. She sucked on my hardened nipple and said, “Let’s get some more sleep.” Nothing more was said.

Bright sunlight woke me. I was blinded when I opened my eyes looking directly at the sun. I groaned, “Jesus,” and covered my eyes with my arm. Mom was gone and I could hear her humming loudly in the bathroom. She had been humming a lot the last couple days. I wondered if there was a correlation between sexual satisfaction and humming. I would have to pay attention in the future.

I found her standing naked at the bathroom sink brushing her hair while she hummed. It was no particular song, just random tones. She continued what she was doing when I walked in. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed my cock against her lower back. I wasn’t hard but the view in the mirror over her shoulder was having an effect. She felt my burgeoning hardness on her erogenous zone at the base of her spine and she grinned and muttered simply, “Ummm.”

I leaned in and kissed her on the neck and she moaned and tipped her head to the side to allow me total access. Her eyes fluttered open for a moment and then closed again. I lightly kissed her there again and she moaned again. I reached between her dangling arms and cradled her big tits and tweaked both nipples and she moaned, “Oh Honey, I like that.” My cock pushed hard against that spot she had called an erogenous zone, as my thighs pushed against her gorgeous ass-cheeks. Her eyes fluttered open and then shut again. She moaned loudly. Then her hands went to her sex. She held her outer labia open with one hand and strummed her middle finger through her pussy and clitoris. I could see the glistening wetness of her sex in the mirror.

My balls were still aching but the pain was less. I had resolved to hold her here like this so she couldn’t get access to my cock. I needed a little more time but I knew time was running out fast. The twins would be home in hours.

I kissed her on the neck and then her ear and her body trembled against the sink. I maintained my position behind her and watched the reflection in the mirror of her fingers flying in her pussy. My hands kept up the nipple tweaking. They were extremely hard and long. I cupped her tits and applied what I thought was sufficient pressure but she whispered, “Harder, Honey. Be rough with them. You know I like it rough.” I hesitated but then gripped her globes harder. I could tell that she liked it.

Mom suddenly leaned to the left and lifted her right leg to place her knee on the countertop. She turned her head to me and said, “Fuck me doggy.” I hesitated again and decided I’d give her what she wanted until I collapsed dead on the floor. I flexed my knees and bent down lower and guided my cock to her sex. She used her fingers to guide me inside like a ramp and I took over from there. We both groaned hard as my glans entered and again as the biggest part of my cock slid inside. I gripped her tits hard to use as leverage and pounded her pussy in our standing doggy position. It was just like Dad had done beside the twin’s bedroom door.

Mom was forced to bend forward against the counter and lean over the sink. Her eyes were open and looking back at me in the mirror but they were glazed over like she wasn’t really seeing anything. She looked like she did when she was sleepwalking but there was no way she was sleepwalking now. Was there? I wasn’t sure anymore. I kept on fucking her pussy and she was breathing very hard. I was quickly catching up with her.

When Mom’s pussy started quaking on my cock, she yelled out, “Oh my God, Jarod. Yes. Yes. Give it to me.” She was driving her ass back at me telling me she wanted more. I increased my pace, but now I was completely distracted by her orgasm induced comment. She said, ‘Jarod’. She thinks she’s being fucked by her husband, my father. My cock softened considerably and quickly. Mom didn’t seem to notice as she was grinding her way through her climax.

Was she sleepwalking? I looked closely at her eyes. They had that glazed look. Was she faking it? If she was; why? We’d been fucking for nearly two days straight. Why fake it now. My conclusion was that she was, in fact, sleepwalking. Then I realized then that she had been saying ‘Honey’ and the only time I had ever heard her use ‘Honey’, it was in reference to Dad. When her pulsing pussy and spasming body settled down, her head was hanging and I couldn’t see her face in the mirror. I eased my nearly flaccid cock from her and gently lifted her leg off the counter and let it drop. She was still breathing hard but she was quickly recovering.

I put my hands gently on her shoulders, like Dad had done, and turned her body toward the bathroom door. She started toward the door, staggering in her sleepwalking zombie fashion that I had used to fool the twins. I had watched Mom do that both times I had seen her.

In the hallway, she turned toward the stairs but I turned her shoulders toward her room and she went that way. I coaxed her into bed and she went willingly and curled up in a fetal position. Her side of the bed was still in shadows but the brightness of the sun was creeping across the bed toward her. I pulled the covers over her and then pulled the drapes closed. As I was leaving the room, she mumbled, “Thank you Honey. I really needed that.” I smiled to myself and closed her bedroom door behind me.

I took a quick shower and went to my room to dress for the day. I went downstairs and retrieved the daily newspaper from the front walkway. I sat down on the sofa in the family room and checked to see if there was any incriminating evidence on the sofa or floor from the night with the twins. I didn’t see anything. I unrolled the paper and on the front page, below the fold, in large black letters, it read, “LOCAL TEAM WINS CLASS L CHAMPIONSHIP”.

My first thought was, ‘How come June or Julie didn’t call to tell us of their victory’. I read the article and both June and Julie’s names were mentioned a couple times. June had hit two homeruns and Julie had hit one and drove in five runs. They destroyed their competition, eleven to four. I smiled to myself and thought, ‘They won’t be able to contain themselves when they get home. They must be so excited.’ There was another article in the sports section. I tore out both articles and put them on the kitchen bar for Mom to see when she got up.

I turned on the Keurig coffee maker and made myself a cup. I thought about making a cup for Mom and delivering it but decided not to. I’d let her wake up in her own time. I carried my cup and the paper out to the pool deck and sat down to read the rest of the paper. The articles were mostly about local and national politics which bored the crap out of me. I set the paper aside and sipped on my coffee. I had used my stainless steel, ‘YETI’ cup and the coffee was still too hot to even sip.

It was after 9:30 when Mom walked through the three-season room wearing her fluffy robe carrying a cup of coffee. She hadn’t bothered to synch the robe shut and she was completely exposed. My cock reacted accordingly but the pain in my balls was still there and it had an opposite effect. Mom came over and bent down to kiss me. Her tits fell out of the robe and I fondled both of them with my left hand. She giggled and sat down beside me. She looked down at my crotch to see if I was aroused by her semi-nakedness.

She looked up at my face and smiled as she nodded toward my crotch. She said, “I think junior is tuckered out.” I laughed, mostly at her use of the moniker ‘junior’ to refer to my dick. I looked where she was looking and just nodded.

“My balls ache like they’re trying to expel cum and there isn’t any to expel. I don’t know the biology of how that all works but that’s what it feels like.

Mom looked up at me and said, “My poor baby. Junior’s drained completely dry.” I laughed again.

I said, “We don’t have much time left before the twins are home. I’m bummed that this is the situation. I was looking forward to fucking your ass again. I know you like that.” Mom closed her eyes and put her head back against the chair and mumbled, “Mmmm. That would have been a perfect way to end the two days.” There was silence for a few moments and then she turned to face me and said, “But you still have a tongue. That’s not hurting is it?” I grinned at her as she spread her legs and then lifted them to the arms of her chair. She put her coffee cup down on the small table and ran her fingers sensuously over her tits, down her flat stomach to her sex. Her head went back against the chair again as she lazily pulled her fingers, one at a time, through her sex from her anus to her clitoris. In seconds, she was sopping wet.

I put my coffee cup beside hers and slid off my chair to my knees. The lusty look on her face was enough to make my cock push on my shorts regardless of the pain in my balls. I positioned my knees on the grass in front of her chair and ran my hands up her inner thighs. Just that touch made her groan.

Then Mom’s cell phone rang. I couldn’t tell where the ringing was coming from, but it was close. Mom mumbled, “Fuck, Jarod. Not now.” She reached into the pocket of her robe that had fallen to the chair beside her. She left herself wide-open to me and answered the phone on the fourth ring. She raised a finger to her lips telling me to be quiet. “Good morning Honey.” She smiled down at me as I lazily ran my fingers over her inner thighs to tease her for the interruption, I ran my index finger to her clitoris and she pivoted her hips and groaned hard. “Ummm, sorry Honey. I guess I’ve started without you.” I pushed my index finger into her pussy and she groaned louder. She shook her head at me and mouthed the words, ‘not yet’. I grinned at her and pushed my middle finger in as deep as I could and she pulled the cell phone down to her right breast and expelled a breath. In the middle of the breath she said, “STOP.”

She pulled the cell phone back to her ear and said, “Oh God, Honey. I’m getting very horny thinking of you eating my pussy. It’s awfully wet… I know you don’t like that but it’s just phone sex. We can simulate a sixty-nine. I’m sucking your cock. Come on Honey, make me cum. You’d better hurry to catch up.” I started finger fucking her and she gave me a disapproving look but she didn’t attempt to stop me. Her eyes rolled shut as she pressed her head back against the chair again. “Oh fuck, Jarod. I can feel your fingers in me. Hurry. Jerk your jizz on my face. Fuck, I’m hot. I grinned up at her and pushed my index finger in beside my middle finger and Mom groaned hard again.

“Yes. Honey. Oh God, put your tongue in me. Give me your cock.” Her words were making me hot. I got the instruction that I should push my tongue in her so I pulled my wet fingers out and moved them to her lips. She pulled them in all the way and made a big show of sucking on them. She pulled off and said into the phone. “I love the taste of my pussy on your fingers. Yumm.” When I drove my tongue into her pussy, she screamed and promptly said, “Oh my God, Honey. You have the best tongue.” She put two of my fingers into her mouth and started making a sucking and slurping noise to simulate sucking Dad’s cock. She said, “Rim my ass-hole. You know how I like that… Please…Honey, please… It’s not dirty. You’re just simulating it…Alright. Alright. I’ll just simulate it myself.” Her tone was now angry. She looked down at me and I nodded as she pivoted her ass up and I went lower and drilled my tongue into her anus. She screamed hard into the phone. “Yes. Yes. Fuck. Your tongue is in my anus. Oh my God that feels good.”

I could barely see her face over her pubic mound as I furiously tongue fucked her ass. Then I pulled out and ran my tongue around her puckered rosebud and she groaned hard again. “I’m sucking your cock, Honey. Hurry because I’m gonna blow soon.” I decided to up the game a little and I put my hand on her mound and then ran my index finger over her clitoris. It was flushed a purplish red and it extended out from her protective hood. She lurched in the chair and my tongue lost her anus. She was more concerned with the sensation of my finger on her clitoris. “Oh God, hurry Jarod. I love your fingers on my clit. Hhhhhuuuurrrrryyyyy.”

Mom’s hips launched upward, propelled by her legs across the arms of the chair. “Oh shit. I’m cumming. Hurry Jarod.” The only part of Dad’s end of the conversation was the groaning scream as Mom told him she was cumming. I pulled my face back to her pussy and drove my tongue inside to collect her juices. I love the taste. Mom screamed again when I drove my tongue in. She grabbed my hair with her free hand and ground my nose around on her clitoris and groaned hard in response. Her pussy was bubbling and I could feel her pulses.

She said to the phone, “Oh fuck. That was incredible for me. How about you. It sounded good… I know you’re not fond of performing oral sex, but it’s just a simulation. Okay, Honey… Uh-huh, I miss you too. I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow… Yes, the girls are due back in a few hours… I miss them too… Dex is fine. I think he’s a little anxious about starting work on Monday… Okay. I love you too. Bye.” She examined the screen on her phone and put it back to her ear before she was satisfied that the call was ended.

I lazily dragged my tongue over her outer labia and then sucked each of them into my mouth to suckle them. I watched Mom’s facial expressions morph. She set the phone down and watched me. When my tongue rounded the top of her sex, I sort of accidently dragged it over her clitoris. Her entire body went rigid and she grabbed her tits and squeezed them harder than I ever would. I grinned around my flicking tongue and she said, “You are an evil man, teasing your mother like that. I’d love to go another round with that tongue but the girls could be home soon and we don’t want to be caught doing this.”

I made one more cycle around her sex and then pulled back. Mom burst out laughing when she saw that the bottom half of my face was wet from her juices. I licked as much as I could around my lips and then started to wipe off the rest with the back of my right hand. Mom stopped me and motioned me toward her face as she bent forward. She licked her juices from my face like a dog giving me a kiss. I got laughing at that thought.

Mom gingerly dropped her legs from the chair arms and flexed them a few times. They had gone numb and when she finally stood up, I had to help her take the first few steps toward the house. After that, she was motivating okay on her own, she took my hand and said, “Shower with me one last time.” I checked my watch and then smiled and eagerly followed her up the stairs.

She knew my dick was out of action so she didn’t make any advances toward it. We hugged and kissed like parting lovers do, I guess. Just being held against her body made my cock hard but she ignored it. We lazily lathered each other’s bodies. I paid particular attention to her breasts and hard nipples and Mom tried hard to hide her arousal. Her breathing gave her away. She couldn’t hide that.

I wanted to push her against the back wall and kneel between her spread legs and tongue her to another orgasm, but we didn’t have the time. Once we were all rinsed off, she guided my face to her breasts and I fondled and kissed them and nibbled on her nipples as she wrapped her arms around my head to hold me there. When she released me, I stood up and looked down at her beautiful face and wet hair. A tear broke from each eye and quickly flowed down to her chin. I bent down and kissed each of the tears off her face and she kissed me hard and passionately. Nothing had to be said. Our long mutually dreamed of sexual encounter was over. We were back to our lives and it seemed that time had been put on pause and was only then starting up again.

I dried her off and she did the same for me. My cock was incredibly hard in spite of the pain. Mom looked in my face and gripped my cock like a handshake. She took one hard squeeze like she wanted to memorize what it felt like. I ran my hand from her underarms, over the side-boobs and followed her sides down to her slim waist and over her gently sloping hips. She trembled at my touch and then smiled at me.

We parted and went to our rooms to dress. The twins could be home any time. At least that was my guess. My mind was fast-forwarding through the last few days since I got home from college. What a whirlwind of events flashed through my brain. June fucking me while I ate out Julie was in there too, but the two days of near constant sex with Mom took center stage. I doubted that I’d ever have two days like that again in my lifetime.

I pulled on a pair of regular shorts and stuffed my hard cock to my left hip and looked at myself in the mirror. My erection was obvious but it would deflate to normal soon enough if I could get the visions out of mind.

I heard Mom going down the stairs as I pulled a cotton pullover, short-sleeved shirt over my head. I heard the loud groan of a large vehicle downshifting and then the hiss of air-brakes out front. I looked out my window to the street. It was a big charter bus and June and Julie were standing beside it, looking up into the blacked-out windows, pumping their fists at their teammates, while the driver pulled their hot-pink bags out of the storage area. The twins hooted and hollered at the bus until it was well down the street. They grabbed their bags and hurried up the front walk. I headed for the stairs to greet them. Mom already had the front door open as they rushed into her arms. They kissed and both girls launched into a staccato replay of the game as Mom shut the door behind them. Mom just stood back and grinned. I couldn’t make out anything they were saying as each talked over the other. Mom just grinned. None of what they were saying meant anything to her. Mom led them to the kitchen and I grabbed their bags and took them to their bedroom.

I hadn’t been in their room much and I took the opportunity to look around. I grinned when I saw the end of the black strap-on dildo poking out from under June’s pillow. I didn’t want to get caught snooping so I left and closed their door behind me.

I walked into the kitchen. Both girls were still talking over each other explaining every detail of the game from inning to inning. I think they were up to the fifth inning when I walked in. Julie exploded off the bar stool and threw herself into my arms and pushed her face toward mine. I turned my face to offer my cheek but she altered her trajectory and kissed me full on the lips. That was a little surprising and she caught me off guard. She had never done that before. When her feet dropped back to the floor and she pulled back with a wide grin, June hurried out of the kitchen and threw her arms around my neck and stretched up for a kiss. I hesitated. I didn’t mean to, but something had changed. I bent forward and tried to kiss her cheek and she kissed me on the lips too, but with a little more passion than Julie’s kiss. She didn’t whisper “Pervert” like I was expecting. Something had definitely changed.

Now the twins started to relate the details all over again to me. They were so excited. In spite of the six-hour bus ride, they were a bundle of energy. They both jockeyed for my attention and I spied Mom behind the bar in the kitchen grinning at me. She pushed her tongue into her left cheek like Julie had done several times since I got home from college. The twins were in my face as they started back with inning number one. Mom lifted her right hand to her lips and curled her fingers and made like she was pushing a cock in and out of her mouth in sync with the tongue in her cheek.

Julie glanced back where I was looking as June continued the story. I wasn’t sure, but Mom might have got caught. Julie looked back at me and then back at Mom and she had an odd grin on her face. Mom’s face went red and she turned away so Julie wouldn’t see it.

The story was finally told and we all hugged as Mom and I congratulated them again. Julie pulled out of Mom’s arms and said, “After that bus ride, I need the hot tub.” June agreed and they ran off to their bedroom. When they were gone, I sat down on a barstool and Mom passed me a soda from the refrigerator. Mom lowered her elbows to the bar as she leaned toward me. I could see much of her cleavage. She grinned at me. She knew where I was looking. Before two days ago, I’d have a raging hard-on. I guess I was a little jaded now.

Mom whispered, “Do you think Julie caught the tongue in cheek thing?”

I whispered back, “Probably. She’s always doing that to me though. We’re going to have to be more careful with that kind of stuff.” I stretched over the bar and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back.

Mom smiled and said, “Well, that’s not being very careful.” I chuckled and nodded. Mom pulled back off the bar and changed the subject. “Wait until you see the girls new matching bikinis, if they have the guts to wear them. I bought them when I bought mine. They’re very skimpy, almost pornographic.” I smiled at that thought.

Moments later, they burst from their room and hurried into the kitchen. I was back-to them on the barstool and Mom motioned with her eyes and head that I should turn around. I nearly fell off the barstool when I swiveled to see them. My cock went instant hard and both of them watched the tent form in my shorts. They must have figured that would happen because they were already staring at my crotch when I turned. They looked at each other and burst out laughing. I was embarrassed again and could only imaging how red my face was as I immediately pushed my hands to my lap attempting to hide the bulge. They laughed again. Mom had come around the bar and giggled as I covered my obvious erection with my hands.

Their bikinis almost covered some skin. The dental floss bottoms had a multi-colored, very small triangle of material, tethered at three points. The thread like tethers rose to their hips on each side. They were clear and transparent so it looked like the triangle patches were just stuck to their pubic mounds. They each spun around to pose and show me the clear thong thread running between their gorgeous ass-cheeks. Their asses where just like Mom’s but firmer and it was very easy to imagine Mom’s ass when she was their age. Not that there was anything wrong with Mom’s ass now.

Their bikini tops were erotic. Strapless. I’d seen strapless bikini tops before but they were always on girls with much less boob. The matching multi-colored material formed triangles that were smaller than the patches covering their sex. Their tops were secured by multiple transparent threads around the back. The patches, themselves, had some kind of rigid frame to keep the top from folding down over their tits. Their natural cleavage was on full display. The twins giggled again at my arousal.

Julie grabbed my hand from my crotch and tried to pull me from the barstool as she said, “Come on Dex. Get your suit on and join us.” I glanced at Mom and her face was flushed too and she had sucked her lower lip between her teeth and was nibbling on it. I recognized the sultry look on her face. Mom was turned on by the twins bathing suits as much as I was. I made eye contact with her and she motioned for me to go as she continued to nibble on her lip.

I slid off the stool and laughed as I head up the stairs. I heard June say, “Join us Mom. We’d love to see you in your new bathing suit.” I couldn’t hear what Mom’s response was. I went up the stairs thinking, ‘I wouldn’t mind seeing Mom in that bathing suit again, either.’

By the time I got into my suit and got my erection to subside, the twins were already in the hot tub. I walked past Mom’s room and she was sitting on the edge of the bed looking through the lacey curtains into the backyard. I stopped and stepped into her room. She apparently hadn’t heard me as her attention stayed on the backyard.

Then I noticed that her right hand was up under her skirt and I could hear the squishing noises made by her fingers in her sopping wet pussy. My cock hardened in my suit again as I stood there watching her watch the twins. She had left all kinds of signals indicating her long-term lustful desires for the girls and here she was masturbating to the vision of them in their erotic bathing suits.

Mom groaned hard and her body went rigid. She nearly pitched off the bed into the window. She mumbled, “Oh fuck. Yes,” as her hips pulsed on the edge of the bed. I quietly backed out of her room to the hall. I headed for the stairs, trying to adjust the position of my erection. I knew it was pointless. I wouldn’t be able to hide it. I could wait it out, but I knew that as soon as I saw them in their suits, it would be back and if today was anything like previous days, they’d stare and giggle and I’d be embarrassed like usual. But something seemed different today. The twins were different but I didn’t know why. I was different too. I guessed that that was because of the past two days being introduced to the magic of sex by Mom. ‘Had Mom turned a boy into a man?’ I thought. I pushed the thought away. I didn’t want to be a cliché. I descended the stairs and went directly to the hot tub.

The twins were neck deep in the hot water. The jets were on and directed at the back of their necks. The water rocketed up over their heads and down over their faces. Their eyes were closed as I climbed in and hid my erection under the swirling water.

The rising water level from my arrival signaled a change and they both pulled out of the jets and sat up wiping water from their eyes and spitting water off their lips. Julie pushed herself against me and kissed me on the cheek. She looked to see if she could see my crotch but it was invisible below the swirling water. June stayed where she was.

Julie said, “So, what did you and Mom do while we were gone?” She was examining my face for any tell. I could tell that she was suspicious. My mind flashed back to a few nights ago on the sofa when I had faked my sleepwalking and had mumbled “Mom” to cover my reaction to our sexual encounter. That may be coming back to bite me.

“I mostly hung out here or in the pool or just laid in the sun. I lifted my arms to show the sunburns as proof. Julie squeezed the skin on my bicep and the pinch spots turned white and then slowly returned to red after she released them. She seemed to be satisfied that the sunburn was recent.

“What did Mom do. Did she show you her new bikini and join you out here?” She had a sultry smile on her face as if she were imagining Mom and me out here in the hot tub doing naughty things. She scanned my face for my response.

“Mostly, she was off shopping. You know how I hate shopping. She did wear her new bathing suit one afternoon.” I had to give Julie something to ponder, so I continued, “It’s very sexy.” I moved my hand furthest from Julie to my crotch as the vision of Mom in her bikini caused my dick to go hard again. Julie watched the move to hide my erection and grinned at me. She looked down in the water again but there was nothing to see through the opaque surface of the water. June was watching both of us although I was sure she couldn’t hear much over the roar of the water pumps and air jets.

Then Julie went for the jugular. “I saw you and Mom in the kitchen. What did Mom’s signal with her tongue in her cheek mean?” My heart started thundering in my chest. It seemed like it had jumped up into my throat. Two days ago, I would have melted down right there and responded with the usual, “UUUMMMM, ERRRRR. UMM.” Julies eyes flitted back and forth from my right eye to my left.

I nonchalantly said, “What signal?” I knew that was a dumb response the moment I said it. Julie glanced at June and then returned her full attention to my eyes as she lifted her hand to her mouth with curled fingers and shoved her tongue in and out of her cheek as she thrusted her hand toward her lips simulating a blowjob.” June laughed. I decided to take the offense at that point and said, “That’s the same signal you’ve been giving me since I got home. What does it mean to you when you do it?”

Julie’s face went red with embarrassment. Julie inched away from me as now she looked everywhere else but at me. June seemed to recognize that suddenly the grilling of Dex wasn’t going so well. She moved over close to me on the other side and pushed her face close to my ear and said, “You know as well as we do that that signal means she wants to suck you cock.” Julie went a deeper red and her eyes shot daggers at June. June just shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well, that’s what it means.”

Then June picked up the attack. “Why was Mom sending you that signal in the kitchen? It’s because you two have been going at it for the past two days isn’t it?”

I was a little set-back by her direct accusation and of course she was absolutely correct. I replied, “That’s totally ridiculous. Why would Mom be interested in a nineteen-year-old boy let alone her own son?” Both of the twins were now scanning my face looking for anything that would give me away.

Julie continued the attack, “Are you serious? Mom would love nothing more than a nineteen-year-old boy. She’s so horny all the time. You dumb-ass men never seem to notice.” They both moved further away from me like they were completely disgusted with me and men in general.

Julie moved closer again and said, “You were sleepwalking the other night and we… well, we followed you into the family room to see what you’d do. You sat down on the sofa and started jerking off.” She glanced down into the swirling water again. “You mumbled something about Mom like she was having sex with you in your dream, or whatever that was.”

My cock was raging hard and I let it escape down the left leg of my bathing suit. I knew I had to remain oblivious to whatever happened that night or I’d give the fake sleepwalking away and if that happened, I can’t even imagine what kind of trouble I’d be in. I just looked at Julie with a blank look indicating that I didn’t know what she was talking about. Her eyes glanced at each of my eyes looking for a tell. She looked at me for nearly a minute before she looked past me to June and said, “Well, we tried. I can’t tell.”

The pump, swirling the hot water around, and the air-jets chose that moment to stop. There was suddenly near silence. The only sound was the air bubbles, hissing to the surface. Then the water cleared and my erection was on full display. I was trying to get it back in my suit but that movement only highlighted my obvious condition. Both girls looked down at my struggling hand under the water. Julie looked up at June and said, “Fuck. It looks even bigger than the other night.”

June giggled and said, “Probably caused by refraction through the water.” I could feel the heat in my face as I settled for covering my erection with my hand and arm. June was on my left side and she put her hand on my wrist and pulled my hand away as Julie reached across my body and wrapped her fingers around my shaft. She gripped it hard and grinned at June as she said, “God damn. It feels bigger.”

June was running her hand up my left thigh when Mom came out on the three-season room. Before Mom could arrive at the edge of the hot tub, both girls had pulled away from me leaving me there with my erection poking from my bathing suit. I had no time to do anything except cover it with my hand again.

Mom hadn’t got into her sexy bathing suit. She was dressed the same as when we left her in the kitchen. Mom leaned over the edge and said, “How is the water? Pretty soothing huh?” The twins both nodded. My mind was still swirling. I could feel my cock throbbing under my hand. Mom glanced down to my lap and then said, “The pool water is pretty nice, if you get overheated.”

June stood up in her erotic bathing suit and said, “Yeh. I was just feeling light-headed.” She stepped out of the hot tub. Julie did the same. I watched their virtually naked asses moved down the stairs into the pool. As the twins were pushing off to swim to the other end, Mom bent down to my ear and whispered, “That’s quite a hard-on you have there. I wish I could get my lips on that right now.” I moved my hand away and let my cock throb and bounce. The pain in my balls was better but not gone.

Mom reached down in the water and gripped my cock and jerked on it several times as she watched the twins get to the other end of the pool and when then turned to start back, she pulled her hand back. I hated for her to release it. It wouldn’t have taken much to finish me off. Mom kissed the back of my head and returned to the house.

I was getting overheated waiting for my cock to soften but it finally did and I got up and sat of the edge dangling my feet in the hot water. From this higher position, I could see the twins standing breast deep in the pool very close and face to face with each other. From the motion of their shoulders and upper arms, I was pretty certain that they were fingering each other. They didn’t look my way. They were too much into each other.

After all the grief they had given me over the years, I decided to sit right there and watch until they noticed me watching and then let them feel embarrassed for a change. It wasn’t but a few minutes when their heads lowered to the other’s shoulder and first Julie started into her orgasm followed closely by June’s. Waves sloshed against the sides of the pool, driven by their thrusting hips. When their hips stopped gyrating, they both turned and looked in my direction. I saw June mouth the word, “Shit” when she saw that I had been watching. Julie grinned at me and they both walked to the stairs and adjusted the small triangle of material covering their sex before climbing up to the deck. I was smiling at them as they walked past me. June said, “Pervert” as she walked past. I chuckled. The old June was back. Julie smiled again and drove her tongue into her cheek again. It wasn’t clear to me why Julie kept doing that. She was giving me some kind of signal, especially since she always hid it from June. I could only imagine what the signal was for and my imagination gave me another erection. I dropped the foam cover into place on the hot tub and followed the twins inside. Their perfect ass cheeks with the transparent thread between their cheeks and the way they moved was intoxicating.

Mom was in her room when I came down the hall toward my room. She called out to me and I stopped and looked in. She motioned for me to come in. I stepped through her door and said, “What’s up?” She was lying back on her bed and she motioned for me to come closer and I did. She reached out and gently cradled my cock and balls in her hand through my suit and was rewarded with an instant hard-on. She grinned and said, “Are you still recovering? Is the pain better? Can we sleep together tonight?” I knew Mom had asked the first two questions for a reason that meant she had no intention of sleeping tonight.”

I was honest and told her that I was recovering and the pain wasn’t near as bad now. I teased her a little when I said, “If we sleep together tonight, can we not sleep?” Mom grinned and thought about her reply but then she just nodded.” She released my cock and balls and I backed out of her room wagging my erection at her. She jabbed her tongue into her cheek and grinned again. I returned to my room and changed into dry clothes.

I hadn’t slept much these past couple days, so I crawled onto my bed and was nearly asleep when Mom stuck her head in my room and said, “Dress nice for dinner. I’m taking my kids to our favorite restaurant tonight.” I gave her a thumbs up sign and promptly fell asleep.

Julie was poking me in the chest as I startled awake. I was confused about where I was again. Julie said “Wake up Dex. You need to get ready for dinner. Mom’s taking us out.”

I remembered that and muttered, “I need to take a shower. I’ll be ready in twenty minutes.” I sat up and swung my feet to the floor. I felt like I’d been run over by a truck and Julie asked if I was feeling okay. Without thinking, I said, “I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I guess I’m tired.”

Julie went to the doorway and said, “I bet you are. Hurry. We’re all waiting on you,” and she left.

I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower and stripped naked. I stood at the mirror thinking about Mom standing there this morning in an apparent sleepwalking session. My research had indicated that daytime sleepwalking was rare but it did happen.

I quickly showered and dressed in dress slacks and a short-sleeved button-down shirt. I completed the look with dress shoes. I pounded down the stairs and headed for the kitchen, passing the twins open door. I looked in to see if they were still getting ready and I noticed that the black strap-on dildo was now poking out from under Julie’s pillow. I smiled to myself as I rounded the corner into the kitchen area. The twins sat on barstools and Mom was on the sofa in the family room.

June muttered, “Slow-poke,” and slid off her stool. We went to the garage with me bringing up the rear. June looked back at me to see if I was looking at her ass. I was and I smiled at her as she mumbled, “Pervert.” I laughed. I got in front riding shot-gun. The twins piled into the backseat.

Mom drove us to the restaurant. It was family style and it wasn’t necessary to dress up, but Mom didn’t like her kids looking like street urchins in a public setting with her. When we were younger, we objected to Mom’s rules. As we’ve gotten older there was no pushback from any of us.

Mom was dressed very elegantly, like she always was in public. From the parking lot to our table, the men all checked her out. I liked watching them and hearing their guttural groans as she walked by. It didn’t take much to read their minds. Today it was three times as bad because June and Julie were there too. I grinned knowingly at each guy as he watched Mom walk by with her swaying hips. She never acknowledged the leers. Then they’d watch June and Julie go by with knowing smiles on their faces as they exaggerated their hip movements. The men’s groans were often interspersed with the occasional, “Fuck.” If the men were with their wives or girlfriends, they got an elbow in the ribs and a stern look.

After we were seated and before a waitress could come over, Mom asked the twins what they would like as congratulations for the softball championship and their graduation that was a week away. The twins didn’t know yet which of them would be valedictorian but it was certain that they would finish one-two. I was proud of them for that and so was Mom and Dad. The twins shrugged it off as being no-big-deal.

June and Julie looked at each other and without a word spoken, they came to a decision. June deferred to Julie who said, “We’d each like a new car.” Mom just frowned at their request and didn’t even have to say, ‘try again.’ Julie grinned and continued, “We’d like to have a sleep-over party with our friends. Everyone is going their own way after graduation. We may never see each other again.”

Mom smiled and said, “Let’s go with the party. How many friends are you thinking?”

June quickly responded, “Twenty or thirty.” I looked at Mom. It figured that they would even have twenty or thirty friends. I probably had three. I stayed out of the conversation completely.

Mom said, “How about five?” My attention went from Mom to June and then Julie.

They were doing that unspoken twin communication thing again and then Julie grinned and said, “Okay. Five is good.” Mom smiled at them just as the waitress appeared at the table. We all had our favorite meal and we were prepared to order even though none of us had even picked up a menu. Mom had a glass of wine and we had sodas.

Mom and the girls worked on the details of their party while we waited for our meals and even after they arrived. They were excited. I kept quiet and ate my meal. I was done way before them and I just watched them. My concentration drifted from one set of tits to another. As usual, Mom was showing substantial cleavage but the twins weren’t far behind. Julia caught me staring at her chest and she pulled her face down to where I was looking and said, “Earth to Dexter.” My face reddened at being caught and Julie giggled as she pushed her tits together with her hands, to give me more cleavage to gawk at, and she giggled again.

I gave her an embarrassed smile and looked away from her to Mom’s cleavage. I could feel my dick moving in my pants. It wasn’t quite an erection, but I knew it would be soon if I didn’t think about something else. I looked around the room at the men and women looking over at us. I felt like we were in a fish-bowl. I dropped my hand into my lap to adjust the position of my dick. June watched my every move and then grinned at me.

On the way home, June called shot-gun so I climbed in back with Julie. It had got dark while we were in the restaurant and it was raining. We were supposed to get a whopper of a thunderstorm tonight. I sat behind Mom and watched the street lights go by highlighting the rain streaming along my window. I don’t even remember what I was thinking about.

Then I felt a hand on my crotch. Julie was looking down at her hand as she moved it around in my lap. Her grin was apparent in the illumination of passing street lights. She leaned over and whispered, “Is it hard?”

Without hesitation, I whispered, “It is now.” I was looking down at her hand too. A few days ago, I would have freaked out, but today I just didn’t want her to stop. June and Mom were talking about going shopping for the party. June was texting on her cell phone, probably getting the invitations out. Julie slid towards me and rested her head against my shoulder as her hand worked on my erection through my pants. God, I wanted her to unzip me and put her hand on my hard-on. She didn’t do anything except apply pressure through my pants. Nothing was said, neither in the car nor afterward. She just left me there with a raging hard-on as Mom pulled into the garage.

I threw open my door as Julie slid back across the rear seat toward her door. I didn’t want to be last and open for their inspection of my erection. I hurried into the house and up the stairs to my room. Mom yelled up the stairs to ask if I was okay. I responded that I was fine and closed my bedroom door a little harder than I had intended. I grabbed a wad of tissues from the box on my night table and unzipped my pants. God damn, my cock was hard. It didn’t take me two minutes to deposit my load into the tissues. It felt like my lifeforce had drained out of me. I pushed my softening cock back in my pants as I opened my bedroom door heading for the bathroom to flush the tissues. Mom was coming down the hall. She stopped me at the bathroom door and asked again if I was okay.

After the previous two days, I was completely unabashed about sex related things with Mom and I showed her the wadded-up tissues. She laughed and said, “It serves you right for gawking at everyone’s tits all evening.” I didn’t say anything about Julie in the backseat. She took the tissues from my hand and pushed them to her nose and inhaled deeply. Then she unfolded them and stuck her tongue to the tissues. “Yum,” she said as she scooped up some cum with her tongue and pulled it into her mouth.

Mom looked down at my crotch and then back up to my face. She said, “If you’re going back downstairs, you should probably zip up your pants.” I looked down and grabbed my zipper. I gave her a red-faced smile. She was grinning at me. I left the cummy tissues in Mom’s hand and returned to my room to change into my comfy shorts and a tee shirt and went back downstairs.

The twins were in the family room discussing the details of what they wanted for a party. From what I overheard, the party was turning into an all-day and all-night party. They were arguing over who the five invitees would be. I was curious if any of the five would be guys. I doubted that Mom would be on-board with that. I went to the kitchen to get a soda. Mom must have gone to her room and she was apparently still there. I turned on the TV and changed the channel. The twins gave me a scathing look and got up in a huff and retreated to their bedroom. I changed to Netflix and scanned through the TV shows and movies.

Mom came around the corner from the hall and went into the kitchen. She was wearing her fluffy robe. Five minutes later she came out carrying two big bowls of popcorn. She handed one to me and set hers down on the coffee table before returning to the kitchen. She came right back with two beers and handed one to me. I thought she would sit down on the sofa next to me but she moved her stuff over to the chair beside the sofa. I looked at her and she looked back and then she whispered, “We have to be careful. Right?” I grinned at her and nodded my head. Neither of us had been very good at being careful so far.

Mom asked if I could find another good ‘R’ rated movie. I looked over at her. She had that sultry smile on her face again. I knew what she was thinking. Tonight, was our last chance and even that was a risk we shouldn’t take with the twins in the house. I scrolled through the options on the screen. There were a few lesbian movies to choose from and Mom chose one based on the displayed sexy icon.

There were a number of woman-on-woman scenes in the movie. Naked female bodies got me aroused even if they were engaged in lesbian sex. If anything, there was only soft porn. No genitals were shown, only tits and ass, and nice ones at that. My cock was rock hard. I knew I wouldn’t be grossed out seeing lesbian sex. I had witnessed June and Julie having lesbian sex and what a turn-on that was. After all, it provided two naked women engaged in sex instead of one.

Mom was definitely aroused by the scenes. Her breathing had become erratic and heavy and her right hand had slipped between the folds of her robe. My attention was now shared between the movie scenes and Mom. She was so engrossed in the scenes that she didn’t even realize the squishing noises she was making. They were driving me crazy though. I wanted to climb off the sofa and push my tongue into Mom’s wet pussy. My hard-on was pushing firmly against my cotton shorts and boxer briefs and I pressed the palm of my hand along the shaft. I had to stop or I’d blow my load in my shorts in moments.

I watched Mom shudder through a couple orgasms. They were gentle ones. Other than the soft groans deep in her throat, that were camouflaged by the women’s groans on the TV, there was no indication beyond her body going rigid for a few seconds. She never pulled her attention from the screen to see if I had noticed.

The movie concluded with a wild, women-only orgy. I tuned back to cable TV and Mom said, “Turn on the news. I need to clear my mind or I’ll never get to sleep tonight.” I smiled and tuned to a 24-hour cable news channel. I hated the news, so I picked up the empty bowls and empty beer cans and set them in the kitchen sink. My dick was softening after the effect of the lesbian orgy scene. I wanted to go upstairs and masturbate but I thought I should allow my balls to recover a little more. The Julie induced climax had caused no pain, but still.

Mom’s feet were pulled up into her chair when I returned to the family room. The news anchor was blathering on about some political subject that I didn’t understand or even care about. I went over to her chair and bent down to kiss Mom goodnight. She kissed me on the lips and said, “Hold on, I’ll go up with you. Let me say goodnight to the girls.” Mom didn’t usually go around saying goodnight to everyone like on the old TV series, the “Waltons”, so I was a little curious about her motivation.

I followed her to the twin’s bedroom door and hung back as Mom wrapped on the door and then opened it. The lights were still on and I could hear the girls still talking. Mom told the girls not to stay up too late. I heard kisses and June asked when Dad would be home tomorrow. Mom responded but I couldn’t hear it clearly.

I heard Mom say, “Tomorrow is Sunday. We can go shopping for your party. Have you decided what day to have your party? Your graduation is next Friday night.”

June responded, “We’ve decided to have it next Saturday. Everyone will be too busy during the week. Everyone is skipping school on Thursday and going to the beach.” I knew Mom wouldn’t be onboard with that, but she didn’t say anything. Just then, there was a bright strobing flash of lightning and the twins both shrieked. They had always been terrified of thunderstorms. The low rumbling roll of thunder followed a few seconds later.

Mom appeared in the hall again and closed the twin’s door behind her. She took my hand and led me up the stairs, turning out the hall light as we went. At the top of the stairs, she stopped and turned toward me as she pulled my hand between the fold of her robe to her soaking wet pussy. She whispered, “I’m so fucking horny. You have to do something about it. We can be quiet.” I curled my fingers through her pussy and pushed two fingers inside. She shoved the lapel of her robe into her mouth as her eyes went wide. Her scream was muffled completely by the robe and she pushed her bare tits to my clothed body. I could feel her heat through my tee shirt. She hugged me with one arm around my neck and one grabbing my ass as she ground her sex on my fingers.

This was nuts, doing this at the top of the stairs with the twins fifty feet away. I maneuvered us down the hallway to her bedroom door. She could decide whether to use the bathroom or pull me into her bedroom.

In the darkness of the hallway, a lightning bolt seemed like a camera flash going off. The flash of light was immediately sucked up by the darkness and then two more flashes strobed in rapid succession. When they were absorbed by the dark, there was total darkness. Our eyes were no longer adjusted for night vision. I held Mom to me as my vision slowly adjusted. I closed them in case there were more bright flashes.

Mom released the grip on my ass and moved her hand around so she could get a grip on my throbbing erection as her hand pushed past my elastic waistband. I could feel her face pull away from my chest and then her chin pressed against my breastbone. She was apparently looking up at me. She whispered, “Come to bed Dex.” I followed as she backpedaled into her room pulling me along by my dick.

Her room was even darker than the hall. I pulled her robe open and she released it from her mouth and let it fall to the floor. She released my erection just long enough to pull my tee shirt over my head and arms and toss it to the chair on the other side of the bed. She returned her hand to my pulsing cock as she kissed her way down my chest as she dropped to her knees before me. She pulled down my shorts and I felt her kiss the tip of my velvety crown. I wished that I could see something as I looked down toward her. A flash of lightning revealed her face looking up at mine with her lips locked on the pebbled ridge of my glans and her tits below. I could feel her tongue rolling around and around the ridge. That lightning strobed vision stayed with me for many seconds after it went instantly dark again.

Mom inhaled my cock several times to her gag point, which had become well known to her. Her tongue worked the entire length and I knew I wasn’t going to last long with her doing that. She knew it too and after a dozen strokes, she pulled off and stood up and kissed me on the chest. I kissed her forehead and started to bend over for a kiss on the lips but she was already pulling away from me. She whispered, “I need my baby boy’s cock in me. That movie had a surprising effect on me.” I wasn’t surprised at all.

Mom felt around and stripped back the bedclothes and climbed up into her spot. She pulled me in on top of her. She was breathing erratically. I moved between her legs and started to maneuver to put my lips on her sex but she stopped me and whispered, “No. No time. I need your big cock in me right now.”

I lowered my head anyway and kissed her on her swollen clitoris and sucked it between my lips. Her hips rocketed up at me as she pushed her pillow into her mouth to muffle an uncontrolled scream. A fleeting thought flashed through my brain like the lightning, ‘I was sucking on Mom’s cock.” I pushed that thought away and released Mom’s clit. Her hips collapsed to the bed and she gasped out, “Oh my God, Baby. That was amazing but I need you in me. Hurry. Please.”

She was pleading. I moved my knees outside of hers and closed her legs. She seemed confused by what I was doing but I knew. I wasn’t even sure it would work out as I had never tried it before. I had seen it on porno videos on the internet though. I inched up and place my knees firmly against hers and pressed them together. She reached up for me in the dark. I bent forward and found her lips and kissed them passionately. She responded accordingly and gasped out, “Hurry, Baby. Don’t tease me anymore.” She found my cock with both hands and pulled it toward her sex. She lifted her hips as I lowered mine and dragged my cock down over her clitoris toward her vagina. She yelped and flexed her hips.

I knew, from the internet videos that the angle would be different. I had to push my cock down to find her pussy and then adjust my hip position to push it up and into her. Mom had figured out what I was doing because she rocked her hips forward as she guided me to the spot. I was back in heaven as my glans pushed inside. Then I lowered my hips and pushed up. Mom groaned hard as she grabbed my shoulders to hang on. I was not gentle. I knew instinctively that she didn’t want it gentle. She wanted raw, wanton sex and I proceeded to give it to her.

She shoved the pillow back in her mouth as I started fucking her with everything I had. A brilliant lightning flash illuminated Mom’s face. It was a face of pure lust for the brief instant and now that vision burned in the darkness. I wished she had turned on the light but I understood why she hadn’t. I was pummeling her pussy as she mumbled, “Yes. Yes. Yes,” in synch with my thrusts. I had been afraid I was being too rough but her ‘yeses’ told me I wasn’t. I slammed my hips harder and she started lifting hers to meet mine. I occurred to me that I just couldn’t fuck her hard enough for it to be too much.

Our hips slammed together making significant noises of skin slapping together. I was very close and started the backward counting thing to hold myself back until she had her orgasm. I was pretty sure she was close too. I could feel her body tensing as her furious breathing started to catch in her throat.

I lowered my head and found her right breast. I sucked her nipple between my lips and gently bit on it. Her arms encircled my head and her entire body seemed to levitate off the bed as she emitted a loud grunt, “YYYUUUUUUNNNGGGG.” She was trying hard to hold back her scream and she emitted another, “YYYUUUNNNGGG.” I felt her pussy grab my cock and begin pulsing. I love that sensation.

It was time for me to join her party and I released her nipple and pitched my torso back as I thrust my cock as deep inside her pussy as was possible. She pulled the pillow back to her mouth and let go of a loud guttural scream.

I pushed my face down into her pillow in anticipation of a loud groan of my own but I trapped the air in my lungs and stopped breathing entirely as my hips seem to drive my jizz deep in Mom’s pussy. Mom was screaming into her pillow and I was just hanging there over Mom’s body with my mouth and eyes wide open. No air escaped and my grunting seemed way inside of me. I pumped many shots of cum into her. My balls were back in business.

As Mom descended from her high, she realized that I wasn’t breathing. She reached up for my face and I felt her hands caress my cheeks. My entire self was concentrating on the incredible feeling of Mom’s pussy caressing my cock.

Way off in my conscious mind I heard a voice as though it came from a tunnel. The voice said, “Breathe Baby. Breathe.” It wasn’t until then that I realized that I wasn’t breathing. I violently expelled the air from my lungs and gasped in another and just as violently expelled that. I gasped in another lungful and then I felt like I was back in control again.

Mom pulled her torso up to mine and kissed me over and over again. We were both gasping for oxygen. She held me for several moments as I luxuriated on the pulsing pressure applied by her pussy on my softening cock.

Then all hell broke loose. Without warning a brilliant blue-white flash illuminated the room and immediately collapsed into darkness. The flash on its own was more than startling, but it was instantly accompanied by an explosion of thunder that sounded like a canon going off right beside the bed. Several more lesser flashes pierced the renewed darkness and were instantly followed by another startling explosion of thunder. I collapsed to Mom’s body as adrenaline surged through me in a fight or flight reaction. I didn’t know if I was protecting Mom or myself. I immediately rolled off her, pulling my spent cock from her. Both of us were in self-protection mode as we cowered from the mind-numbing assaults on our senses. We were totally overwhelmed.

Another brilliant flash and another instantaneous BOOM. I covered my head and ears. I was struggling to get my mind going again. I had heard a blood curdling scream from somewhere and it took a moment to realize that it was the twins. Then I heard the thundering sounds of feet pounding up the stairs heading this way. Mom must have got herself together quicker than me because she was pushing me toward Dad’s side of the bed whispering, “It’s the girls. Hurry. Get on the floor over there.”

I didn’t hesitate as the adrenaline took effect. I was coming around and realized the problems if June and Julie came flying in here to find me in bed with Mom. I moved quickly and it was just in time as the door burst open and the light came on. The ceiling light was almost as blinding as the lightning flashes. I pushed myself up against the side of the bed.

They both burst into the room together and leaped onto the bed on either side of Mom and scrambled under the covers. Another flash accented the ceiling light’s illumination and then everything was black again. June and Julie both screamed again as the eruption of thunder quickly followed the collapse into darkness. The power was out.

Both girls were crying as they scurried deeper under the covers. More lightning flashes, but the arrival of the thunder was slightly delayed. The storm was already moving away and I heard Mom say, “It’s okay. The storm was right on top of us but its moving away now. It’s okay.” I could hear Mom kiss one of the girls and then the other. Their crying diminished to sulks.

I had no idea if the twins slept in the nude or not. If they did, they hadn’t had time to get dressed before they bolted from their room for the stairs. In my mind, I imagined Mom, June and Julie laying side by side in their nakedness. I didn’t know if the adrenaline was driving my cock harder or not. I contemplated the question for only a moment and then decided it didn’t matter anyway. It was as hard as granite.

I reached over to the chair by the bed and quietly retrieved my clothes that Mom and thrown there. I rolled them up in my arms and rested my head on them like a pillow. I had no idea how long I’d be lying there on the floor. Lightning flashes continued to illuminate the room but the thunder was now a low rumble and so delayed that I couldn’t tell which bolt of lightning was the cause.

I heard rustling of the sheets and could tell that the twins were relaxing and moving back up the bed to the top of the sheets. Then I heard kissing and slurping and then Mom moaned out, “Oh my God, Yes. Suck my tits.” I could envision June and Julie kissing and licking Mom’s nipples as they cuddled up their naked tits to her side. I gripped my hard cock but refrained from jerking myself off. The rhythmic sound would have given me away. I just gripped it hard and released and then repeated. I was acutely aware of my breathing. I didn’t want that to give me away either. It was pointless to raise my head to see what was happening. The room was completely dark and eerily silent. I couldn’t crawl back to my room either. My body crushing and dragging on the carpet fibers made a distinct noise. I was trapped where I was.

I rolled gently onto my back and propped up my head on my clothes. I continued squeezing and releasing my cock. I heard more rustling of sheets and movement on the bed and then different slurping and kissing sounds. My imagination was running away as I envisioned either June or Julie straddling Mom’s face. Then reality bettered my imagination as one of the twins muttered, “Oh fuck. Mom. Yes. Right there.” A long, low-volume moan followed.

The slurping noise stopped and Mom’s muffled voice moaned and whispered, “Yes, Baby. Momma needs your tongue.” There was another low moan followed almost immediately by “UUUUNNNGGG. Oh, sweet Jesus.” I couldn’t tell the twins apart by their moans and groans, so I couldn’t tell who was eating Mom’s pussy and whose pussy Mom was eating. It didn’t matter either.

Then the bed started rocking in a constant rhythm. Whoever was riding Mom’s face was thrusting herself forward and back as the slurping noises got louder. I was sure I was about to cum and I gently pulled my tee shirt out from under my head and wrapped it around my cock and then regripped my cock through my shirt and started jacking off.

Then June’s voice said, “Oh my God, Mom. You have a wonderful tongue. I’m gonna cum.”

The slurping stopped and Mom whispered, “Go ahead Baby. Julie Baby. That’s fantastic, I’m gonna cum too.” I now had a full picture of the scene on the bed above me. I picked up my pace so I could cum the same time they did. Then Mom groaned hard and said loudly, “Julie, Baby. Hurry…Oh shit. Here it cums.” The slurping of tongues increased and then both June and Mom groaned out louder than they intended and the bed began thrashing in all directions.

A minute later, all was completely quiet except for the gasps for air. There was no movement at all. I had blown my load into my tee shirt seconds after their orgasms started and I just held my cock in my hand. It was still rock hard.

Julie broke the total silence as she whispered, “My turn. Let’s switch.” Without further discussion, the twins were moving to change places.

Mom apparently had other ideas and she whispered, “Julie, you come up here beside me and lay on your side facing me with your top leg raised. I’m going to get on my side the same way and June, you do the same. We’ll form a triangle.” Both girls giggled and there was a lot of movement on the bed as I envisioned what Mom had in mind. Then the slurping noises started again. They were in a three-person daisy-chain. I’d seen this on porno sites but with more participants. I could only imagine how awkward this would be.

Julie groaned out, “Oh Jesus Mom. Ooooh, fantastic.”

Mom said, “Yes, June. Right there. Mommy’s going to hump your face. Okay?” June just moaned. I envisioned Julie, with her face in June’s pussy and Mom tongue working Julie’s pussy and finally, June’s lips pressed to Mom’s pussy. I was jerking myself off again and in spite of the very recent ejaculation, I wasn’t going to last long.

The slurping and kissing got louder. So did the moans and groans from each of them. None of them announced their orgasms like before. Julie burst hard into her orgasm first and she wasn’t quiet about it. Mom broke off her attack on Julie’s clit in mid orgasm and loudly whispered, “Ssshhhh. You’ll wake your brother.” Julie went quiet but I could still feel the effects of her hips driving up into Mom’s face. She apparently resumed her attack on June’s pussy as she groaned hard and exploded into her orgasm. Mom’s second orgasm, or third if you count the one, she had with me, followed soon after. All three were breathing hard, searching for air as they rolled away from each other.

To my shock, as I was jacking on my cock through my tee shirt, a hand dropped off the bed and landed on my stomach. I froze. I swear my heart stopped. Whose hand was it. If it belonged to either June or Julie, I was toast. The hand moved up to my chest and then reversed direction. It had to be Mom’s hand. She knew I was here and she knew my cock would be rock hard. Her hand found my tee shirt incased erection and she took over jerking me off. I pulled my hand back to let her go.

I couldn’t see her in the dark but she had maneuvered her head to the edge of the bed above me. She whispered very quietly, “Cum for me Sweetie.” Fuck, I wanted her lips on my cock right then. Her hand was sliding up and down my shirt clad cock and I arched my back to lift my hips as far as I could. I knew she’d know what I was trying to do. Would she make the move to come the rest of the way down? Would she dare? The girls were still gasping for air and Mom made the move. She pulled the tee shirt off my cock and pushed her lips over my crown to the ridge. That was as far as she could come down but that was fine with me. Mom was careful not to let her motion reveal her actions through the bed.

I tried to arch my back and lift higher but I was tiring from holding myself up like that. Mom’s tongue silently went to work on the nerve endings at the base of my glans and moments later I launched a massive load of cum into Mom’s mouth. She swallowed quickly so she wouldn’t gag. With my last salvo, I slowly pulled my cock from her mouth and dropped my ass back to the carpet. Mom ran a finger through the ‘eye’ and then I could hear her quietly sucking on it. She reached back down and squeezed my cock and then rolled on to her back again.

At some point, the first vestiges of dawn had appeared. The room was still dark but I realized I could make out forms around the room. I eased myself partially under the bed. If I could see, the twins could too.

Nothing moved for another fifteen minutes or so and then Mom whispered, “You girls should go back to your room now. The storm is long gone and you don’t want Dex to catch you.”

Nothing more was said for another minute and there was no movement either. Then Julie whispered, “Mom, you are fantastic. We’ve wanted to do this with you for a long time. Thank you.”

June giggled, shaking the bed, and said, “Yes. That was amazing Mom.”

Mom didn’t reveal her long-term desires for lesbian sex with them. She just let out a moan, “Mmmmmm.”

Then Julie dropped her bomb.

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