Twins find out, Now it’s three on one – Part 3

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The twins had been terrorized by the mind-numbing lightning flashes and thunder. They had raced up the stairs for the comfort of Mom’s bed shortly after I had blown a huge load of cum in Mom’s pussy. I had barely got to the floor before they scrambled in under the covers. To my delight, after the storm had diminished, Mom and the twins had completed a three-way daisy chain and were in the process of recovering. Mom rolled to her stomach, hanging her head over the edge of the bed in the pitch blackness and started jerking me off. I thrusted my hips up as high as I could and Mom pushed her lips onto my glans and promptly received another loud of cum.

This last move, as amazing as it was, was not thought out properly because as Mom suggested that they return to their room, the twins both gave Mom kisses and sat up on the bed to leave. Then Julie said, “Mom? Why does your pussy taste like man-cum?” The air went out of my lungs. I was busted. I was the only man around. I felt the edge of the bed above me press down. I was completely under the bed, so I was sure whoever was looking over the edge couldn’t see me. I waited for Mom’s response. What could she possibly say to them to get herself and me out of this mess?

Mom’s response was to go on offense. I doubt that it would work in the long run but it thwarted the twin’s Q&A dead in its tracks. “How do you know about man-cum?” she asked. I was surprised by their reaction.

They both began hemming and hawing, trying to extricate themselves from this conversation and finally June jumped to the floor and said, “We’d better get back to our room. Come on Julie.” Julie wasn’t so inclined to drop it but after a half minute of silence, she got to the floor too. She leaned forward and kissed Mom. I could hear the smack of their lips.

Julie whispered, “We love you Mom.” They didn’t wait for a response. They hurried from the room and I heard their feet pounding back down the stairs. I stayed right where I was until Mom told me to come out. I climbed up on the bed. I could clearly see her in the brightening gloom. She wasn’t looking at me. She didn’t appear to be looking at anything. She was in deep thought. I figured we were fucked.

I sat completely still with my knees under me sitting back on my feet waiting for her to say something. She finally turned her attention to me and said, “You should get your clothes and go back to your room. Sorry Dex. I knew it was a risk but I wanted you so bad after that movie.”

I got off the bed and picked up my cum-stained tee shirt and shorts and headed for the door. I stopped and whispered, “Maybe they won’t say anything. They have a secret to keep too. We’ll be okay.”

Mom smiled, but it was forced. She whispered, “Let’s hope.” The door was open and I quietly crept down the hall to my room. I crawled into my bed and laid there wide awake as the sun rose. I knew the twins weren’t dumb enough to believe any explanation other than that Mom and I had sex last night before they came flying up the stairs to wind-up engaged in their own sexual tryst. It was logical to assume that they would figure we’d been going at it for the two days we were alone in the house. I knew Mom was probably laying in her bed working her way through the same thoughts. I believed that the twin’s own secret was the key to salvation and I intended to have a conversation with them about it tomorrow before Dad got home.

The power was still out and we were all eating cold cereal at the breakfast table. The air was blue. The twins wouldn’t look at me or Mom and we weren’t looking at them either. There was no attempt to start a conversation. Mom was visibly upset by the situation. I smiled at her and she forced one in response. The twins were doing their thing, communicating with looks and glances. Mom was picking at her cereal as she avoided eye-contact with all of us. She was dressed in her fluffy robe, like usual. The twins were dressed in their matching mid-calf terry-cloth robes. I wore a clean tee shirt and a pair of knee length nylon basketball trunks. I tolerated the twin’s nonsense until I finished eating and then slammed my fork down on the table startling everyone.

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