A mother surrenders to herself

A mother surrenders to herself, incest sex stories, I’m not gonna go through the nonsense about this being a true story or not. All I can say is it’s a personal story that means a lot to me and after long consideration I’ve decided to share it with others who are like minded. This isn’t a porno in writing. This is about love and lovemaking in what we are raised to believe is the worst of places to find it. I’m still a bit mixed up about it so maybe I’m looking for support. Either way I hope you enjoy reading it and your comments are more than welcome.

Charlene’s eyes flickered open to the first rays of light creeping into her bedroom window through the sits of venetian blinds. Half asleep she shifted under the covers to the feel of the linen caressing her naked skin and suddenly, as if woken from a dream, a reality that should have only been a dream sank into her mind with unerring accuracy. Slowly as if to prepare herself for some horror or delight, she rolled her head to the side to see the young man still deeply asleep beside her. His adolescent clean skin gave a neat glow in the morning light and his unkempt hair was strewn along the pillow he laid his head on.

“Oh God…” She whispered almost inaudibly before closing her hands over her mouth in an afterthought to not make a sound. Charlene lay trying not to move; trying not to breath for fear that any stir might awaken her son David and force what she had done into an even more terrifying reality than was already causing her such distress. As she looked him over, her heart and her mind tangled with deeper more primal senses inside her, battling internally as to what had been her greater sin only hours earlier; what she had done, or the fact that even now she couldn’t help but need it to happen again. As she struggled with an internal frenzy her mind played the deeds of the last twenty four hours back in full color high definition.

Saturday morning…

Slipping off her pajamas and laying them out across her dresser, Charlene customarily stood in front of an antique mirror in the corner of her room and looked herself over. She turned from side to side, checking all available angles. She patted her flat stomach approvingly and smiled to herself. At the middle age of forty and one failed marriage under her belt, Charlene prided herself in keeping in shape where so many of her friends had begun to slide. Her divorce had left her with a struggling self esteem that she worked hard to gingerly mend by staying healthy. Her husband had traded her for a younger model; a blow that had made her think a lot about competing with more slender and curvy competition out there. Still in spite of her condition these days, she had discovered the dating game to be one for the young. The occasional man who had been caught by her presence had proven little more that a one night stand upon discovering that Charlene was also a mother. Few were willing to accept that extra baggage and she had all but resigned herself to being the target of a ‘hit it and quit it’ romp.

Nevertheless, as she admired the reflection before her she still was satisfied with what she saw. Charlene was a taller woman than most of her friends, measuring in at 5’10. Being mid January, her skin had lost all of its summer glow from tanning but adorned her body tightly, and in tandem with her less than naturally bright red hair and deep sea green eyes, she had the look of the hot Irish women she had heard men discuss fondly, though being a naturally blond woman from the eastern seaboard, nothing could have been further from the truth. Her figure was toned and fit; the product of several years since she had first taken an interest in yoga and jogging at the recommendation of friends and her bottom and sculpted thighs were a tribute to how hard she had worked at both. Charlene prided herself greatly on being able to fit comfortably in jeans that didn’t bear any labels that said relaxed fit. As years had gone by she had become less and less satisfied with her breasts. They had lost some of their youthful firmness and bounce, but nothing that wasn’t fixable with the right bra and excellent posture and where their contour had begun to slack, their size had always caused men to believe that they were less important than her face. It didn’t bother her much and her wardrobe was abundant in low cut tank tops to give notice to her cleavage.

Abandoning her ritual morning vanity at last, Charlene rounded her bed towards her closet to fetch suitable running attire, winding her long hair into a pony tail as she rifled through her shirts. After sliding her shorts up her legs she was about to make her way from her room when a shiny reflection caught her eye. Out of her window and down the lawn, her son David’s car shined brightly in the morning sunlight. Charlene cocked her head, eyeing the car with curiosity. At 18, her son was a social young man and very active to say the least. It was uncommon, even in winter for her to awaken on a Saturday to anything but an empty house, even as early as it was. Be that as it was, the 2003 Trans Am gleamed pearlescent silver in the sunlight. Thinking little more of it, Charlene sat on the edge of her bed, slipped her running shoes on and made her way into the hallway towards the bathroom for morning necessities before she hit the road.

Passing her son’s room she took stock of the fact that the door was open but David was not to be seen. It wasn’t until she approached the bathroom door at the end of the hall nearest the stairs that Charlene paused to the subtlest of foreign sounds. The faintest hint of the electric hum given off by the downstairs television hissed in the air. Charlene paused again; this was uncommon. David wasn’t much of a TV fan. In fact he rarely spent any time in front of it. He was more the outdoorsy sort and was always much happier to get out of the house with friends first thing than waste his time on a couch. Charlene had always attributed this quality to her son’s many successes. Unlike many of the boys his age who would have been happy to spend an entire day with a videogame if left to their own devices, David got out, did well in school and had a booming social life. Everyone in the neighborhood commented on him and praised Charlene for her successes as a single parent. Venturing into the more bizarre, while she was certain the television was on, she couldn’t hear anything coming out of it. Deciding that nothing could really be as strange about the situation as she was building up in her head, Charlene tended to her morning needs in the bathroom and started to make her way down the stairs.

“Oh shit…” Came a soft but forceful whisper as Charlene looked up from her feet and into the back of the living room only to nearly fall right down the remaining stairs as she stopped dead in her tracks. The large flat screen at the other end of the room was indeed on and the screen was graced by a young man relentlessly taking an older woman from behind with all the intensity he could muster while a younger girl more the man’s age lay beneath the other two, happily lapping at the man’s testicles with her out stretched tongue. Though despite the fact that the porno no doubt had audio of the women screaming in pleasure, the television itself was muted silent. The only other motion in the room drew Charlene’s eyes from the screen to the sofa where her son David sat, clearly oblivious to her presence as his hand flashed rapidly up and down the shaft of the largest cock Charlene could ever remember gazing upon. Other than a pair of open jeans, David sat staring at the screen unclothed. His chest and forehead were damp with perspiration. His dark hair was still the tangled mess it had been when he had rolled out of bed that morning and gave him a bit of a wild, bad boy look. His slender lips were apart, quietly breathing hard but Charlene barely was able to take notice of these characteristics. Clutched in David’s hand was a cock that Charlene felt instantly certain any woman could have been able to stack two hands, top to bottom along the stalk, and still have more sticking out the top. Moreover, her son was a man with larger hands than most and even as one tugged along the monstrosity erected from his jeans, even he was barely capable of closing his fingers completely around the thickness.

‘That’s defiantly not his father’s genes at work.’ Charlene mused to herself. His manhood was rigid and shiny; gorged with blood to its threshold and the dark pink head spilled pre-cum down across David’s fingers to such extend that it nearly looked like he had already orgasmed and simply hadn’t stopped jerking off yet.

Charlene remained on the sixth step from the bottom taking in the sight. Whether it was because she was herself rather sexually deprived of late or because of the magnitude to her son’s best kept secret, she was unable to take her eyes from him. She watched in awe as time seemed to slow in that moment. She stared intently each time her son’s hand crested over his cock before flashing back down the shaft again, each time squeezing it so that more of its salty sweetness dribbled over. Charlene’s vision tunneled until everything but her son’s cock went into a hazy blur. Unconsciously, she felt her tongue lick across her lips as the mouth watering sight seized her with all the seeming of some beast that had caught her throat. The more she stared, the more she appraised her son and she wondered a moment if she had taken hold of his cock what its slippery rigidity would feel like in her hands. Not more than a moment later Charlene shook her head violently as just a flash of what he would taste like; his pre-cum oozing out across her tongue…

‘What the fuck are you thinking?!’ She scolded herself. In spite of her better reasoning however her eyes locked right back on David’s hand as it passed up and down his glistening manhood. Before Charlene could decide whether to creep back upstairs or announce herself with some false maternal authority, David’s face tightened and his teeth clamped together. Just when Charlene thought she had regained any semblance of proper parenthood she watched in awe as her son’s semen erupted, thick and white from the head of his cock in four harsh streams that splattered against his hand and across his stomach. ‘Oh… my God!’ Charlene admired the spectacle with the commanded attention that would have been better appropriate to watching any other man ejaculate than her own son. ‘So much…’ As David continued to jack his cock through his clearly well developed orgasm, his hand milked more and more semen from the tip. Charlene shut her eyes trying to block the image, but her mouth had once again begun to water.

All her life, Charlene was the sort of rare woman that most men were pleasantly delighted to encounter. From an early age she had been sexually aware and it wasn’t long before she discovered one of her favorite proclivities was oral sex. Specifically, she had always been aroused by the sight of a man’s climax but even more to the point, she was almost incapable of ignoring her lust for the flavor of a man’s semen. She had tried for years, among friends, to reason her addiction to it. Something about trying to describe what she yearned for in terms of taste and texture had always fallen short however. It was, very flatly, something she loved. Now however, she found herself trying to be small and silent, shutting the beautiful image before her out of her eyes in hopes that when she opened them everything about her surroundings would be normal again.

“Fuck!” David’s voice sounded in her ears, shattering all delusions that there was any way out of her current predicament. “Mom?!” He called her way with a heavily embarrassed tone. Charlene opened her eyes a crack to see him tucking his still swollen cock back into his jeans.

“Sorry!” She replied as she turned her head away all together. “I didn’t know you were in here…” She tried to lie as she peeked back again through half closed eyes to see David rising off the couch and clicking the TV off. “I didn’t really see anything. I’ll go back upstairs and you can just…”

“No I’m… I’m leaving anyhow.” David replied as he tossed a shirt over his head as quickly as he could. Charlene watched as the wet spill on his flat muscular stomach seeped through the fabric as it rested against his body.

“David you don’t have to… I mean it’s not like you were doing anything wrong.” Charlene pleaded trying to be composed and mature about the situation.

“No I’m meeting a friend and… I’ll just be back later ok?” David shot back with a red flush overwhelming his skin as he dashed from the room with hardly a backward glance. Charlene sank to a seat on the stairs as the sound of the front door opening and closing left the house quite silent. Staring at the couch where her son had just been, it was as though a ghost of David had been left behind. She watched the imaginary young man, still cranking his fist down over his cock; gasping in manly pleasure as streams of his pearly essence spilled across his chest. Without realizing it, Charlene had begun to breathe just a little faster as a familiar tingle somewhere deep inside her began to prepare her neglected womanhood with a thrilling rush of warmth and moisture.

“Oh my fucking God!” She screamed as she sprang to her feet just as her hand had smoothed down over the crotch of her shorts. “What the fuck?!” She shouted again into the empty house as she flailed the same hand in the air before her as though trying to shake off something awful or terrifying. Stepping down the stairs and into the living room, Charlene became faintly aware of the faint scent of her son’s perspiration. Hastily she rushed to the window, flinging the pane upward to ventilate the house of her son’s pheromones. Then as though aware through an out of body observation at the mania she clearly had to be displaying, the urge to break down in laughter caught in her throat. She stopped, closing her eyes, trying to center her thoughts as she patted the sweat from her palms against the fabric of her shorts.

“Alright, get a hold of yourself.” She exhaled, shutting her eyes in an effort to bring her spinning world to an immediate halt. “This is simple. It’s been a few months and the first cock you see is going to make you horny no matter who it belongs to.” She reasoned aloud. ‘Never mind the fact that that cock was absolutely beautiful, and something about watching your own son masturbate was the most erotic experience of your life.’ Came the inside reasoning of the devil on Charlene’s shoulder. The simple truth of that struck her blatantly. She couldn’t deny it; it was true. It was more than just hormones coursing through her neglected body. The more she replayed the spectacle she had witnessed, the more the truth sank in; it was the sexiest thing she had ever witnessed because it was David. This startling discovery derailed Charlene’s calm to the point where the heat between her slender thighs was becoming frightening.

All of the sudden it hit her; an outside voice of reason was all she needed in this moment of uncharacteristic weakness. Her best friend Samantha had always been her sounding board in moments of need. Charlene dashed into the living room and dug her hand into her purse, rummaging around until she found her cell phone. Frantically she passed her finger over the screen until Samantha’s name came into view. The line opened, bringing the sound of a ringer into Charlene’s ear for several moments before going to voice mail.

“You’ve reached…” Her friend’s automated sounding voice chimed through the phone. Charlene muttered under her breath as she drew the phone away from her ear to try to call again.

“Come on Sam, pick up!” Charlene whispered to herself as she re-highlighted her best friends name on her iphone and hit send again. The ringtone sounded for several seconds more before the line clicked in.

“Hey babe! I almost didn’t hear my phone; I was running the vacuum.” Samantha chimed merrily.

“I think I’m going insane! I don’t know what’s going through my mind right now. I’m a mess!” Charlene rambled, skipping the opening pleasantries as she paced her living room rapidly back and forth. “I need a reality check.”

“Sweetie, slow down.” Samantha reassured in a clam voice. “You’re talking like a train with no brakes. Just breathe…” She instructed while breathing deeply herself in the mouthpiece of her cell phone. “Now tell me what’s wrong.”

“Where do I begin?” Charlene replied with no less a frazzled tone of voice and then she proceeded to lay out her morning and the subsequent results; how her son’s form had sent her into such a state that she was certain she was losing control of herself. Samantha listened dutifully with all the silent diligence of a true friend, allowing Charlene to rant and rave and spill what had undoubtedly become the grandest skeleton in her closet.

“Alright.” Samantha exhaled after Charlene had bared her soul. “Have you taken care of yourself yet?” She asked finally after a thoughtful pause.

“I’m sorry?” Charlene exclaimed.

“Char, try to stay with me here. It wasn’t a complicated question. Have you masturbated?” She clarified so plainly she may as well have been asking what Charlene had done to get a troublesome stain out of her favorite sweater.

“You’re not suggesting… not while thinking about, David?!” Charlene protested, clearly taken aback by Samantha’s suggestion.

“Why not?” Samantha replied with a slight glint of a chuckle in her voice. “Are you planning to hold it in all day? Clearly you need to address this. Besides, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.”

“He’s my son!” Samantha nearly shouted into her phone as she flopped down into her sofa, nearly exhausted by the thoughts running through her mind.

“So what? He’s a young attractive boy and clearly he’s a blessed boy at that. I mean… well, that is to say you aren’t the first mother that this has happened to, believe me hon.” Samantha trailed off.

“You mean… you?” Charlene began.

“Sure.” Samantha exclaimed.

“You mean you and Ben…” Charlene tried to begin but the words stuck in her throat, not wanting to actually ask her lifelong friend if she and her son Benjamin had ever crossed such a line. Ben was about David’s age and one of her son’s best friends much as Samantha and Charlene had always been.

“No.” Samantha replied in what seemed like an almost depressed tone of voice. “I’m sorry to say that I’ve never been brave enough to ever try. But it’s crossed my mind of course. Actually, it’s been one of my favorite fantasies for years. I think it’s just one of those repressed things in everyone’s mind, you know? Something psychological and all that; who knows. Personally I’ve never bought into the modern concept that incest is such a horrible thing so long as all parties are consensual.”

Charlene could barely believe her ears. Samantha had been her closest friend since college. She had gone through most of her life believing that there was nothing about her she didn’t know. Samantha, to the public eye was a very proper woman. She was well mannered, annoyingly polite, actively involved in the Church that she and Charlene attended, a devoted mother and wife; certainly nothing about her would ever have suggested such perversions might linger in her mind. Charlene had always considered herself the wilder one between the two of them. Sexually, Samantha had always come across as reserved and private. To hear her condone incest, let alone say the word masturbation was new territory in their friendship.

“Listen…” Samantha continued. “I’m not telling you to jump David or anything. But you wanted my ‘reality check’ and this is it. Take care of yourself before this desire of yours becomes too big to control, and if the day ever comes when you decide to take it a step further, all I can say as your friend is, you’d be my hero and I want details!” She giggled.
“My God, Sam!” Charlene piped into her phone.

“You wanted my advice.” Samantha replied simply.

“I wanted you to talk sense into me, not toss me deeper into the pool and hold me under!” Charlene attempted to reason. “Besides, even if I were to take your advice… its wrong! It’s immoral, it’s sinful; everything about the idea itself is so fucked up I don’t think I could even get off!”

“Oh I doubt that.” Samantha cooed playfully. “Trust me, it’s the taboo that makes it hot. If it wasn’t then you wouldn’t be as wet as I’m sure you have been since you saw David.”

Charlene was dumb struck into silence. A million remarks entered her mind to retaliate but the moistening reality between her thighs confounded her into silent acceptance of Samantha’s logic. The air on the phone stayed silent for a few seconds before her friend broke in again.

“Look, are you alone?” Sam began.

“Yes…” Charlene whispered.

“Good. Then I want you to shut your eyes and imagine David above you…” Samantha continued.

“Stop it Sam!” Charlene groaned.

“His strong arms on either side of you…” Samantha continued, ignoring her friend’s demand. “His eyes piercing into yours as he shifts your thighs apart with his legs until you look down your body and see his magnificent young cock pointing at your cunt.”

“I’m going to hang up. Stop being dirty.” Charlene threatened in vain. Despite what her morals were screaming at her, the walls of right and wrong were crumbling down.

“Look at it Char…” Samantha continued with a moan. “So hard… my God just imagine that thick purple head spilling pre-cum and it’s pointed right at your dripping sex.”

“God his cock does drip so much of it… GOD! I can’t do this! He’s my son Sam!” Charlene cried out as the hot well in her eyes threatened to overflow in tears.

“Let yourself go Char…” Sam whispered. “Touch yourself and let me help you.”

“I can’t!” She sobbed as the tears broke free and dripped hotly down her cheeks, yet in spite of herself, Charlene had begun to slide her jeans down her hips and over her legs until they crumpled at her feet on the floor below her couch.

“He leans down and brushes his lips against yours. He knows you want him and he loves you. You can see it in his eyes. Look at his hand, Char. He’s taken hold of his thick 18 year old cock and he’s guiding it forward. Oh baby, you can feel it; the heat of his head pressing your lips apart softly.” Samantha teased in little higher than a seductive whisper.

“Oh god…” Charlene gasped as her hand sank involuntarily into her panties to her swollen clit. The sensation of the simple touch drove her back to arch as though she had never been touched before. With little hesitation she began to slowly pass the length of her fingertips across her sex.

“You kiss him back. You show him your need and passion for him in the tenderness of your lips and he knows, Charlene… he knows its ok. He presses in. Oh baby do you feel him? Can you feel his big fat young cock sliding into you?”

“Yes…” Charlene whispered back as her fingers moved down over her clit and forced her opening apart. “Oh yes, Sam I feel David inside me. Oh God help me…” She trailed off as her fingers probed in and out of her vagina. “Sam… oh God tell me how horrible this is. Tell me I’m going to Hell…” She groaned as she felt her juices flow harder along her fingers. As though not in control of her own actions anymore, Charlene proceeded to fuck herself vigorously with all the skill her hand could manipulate.

“He sinks into you, over and over. Your eyes widening with the depth the head of his cock can penetrate you. Oh sweetie, he’s so deep every time he thrusts into you that he pounds your cervix. You can feel his balls slapping against you every time he takes you. You’re his now…” Samantha gasped, bringing Charlene back into reality only just enough to suspect that Samantha’s idle hands were up to no good as well. Something about her best friend touching herself too as she led Charlene on this journey only made the experience that much hotter. Her clit burned with overwhelming sensitivity on levels no lover had ever brought her to before. She was lost and she no longer cared. Over the phone, Samantha’s breathing had become rapid and raspy.

“Oh baby that’s it…” Sam egged. “Let him take you. Let your son have you. Give in to him. Look down your body and watch his cock vanish inside the womb he came from…”

“Oh fuck you…” Charlene groaned at her friend. The simplicity of that notion hadn’t yet occurred to her; to imagine David fucking where she had birthed him from only 18 years ago, bringing her body and their relationship full circle. Her loins began to tremble and she stabbed her fingers in and out faster. “Oh you bitch, I’m going to cum…” Charlene panted as she dug her fingers in and hooked them behind her pelvic bone to stimulate the spot that would make her release the hardest. Her thighs trembled as Samantha moaned approvingly in her ear and told her to keep going. All at once the waves of torrid rapture reverberated from Charlene’s core. Her climax clamped her muscles hard against her finger as she felt her womanly ejaculation seep past them and down into a very tangible puddle between her legs that saturated her sofa’s upholstery.

“Jesus… fuck… oh God forgive me…” Charlene panted as she coaxed as much stimulation as her cramped fingers could muster into her explosive orgasm. On the other end of the phone, Samantha’s own labored breaths softly subsided and a silence fell between the friends a moment as each composed themselves in a heavy afterglow.

“Well!” Sam finally stated flatly. “I need to clean up before my son gets home so I need to leave you to it Char. Do you have a better handle on yourself now?” She asked.

“What did you just make me do?” Charlene whispered. As she slowly pulled her fingers from her aching labia and stared down at the floor before her like a child who was being scolded.

“I made you face a truth that would have driven you mad otherwise. If you need this again baby; if you just need to talk about it, well… you know I’m here, and now at least, you know I understand.” Samantha reassured her friend.

“You might; I’m not sure I do though. I feel filthy.” Charlene whispered.

“Give it time. I’ll talk to you later babe.” Samantha replied and with a soft click, Charlene’s cell phone chimed that the call had ended. She stared down at the screen until the backlight faded and then looked at her wall clock, taking note that David wouldn’t likely be home himself any time soon and wondered how it was even going to be possible to control herself now, if she could even look him in the eyes. She stared back down at the smart phones reflective black face. The woman that stared back wasn’t the same one who had greeted her in the mirror that morning. Everything was different now.

The remainder of the day fell behind Charlene in a blur. Mechanically, she had labored about the house, vacuuming, doing laundry; even dusting which she usually avoided until she knew her house was going to be graced with company. Anything she could fathom to accomplish was something to keep her mind distant from the ache of longing between her legs, which since her surrender to Samantha’s whims had not gone away. She avoided David’s room in her chores and had even passed by the mantle while she dusted and cleaned to avoid making eye contact with so much as a photograph of her teenage son.

As the sun started to go down behind the rows of houses in her neighborhood, Charlene glanced at the clock on the stove as she drew out a pot roast that she was certain after that morning she would be eating alone. She and David were not prone to argument but on the rare occasion it did happen, he had a habit of making himself scarce until he figured she had gone to sleep. He would then return safely home and quietly retire to his room and upon the dawning of the next day, regard his mother as though nothing had happened. Such was the way their family operated, in a cloud of passive aggressiveness. Having endured years with David’s father, who was more the sort to need to fight out any problem he encountered, Charlene was usually grateful that David hadn’t inherited the same short fuse and endurance of temper. No doubt when she got up the next morning, David would act as though nothing had happened and by then if she didn’t have a better handle on her inappropriate lust, then God help her.

Charlene picked at her plate more than she ate before scratching the remains of dinner into the waste basket in the kitchen and depositing the remains into plastic ware containers in the fridge for David to eat if and when he chose to. Diving into the plush living room easy chair, she thumbed absent mindedly through TV channels, realizing there wasn’t anything on worth watching but repeating the scan several times until exhaustion took over her and she got up to make her way up the stairs towards her bedroom. As she neared the top step her iphone chimed in her back pocket. Hastily she clamored for the phone hoping for some word from David. Instead she saw a text message waiting for her from Samantha which she begrudgingly tapped open.

The text read across the small screen in Charlene’s palm. She thumbed a reply in the negative and sent it off but kept the phone in hand expecting more to follow. True to her forecast, the phone chimed yet again as Charlene had just kicked off her shoes in her bedroom and was peeling her jeans down over her hips.

Sam had posted. Charlene sighed with frustration. It was late and she honestly didn’t feel like trying to have an entire conversation via messaging. Instead she highlighted Samantha’s message and hit her call icon.

“Hey there.” Samantha purred with mockish seduction.

“Hi Sam.” Charlene replied as she placed the phone on speaker and peeled of her top.

“Oh that’s not a happy tone.” Samantha remarked. “I guess things are still, complicated?” She asked with a giggle.

“Honestly, I don’t know. He hasn’t come home and probably won’t while I’m still awake and even if he did I have no idea what I’d say to him.” Charlene replied flatly with a certain defeat in her voice.

“Who says you’d have to say anything?” Samantha asked. “He’s had all day to deal and forget about it; nothing says it was anything but a colossal embarrassment to him. You’re probably in the clear.”

“The clear?!” Charlene lashed out. “What is clear about what’s been going through my mind all day? What’s clear about the fact that panties I just took off are pretty much ruined? What’s clear about our last conversation; do you remember? Where you phone sexed me into fingering myself while thinking about David? That ring a bell?” Charlene ranted.

“Yeah I did.” Samantha retaliated. “You needed it. Hell it sounds like you need it again. This isn’t about David; it’s about you and your struggle with all this. Most mothers who catch their son’s jacking off would just scold them for doing it somewhere like the living room instead of their own room. You on the other hand, my conflicted best friend, started foaming at the fucking mouth so please… don’t get angry with me. I at least get it and didn’t judge you.”

Charlene fell silent. There was no response to that.

“Look, I didn’t mean to snap…” Sam began.

“No. No hon you had every right.” Charlene sighed. “It’s just been, a very off day for me and I need to go to bed. Tomorrow can wait for… for tomorrow I guess.”

“You’ll be alright Char.” Samantha comforted. “Call me tomorrow if you want to talk more… just talk… I promise.” She added with a devilish hint of humor in her voice. Charlene smiled, said goodnight and ended the call. Tossing the phone aside, she hooked her thumbs under the string of her thong and began to peel it down before she stared with disbelief at the stringy mess that went with them from her crotch.

Slowly and uncertainly, Charlene placed her fingers between her legs and rolled her eyes back as they passed over her clit and easily between the swollen wet folds of her lips. With her legs still draped over the edge of her bed like she had failed to completely get into it, Charlene began to rub her clit furiously. Her fingers flashed in circles around it, coaxing it up and down and harshly from side to side. She passed its swollen warmth between her fingers, softly squeezing it between them. Her free hand grasped at her breasts, crushing them. The more she intensified her labors the hotter her skin began to feel. The memory of her son’s cock, a scepter set upon a beautiful young man, shoved its way through the mental roadblocks of Charlene’s repression and she imagined him staring at her while he flayed his shaft while she in turn stared back as she masturbated so vigorously in his honor.

Releasing her breasts from a torrent of tugged nipples and slapped skin, Charlene fumbled over her head into her nightstand until her fingers curled around the sex toy she kept hidden there. The dildo was large, nothing like David would feel but it would do. Its silvery blue colored texture plunged into Charlene’s cunt as she spanked her clit as hard as she could. The toy didn’t vibrate; Charlene had never owned a vibrator, but it remained her favorite lonely alternative to the real thing. With a practiced hand she pumped it into her depths until she contracted down hard and wailed into her silent house in a harsh and sudden climax. Like a woman possessed she pulled the toy into her harder and harder, fighting to continue fucking herself before the orgasm could even subside. Kicking her legs back up onto the bed with her, she pulled one back into her arm to allow her masturbations more depth. The dildo moved so freely inside her, Charlene had to slow her efforts, but only enough to avoid losing hold of it inside her all together. Her juices flowed around the shaft of the substitute as she clamped her eyes shut and allowed herself to imagine David cumming. Her hands smeared the pearls of sweat gathering on her heaving chest as she envisioned her son’s milky hot gift streaming onto her breasts. Harsher and harsher she hammered the toy into herself.

Her orgasms were coming to her faster and easier than she had ever experienced. Lost in the indescribable pleasure, the world around Charlene had faded into blurry shapes and half heard white noise. Such was her concentration on her self-gratification and the lewd wet sounds the toy inside her made each time she drove it into herself that she had been totally unaware of the rumbling throaty moan of David’s car exhaust, nor had she taken the slightest notice of the front door of her house creaking open and colliding shut with the door frame.

“I guess this makes us even.” Came a startling voice that forced Charlene to rock her head back forward. Standing in the door of her bedroom was David, staring at his mother intently with a glazed look in his eyes as she lay before him, spread across the tangled mess of linen, her body moist and flush and the silvery toy still held firmly in her grasp as she stared back up at him motionless and uncertain.

“I suppose so.” Was the only reply Charlene could muster. For a moment they just exchanged unblinking stares at each other that seemed to penetrate into something beyond each other’s physical form.

“I guess… I should leave you alone.” David remarked as he slowly averted his eyes with all the seeming of a man who didn’t want to and began to turn from the door. A sudden burst of courage overcame Charlene, so bold that she was scarcely certain if her words had actually escaped her lips.

“Is that what you want?” She asked, her voice cracking with fear. She had begun to cross a threshold. The next few seconds were going to decide much about her relationship with her son. The mix of excitement and terror spun around in her mind like a rollercoaster. Everything was happening faster than she had ever expected.

“What I want? What is this mom?” David turned back, trying to look his mother in the eye but even still his eyes wandered up and down the naked woman lying before him. “I mean first this morning, which I’m willing to chalk up to an accident if that’s what you tell me it was.” David began. “Now this, which based on all the little details; you not closing or locking your door, how you are being so frank right now…” He added then paused long and hard searching for his next thoughts. “This seems more intentional.” He finally stated. What was dawning on Charlene through his words however was the maturity and composure her son was displaying.

“This morning was an accident.” She replied, trying to appear as sincere as possible. Her eyes looked at him with a longing for belief. “But, I liked it.” She added, feeling her courage begin to slip away as the truth was finally out in the open. The fixed gaze she had previously held on her son’s eyes gave way till she stared down at her bed between her still spread thighs. ‘Shit, I’ve fucked this up!’ She thought as she felt David still staring at her. The look was even more penetrative now. ‘Any second now, he’s going to turn around and leave.’ She thought. Even her inner monolog sounded terrified in her head. But the feeling of the stare down upon her continued, until it was so fixed and unbearable that Charlene raised her head again to face the young man before her. David’s face was now mildly similar to her own. He looked conflicted. “David, please say something to me.” Charlene whispered, feeling familiar tears about to spill down her cheeks.

“You… liked it.” He repeated at last. The statement was far more of an affirmation than a question. Again there was a moment’s silence. Charlene simply looked back at her handsome son as the first tear left her eye as she nodded to him quietly and began to close her legs. She was achingly certain that nothing good was going to come from the rest of this conversation. “I need to know something. It’s kind of been on my mind a lot today.” He said as Charlene whipped her hand across her cheek in an effort to normalize her shame. “How long were you there?” He asked.

“A little while.” Charlene choked as she attempted to laugh and make light of her answer. He didn’t smile or laugh but rather continued to appraise her expression cautiously. “I came down the stairs and I saw the porno first. At first I was kind of irritated but I hadn’t even looked at you yet.” She explained as she sat up and wrapped her arms around her bent knees. “And… then I saw you and…” The sentence fell short as she stared off somewhere vastly beyond anything in the room. The imagery came flooding back through her mind of the sight of David’s hand manipulating his long cock into climax. She was certain her face had turned scarlet.

“And?” David answered, clearly unsatisfied with the abrupt halt in her explanation.

“It was incredible.” His mother whispered almost so low that her meek reply was inaudible. For what seemed like the millionth time that evening a heavy thick silence separated mother and son. Charlene’s agony was cresting on the verge of insanity. On one hand she couldn’t imagine how she had ever gone from the normality of a day before to present. On the other, she was desperate for some validation from David. ‘Just say anything! Call me terrible mother; call me a whore!’ Her mind screamed.

“I’m your son, Mom.” David finally answered.

“I know!” Charlene erupted back, tears spilling down her face so uncontrollably she didn’t think they could ever stop. “Sweetheart I’m so sorry!” She pleaded. She wanted to tell him anything to make it right, to convey to him that it would never happen again. She needed him to know that this wasn’t her, and that whatever therapy or prayer it would take to make her normal again she would promise him that effort, but the words caught as her sobs intensified. It wasn’t until she felt the heavy presence of someone else’s weight shifting her mattress that she opened her wet eyes enough to take in her son again, sitting on the edge of the bed near enough to touch him.

“I needed to hear myself say that before I said this.” David continued as he reached out and placed his hands on his mother’s legs as she continued to hold them tightly against her body. His touch was like an electric charge against her already tingling naked flesh. “If seeing me this morning, was half as incredible for you as coming home to you like this was for me…” His voice trailed off. “Mom that was the hottest thing I have ever seen.” He said, bringing Charlene spiraling out of sorrow and into a state she couldn’t identify. “If you had been any other woman when I first walked in here…” David began with a more playful look on his face but despite the crooked up grin that was forming on his face, her son’s eyes displayed a deeper sincerity, that nullified the need for him to elaborate, and Charlene didn’t ask. In truth, she was a little discouraged by the comment, wondering how many other women there had been for her son. They had a close relationship, but David was normally guarded about his personal life, and not wishing to be intrusive, so long as he never came home with a pregnant girlfriend, Charlene had stayed away from the topic of his sex life. On that night, she wanted to be the only woman in his mind, if this was indeed going to be happening.

She reached out, cupping the side of David’s face, brushing her fingertips along his 5 o’clock shadow before winding her fingers around to the back of his tangled hair.

“Promise me something?” She whispered.

“What?” He asked with the same childish grin until reading her own face he adopted one more serious.

“You stop me if this doesn’t feel right.” She begged. Her heart was beating in her chest like it had decades ago for her first kiss as she leaned forward towards her son with her eyes closed. His mouth impacted with a firm tenderness against hers. His lips trembled along her mouth, nearly closed, as though gauging her reaction. It was the kiss of a son to his mother that tap-danced on the edge of becoming more with approval, but there was little more sensuality about it. Using her own mouth, Charlene cautiously parted his open and slipped her tongue forward. At that moment everything changed. Her tongue was met by his and the firmness of his lips softened and consumed hers. Breathing heavily in through her nose, Charlene tilted to the side as David took more of the lead. His hands roamed up her legs, parting them open. She could feel the warm air of the room kiss the heavy moisture between her shaking thighs as she scooted closer to her son and let him take her in his arms. Their lips were now those of new lovers, daring to take things further. Impassioned moans began to pass from mouth to mouth as tongues danced slowly in between.

David’s fingers stroked through his mother’s hair and down the back of her neck. Charlene shuddered in pleasure at her son’s forbidden touch. At once, David took her by the throat and gently tilted her head over, breaking her lips form his much to her audible protest until she felt the heat of his kiss around her earlobe, then down along her neck as he positioned himself tighter between her thighs and lowered her back onto her soft bed. Charlene sank back against her pillow, letting herself feel her son’s moist mouth washing across the delicate skin along her neck and collar. Her naked flesh absorbed the heat of his body against hers as he ground the bulge in her jeans against her naked vulva, making her senses rejoice the way they might have had she wrapped herself in a blanket after being outside in the winter’s harsh night.

“Oh baby…my baby boy.”She groaned as each nibble, each kiss and gentle suckle of his mouth against her skin tantalizing her body with a jolt that pulsed into her womb. “Take your pants off David.” She gasped as he bit into her neck firmly. Her back arched in response as she raked her fingernails into the back of his neck through his hair. “Oh God David take them off!” She moaned. “I’m been wondering what you taste like all day!” She added as he washed the sting in her neck away with wet purposeful kisses. “Don’t make me wait any longer. I need you in my mouth!”

With all the adorable speed of an adolescent boy, David wiggled out of his pants and kicked them from the bed as Charlene tugged his sweater up over his pale muscular chest before helping him roll off of her body and onto his back. He stared in adoration at Charlene as she collapsed on top of him, crushing her lips down against his. He gripped her tightly in his arms, holding her against him until she broke from his mouth and began to slide rapidly down his body. Keeping her eyes locked onto his, she let her tongue trail hot wet fire down his chest to his rippled abs, closing her eyes and groaning as she felt his massive erection slide at last between her heavy warm breasts. She rocked there a while, feeling him sliding in between them as she kissed his navel and breathed in the musky scent of his spilling pre-cum.

“That feels so incredible!” David gasped as Charlene pressed her breasts together in her hands around his shaft and fucked him. The scent of him became heavier as the lubrication oozing from the head of his cock eased the passage of the beast throbbing against Charlene’s pounding heart. She wondered if he had any idea that she had become so wet that when she finally leaned back onto all fours she felt her juices seep down her inner thighs. She stared a moment in desperate lingering at her son’s cock before wrapping her slender fingers around the shaft and angling it upwards towards her face. Playfully, she pumped it in her fist a few times, delighting that it was still dribbling everywhere before she couldn’t prolong her need anymore and dropped her open hot mouth down over the head.

She held him there, keeping her eyes closed and savoring him the way a chocolate lover took in every nuance of a fine piece of European fudge. She rolled her tongue in circles around the small plump cock fist, scooping away the manly nectar that coated it. ‘Too perfect…’ She marveled before she dropped lower, opening her jaw until he could slide deeper in. The salty throbbing skin sank into her throat until she had difficulty and she held him there, deep and warm in her face, like he belonged there.

“I can’t believe this is happening…” David groaned.

Charlene at last abandoned the perfect still contentment and began to bob her head, sucking sweetly on the way up her son’s length and parting her lips just enough on the way back down to brush his skin and allow her throat to spill hot saliva out along the perfect cock in her mouth. Her hand held the base of her son’s manhood tightly as she reached in with the other, cradling David’s heavy balls in her delicate fingers. She rolled them back and forth, letting the sweet spit from her lips coat her fingers and move along his most delicate flesh. If David lived to be a hundred, Charlene never wanted him to remember a woman’s oral worship better than this time.

“God you’re even bigger up close!” Charlene gasped as she let his cock slip through her lips with a wet pop. “Baby I can’t believe how big your cock is!” She groaned barely able to finish the compliment before she engulfed as much of her son’s manhood as she could with her eager mouth. The taste of her son’s essence teased her mouth and drugged her as she bobbed her head up and down. Fingers wrapped into her hair, stroking the back of her head as she sucked her son with furious intent. “You taste too fucking good!” She mumbled around his cock.

“God Mom, I don’t know how much longer I can last. Shit that feels too good…” He groaned sharply. Charlene tightened her fingers around his base, staving off any climax. There would be time for that, but she wasn’t ready yet. Instead she slowly and seductively withdrew him from her lips with a wet plop and lay back upon her bed. David watched in awe as his mother parted her legs widely before him. Her smooth bare sex was dark pink and flushed. Her labia were swollen and puffy and wide open around her deep channel which was seeping her oils generously. With an almost intimidated expression on her face, Charlene hooked a finger of beckoning at her son, asking him to mount her without a word. He crawled upon her until he sat back on his knelt legs and leaned down over Charlene; the same look of slight intimidation and blatant nervousness in his eyes that his mother’s displayed.

The two stared at each other in what felt like an endless pause, each silently asking permission to continue; each conveying affirmation. Charlene reached between their heated bodies until she felt the hot wet throbbing skin of her son’s cock. Wrapping her fingers around it delicately, she pulled it towards her smooth mound until the tip of the head pressed against her labia.

“Take me David.” She whispered softly. Between her fingers, she felt his cock slide forward as it pushed into her wet depths. Charlene’s eyes tightened closed and a squeaky wince of discomfort escaped her throat. Even as prepared as she would have guessed she’d have been from her earlier endeavors, David was far larger than any toy she owned. The obvious pain was not lost on her attentive son.

“Are you alright?” He whispered very sincerely. His mother nodded slowly beneath him until her eyes resumed their normal shape.

“Go slow honey. I’ve never been with anyone… your size.” She explained. David said nothing, but slowly began to press inside his mother deeper, not challenging any resistance her body offered, but waiting for her tight depths to relax around him. When he had entered her only half way he withdrew to the tip before sinking back in. It was easier this time. Charlene’s expression quickly faded from mild fear to its previous enthrallment. Slowly but surely she felt him pass more fluidly and certainly deeper inside her each time. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the slow and deliberate sensations inside her. With each penetrating thrust, the pleasure mounted, causing her juices to pour from her like a broken dam.

“Oh my God… Oh my God!” Charlene whimpered as her inner walls expanded to accommodate the delicious intrusion. “So much…” She gasped as David pressed into her deeper. Her hands shot out, grasping her son’s firm ass and pulling him into her. He was gentle, but Charlene had never fathomed taking on a man so large. When she finally felt the head of his enormous cock touch bottom inside her it forced her eyes open to meet his. David stared down at her, watching and moving according to her reactions. Something about this attention on his part made her heart swell with love for her son; her lover.

“David, tell me this is happening. Tell me baby! Please tell me you’re cock is buried inside me lover!” She pleaded; wanting more than anything to make these first moments last forever. “Say it!” She gasped as David pulled all but the fat head of his cock out and slowly sank it all back into his wanton mother.

“Do you feel that?” David panted as he began to thrust faster. “Do you?” He teased until his mother nodded through labored breaths. “Oh Mom…” He groaned in pleasure as Charlene tightened her muscles around him. “Feel my cock? Sliding in an out of your pussy?” He grunted as he thrust his hips forward with a purpose. “Look down your gorgeous body.” He instructed. Charlene fluttered her eyes open and stared down her belly over her love trimmed mound. “Look at your own son’s cock sinking in and out of you. Look at us making love Mom.” David panted. Charlene stared in wonder at the torrid vision of her own flesh and blood pounding into her sex. Each time he withdrew, her sticky juices dripped back down towards her opening. It was the most beautiful sight Charlene had ever seen. David wrapped her legs up around his legs, pressing them back until Charlene’s knees mashed against her swaying breasts. The new and sudden depth dropped her jaw open into a soundless scream.

“David! David!” She gasped once she found her voice again. “Yes! Fuck me! Oh David, fuck me just like that! So much cock… Oh David you have got such an amazing cock! Fuck me now sweetheart! Fuck your mother’s insatiable cunt!” Charlene screamed. Never before could Charlene remember speaking to a man like that during love making. She was usually uncharacteristically timid in bed, at least vocally. Men had often accused her of that much. Now however, engaged in the most primal wrong doing a mother and son could commit, such things seemed ridiculous. It was easy to let go. “That’s it love! Make me yours!” She cried out as David gave each thrust his weight, driving his cock into his mother with surprising strength.

“I can’t believe how good this feels.” David gasped as he sank as completely into his mother as he could thrust and then held himself still inside her. Charlene’s eyes glazed as she stared up at her son, while playfully wiggling her hips, trying to encourage more movement. David pushed his weight into her harder, driving ever so slightly forward. Charlene bit her lip seductively, savoring the feeling of having her depths so blissfully full. Never before could she recall such a sublime contentment. Rolling forward and propping herself up on her elbows, she brushed her mouth against David’s in soft kisses as she spoke.

“This has tortured me all day baby.” She whispered between playful darts of David’s tongue in her mouth. “I thought you would hate me.” She added before David’s mouth closed completely over hers and his hips began to pound his magnificent cock in and out again. This feel of his lips conveyed his answer without words. It was cautious yet open. It was acceptance. In that moment of feeling her son take her so passionately, she knew he understood. She knew it would be ok.

“Take me…” Charlene panted as he fucked her harder. “David, take me however you want me! You know I need you… Fuck me all night long!” She begged before covering her mouth to muffle her shrill screams as her son slammed his cock into her so hard that she watched beads of sweat drip from his brow to her breasts. His hands took hold of hers, tearing them away from her mouth and pinning her arms at the wrists above her head along the bed.

“I want to hear you…” David groaned as he picked up the pace. His cock slammed into his mother so hard that each thrust made a harsh slap of moist flesh as their bodies connected. “Let me hear you Mom!”

Charlene’s lips erupted in a steam of wails and lustful screams and half intelligible speech. She loved the feeling of control he was exerting over her; eighteen years of authority abolished as she became his lover. She had no power, no will. She was no longer his mother; she was simply his. His to pleasure and his to take from. Without lead up or warning, she felt her womb tremble in heavy spasms. The orgasm sent her passionate rambling into a steady scream as she bucked her hips beneath him to meet his thrusts. Each time he slammed into her it seemed to make the orgasm breed inside her depths. She felt feverish; helpless beneath him as he forced her to climax again despite the exhaustion of doing so. Leaning down, David closed his mouth over her breast, suckling her nipple into her his clenched teeth. Charlene helplessly was taken back to the days she had nursed him and now wished more than anything that she could lactate. Instead she arched her back for her son, letting him greedily suckle his mother’s breasts as he invaded the womb that bore him into the world. The ironic completing of coming full circle was divine.

“Oh god….” David moaned sharply. The heavy swell inside Charlene forecasted what was inevitably coming. “Mom I’m close…” He winced as he fucked her harder and harder. “I can’t hold back; you feel too good!” He added, his face tightening as he tried with all his might to last longer for her. Without thinking clearly, Charlene dug her fingers into her son’s ass and pulling him into her tightly.

“Oh David yes…let it go. Cum for me lover! Fill your terrible mother up with your cum!” She pleaded. It was a horrible risk. Having been involuntarily celibate for quite a while, Charlene had felt no recent need for birth control. Her night stand contained condoms, but she had never considered using one with David. Not that it wouldn’t have been a good precaution, but in the evening’s intensity, it had been all too foolishly overlooked. Still, even with all that in mind, she couldn’t fathom experiencing her son’s first orgasm with her anywhere else than inside her pussy. “Let me feel it! Cum inside me David! God help me I need it!” She screamed as she felt her own climax building. Not sure if her son would last much longer, she wrestled a hand free from her son’s grasp and drove it between their bodies. Like someone deranged, she harshly began to put her clit as David’s face tightened. Charlene closed her eyes and waited. Even the sound of his exasperated moans of pleasure faded away in a perfect moment, as Charlene felt her inner walls expand and shudder as David’s cock twitched over and over, emptying his orgasm into the core of her sex. Harder and harder she stimulated herself as she felt his thrusts begin to wane, until finally her legs trembled with her own release. “Oh my perfect son…” She groaned deeply as she rode the waves of climax. “Oh my baby I felt that so…. So deep… oh my God!” She shuddered as David slowly withdrew himself from her slippery gash.

Charlene watched as David’s glistening cock came fully back into view, coated with his semen and her wet slick oils. Eagerly, she rolled over, pulling it to her lips and plunging him into her mouth, sucking him gently. David groaned in relaxed satisfaction as his mother devoted herself to his pleasure. Scooping her hair up into his hands like a makeshift ponytail, he watched as she disappeared his shaft into her face, her eyes closed and peaceful.

“We taste so good.” She whispered before taking him back in to savor what remained of the taste of their forbidden sex. All of the sudden she felt his hands on her, pulling her in an awkward fashion until she realized he wanted her over him. Charlene pivoted; keeping her mouth locked on her prize as she draped a leg over either side of her son’s face and lowered herself to his mouth. His tongue dug into her almost immediately, surprising her into nearly biting the tender flesh in her mouth. She relaxed completely, lying upon her son’s body as she gingerly suckled and he softly excavated her dripping womb with his mouth. Their bodies were wet and hot, sliding along each other as they devoured the other. David’s hands caressed up and down her back, finally resting upon and gently spreading her cheeks to permit his mouth better advantage. His lips closed over her clit, driving her to wildly swallow his engorged member as frantically as possible. Self-consciously, Charlene held her muscles tight, trying not to let the precious gift of her son’s semen leak out into his mouth, but the more he cleverly teased her button with his mouth, the harder she spasmed until she felt herself drain in spite of her best efforts. Whether David didn’t mind, or didn’t care, he continued pleasuring her as though nothing could be more natural. The careless delight of his intensity only made him hotter to his mother.

They taunted and teased each other’s needs with devilish tongues and sinful lips until the bedroom windows were caked in a thick layer of steam against the cold night air outside. The bed covers were attached to the mattress by little more than a corner. The rest had been kicked to the floor. Charlene felt more alive than she had in years, like a teenager in the back seat of a car for the first time. Her fiery red hair was a disaster and her eyes betrayed the glaze of a woman truly spent and happy. She had cried out her son’s name caring not who might have heard her, regardless of the fact that they were in no immediate risk of discovery. Sensibility had been abandoned and given way to the taboo. At last she lay spent and contented, curled on her side against the young man she had raised like some twisted but perfect dream. Wrapped in David’s arms which still glistened with perspiration, her heart still beat as fast as it had when he first touched her that night, and she drifted off to sleep as the digital alarm clock on her night stand flashed 4:32am, with the feel of David’s lips softly against her neck and the warmth of his breath in her ear.

Sunday Morning…

Finally, with a mixture of helplessness and longing, Charlene leaned in to press her pouty lips against her son’s, to await his return kiss, to bid him good morning not only as a mother, but as a lover and to decide with him what would happen next

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