Indian Horney sister in law

Indian Horney sister in law, my wife and I are a well to do middle class Indian couple, living in Worli, Mumbai. I’d always gotten along well with my sister in law, so when my wife told me she would spending the winter vacations with us, I was quite happy. Little did I know what my wife had planned for us. My SIL arrived and forthe first few days, there was nothing suspicious being hinted at.Then my wife dropped the bombshell on Christmas night. When we were going to bed, she told me that Namrata (her sister) wasn’t able to get pregnant, because her husband was impotent.I immediately felt sorry for both her and her husband.

Furthermore, she told me, she called Namrata here for the winter vacations because she wanted her to get pregnant. I asked her how. She smiled wickedly, and said that I would get herpregnant.I was amazed that my wife would allow such a thing. She had always been a conservative type, even if she was a bit kinky in bed, but I had never imagined that she would let me have sex with another woman. When I asked her, she said that she wanted her sister to be happy, and me makinglove to her sister wouldn’t bother her, as she lovedus both. She told me that her sister knew she wastelling me all this right now.

In the morning my wife was going to go ‘shopping’, so that we two would be alone in the house, and she hoped I would make her sister happy. The only negative was that she refused to have sex with me or let me masturbate that night, as she wanted me to be hungry for Namrata.Next morning, I woke up, and I realised my wife had already left. Namrata was cooking breakfast for me. We couldn’t look at each other directly, as we both knew what we would be doing later. She was looking gorgeous, wearing a tight yellow blouse, and a skirt with stockings.

Indian women rarely wear skirts or stockings, and I felt sure she had dressed up to turn me on! I had a huge hard on at that moment, which I didn’t bother to hide when I got up from the dining table. She saw my cock bulging, and blushed and looked down. I washed my hands, and called her over to sit with me.We sat, and I realized she was feeling very shy, and blushing. I told her she didn’t need to feel scared, and ran a finger along her lips. I said that we were doing this for all the right reasons, and we should both enjoy it to the max. I couldn’t stopstaring at her chest. I could make out that she was wearing a red bra under the blouse, and that made me even hotter. I slowly moved my lips towards hers, and we started kissing. After a few moments, I started groping her, first only her left boob, and then her right breast as well.

The soft, round feeling of holding her breasts was just making my cock harder.She also started breathing a little heavily, and unbuttoned a few buttons of her blouse, revealing her gorgeous cleavage and her red bra straps. I dived down and started nuzzling against her breasts, biting her bra straps as I did so. She poked her hand into my pants and started feeling my cock, which was rock hard and super hot by this time.We both kept kissing for the next few minutes, then I took off my pants, under which I was wearing only boxers. My cock started poking out, and she started to suck my cock even over the boxers. I then lifted up her skirt to her legs, feelingthe fine material of her stockings. She smiled sweetly, and spread her legs.

The sight of her thighs only made me that much hotter, and I couldtell that my excitement was making her happy. She was wearing matching red lace panties, and I could see that her pussy had already made it a bitwet.I nosed down and started kissing her there, and she closed her thighs around my head. I pushed my hands behind her and grabbed her buttocks. She was really enjoying my action on her vagina. I kept kissing her and licking her, making her moan with delight.Then we changed positions. She slid off my boxers (though not before giving my dick one more lick) and made me sit with my back against the wall, and then lifted her skirts to her waist andstraddled me. She took off her panty and put it in my mouth, as she sensed that I would enjoy it ( and I did!).She gave me another kiss, then just opened her blouse, revealing her gorgeous breasts, and her really tight and red bra.

I started kissing and sucking her nipples, which were really hard, and she started moaning “bhaiya, that’s it, suck my breast”. I held her tightly, and then she took off her bra, revealing her gorgeous breasts in their full glory. She continued to straddle me while allowing me to suck on one nipple at a time.Then she got up, and smiled and said we should complete the main reason why we were having sex in the first place. I placed her on the bed, in missionary position, and started penetrating her. Once I pushed my cock inside her, she grabbed my buttocks from behind, heightening my excitement. She wrapped her legs around me, andstarted kissing me while I was fucking her.

I still hasn’t taken off her skirt, but continued to penetrate her anyways, and she started moaning louder as I continued. I could tell she was nearing her climax, and so was I. I grabeed both of her boobs tightly, and even she grabbed me from behind, as I pumped and pumped and then, with a moan, felt myself ejaculating inside her. She came at the same time, and we two didn’t even letgo our bodies, just continued to stay like that for the next 10 min.

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