Hot summer fun on the water

Hot summer fun on the water, mother and daughter threesome, Ty loaded the rest of his tools into his bag and closed up his truck. It had turned out to be one of the hottest days of the summer so far and he was not looking forward to that long trek down the pier that would be followed by more hot work. Ty was a boat man. He had grown up on them and had found his passion working on them. Although forty five, no one could ever tell his age just by looking at him. He was fit, still had a full head of dark brown, disheveled hair and most importantly he was young at heart.

He had gotten a call after lunch from a woman who needed someone to take a look at a boat. Ty hadn’t quite heard all the details as he was in the middle of a job but it seemed like she needed some expert opinions on certain things in order to get the boat in shape to sell. As much as he was looking forward to calling it an early Friday, the woman sounded a bit desperate and he was never one to leave a gal in distress.

As he rounded the last corner of his long walk and headed up to the fifty-two foot yacht he saw a striking woman standing on the deck. From a distance he was not regretting take the job. As he approached she gave a friendly wave and flashed a bright smile.

“Hi! You must be Ty. I’m Lillian. Lillian Davis. Thank you so much for coming out this afternoon. I’m sure this is the last thing you wanted to be doing!”

“It’s no problem – that’s what I do.” Ty said with a smile of his own. Behind his shades he admired Lillian Davis. She looked to be about 5’6 and was well endowed up top. He was happy to admire her natural breasts through the gauzy, sky blue dress she was wearing. It cut in a low V and hugged her 34″ waist in just the right way. He looked his way up from her bare feet, taking in her tan and tone legs to mid-thigh, where sadly her dress ended. She had magnificent dirty red hair that fell just to the middle of her back and when she pulled down her shades to shake his hand he could see she had startling blue eyes.

“I’m Ty Williams” he introduced himself and shook her hand. “So – sounds like you have a few things for me to take a look at” Even though he was happy to just keep looking at her.

“Yes I do Mr. Williams. I don’t know if you remember me saying earlier but this boat was my husbands. I got it in the divorce. I didn’t want it but he decided he would rather run off to Aspen with one of his little snow bunnies so it was a trade off for something I suppose. Anyhow – I’m sorry to bore you with that information. What I need you to do is take a look at the refrigerator in the galley. It seems like it’s not cooling very well and we’ve had several people interested in coming to look at the boat this weekend. I want it to be in the best working order so I can show it and hopefully sell it as soon as possible.”

“Sure thing Ms. Davis, show the way”.

“Just call me Lillian” she said smiling. She turned and headed into the main cabin and Ty couldn’t help but admire her shapely calves as she did so.

“Can I get you anything before you get started?” Lillian asked.

“No ma’am – I’m just going to take a look at a few things and I’ll let ya know what I find.”

“Ok – I’ll be up top. I’m expecting my daughter any minute.” With that she turned and walked out.

About an hour later Ty emerged from the galley thankful to be working in a cool place for once today. He called out for Lillian but got no response. He climbed the ladder to check out the top deck and was stunned at what he saw.

A young woman wearing nothing but a bright white bikini bottom laid out in the sun. She was long and lean, nearly six foot he had to guess. He felt a twinge in his boxers as he scanned her body from head to toe. He was fixed on her cute, perky breasts. Her nipples were rock hard. She had long, dark brown hair that was spread out in waves around her head and her skin was a dark olive. She had bright pink toenails and smooth shaved skin all the way up.

“She must definitely take after her dad.” He said to himself.

“Enjoying the view?”

Startled Ty cleared his throat and looked out at the horizon. “Um, I’m sorry to bother you, certainly didn’t mean to intrude on your privacy but I was looking for Lillian…” he trailed off.

She young girl sat up and crossed her legs. She had dark sunglasses on so he couldn’t truly read her face. He long hair fell over one of her shoulders and her nipple peaked through. She made no move to cover herself and smiled at him.

“Mom had to run to the house to get some cushions for the galley chairs. She said she would be back in about an hour. I think she was going to pick up a pizza on the way back. Sorry I didn’t introduce myself. You looked busy when I peeked through the window so I figured I wouldn’t bother you.”

She rose up in one swift motion and he could see she was nearly as tall as he. In the time it took her to cross the deck to shake his hand she had pulled a tiny pink t-shirt over her head that just barely covered her smooth, young little tits.

“I’m Cassy. Nice to meet you”. She extended her hand.

“Same here. I’m Ty.” As he said this he shifted a bit towards the railing as not to alarm her with his full raging hard on. He certainly hadn’t expected that. She was definitely a sexy, young girl but the fact that she seemed unbothered by his presence and uninhibited in demeanor was what really got him.

“I’m headed down to get some water.” She said casually. “Can I get you anything?”

“Actually I’m headed back down that way myself. I was on my way up to find you mom and give the 411 on the refrigerator. I’ve got a few more things I can work on until she gets back.” Ty responded.

He watched her gracefully climb down the ladder and then followed. When he walked into the galley she was leaning against the fridge door deciding on bottled water or a glass with ice. She went for the ice. After opening the freeze and pouring her water she turned around to find Ty staring at her erect nipples teasing him through her thin cotton shirt.

By this time she had pushed her glasses up onto her head and with her hair held out of her face he slowly pulled his gaze up to make contact with her deep hazel eyes. She smiled at him.

“So what’s the deal here?” She asked playfully. Ty stood quiet for a moment, not quite understanding what she meant. “With the fridge? What’s the deal?” she said.

His heart slowed down and bit and although his pants were still feeling awfully tight he was happy to have something else to concentrate on for just a minute. It was hard to do while Cassy slid herself up onto the kitchen counter and let her long tan legs dangle loosely. Her thighs drifting apart. He couldn’t help but steal quick glances at her tiny bikini bottoms covering what he was sure to be a clean shaven, tiny, sweet, young little pussy.

“Well looks like just a few new lines need to be put in and things should be great. Shouldn’t take me long at all. You’re mom said to go ahead and fix whatever needed to be fixed.” Ty said crawling back down to the bottom of the fridge on his hands and knees to get a better look at the lines.

“Cool.” Was all she said in return. Ty learned that Cassy was 22 and currently studying at the local college. She was a business major but didn’t seem as interested in her course study as her father would like her to be”. She had also earned a volleyball scholarship but was enjoying her summer off. For a few minutes Ty could here Cassy telling him that the boat had belonged to her dad and she spent a lot of time on it growing up. His ears perked up when she admitted she would miss being able to sunbathe nude and go off-shore fishing with her dad’s hot business partners. She trailed off and for a few minutes he heard nothing.

As he turned to pick himself up off the floor he was confronted with the V of a tiny white bikini bottom. Cassy was standing over him and his breath came in short, shallow gasps as he sat stunned for a moment. He couldn’t look up and yet he couldn’t look away. He felt Cassy’s long fingers snake through his messy hair and trail down the back of his neck. He could see the goose bumps raise up on her thighs as his breath continued to tickle her skin.

“You want to eat my pussy don’t you?” She asked huskily. Ty’s cock nearly jumped through his zipper.

Cassy’s other hand ran down her flat stomach and into her bikini bottom. He watched as she slid her fingers back and forth over what he imagined was her clit. The hand at the back of his neck moved back into his hair and became just a little more firm. Ty slowly ran his hands up her smooth calves and he raised to his knees. Cassy pulled her bikini bottoms to one side and Ty was hit with the sweet smell of her hot pussy. Her pouty lips protruded out at him just begging to be tasted. She reached down and slid her middle finger deep inside herself. He could hear how wet she was in just that one small motion. She withdrew her finger and pulled his head back to look him in the eye.

“Do you want to taste this?” She asked him. All he could say was “Fuck yes!”

Cassy slowly teased him by gliding her dripping wet finger over his hungry lips. Ty parted them and she slid it into his mouth. He sucked the hot juice clean from her finger and just knew that his pants were going to rip open if he didn’t get them off very soon. He reached up and grabbed her ass pulling her hips closer to his face but she pulled his head back away from her by his hair. She giggled and warned him, “My terms.”

In one swift movement she pulled the tiny tee over her head and snapped her fingers so that he would raise his hands to hers. She took his hands and brought them up to her firm, young tits. Her nipples were dark and perfect and hard. “I want you to tease them” she instructed him. “I want you to squeeze them and pinch my nipples.” Ty did so with pleasure. As he did Cassy took his head in her hands and swayed her hips back in forth in front of his face. Her bikini was still pushed to the side and her pretty little pussy lips were still teasing him just inches away. “Stick out you tongue Ty” she ordered him.

For some reason when she said his name he moaned. He could not believe this was happening but certainly wasn’t going to let anything get in the way. He stuck out his tongue and she pushed her pussy within millimeters of his hungry mouth. She slowly met his tongue with her pussy. The instant his cool tongue touched her pussy lips her whole body quivered. She moaned in delight. A deep, yearning moan. She teased his tongue by just barely running her pouty pussy lips over it. As she moved closer he let his tongue wander up into the warm wetness. She had pushed her pussy closer into his face now and he was close enough to wrap his lips around her clit.

Her nipples were rock solid and he pinched them a bit harder. He heard her give a quick higher pitched moan with each little pinch he gave them. With his teeth nibbling at her throbbing clit he could tell she was giving in little by little. She was not so much forcing his mouth into her pussy to be forceful anymore – it was more than she didn’t want it to leave. He ran his hands down her side and reached around to grab her tight little ass. As he did so he hooked her soaking bikini bottoms under his thumbs and pulled them down to her ankles. His hands found that cute little ass and encouraged her to lift one thigh over his shoulder.

As soon as she relented he smashed his face against her and shoved his tongue deep inside her hot little cunt. His face was covered in delicious juice and he couldn’t get enough of her. She threw her head back and moaned over and over again. He snaked a finger down from her ass and teased her wet little slit from back to her clit. She moved her hips against his finger trying hard to give him the hint that she wanted it inside of her. As he pushed two of his long, sexy fingers deep inside of her he simultaneously grabbed hold of her clit between his lips and sucked hard. He ran his tongue in quick circles while finger fucking her sopping wet pussy.

She moaned and tugged at his hair. She was battling with wanting his fingers and tongue to be deeper inside her but also the feeling of overwhelming pleasure that she almost couldn’t stand without falling over.

“Yes baby! Eat my pussy! Finger fuck my tight little pussy baby!” Cassy panted over and over. Ty could feel her pussy tighten around his finger and it was then that he added a third. He shoved his fingers up into her pussy and flicked his tongue across her hot clit knowing that she was about to cum.

“You going to cum Cassy? Are you going to cum for me! Do you want to cum all over my face”. DO YOU!” Ty asked her slowing his fingers just enough to tease her.

“FUCK YES!” She wailed. “Yes!! I want to cum on your face! Make me cum baby! Pleasee!!” Ty quickened his pace and that was all it took for Cassy to start an orgasm that would shake her legs until she almost couldn’t stand. “YES! OH GOD! YES….I’M CUMMING!” Cassy squealed. Ty was pleased to see as he kept flicking her clit unmercifully that Cassy was a squirter and he could feel her hot pussy cum dripping down his chin.

He steadied Cassy as he rose to his feet. Unexpectedly she pulled him in for a deep kiss and she moaned tasting herself all over his lips. She reached down and unclasped his cargo shorts. They fell to the ground and there was no hiding his thick, 8″ cock that sprung forward. Ty was surprised he had not exploded yet just from the sheer experience of everything that had just happened. As Cassy pulled him in for another kiss her tits smashed up against his chest and he could see his coarse chest hairs were teasing her already tender nipples. Because Cassy was so tall Ty’s cock actually slid right between her thighs as she leaned into him. He could feel her pussy juice coat his cock as she traced her hands over his ass and continued with the deep kiss.

“Do you want to fuck me Ty?” Cassy said sexily as she look into his eyes, swaying her hips back and forth, his cock being stroked between her smooth thighs “Do you want to fuck my tight little pussy?” She purred. She was teasing him and he loved it. However, it had been way to long since he had had a good fuck and judging by how tight her pussy was around his tongue and fingers he couldn’t wait to get his twitching cock into it.

In one quick movement he pulled her arms around and his neck and without warning told her to hold on. He reached down and lifted her long, slender thighs up under his forearms and pulled her from her feet. She squealed and leaned into him, laughing. He gave her body a big hoist and with her downward motion she sunk all the way down onto his throbbing cock. She hadn’t expected him to fill her up the way he did and she threw her head back and let out a deep moan and wrapped her thighs tight around him, digging her ankles into the back of his legs. She squeezed her pussy tight while hanging on to him and it was all he could do not to explode right then and there.

He knew she was tight but Jesus Chris it was like she was trying to milk his hot cock for everything he could give right then and there.

“Fuck you’re pussy feels so good.” Ty grunted hungrily as he rocked her back and forth on his cock. “You like me fucking you like this Cassy? You like this thick cock buried to the hilt in your tiny little pussy?”

Cassy was moaning into Ty’s neck and so for good measure he thrust into her extra deep and gave her long dark hair a tug so he could make eye contact. “Do you Cassy!” he asked again.

She had a hungry look in her eyes as she answered yes. More than anything she said.

Ty knew that if he didn’t slow his pace this was going to be over way to soon. He walked over to the kitchen counter and sat Cassy’s ass right on the edge. He pushed her back until she was lying flat and he could see her long, lean body spread out in front of him. He never took his cock out of her wet pussy though. He reached down to grab her ankles and pushed them out to either side of him. He looked down to admire his long shaft gliding in and out of her smooth little box. She was playing with her nipples now. Pinching them between each squeeze of her breasts. He slowed his pace and started to long stroke her pussy. Slowly he teased her. He pulled his cock out just to the tip and then would slowly slide it back inside her. She tried to push back against him to quicken the pace but he controlled her legs.

“Do you like me stroking this cock in and out of your pussy baby?” Ty asked teasingly. “Why don’t you look at it baby. Sit up and look at my cock filling your little pussy.” Cassy sat up on her elbows and groaned deeply with each slow push of his cock deep inside her. Cassy reached down with one hand and started to rub her clit. She grabbed the hard little nub between her thumb and forefinger while Ty continued to pump into her pussy. She lay back and continued to rub her clit in circles, moaning louder and louder.

Ty quicked his pace and was having a hard time not pounding the hell out of her on that kitchen counter. Watching her play with her clit while seeing his hard cock being buried in her tight little pussy was enough to send anyone over the edge. He wasn’t ready yet though.

“Did you like the taste of your pussy Cassy? Is that why you kissed me after you came on my face.” Ty asked devilishly. “Did you like sucking your pussy juice from my tongue. Yea – I think you did. You dirty little girl. You like the taste of you own little pussy don’t you. I bet when you’re alone and you play with yourself you just coat your fingers in your hot pussy juice and suck it off don’t you.”

Ty could tell his questions in combination with his continued thrusts into her warm, wet pussy were getting her close to cumming. Without warning he pulled out! Cassy’s head was close to the other side of the marble counter top and in perfect position for him to just slide his cock into her warm, waiting mouth. Just as her protests began about her empty pussy Ty pushed the tip of throbbing cock against her full lips. She moaned with delight and opened wide. He slid his cock into her mouth and groaned at the warmth he found. He slowly and gently slid his cock in and out watching her lips wrap his cock in soft perfection. She reached around and pulled his hips closer to him and he knew she wanted his cock deep in her throat. He slowly slid his cock deeper. She reached down with one hand and frantically rubbed her clit.

Her other hand was caressing his balls each time he pulled away from her mouth. Ty’s breath was coming in short gasps now and he couldn’t help but know that he was not going to last much longer. Hearing Cassy moan with each stroke of his cock in her mouth and each tease of her fingers on her clit was going to send him over the edge any minute.

“Mind if I join you?” Came a voice from the doorway. Ty looked up wide-eyed and although knew he should have been frozen in fear he couldn’t stop the fucking motion he was giving to Cassy’s mouth. Lillian stood a few feet from their hot escapade completely naked. She had amazing tits. 38D’s at least. He pussy was completely shaved and she was a remarkably shapely woman. Her redish hair was down and wild and her blue eyes were full of hot passion. Ty didn’t know what to do or say. He didn’t know what to think. Cassy had not seemed phased by anything and had continued to hungrily suck his cock as his mother approached them both.

Without warning she reached down between Cassys legs and gave her daughters pussy a long, hot lick from her ass to her clit. Ty could hear the wet juices loud and clear as Lillian made a sucking motion against Cassy’s swollen pussy lips. Cassy’s couldn’t help but let go of Ty’s cock to moan with delight as her mother began devouring her pussy.

Ty stepped back for a moment and just took in the site of this young, beautiful, sexy girl being devoured by an equally beautiful cougar with fiery red hair and an obvious talent for eating pussy. Ty stood there and instinctively starting stroking his thick, wet cock. There was enough of Cassy’s pussy juice still coating it that he had adequate lube.

“Mmm…you like what you see Mr. Williams?” Lillian said seductively between licks against her daughters pussy. Again all Ty could muster was “Fuck yes. You both are so fucking beautiful.” Lillian smiled and gave her daughter’s cute little pussy a sweet kiss before standing up and walking around the other side of the counter.

“Perhaps we can give you a little more to like then.” Lillian took Ty’s cock and led him to the couch in the sitting area. Cassy pulled herself from the counter and followed closely. “Well I know my daughter has been lucky enough to taste that fine looking cock of yours but I haven’t”. With that Lillian sat him on the couch and dropped to her knees between his legs. Cassy joined her and together they started to tease his cock. He had one hand on the back of each of their heads and watched their tongues run together as they licked up and down the shaft of his pulsing cock. Ty could see that Cassy’s hand was over the back of her mother’s ass and he imagined she was probably playing with her pussy lips while they sucked his cock. Lillian sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth while Cassy lowered herself to suck on his aching balls. Lillian moaned as she took his member deeper into her throat and Ty imagined it was also due to the fact that Cassy had just slid a finger inside her mothers hot, dripping pussy.

While Lillian continued to suck away at Ty’s cock, Cassy slid down between her mothers legs. She could see Cassy’s long legs spread out behind her mother and watched as Lillian straddled her daughters face. She ground her pussy back and forth on Cassy’s hungry mouth as she sucked on Ty’s cock.

“OH fuck, you’re mouth is amazing!” Ty moaned, tangling his hands in Lillians hair and holding her head in place around his cock. He could feel his balls start to burn but he was determined to hold back this load until he had a chance to fuck those beautiful tits of hers. He pulled Lillians head up and gave her a deep kiss. He buried his tongue in her mouth and pushed her back just a bit so that she was really getting a good pussy eating from her daughter. As he kissed her he reached down and moved her hips front to back against Cassy’s face. He could hear Cassy moaning and catching short gasps of air through each slurp of pussy juice that was flowing from Lillian’s pussy.

Ty leaned down and pushed Lillians large, natural tits together and took both nipples into his mouth at once. She moaned again and he made sure to give them a good squeeze as he coated the valley between them with a thick layer of wetness. He slid forward on the couch and before he could do it Lillian reached up and wrapped her soft tits around his cock. By this time Cassy had started to finger fuck her mother and it worked perfectly with Lillians rhythm on Ty’s cock. She moved up and down, squeezing his throbbing cock between those gorgeous tits all the while getting her pussy fucked by her beautiful daughter. Ty sat back and watched the scene before him. He could feel her push her tits tighter around his cock and being a tit man he really had to use all his will power not to cum right then and there all over those fucking amazing tits.

“Cassy darling, I think that Ty needs something to keep his mouth busy while I titty fuck his hard cock.” Lillian said. Cassy didn’t need another invitation to keep Ty’s mouth occupied. Ty leaned back as Cassy climbed on the couch. She placed her feet on either side of his hips as she stood over him. Her dripped wet pussy was in his face and she slowed rubbed her clit in circles. Lillian continued to glide her fabulous tits up and down his cock. Cassy leaned into his mouth and once again he buried his face into her delicious pussy. She rocked back and forth, grinding her hips against his strong chin.

“I want you to make my baby girl cum Ty. I want her to squirt all over and let it drip down on your cock!”. These words sent Cassy bucking against Ty’s face and he reached up to grab her ass to keep her from going to wild.

“Oh FUCK YEA” She moaned. “Fuck yes! Eat my pussy! Fucking eat my pussy…..make me cum baby! Make me cum again…..make me cum so it will drip down on your cock.” Ty nearly exploded all over Lillians tits right then. Just as Cassy was getting ready to cum Lillian rose from her knees and climbed on to Ty’s cock.

Cassy screamed “I’M CUMMING!!!!” as Lillian sunk down all the way on Ty’s throbbing cock. She enveloped him with the tightest feeling he had ever felt. In that instant that Cassy was cumming all over his face he didn’t think he could have felt a tighter pussy than hers.

“That’s it baby! Cum for us. Make that tight little pussy cum all over his mouth.” Let me watch you cum all over while I fuck his cock!”. Lillian panted as she bounced up and down. Cassy continued cumming, her body shaking, her hot pussy juice squirting down between her mothers legs and combining with her own own pussy wetness.

Shakily she leaned off to the side and slid down into a sitting position on the couch next to them. Lillian was rocking back and forth, grinding hard on Ty’s cock. He knew he couldn’t last much longer. He could see her tits bouncing up and down, back and forth as she fucked him. He grabbed her hips and pounded up into her! He fucked her hard and fast.

“Oh FUCK YEA!” She screamed! “FUCK MY PUSSY! FUCK THAT PUSSY! MAKE THAT PUSSY CUM! CUM IN THAT TIGHT PUSSY!” She almost screamed the order at him. Ty pumped hard a few more strokes and knew this was it. At that moment he could feel Lillians pussy tighten up so good around his straining cock and he knew she was cumming all over him. He fucked up into her tight pussy and finally exploded!

“OH FUCK YEA!!!” He screamed. “I’M CUMMING! I’M FILLING THAT FUCKING PUSSY”. He rammed his cock deep inside and held it there as shot after shot of his hot load filled Lillians hot pussy.

No one had noticed in the last few seconds that Cassy had made her way from the couch to the floor. She had positioned herself just below her mother’s pussy and as soon as Ty’s cock slipped out she was there sucking that hot cum as it dripped down Lillian’s swollen pussy lips. She slurped up Ty’s cum and Lillian moaned with each hot touch of her daughter’s lips.

Lillian looked at Ty and said – “I may perhaps have a few more things I’ll need you to work on around here.”

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