Frankie gets the group going and it gets hot from there – Part 14

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This story was geographically accurate and the neighbors and family actually exist but all the physical attributes are more contrived than not. Their sexual proclivities are fiction as well, as you might expect. This story was fun to write because of my familiarities with the details of my surroundings and activities on the lake.]


Frankie and I scheduled our departure from “The Camp” so we could be home for little Anna’s first birthday. We had received a text message from Donna with a video of her first steps as she wobbled from one piece of furniture to another. She was on her tiptoes like she was afraid to put her entire foot down on the floor. With her pampers on, she looked like she’d just got down off her horse. I played the video about a thousand times and laughed every time.

Everyone attended the birthday party including Mikey, who was only five months old. He loved to be around Anna and she was good with him. He’d just stare at her and smile as she motivated around him. I was amazed at how quickly she’d gained her feet. The little imp was fast too. Mikey would lay on the floor and use his feet to reposition himself trying to keep Anna in sight.

The warm weather arrived in late May. Divi was home from college for the summer and with a recommendation from Donna, she got a job waitressing at the diner. We restarted the rotating dinner parties again. It was once a week, so it wasn’t a big imposition. We enjoyed each other’s company and the women, who were in the majority, six to three, decided that we should dress like we would for a dinner out at a fancy restaurant. None of us guys thought much of that idea but, again, we were in the minority.

The men wore dress slacks and shoes with open collar shirts or cotton V-neck sweaters under sport-jackets. As expected, fancy dress to Ashley meant something completely different than the other women. They came in full evening makeup, diamond jewelry, elegant dresses or Palazzo pants and lacey tops and stiletto heels. Ashley came in garish makeup and leather one-piece outfits with micro-mini skirts and brass-zipper tops with the zipper pulled down to the middle of her cleavage and platform ‘fuck-me’ pumps. There would be slight smirks among the other women but no one said anything close to disparaging. The guys smirked too but for entirely different reasons. No matter what Ashley wore or didn’t wear, she was gorgeous.

To look at Ashley, one would think that she was just another slutty, big breasted, dumb, blonde. The slutty part was mostly accurate, and the big breasted was for certain, but she was actually quite intelligent and more than carried her share of the conversation around the dinner table, regardless of the topic. She was coarse, to be sure, and she never failed to amuse everyone with her cursing and foul language, although we were trying to tone her down around the kids. She was refreshingly PC free. The women enjoyed her company as much as the men. I was glad that Jacob had picked up with her again. She was a force of nature and life around Ashley was exciting and colorful and never boring.

Frankie asked me once if I’d ever motor-boated Ashley’s tits and I got to laughing so hard as that image entered my mind, that I couldn’t breathe. Between gasps for air, I told her no, but I’d seen Jacob do that in front of the boat parade to a chorus of beeping horns and I was pretty sure Eddie had too. The far away expression on Frankie’s face made me think that she was imagining what it would be like.

The dinner parties last summer where casual affairs. Everyone dressed in jeans or summer dresses. Although proper public decorum was the rule; it didn’t always work out that way. With nine people tightly pressed together around our relatively small dining room tables, it was pretty easy for one couple or another to get their hand into their partner’s lap. Attempts were made to be as discreet as possible but glazed eyes or open mouths and sudden gasps for air always gave it away and conversations would stop as we watched until they were done. Then with a flurry of grins, the conversations began again until the actions of the first couple incited another. Nothing was ever said and it never erupted into an orgy like it probably would have in the past.

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