Frankie gets the group going and it gets hot from there – Part 14

This story was geographically accurate and the neighbors and family actually exist but all the physical attributes are more contrived than not. Their sexual proclivities are fiction as well, as you might expect. This story was fun to write because of my familiarities with the details of my surroundings and activities on the lake.]


Frankie and I scheduled our departure from “The Camp” so we could be home for little Anna’s first birthday. We had received a text message from Donna with a video of her first steps as she wobbled from one piece of furniture to another. She was on her tiptoes like she was afraid to put her entire foot down on the floor. With her pampers on, she looked like she’d just got down off her horse. I played the video about a thousand times and laughed every time.

Everyone attended the birthday party including Mikey, who was only five months old. He loved to be around Anna and she was good with him. He’d just stare at her and smile as she motivated around him. I was amazed at how quickly she’d gained her feet. The little imp was fast too. Mikey would lay on the floor and use his feet to reposition himself trying to keep Anna in sight.

The warm weather arrived in late May. Divi was home from college for the summer and with a recommendation from Donna, she got a job waitressing at the diner. We restarted the rotating dinner parties again. It was once a week, so it wasn’t a big imposition. We enjoyed each other’s company and the women, who were in the majority, six to three, decided that we should dress like we would for a dinner out at a fancy restaurant. None of us guys thought much of that idea but, again, we were in the minority.

The men wore dress slacks and shoes with open collar shirts or cotton V-neck sweaters under sport-jackets. As expected, fancy dress to Ashley meant something completely different than the other women. They came in full evening makeup, diamond jewelry, elegant dresses or Palazzo pants and lacey tops and stiletto heels. Ashley came in garish makeup and leather one-piece outfits with micro-mini skirts and brass-zipper tops with the zipper pulled down to the middle of her cleavage and platform ‘fuck-me’ pumps. There would be slight smirks among the other women but no one said anything close to disparaging. The guys smirked too but for entirely different reasons. No matter what Ashley wore or didn’t wear, she was gorgeous.

To look at Ashley, one would think that she was just another slutty, big breasted, dumb, blonde. The slutty part was mostly accurate, and the big breasted was for certain, but she was actually quite intelligent and more than carried her share of the conversation around the dinner table, regardless of the topic. She was coarse, to be sure, and she never failed to amuse everyone with her cursing and foul language, although we were trying to tone her down around the kids. She was refreshingly PC free. The women enjoyed her company as much as the men. I was glad that Jacob had picked up with her again. She was a force of nature and life around Ashley was exciting and colorful and never boring.

Frankie asked me once if I’d ever motor-boated Ashley’s tits and I got to laughing so hard as that image entered my mind, that I couldn’t breathe. Between gasps for air, I told her no, but I’d seen Jacob do that in front of the boat parade to a chorus of beeping horns and I was pretty sure Eddie had too. The far away expression on Frankie’s face made me think that she was imagining what it would be like.

The dinner parties last summer where casual affairs. Everyone dressed in jeans or summer dresses. Although proper public decorum was the rule; it didn’t always work out that way. With nine people tightly pressed together around our relatively small dining room tables, it was pretty easy for one couple or another to get their hand into their partner’s lap. Attempts were made to be as discreet as possible but glazed eyes or open mouths and sudden gasps for air always gave it away and conversations would stop as we watched until they were done. Then with a flurry of grins, the conversations began again until the actions of the first couple incited another. Nothing was ever said and it never erupted into an orgy like it probably would have in the past.

With the new dress-code, I wondered how things would go on the sex front. All six of these women were smoking hot as it was and dressed to the nines like they were, sexual thoughts were impossible to push aside for any of us. I sat in my chair at the table with a hard-on for the ages and the red flushed faces around the table told me I wasn’t the only one. Drinks were flowing pretty heavily and more so than usual. Frankie and I both drank socially but we never sat around the house drinking. I’d been there and done that.

In mid-meal, I realized that conversation was kind of sparse. Either the food was so good that everyone was too busy eating or something else was going on. I suspected the latter. I glanced at Frankie beside me. As the newbie to the group, she was the controlling force and everyone knew it. Nothing, other than a little finger-sex, was going to happen in front of the others unless Frankie sanctioned it. Frankie knew it too and she wasn’t at all comfortable with it.

We ate quietly and there wasn’t a hint of the usual under the table jerking or fingering. It was as though everyone knew that if one couple started, it would be a free-for-all and they stole glances at Frankie as if they were telepathically imploring her to drop the checkered flag.

I noticed Frankie glance at me and when I turned toward her, she was staring longingly at the bulge in my pants. She looked up at my face and I could tell that she was on fire. She looked back down in my lap again. I didn’t know what she was going to do but she looked like she would just explode into little pieces if she didn’t do something and soon.

I leaned over to her and moved to kiss her. She pulled back and whispered, “If you even touch me, I’m going to cum right here in front of everyone.” It looked to me like she was going to cum whether I kissed her or not. I glanced quickly around the table to see if anyone was aware of Frankie’s situation. They all were. I leaned closer and set my lips on her lower lip and sucked it in. Her lips were parted in a soft moan, which precluded me from getting both of her lips. Her eyes, which had been closed in anticipation of my kiss, burst open in a horrified look. She pulled her lower lip back as her hips fired forward. Her torso and head snapped back to counterbalance her hips and she muttered, “Oh fuck Baby, I’m cumming. Oh Jesus.” Her hips snapped back and her head pitched forward as her arms went around my neck to help her control her body spasms. A murmur started around the table.

Frankie dropped one hand to her lap and began frantically pulling the hem of her dress up so she could get her fingers into her pussy to assist her spontaneous orgasm. She bit down on my shoulder as she groaned and the groan turned into a muffled scream as she deadened the sound in my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her back to hold her as she was gyrating in her chair. The others were so fascinated by Frankie’s spontaneous orgasm that they hadn’t initiated any sex between them. They just stared at Frankie. She knew everyone was staring at her and she kept her eyes shut to ward off her embarrassment.

I lifted Frankie out of her chair and into my lap facing me with one leg on either side of my thighs. Now that she wasn’t facing the others, she opened her eyes inches from mine. She had the most lascivious expression as she leaned forward and feverishly kissed me. Unbeknownst to me, Frankie’s fingers were pulling another orgasm forward. She groaned out, “Oh God Baby. Here comes another one. Give it to me. Please, NOW.” She pulled her hand from her sex and furiously yanked open my belt with one hand and pulled down my zipper with the other. My cock was as hard as an iron pipe and it sprang out of my pants and slapped against her pubic mound. She was starting to spasm again as she fumbled with my cock trying to get me inside her. She was muttering, “Please, please, please.”

The moment that my cock was inside her she pulsed into another orgasm. I could feel her pussy clenching on my glans as it pushed in. Her scream brought everyone to their senses and lips were dropping onto cock and pussies all around the table. The orgy that everyone hoped would happen was on. Frankie was oblivious to the activities around her. She was in heat as she furiously humped her sex on my cock. She was so frantic that I didn’t dare join my thrusts with hers for fear of hurting her. I just stayed still and Frankie fucked herself through another orgasm and I couldn’t hold mine back any longer and I thrust my hips up as I blasted so many shots of cum into her that she was pushing it out of her as fast as I was shooting it in. Cum drooled down my shaft to my balls and into my pants. I couldn’t have cared less. As I began to soften, I knew that her cervix wouldn’t be a problem anymore and I grabbed her hips and began thrusting up into her as hard as I could. I’d just cum, but I was still on fire. She grinned at me and kissed me and then she groaned and added her momentum to mine. I wasn’t going to cum again soon but it didn’t take long before Frankie was screaming into her hardest orgasm so far.

To my left, Ashley and Divi were sharing Jacobs cock with Ashley sucking his balls while Divi was driving her lips up and down his shaft and then they swapped. He had a look of pure bliss. Ashley was working her hand in Divi’s pussy and Divi was doing the same to Ashley. Donna and Priya had lowered themselves to the floor behind their chairs and were in a sixty-nine with their long dresses pulled up to their waists. Priya was on top. Sylvia was spread-eagled on her back on the table between the plates and glasses and dinnerware with her legs spread wide and Eddie was vigorously drilling her in the ass.

It took a long time before Frankie came to enough to even realize what she had started. When she did, she looked behind her to her left and then her right and turned back to me with an ear to ear grin and said, “Well, finally.” I grinned at her and we kissed.

There was a lot of groaning and screaming going on around the table while Frankie and I kissed. She squirmed around on my semi-erection and grinned hard at me when she felt my cock responding. I stood up, lifting Frankie with me, and carried her with her legs wrapped around my waist and my cock still imbedded in her pussy, to the living room. She was busy stripping off my sport jacket and unbuttoning my shirt and they dropped to the floor. I was busy unzipping her dress from her neck to her waist.

Through all of this, Frankie continued to pull herself on and off my cock with her legs. I set her ass down on the loveseat and my cock pulled out of her. She gave me a frown when the glans pulled out. I pulled her dress down her legs. She was completely naked and I smiled because she had gone commando for this evening’s dinner party. Had she planned this all along?

She leaned forward and yanked my pants to the floor and I kicked off my shoes. My flagging cock was inches from her lips and she looked up at my face and pushed her lips on and started jerking me off with both hands. We were aware that the others were making their way into the living room too but we didn’t pay them much attention. My entire world was right there in front of me.

When Frankie sucked my cock back up to attention, I knelt to the floor and Frankie lifted her ankles up to my shoulders. Frankie leaned back against the loveseat and pulled my cock to her sex and released it as I pushed back inside her. She groaned out, “Oh my fucking gawwddd, Baby. I love this cock.”

At that moment, Divi was walking by, leading Eddie by his cock and she said, “Fuck yeah. I heard that.” I looked back to the dining room to see what had become of Sylvia. She had pushed herself across the table, still on her back, still fully dressed, with her head draped over the edge. Jacob was driving his cock into her throat. A steady “AAAWWKKK, AWWKKK,” noise came from Sylvia’s throat until Ashley positioned her naked body behind him and reached around Jacob’s body left and right and as Sylvia locked her lips on the ridge of his glans, Ashley began jerking him off with both hands at a furious pace from Sylvia’s lips to his balls. That was hot. Ashley kept it up until Jacob launched his jizz into Sylvia’s mouth and down her throat. Ashley and Sylvia shared the last of his load and then Sylvia pulled herself off the table and stripped naked. In moments, Ashley and Sylvia were enjoying each other in a sixty-nine on the floor. Jacob sat down in a chair above them and began jerking himself off trying to get his cock back up. He certainly had enough visual stimulation.

As I watched the three of them, I began grinding my cock into Frankie at a slow and steady pace. Frankie had closed her eyes and was luxuriating in the moment. We were both gasping for air and she gave every indication that another orgasm was on the way.

Donna and Priya had driven themselves through several orgasms and now they were looking for something different. As far as I knew, it had been a long time since either of them had had a cock and they had probably become inured to the need. I noticed that they were carefully watching me and Frankie as they sat on the sofa gently fingering each other.

Divi was ‘awwwkkinggg’ on Eddie’s cock as she sat in a chair and he stood in front of her. Her hands were on his hips pushing and pulling on them. Eddie was examining the ceiling as he groaned non-stop.

Frankie pulled my attention back to her as she suddenly drove her hips up at me as she pulled with her legs. She opened her eyes and pursed her lips at me and mouthed the words, “I love you,” and then she grimaced and her facial expression tightened along with the rest of her and she screamed into another orgasm. I stopped my motion and held her thrashing body.

My cock was rock hard when Frankie dropped her ankles from my shoulders and eased her pussy off my cock. She pushed her index finger down on my glans and smiled when she pulled back as my cock jumped back up again. I moved to the seat beside Frankie. She looked over at Donna and Priya who were grinning broadly at us. At that moment, I couldn’t tell if they wanted me or Frankie.

Then Frankie shocked me when she leaned toward me and whispered, “You have a haram to take care of. I’m about fucked out. If I change my mind, I know where you live.” She depressed my cock again and then giggled when it sprang back up. She looked over at Donna and Priya again and pointed at them and then at my cock making it clear that she was offering me to them.

Donna looked at Priya with a hopeful smile and then Donna mouthed the words to Frankie, “Are you sure?” Frankie grinned and nodded. Donna pulled her fingers from Priya’s pussy and stood up. She stripped slowly and sensuously as Priya watched and renewed her fingering in her own pussy.

As sexy as Donna was at that moment, I wasn’t completely sure that this was right. I looked back at Frankie with an expression that revealed my trepidation. She put her hands on my face and kissed me. I felt the tension drain out of me as she whispered, “It’s okay Jack. Consider this your final step. I love you.” She kissed me again and released my face. She grinned at me and said, “I’m looking forward to watching you and Donna and you and Priya. They’re making me wet again so don’t be surprised if I throw myself in the mix at some point.”

Donna was suddenly on her knees spreading my legs so she could get between them. Her face was flushed red with sexual heat. I bent forward and kissed her and she returned it with considerably more passion. She gripped my raging hard cock and started stroking it with both hands. She watched her stroking hands for a few moments and then looked up at me and said, “I’d forgotten how much I missed your cock. Jesus, I’m hot right now.” Frankie sat up straight beside me and watched us. She was dragging her fingers through her pussy as the heel of her palm rolled on her clitoris.

Donna just watched her hands gliding up and down my shaft for a while and then grinned at me and lowered her head to push her lips on and I groaned hard from the moment she made contact until she had taken as much of me as she could. She pulled back up and swirled her tongue around the ridge and drilled her tongue into the ‘spot’. My head fell back against the loveseat but I couldn’t take my eyes off her gorgeous face bobbing on the tip of my cock. Her hands resumed their motion up and down the shaft. Frankie must have been amused by the look of pure bliss on my face because she broke into a grin.

Priya watched us and then she got up off the sofa and stripped her dress off. She wasn’t wearing any panties either. Then I wondered if all six of them had planned this. Priya knelt down beside Donna in front of Frankie. My first thought was that they were going to share my cock between them. I was shocked when Priya bent forward and pushed her lips to Frankie’s sex as she stared up at Frankie’s smiling face. When Priya dragged her tongue through Frankie’s sex, Frankie humped up and drove her hips up higher. When Priya’s tongue pushed into her pussy, Frankie’s head rolled off to the side facing me as she moaned out, “Oh my God, Priya. That’s incredible.”

As Donna continued her blow job and hand job, she watched Priya in Frankie’s sex and she looked up at me to see what my reaction was. My reaction was simple; my cock surged harder and Donna gagged on it. She pulled off to clear her throat and giggled as she said, “Hey Mikey. He likes it.” Priya giggled into Frankie’s sex.

Donna didn’t return her lips to my cock. Instead she stood up and slid her legs onto my thighs and pulled my cock to her and slid further forward until my glans was buried in her pussy. From there, she dropped slowly like she was savoring every millimeter. Her eyes closed and her lips parted as her head dropped forward. She held her breath all the way down and then expelled the air and sucked in another lungful.

Priya reached up and caressed Frankie’s breasts which were still lactating even though she had stopped breastfeeding a couple weeks before. Priya pulled her tongue from Frankie and pushed herself up to suckle on Frankie’s tits. She emitted a series of “mmmmm’s” as she savored the taste of Frankie’s breast-milk. Then she continued up Frankie’s torso and they kissed sensuously before Priya dragged her tongue down through Frankie’s cleavage and back to her sex. From there, it didn’t take long before Frankie groaned into another orgasm. I had lost count.

Frankie’s groans and silent scream pulled Donna’s orgasm out and she rolled her head to the side and moaned hard as her hips snapped forward and then back driving the rest of her body in the opposite direction. Donna grabbed her tits and pinched them hard as she pulsed through her orgasm. Her tits offered no hint of breastmilk as she had stopped breastfeeding months ago.

Divi had pushed herself onto Eddie’s cock and was writhing like a snake as her back arched and her hips drove herself on and off. Eddie was mauling her tits and she was whimpering as she exploded into her orgasm. Eddie groaned hard and lifted his hips to drive his cum as deeply inside her as was possible. They quickly settled down and watched us as Donna reluctantly pulled herself off my cock so Priya could push herself on.

Priya started by sliding on to my thighs and then cupping her torpedo tits in the palms of her hands and holding them up as high as she could as she dropped her head and dragged her tongue around her erect nipples. Then she looked up at me with a sensuous grin and ran her tongue around her lips. She used her index finger to motion me to lean forward and she locked her lips on mine when they were within range.

Donna had pulled off my cock and took Priya’s place with Frankie except that she slid her legs onto Frankie’s thighs like she had sat on mine and leaned forward and suckled breastmilk from Frankie’s tits. Frankie encircled Donna’s head with her hands and held her in place while she groaned from Donna’s attack.

My cock was so hard as I anticipated sliding into Priya’s pussy after all this time. Priya seemed to be intentionally teasing me as she’d pull my cock down and drag my glans through her sex and then let it snap back up again.

A scream from the dining room pulled my attention there. Jacob was on his back on the floor and Sylvia was thrusting her pussy on and off his cock. Ashley was facing Sylvia sitting on Jacob’s face grinding her hips in every direction while Sylvia’s face was buried between Ashley’s mega-tits with her hands pressing those tits tightly to her. Ashley moved Sylvia’s lips from nipple to nipple and Sylvia was happy to oblige. Then Ashley’s hands dropped to Sylvia’s tits and palmed her nipples as she groaned from the combined stimulation of Jacob’s cock and Ashley’s palms.

Priya grinned at me as she’d had enough of the teasing and she guided my cock to her pussy and pushed herself on. She was riding my cock and thighs like I was a horse as her back arched. She muttered, “Oh fuck, Jack. I needed this.” She picked up her pace and I could feel my balls begin to seize. Priya could tell I was about to blow and she stopped. She whimpered, “I’m close. Don’t go too soon. I never want this to end.” Her teeth clenched tight and she was seething her gasps for air through them.

Divi and Eddie were watching the action in the dining room and Divi got up out of Eddie’s lap and pulled him up and led him through the living room to stand beside Jacob on his back thrusting his hips up into Sylvia while he drilled his tiring tongue into Ashley’s pussy. Ashley and Sylvia sat up straight to concentrate on Jacob’s ministrations. Eddie stepped over Jacob’s body and pushed his semi-erect cock to Ashley’s lips and she grinned up at him and sucked him in. Divi stepped over Jacob’s body too with her back to Eddie’s back and shoved her pussy to Sylvia’s lips. Sylvia didn’t hesitate a moment and drove her tongue into Divi’s pussy. Both Eddie and Divi’s groans joined those of Jacob, Sylvia and Ashley.

The look on Priya’s face told me she was about to be crushed with an orgasm and she groaned out, “Oh fuck Jack. Cum in me. NOOOOWWW.” I had been close but was holding back to wait for her and now I was behind. I felt her pussy clenching hard on my cock as I felt cum boil up out of my balls and launch into her. She felt it coming and she screamed out, “YES. YES. OH FUCK. YES,” and she burst into tears.

Donna pulled back from Frankie’s breasts to watch Priya as she gyrated on my thighs as tears streamed down her cheeks to my thighs. Donna looked from Priya to me and smiled. Frankie smiled up at me too. I had learned a long time ago that tears after an orgasm was often an emotional release that complimented a woman’s physical release. It didn’t happen all the time.

Eddie blew a load into Ashley’s mouth and she pulled off after the first shot and aimed Eddie’s cock at her tits and he emptied himself on them. Divi groaned hard into an orgasm driven by Sylvia’ lips sucking on Divi’s blood gorged erect clitoris. Both hers and Eddie’s legs gave out and they collapsed first onto Jacob’s body and then off to the floor.

Sylvia then exploded into her orgasm and Ashley groaned and stiffened as a soft orgasm grabbed her. Jacob followed soon after as he groaned, “UUUNNGGAAAHHH,” and blew his load into Sylvia’s pussy.

The moans and groans and spastic body pulsing slowed and gasping breathing slowly recovered. The gasping was the only sound in the room for several minutes and then everything became quiet. No one moved. Clothes were everywhere and plates full of food were still on the table.

Priya pushed herself off my thighs and cuddled with Donna on the floor at Frankie’s and my feet. Frankie turned to me and we kissed passionately. She pulled back and said, “I know you thought I was the one responsible for keeping this from happening. You were afraid that I wasn’t on board. Right?”

I smiled and nodded as I said, “I wasn’t sure how you would react to me having sex with beautiful women whom I’d had relationships before. I’d seen you with Joyce but I wasn’t sure if you’d want to participate too.”

Frankie continued, “I’ve been as on-board as anyone but I knew you weren’t sure how I’d react or even how you’d react. I’m sorry I pushed you to take that last step tonight but I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. They were all so gorgeous tonight. Are you okay with all this? Donna is now just someone else that you’ve had sex with.”

I leaned over to her and said, “Well aren’t you the little smarty pants? I guess we can all stop walking around on egg-shells now.” Frankie grinned and nodded.

Frankie said, “I was hoping that Divi would get her shot at you but she didn’t. Neither did I, and I wanted to. Can we ask her to stay the night?” Frankie never ceased to amaze me. I kissed her and nodded my agreement and she grinned and gave me a passionate kiss.

Everyone got themselves together and redressed. I overheard Donna talking quietly with Frankie about how long it had taken for me to get my shit together. Frankie just smiled at her. She knew that getting my shit together was only part of it. She knew that because she hadn’t tried to guide me into what happened tonight that I’d figure that she wasn’t all that in to lesbian sex and if that was true then I wouldn’t try to push her in that direction even though all the other women were. As far as she was concerned, it was another sign of my love for her. It was true too. If Frankie had made it clear that she wasn’t into lesbian sex; tonight, nor any night like it in the future would have happened. At least not with my participation.

The guys all sprawled on the living room furniture while the women cleaned up from dinner. There was a lot of left overs and Frankie made up doggy-bags for everyone. Frankie pulled Priya aside and told her of our plans for Divi if it was alright with her. I saw Priya grin and heard her say that Divi and I had a history and that she knew Divi was disappointed with how things worked out this evening. I pulled Divi aside and told her of our plan and she was a walking grin after that.

Sylvia and Eddie were the first to leave. I wondered if Eddie could get them home before Sylvia was all over him. Ashley and Jacob left minutes later to a flurry of kisses and groping. Priya and Donna plucked Little Anna from our bed without waking her and draped her head and arms over Donna’s shoulder still sound asleep. Frankie and I kissed her on the cheek. She never moved.

After Donna and Priya went down the deck stairs Frankie said, “I’ll check on Mikey. We hadn’t heard a peep from him over the baby-monitor. He’s a good boy. “Why don’t you and Divi take a shower and I’ll come down and join you in a few minutes,” said Frankie. Divi just grinned and headed for the bedroom.

I called to Divi and she stopped at the doorway, “Go ahead without me. I want to check on Mikey too. Don’t use all the hot-water.” Divi frowned but didn’t object and she continued through the bedroom into the bathroom. Frankie grabbed a plastic bottle off the counter and headed up the stairs. We were both still naked and I goosed Frankie going up the stairs. She screeched and tried to go faster to stay ahead of me. We both got laughing and hugged and kissed at the top of the stairs. We quietly opened Mikey’s door and checked on him with illumination provided by the hall ceiling light. Mikey was laying there in his crib on his back looking up at us with a grin on his face. Frankie and I smiled at each other and I reached down and picked him up. I sat in the rocking chair and Frankie gave me the bottle of formula and Mikey latched onto the rubber nipple. I whispered to Frankie, “I’ve got this. Go check on Divi. I’ll be down when he’s done.” Frankie smiled at me and didn’t argue. She leaned in and kissed me and then Mikey.

Mikey drank most of the bottle and then started gumming the rubber nipple. I knew he was just fooling around so I put him down in the crib and he curled up as I gently rubbed his back. He was asleep in another minute. I brought the mostly empty bottle downstairs and put it on the counter. The only sound in the house was a kerplunk of ice dropping from the ice-maker and the following shush of water refilling it. Then I heard a chorus of feminine moans from the bedroom. I stepped to the bedroom door. The light on Frankie’s nightstand was on and Frankie and Divi were engaged in a side by side sixty-nine. They were both naked. I watched them for a minute or two before stepping into the bathroom and closing the door. I turned on the shower and stepped in under the hot water. I quickly washed and rinsed and then stepped out to dry off. When I shut off the shower, I heard Frankie screeching, “Oh my God, Divi. Yes. I’m cumming. OOOHHH.”

I eased the door open to the bedroom so I wouldn’t disturb them. Frankie was just in the process of shoving her face back in Divi’s pussy. It wasn’t long before Divi groaned into her own orgasm. Then they rolled onto their backs gasping for oxygen. Their chests heaved with each breath. Frankie’s tits were big and round and formed a natural cleavage between them even without a bra. Her aureoles weren’t much darker than her light skin and they were small for the size of her breasts. Her nipples were erect and sticking up about a half inch. Her aureoles tightened further. A bead of milk had formed on her left breast. Divi’s tits were torpedo shaped like her mothers. They were firm and stuck out from her chest. Even though they were pretty big, she didn’t need a bra to lift them up. The tapering of her breast blended perfectly with her dark aureoles and when her nipples were erect, like they were then, they continued the contour of the torpedo shape to a point like the tip of a bullet.

I moved into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. Frankie lifted her head to look at me. “Hey baby. Sorry. We started without you.” She ran her hand down to her soaking wet sex and dragged two fingers from her anus to her clitoris and then pushed them into her mouth. She moaned, “mmmmmm”.

Divi looked over at Frankie and said, “Jesus Christ, Frankie. That was hot. I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time. PPPHHHEEEEWWWW.” She ran her fingers through her sex and sucked them clean.

Frankie sat up and looked to see what the status of my cock was. She grinned at me and said, “Well. I see it was as hot for you as it was for us. Divi. Take a look at that monster.”

Divi rolled on her side facing me and looked at my steel-hard cock bobbing up out of my lap. She said, “Yummmm. That looks delicious. Who’s going first? It belongs to you. You should go first.”

Frankie giggled and said, “You’re our guest. You get first dibs,” as she motioned for Divi to go.

I put up my hand to stop Divi as she scrambled up onto her hands and knees. Divi sat back on her feet with a confused look on her face. I said, “I was watching you two and you are so hot together. I would like a three way, if you don’t mind?”

Frankie looked at Divi. Their facial expressions morphed into sultry smiles. Frankie giggled and said, “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch.” They were both heading for me and said, in stereo, “Get over here buster.” I moved into the middle of the bed on my back. My cock swung around and slapped down on my stomach before rising several inches and bobbing in the air. Fuck, it was hard. With two of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen circling me as they jockeyed for position, there was no way it could be anything but hard.

I had envisioned one on my face and the other on my cock, but they took up positions on either side of my legs and set their tits down on my thighs as they both licked up and down their side of my shaft and then Frankie pushed her lips over the crown and Divi sucked in the testicle on her side as she stroked my cock with one hand. I pushed a pillow under my head so I didn’t have to strain my neck to watch.

They switched up as Frankie pulled off my glans and Divi pushed her lips on and pushed down until my glans slipped into her throat as Frankie sucked in the testicle on her side. I groaned and drove my head back into the pillow as I pushed up my hips. Divi was staring at me with those gorgeous dark eyes. She actually smiled around my cock buried in her throat. She pulled off to breathe and slurped up the saliva that followed. Frankie reached up and collected whatever saliva was available and rubbed it on my shaft. They kissed each other with passion and I thought, ‘Fuck. They’re hot together.

I was going to cum if they kept this up so I reached down and pulled Frankie off my testicle and motioned for her to come up. She got the message and positioned herself on my face. She was looking at Divi as she continued her deep throat blow job and she watched Frankie maneuver her pussy to my lips. Divi took one last deep dive and then pulled off and threw one leg across my hips and started dry-humping on my shaft before she cocked her hips up high with one foot on the bed and pushed my cock into her pussy. We both groaned hard as she let gravity push her down to her depth. Frankie giggled and commented on how my groan vibrated through her sex. She placed her hands on my ribs and started rapidly sliding her sex forward and back and side to side and then combined those motions in a circle.

Divi had sucked her breath into her lungs and held it as she slammed her pussy up and down my cock. She had a grimace on her face. I was rocking my hips up and down to maximize the sensation. Divi’s tight pussy was working my cock so hard that I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. Frankie leaned forward offering her lips to Divi and Divi leaned toward her. I had one hand on one of Frankie’s tits and the other on one of Divi’s. They both had a grip on my wrists, pulling my hands from one tit to the other.

My tongue was tiring and I changed up my attack by sucking Frankie’s swollen clitoris to my lips to stretch it and hold it in place as I gently flicked my tongue on it. Frankie screamed with that and yelled out, “Jesus, Baby. I’m cumming on your face.” Then she groaned out, “Oh no. Shit. Here it comes.” I got the jist of her words and it was confirmed a moment later, when Frankie lifted herself off my face and a hard stream of ‘squirt’ blasted from her pussy. I opened my mouth to collect what I could as Frankie gyrated everywhere and started screeching at a pitch on the edge of the human hearing range.

I couldn’t see Divi’s expression but I know that it turned her on as she increased her pace on my cock and moments later, she screamed into her own orgasm. I held her arms to hold her spastic motion on my hips. I had been worrying that I’d go too quick but now, I was way behind. I took suction on Frankie’s pussy with my lips and flicked her clitoris and Frankie burst into another scream and then into another orgasm. She was groaning, “You have to stop. Oh God. You have to stop. Oh Jesus.” I pulled my lips and tongue back from her sex and she collapsed off my head to my left side. She curled up in a fetal position gasping for air.

Divi had settled her pussy down on my shaft, unmoving as she gasped for air. When Frankie fell off to the side, Divi looked at me and burst out laughing. I was a drowned rat from Frankie’s squirt. My hair was dripping wet. I got laughing too and my laughing spasms drove my hips up at Divi and she groaned hard. Frankie was oblivious to us as she continued to surge air into her lungs.

I couldn’t believe that after being so close to a climax when we started, I had totally lost it. There wasn’t a semblance of a pending orgasm. It was gone with the distraction of Frankie’s squirt. I didn’t say anything about it and was content, at that point, to curl up with these gorgeous women and go to sleep in a Jack-sandwich. Divi fell off my hips to cuddle up with Frankie. I had to roll with her because my cock was so hard. Divi was unaware and unconcerned that I was still so hard.

I pulled myself off the bed and turned on the shower again. I quickly washed and dried off before going to the linen closet for a clean set of sheets. Divi and Frankie were entwined with one of Divi’s nipples on Frankie’s lips and they were both sound asleep in a dry-spot. I pulled a comforter off the foot of the bed and gently laid it over them and Frankie emitted an “mmmmmm.” The rest of the bed was soaked so I went out to the living room and lay on the sofa and pulled down a crocheted Afghan that my grandmother had made as a wedding gift to Anna and me. My cock quickly softened and took up it’s normal position on my left hip. I laid there thinking about the events of the evening. I worried that Frankie was okay with everything. Amongst this group; this had never happened before and that included even before Frankie joined the group. She was my number one priority. Mikey and Little Anna were close seconds and everyone else and everything else was down the list. If Frankie was good, I was good. At the moment, everything seemed fine. I’d find out in the morning.

As it turned out, I found out before morning. I woke suddenly as the afghan lifted off my body and Frankie climbed under it on top of me. She kissed me as I grabbed her ass to center her on my hips. Then she started grinding her pubic mound on my cock and it was responding just like she’d planned. We broke our embrace and Frankie whispered, “That was some dinner party wasn’t it?” I chuckled and kissed her again. She continued, “Are you okay with everything?”

I chuckled again and whispered, “I’m thrilled, if you are.” She chuckled this time and kissed me hard as her pubis continued grinding on my cock.

She pulled back from my lips and said, “After all that with Divi and me, you didn’t get off, did you?” I hesitated before shaking my head. With her baby talk voice that she reserved for Mikey, she said, “Poor baby,” as she reached down between us and rolled onto her left hip and guided my cock to her pussy before rolling back on her stomach as she impaled herself on my erection. We both let out a groan as she drove her hips down.

She didn’t take up a fucking motion as I expected. We resumed our passionate kisses as she flexed her vaginal muscle on my cock and I responded by flexing my cock back at her. She giggled into my mouth and pulled back. She said, “Let’s see if we can get each other off this way.” I knew we could. I’d done it before and I recalled the amazing intensity of that orgasm. If ever there was a moment that was perfectly suited for a ‘flex-off’ it was right then.

Frankie started out being amused by the effort but it wasn’t long before she wasn’t amused any more. She was breathing erratically by the physical effort to be sure, but then she started moaning and just before she exploded into her orgasm, she muttered, “Oh fuck, Jack. I didn’t think you could do it. Oh my gaawwddd. Here I go.” She abandoned the flexing of her vaginal muscles and started humping furiously as her climax took control of her. Her lips were everywhere on my face and neck and chest. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and I flexed back on her and she wheezed out a soft scream and I went rigid under her and cum rocketed up my shaft into her pussy. She muttered, “Oh Jesus.” The word “Yes” came out on a hard exhalation of trapped air. It sounded like the hiss of a large snake. We humped each other until the last of my many salvos were delivered.

Frankie settled down after that and cuddled her face into my neck and kissed me. We fell back to sleep with her full weight on me and my cock still buried in her. I remember waking again when my soft cock dropped out of her. She mumbled, “mmmmmmmm” but never came to full consciousness.

When we woke to daylight, Frankie popped her head up and slurped up her drool from my neck. She started to roll off me but she felt something on her butt-cheek and she reached back to see what it was. She pulled off a sticky-note and brought it to her face. She giggled as she read it and I said, “What is it?”

She sat up on the edge of the sofa and said, “It’s a note from Divi. It says: ‘Have to go to work. Had a wonderful time. Need to do it again soon. Luv Divi’.” Frankie giggled and wiped the note through her sex and stuck the note to my forehead and got up and staggered into the kitchen complaining about her back. I could smell the odor of sex from the note and I pulled it off and read it. I joined her at the sink as I pressed myself to her back and wrapped my arms around her front and molested her tits. She giggled and pushed my hands away and said, “Stop that.” I didn’t. I leaned down and kissed her on the side of the neck and she moaned as she turned her head to grant me full access to her neck.

I pulled her hair aside and kissed her once more with the same response and said, “Let’s shower and go to breakfast at the Diner.” Frankie grinned at me and slid from between me and sink and headed for the bathroom pulling me along by my flaccid dick.

When we arrived at the Diner, we discovered that everyone else had the same idea. Eddie and Sylvia and Jacob and Ashley were at one table and Donna and Priya and Little Anna sat at another table right beside them. Divi slid an empty table against Donna and Priya’s table and I pulled over three chairs for us. Frankie set Mikey’s portable seat in one of the chairs and he had the most precious smile on his face when he saw Anna. We gave kisses and hugs all around.

Ashley said, “Hey strangers. Long time no see,” as she grinned at us. We all ate and talked and stayed away from the events of last night. There were other customers there and Divi could only spend a short time visiting, but she found the time to coochy-coo Mikey which always got him laughing.

On the way home, Frankie took my hand off the steering wheel and held it on the center console as she looked up at me. I smiled at her and said, “What? You have a strange expression on your face.”

Frankie said, “I love you Jack.”

I stole a glance at her and said, “I know you do. I love you too.”

Frankie kept looking at me and after a period of silence, she said, “I just wanted you to know that after last night, I’m not going to pull a Donna on you. Priya and Divi are intoxicating and I kind of understand what happened. But, I’m not Donna so don’t worry about me.”

I smiled at Frankie and said, “I appreciate the comment but that never even occurred to me. I love you too and you don’t have to worry about that love straying anywhere else. Our group of women are all gorgeous but you stand heads-above any of them.” Frankie gripped my hand tighter and smiled at me. I continued, “I think we’re both good so we don’t need to keep reassuring each other. Okay?”

Frankie said, “I know the others are into sex with the other guys. At this point, I’m not into having sex with Jacob or Eddie. I’m not a lesbian but I really enjoyed the sex with Priya, Donna and especially Divi, so I guess that makes me bi-sexual,” she said. “I guess I’ve always known that though. Joyce and Angela are too. Anna wasn’t though.”

I laughed and said, “Don’t feel like you have to have sex with Jacob and Eddie. I’m not into them either.” Frankie looked at me and burst out laughing. I joined her. She held my hand until I pulled into the garage and she gave it back to me and got out of the car. I grabbed Mikey from his car seat and followed Frankie inside.

The weather had turned from Spring to Summer finally. It was particularly hot and Frankie got into her bikini. When I saw her in it, I wanted to strip it right back off and take her to bed. She giggled as I took every opportunity to fondle her tits and ass while she fended me off. We took the baby monitor down to the lawn below the deck and spread out on a blanket. I lathered Frankie all over with sunscreen and Frankie got laughing as I rubbed the cream into the fun places that had little exposure to the sun. Then she took the cream and applied it down my chest to my stomach and into my bathing suit. My dick went instant hard and Frankie made sure the sunscreen was sufficiently rubbed into the skin of my steel shaft.

Frankie looked all around to see if anyone was around and then pulled my suit down to expose my glans. She pushed her lips over it and drilled her tongue around the ridge concentrating on the ‘spot’. I humped up my hips and groaned hoping she’d take more but she pulled off and put my suit back in place. I was looking at the clouds and muttered, “You little tease.” She giggled and kissed the top on my tented bathing suit and flopped down beside me on her stomach with her hands under her left cheek. I tickled her side-boob and she quickly dropped her elbows to her side to protect herself. Her face was to me with her auburn hair covering half of it. I gave her an air-kiss and she smiled and sent one back. I lifted my head to scan down her body from her shoulders to the hollow at the base of her spine just as her ass rose up the slope to her thighs which were slightly parted. I loved Frankie’s body but her ass was spectacular and my cock hardened further in my suit. Frankie giggled when she saw the movement in my suit and dropped her right hand on it to hold it down. She didn’t make any further movements and my cock began to soften as I drifted off to sleep.

I don’t know how long I had nodded off but I was in the most erotic dream and it seemed so incredibly real. The entire dream consisted of a blow job. I don’t even know what position I was in. There wasn’t any hint of whether I was sitting down, laying down or standing up, not that it mattered. My cock was incredibly hard and a face was bobbing up and down on it. At first the face was blurred like I was coming out of a fog. As the face cleared, I realized that it was Anna. She was smiling at me with my cock buried in her mouth. She lowered her eye contact to adjust the angle and when she looked back up again, the face was Divi’s and she was deep throating me and then she pulled up and kissed my glans and turned to look to her right as if someone else was there. When she turned back to my cock, the face had changed to Donna. She was lapping her way from my balls to my crown and then rolled her lips over the tip. In my dream, I was moaning from the stimulation. Donna dropped her face as she pushed down my cock and when she came back up again the face was Ashley’s. She pulled her face back to the glans and wrapped her huge tits around my shaft and used her hands to jerk me off with her tits while she held my velvet crown between her lips. I knew I was moaning and then I could actually hear myself moaning there were no other sounds in my dream.

Ashley’s face fell back into the fog and her tits, wrapped around my shaft morphed into Sylvia’s face with her lips kissed to my shaft on the left side and Priya’s lips on the right. They pushed their lips up and down the shaft and then they each took turns pushing onto my crown and down my shaft while the other sucked my balls.

Sylvia and Priya drifted back into the fog and a bikini clad body lowered itself and pushed onto my cock and sat down on my hips. I knew the body was Frankie’s but her face was in the fog. Then the body leaned toward me as she rolled her hips to drag her clitoris along my shaft. I heard her groans join my moans. Frankie’s face came down out of the fog and kissed me passionately.

Swirls of fog enveloped me and Frankie started to disappear in the swirling mist. Then I realized that her lips were still on mine and I heard her groan into my mouth and the dream became reality. I was awake, or least I thought I was. I was afraid to open my eyes for fear that the dream would fade away and I’d be there alone.

As I came to, I realized that it was a dream, or mostly a dream. Frankie was kissing me as she pressed her bikini clad tits to my chest and she had also pushed her pussy onto my shaft just like in the dream. I opened my eyes and she was looking down at me with a huge grin on her face. She said, “Wake up Jack. You were moaning. You must have been in some sexy dream. Your cock was going to bust right out of your suit. I couldn’t see wasting such a hard erection.”

She kissed me again and started a long, slow pull up my cock. I looked down and she had pulled the crotch of her bikini to the side and mine was hooked under my balls. She was on one knee and one foot, using her leg to push herself up until her labia and the tip of my glans were the only contact and then she let herself drop back on with a long groan. We groaned into each other’s mouths as she kissed me again. She repeated this a few times before she couldn’t stand it anymore and she began frantically driving her pussy up and down my shaft.

My cock was so hard, I though it might explode and I didn’t care. I was oblivious to the world around me other than Frankie’s pussy flying on and off my cock. Then the roar of a boat going by with horn beeping and people cheering brought me back and I humped my hips up and groaned out, “UUUNNGGG,” as cum exploded up my shaft and into her pussy. She pulled herself up to receive my load and the change of angle pushed her over into her own orgasm. She was grinding her pussy down while I was pushing each salvo up. Her mouth fell open as her eyes pinched shut. Her face screwed up tight in what looked like pain. I pumped at least eight powerful streams of cum into her and I could feel it drooling down over my balls. Frankie was in a silent scream as she gasped for air. Her body spasmed as her lower back arched driving her hips forward and her torso back and then it repeated in reverse.

When I finished, Frankie was still going. Tears were rolling down her cheeks but there was no hint that she was crying. Just the tears. She kept up the movement on my softening cock and then Frankie was crushed by a huge orgasm and she let out a loud scream that would bring anyone within earshot running. She shoved her fist to her mouth and screamed again into it. Her pussy was clenching furiously on my cock. Her hip movement stopped as she rode out her orgasm. She was gasping for air and she dropped her torso onto mine and I wrapped my arms around her back.

It took a while before her last clench gripped my cock. It was still semi-hard from all her clenching. She pushed her legs out from under her and settled all her weight on me and she ground her pubic mound one more time on mine. Her face was on my chest facing toward Priya’s house. Frankie giggled and said, “Priya and Donna and Divi are all over there watching us and diddling each other. She lifted her head from my chest and pulled herself up my body to kiss me and in the process, pulled her pussy off my cock so that only the glans was inside.

Another boat raced by tooting the horn. I reached to the edge of the blanket and rolled us over so I was on top with the blanket covering both of us. Frankie looked up at me and whispered, “I love you, Jack,” as she lifted her head to kiss me.

I accepted her kiss and whispered back, “I love you too Frankie.” We kissed again and then I pushed my semi-hard cock back into her and we both groaned. I rolled my hips driving my pelvis to hers and she responded with the same motion. I heard footsteps coming across the lawn and I stopped moving. Frankie was listening too and she broke out in a huge grin. The footsteps were coming from Jacobs direction. Frankie broke into a giggle when the footsteps stopped a few feet from us. We couldn’t see who it was with the blanket over us. Whoever it was sat down on the lawn beside us.

Frankie giggled again and I noticed that every time she did that, I could feel her vibrations on my cock. Then Ashley’s voice said, “You know. I didn’t get a chance with either of you guys last night. I’m not complaining because I had an awesome time. Well, I guess I am complaining, aren’t I?” Frankie giggled again and Ashley continued, “You know that you’re stealing my boat parade, don’t you?” This time I chuckled and Frankie burst out laughing. Ashley lifted the blanket and looked down at us in our missionary position. Ashley was in one of her many bikinis and the top didn’t come close to containing her boobs. Most of both nipples were exposed above the material.

Just as Ashley was asking if there was any way she could get involved with what we were doing, the baby monitor went off as the tinny voice of Mikey crying came from the speaker. I pulled my self up off Frankie and she groaned hard when I came out of her. I said, “I’ll take care of it, Babe.” She threw me an air-kiss and Ashley moved in under the blanket. As I walked up the stairs to the deck, I chuckled as both Ashley and Frankie were giggling under the blanket.

Mikey needed a change. I put him back down in the crib and turned on the mobile. Mikey grinned and followed his favorite animal around. I returned to the deck and stood at the rail watching the writhing under the blanket and the moans and gasping for air. I decided to let them go. I needed a few minutes to recuperate anyway. I sat down in my zero-gravity chair. The boats going by didn’t pay any attention to a heaped-up blanket on the lawn even though it was undulating.

Then Ashley’s muffled voice groaned out, “Oh fuck. Yes. Yes. Right there. Oh God. Yes.” The writhing under the blanket increased considerably for a couple minutes before things settled down again.

Then I heard Frankie say, “Oh my God, Ashley, I can’t believe I’m gonna cum again. Jesus, here it comes. AAAHHHHH,” and the writhing ramped up again. I couldn’t see Donna, Priya and Divi sitting in chairs in Priya’s yard but I could hear them cheering and I assumed they were cheering what was happening under the blanket.

The blanket was pulled back and Ashley and Frankie were sprawled out in a side-by-side scissors position. They were both naked from the waist down. Their tops were lodged in their cleavage. Ashley’s top was so buried I couldn’t tell if she still had it on. They were heaving air into their lungs as their arms flopped out to their sides.

Off to my right, I saw movement and looked to see what it was. Divi was sprinting across the yard with Donna and Priya following along behind. Divi slid across the grass into Ashley’s side and rolled up on top of her right hip. Donna got there next and moved in on top of Frankie. Priya dropped into a lip-lock with Ashley.

I got up from my chair to lean over the railing to get a better view. The boats that had been streaking by were now coming to a complete stop. There was some jockeying for position because my pontoon boat blocked some of the view. Bikini tops were flying everywhere, as they all searched for tits to suck on.

My cock, that had been semi-hard as I imagined what was going on under the blanket between Ashley and Frankie, was suddenly rock hard. I reached into my bathing suit and started jerking myself off with slow strokes. Divi yelled out, “Pig pile.” That got everyone laughing. Priya reached back and pulled the blanket over the whole pile and it was back to imagination from there. The boats hung around for a while but then they moved off down the lake.

I heard Mikey crying through the baby monitor and the blanket folded back. Frankie was gasping for air again as she looked over her shoulder toward the house. I said, “No problem, Babe. I’ve got it.” The blanket fell back over her. I went to tend to him. I couldn’t find anything particularly wrong so I got a bottle from the kitchen and fed him in the rocking chair. He attacked the bottle so that must have been it.

By the time I got back down to the deck, the action under the blanket was over. They had all got back into their bikinis and were sitting in lounge chairs by the fire pit like nothing had happened. I delivered drinks to the five of them for the rest of the afternoon and before it started to get dark, they were all pretty well bombed. I sat with them but I didn’t engage their conversation which had become a cacophony of slurred sentences that were punctuated with giggles and laughter as each one was fully aware of how drunk the others were but totally unaware that they were too.

I returned to the house to make more drinks. I was getting ice out of the freezer and when I closed the freezer door, Frankie was there with her bikini in her hand. She startled me because it was dark in the dining room and I didn’t see her at first. I set the ice in a bowl as Frankie pushed herself against me. I wrapped my hands around her waist and she pushed back and sucked in air and groaned out, “Jesus your hands are cold.” I chuckled and pulled her to me again as she sucked another breath in but she didn’t pull away. She stretched up and kissed me and then said, “Are you okay? You’ve been quiet all afternoon.”

I kissed her and ran my hands down over her ass and pulled her pelvis against me. “I’m fine Babe. You guys really put on a show.” Frankie pushed her hand down in my pants and I instantly responded when her fingers curled around my cock. She gave me a sultry look and dropped to her knees and sucked my cock deep in her mouth. My head snapped back and my hands moved to the back of her head. I wasn’t holding her there. I didn’t need to. My hips started a rhythmic cadence as I gently fucked her face. She kept her position and let me do the work. My legs buckled a couple times but I was able to recover.

I was concentrating on Frankie sucking my cock and I didn’t notice Divi come through the open screen until she took a seat at the bar and watched us. When she saw that I had seen her she said, “I get next dibs,” and grinned.

Frankie pulled off my cock and slurped in the trailing saliva and said, “Sorry, Divi. There isn’t going to be any dibs. This is all mine.” She pushed back on and I continued fucking her face. Divi watched us as she twirled her index fingernail around her right nipple. My muscles seized as my orgasm suddenly slammed into me. Even though it caught me by surprise, Frankie had pulled back to lock her lips on my ridge and greedily sucked the cum out of me. She swallowed as she needed to and when she was sure I was done, she pulled off and dragged her tongue through the ‘eye’. Then she stood up with chipmunk cheeks and pursed lips and I knew she was going to share a mouthful of cum with Divi.

Divi’s eyes lit up when she saw what Frankie was doing and she locked her lips on Frankie’s as she received her share of the load. They both turned back to me and grinned at me and gulped down the load. Then Frankie pushed her tits to me again and said, “No one needs any more drinks. They’re going to pass out in their chairs if they have another. I threw the ice back in the ice-maker and the three of us walked down the stairs to join the others.

Even though their eyes couldn’t focus, they wanted me to start a fire in the pit. Frankie nodded and I went to work. The pine logs burned fast and hot and I had a roaring fire in no time. It was kind of humorous to look at the faces, illuminated by the fire, as their heads rolled around on their necks as they tried hard to maintain some semblance of sobriety. Their efforts were lost causes and it wasn’t long before there were no more conversations at all, not even slurred ones.

Divi got the ball rolling when she announced that she was done and she got up and headed for her house. Ashley didn’t announce anything. She just got up and staggered toward her house. Frankie gave me a nod toward Ashley and I got the message. ‘Help Ashley home.’ I quickly caught up with her as she started veering into the underbrush between her house and mine. I lightly gripped her arm and guided her back on track. I don’t think she even realized that I was there.

By the time I got back to the fire pit, Priya and Donna had left too. Frankie was sitting in her chair waiting for me. I offered my hand to help her up but she pushed me back in my chair and stood up and stripped both the top and bottom of her bikini off and lifted her left leg over my thighs and sat down in my lap. She kissed me passionately and my cock started to rise again. She broke our embrace and she smiled at me. She said, “Wow. This has been an amazing twenty-four hours.” I nodded and kissed her. She reached down between her legs and guided my stiff cock into her pussy and dragged it along her clitoris on the way as she emitted a loud groan.

She rocked her pussy on my cock. Her feet didn’t reach the ground so she was just riding me like a rodeo bull as her legs pushed forward against the front leg of the chair as she rocked her hips back. She moaned hard as her mouth fell open. I was pulling on her ass, driving her on and letting her retreat. I was expecting my balls to begin aching but they seemed fine. We rocked in the chair like that for several minutes before Frankie’s face suddenly dropped onto my shoulder as she whimpered, “Oh fuck Baby. I’m cumming again.” Her movements picked up the pace and when she started clenching on my cock, I was groaning into my orgasm. I thought I’d never stop launching salvo after salvo into her. She muttered, “Oh my gawwd. Yes. Fill me up.” I did and she was pushing cum out of her before she struggled out of my lap. She grabbed her bikini bottom and shoved it to her crotch to stop her leaking. I helped her up the stairs with one hand on her arm and the other carrying the baby monitor.

I held her up in the shower with one hand and washed her with the other. She got laughing as she was fully aware of her inebriated condition. I dried her off as she slumped on the toilet and then I helped her to bed before returning to the shower to clean myself.

By the time I slid under the covers, Frankie was either asleep or passed out. I kissed her inert face on the lips which prompted the slightest smile to form along with a soft “mmmmmmm”. Tomorrow would likely be a rough day for her and the others.

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