Lost my Virginity with Colleague

I’m Aadhini from Chennai. I’m a dusky Girl with size 32B, 32 and 36.

Back in 2k18, I had a huge crush on a Guy who is been part of my team. Soon we became close friends like anyone.
We often discuss everything almost everything like how boys do.!

Pls note he already had a GF. So what I cannot change my crush on that Guy. Btw his name is Kirushi and he is Fair complexion and decent body structure and height is 5.3 ft. We both wished to get drunk and get high. But didn’t happen due to place and timing problem.

One fine day my parents went to native place and told him about it. He immediately asked if we can execute our drinking plan. I said Yes without even 2nd thoughts. Because I was planning to propose him after getting drunk fully and even planned to kiss him on his lips. So I was actually waiting for a perfect opportunity. Even if gets angry, I can give excuses.

Finally, that Day arrived! Around 9.30AM ( yes morning) he came to my home with Bacardi, lemon, sprite and Watermelon. Watermelon is our side dish as he always like to have healthy side dish 🙂

He was arranging all the glass, fruits and drinks. We sat on our bed room so that we can use AC because it was Summer time.

He poured drink for me. He diluted with water and sprite. I had it with salt. He poured for himself. In the first round, we didn’t feel anything..
I slightly felt fainting but not much. We again went for 2nd round. OMG! This time, we didn’t dilute much with water or spirit so kick yeriduchu nalla…. Wow.. What a feel that was!

I was fainting a lot now but still in my consciousness to use the chance of proposing and kissing him.

I started like, hey Kirushi, do you know how much I liked you.. actually I fell in love with you very long ago. I said.
To my surprise, he said “Yes, I knew it” And Even I also like you very much”

When he said that I was on cloud nine and I couldn’t resist myself from kissing him. I kissed his cheeks immediately he didn’t deny it. And I was shocked by his reaction. Now I’m trying to kiss his lips..

I planted my first on his lips, he didn’t deny but he closed his mouth saying that he couldn’t control himself.. Pls go away. By the time, I was aroused and tired too due to drink. I just fell down on my beanbag next to him. I just put my hands on him and asked him to lie down beside me. He listened and lied down next to me in the same bean bag. I made sure that my BooBs touching him. In that way, I positioned my body and of course my boobs did it best part. He couldn’t control and he turned his face towards me and saying, No di. Idhu thappu di… You pls go to Hall di aadhini.. This is wrong.. If we continue something will happpen..

I was like, yes I’m waiting for that something to happen now

While he was saying that, his hands were already started running at my back from back neck to Butt.. He started rubbing all over my back and saying idhu thappu di..
How can anyone miss this wonderful opportunity.

I just forwarded my face to him and kissed his lips continuously for 2 mins. He was just resisting my kiss but his hands totally out of control as both hands were cupped my BUTT tightly..
I turned on!
He asked me, why are you doing such things.. Still his hands on my butt..
I didn’t say a word but looking at him with my lusty eyes.

I slowly take a move.. I slowly started touching his body from his neck, his boobs, his nipples and my hands went down. I just touched his penis (to know if he was erected) yes he was!

His penis is bit small and handful for me.. Started rubbing his Cock slowly over his tracks and starred his eyes. He was asking me “enna di ne anga la kai vaikira”
I said why are you holding my butt tightly then.. He said he couldn’t resist and I replied same here..

I moved one of his hands to my right boob.. He started at me and the started rubbing slowly.. When he tried circling my nipple, it was pleasure Girl.
Ladies, you must try to make a move to your man one time!

Then he started massaging my boobs with his both hands.. Soon I myself removed my tishirt to him access.

Omg, now he is totally having control over my body and I was on cloud nine. He started licking my Nipples and sucking my left boob and massaging my right boob..
I was moaaning Aaahhh… Aaahhhhh.. Totally in pleasure…
In mid of sucking, he was biting my nipples too.. That pain gave me the lusty pleasure.. Pleasure in pain…
He unhooked my bra after sometime and I’m now half naked in front of him. I removed his T-shirt and started sucking his nipples by starring at him..

I then inserted my hands inside his pants to feel penis.. It was so Hard.
I wanna pleasure him.. So I removed his pants and underwear and made him naked first.. I stoodup and I started kissing and sucking his cock head and gave a nice blow job.. By his reactions, I understood he was on high pleasure..

He then removed my clothes and went wild on my body.. I started moaning like anything… I’m totally wet now..
He was pressing my boobs, butts, inner thighs, kissing my belly button, sucking my neck very hard.. Kissing my boobs and hugging from behind and started licking me. Actually we shared our salivas all over our body..
Enoda nipples ah kadikum bothu oru vali vandhuchu parunga.. Ayoo anga therinjudhu pleasure..
Enoda inner thighs ah tight ah pudichan.. Aaaahhhh… na kathi moan panen..
Enn Butt a press panite lips la kiss adikum bothu mood-u yerichu enaku..

He made me lie down and went down started sucking my clit and butthole..
I’m sucking his penis.. We were at 69 position.

And then he came on my face.. As it was my first time, I just wiped off.. But again we then go to missionary position.. Enoda pussy completely wet.. First he started with fingering as this was first time for both of us.. Nd then he slowly started stroking his penis inside my Pussy.. Aaahaahhhhhhhhhhhh.. Aaahhhhhh couldn’t describe the feeling of intense pleasure.. He couldn’t cum that time as he was drunk. So he went to bathroom and masturbated so hard to cum..

That’s my first time story
Thanks for reading
If you like my story, pls write back: [email protected]

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