A Fuck with My Parents

Hi every one this is the story of my family,  I have a beautiful and carring family. My mom is little strict but my Dad is my buddy, he always treat me as his friend. we share about our relation ship issues and he used to tease me for being a virgin. A gentlemen actually.

Allie’s Bad Night

Tonight would be the last night Allie would sneak out of the house. Kristi, her mom, was at work. Her older sister, Casey, was at her friend’s house for the night. One of Allie’s partners in crime, Anna, was spending the night here. Poor girl. She’s very cute and sweet, but also gullible and not

Breastmilk and a Bad cock

I am Darshan a 27-year-old guy living in Perth, Australia. This incident happened around nine years back when I was in India. I feel shameful to share this initially but after reading do many stories like this got to know these type of things are common. This incident changed my relationship with my mom Divya.

Indian mom saves her son and also her sex life

Indian mom saves her son and also her sex life… indian sex stories The room they were sleeping turned sultry. Santha woke up from her sleep. There was light, diffused by the night lamp. It means then there is no problem with the power. What happened then to the fan that was running? She lifted