A Fuck with My Parents

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Hi every one this is the story of my family,  I have a beautiful and carring family. My mom is little strict but my Dad is my buddy, he always treat me as his friend. we share about our relation ship issues and he used to tease me for being a virgin. A gentlemen actually.

Everything went normal and i have no intentions on my mom also i do respect women. But everything changed on october 12th 2019.
As usual i came back after my swimming class. My parents was discussing something seriously, i just gave a smile and went to my room. Later after 10min my dad knocked the door.

Me: Ya man whats up?
Pa: i and your mom wants to talk to you.
Me: what happened? What about it ma?
Ma: Actually we got a problem
Me: what problem?
Pa: its about your grand father’s Will
Me: oh he wrote a will?
Pa: yaa he split his properties and shares in to two
Me: okey.. but wait he is still alive, then how do you got to know about the will.
Ma: The Lawer is our man.
Me: oh great, so whats in that, he split right one for dad and another for uncle.
Pa: there is a problem in that?
Me: what problem, wait explain it straight okey..
Pa: alright he rote his majority of the money and property to a person who has a women child. If both got a women child, shares will be 50/50. If both got no women child then the, each of us get 35/35.
Me: What about the rest?
Ma: rest will goes to women welfare trust.
Me: what? Is he mad? Dont worry ill talk to him.
Ma: noooo
Me: why ?
Ma: it will endanger our 35% share
Me: what do we do now? Uncle also dont have a baby girl.
Ma: Jaya is pregnant.
Me: wow!! How? Sorry when? Uncle haven’t told me. do they know about these share and will issues.
Pa: no we haven’t told yet.
Me: i understand now you guys are planning a baby. Daddy boy!!! Enjoy man. I am gonna get a little sissy. But my friends will tease me but ok.
Pa: Ya we need a baby, that’s why i need your help.
Me: what help?
Pa: i tested last week and now i am not capable of producing a baby.
Me: oh i am sorry its ok dad, we will see some fertility centers, they will help us.
Ma: No dear that will ruin everything and we need a baby from our blood. You have to help us in that.
Me: you want my seman to make you pregnant. Shit noo.
Pa: No kiddo, we are not going to make a testtube baby or fertility centre baby.
Me: then how can i help?
Pa: You have to make a baby with your mom in a natural way. By having…
Me: intercourse?????
Pa: exactly.
Me: i am sorry, you are my dad or else i will slap you when you said this.
Pa: Goody boy. We are discussing these thing for a month and we checked all the possible ways. This is our last hope. You are our last hope.
Me: Mom?? You too support his idea?
Pa: actually its her idea.
Me: shit you guys know what i am just 17 and worst thing is you guys asks me to do incest sex with my own mother. If some one came to know about this thing. You guys might have to go jail for giving sexual things to a minor.
Ma: no one goes to know about this dear.
Me: what if we got a baby boy?
Pa: we can try, grand pa is not gonna die tomorrow.
Me: what ever i am not into this sorry. And i dont need his stupid money. Keep it whit you. End of the topic bye.

By saying this i walk out from the home.
Seriously i haven’t ever think about my mom in a sexual way. yaa she looks beautiful, have big breast, white skin and little chubby but attractive women. My neighbours have an eve on her when. But she is my mom. I never expect such things from my dad. He too a handsome guy he is 45 but he looks cool and hot in his six pack body. They are a perfect pair actually who looks like Tom cruise and Rebaca Furgussan of Mission Impossible but i can’t do what they said.
I havent spoke to them for next 3 days. In those 3 days i got angry and questioned my self and started observing her beauty day by day.
Man what a women she is. I started getting hard when she is around me. And i did peek on her gorgeous milky big boobs daily. Also she wared dressess in a seductive way.
Finally one day i jacked off by thinking her. So i decided to go with their idea not for the asserts, only for her.
After a week i finally spoke with my parents in dining table.
Me: So what about uncle and aunt? Have you told them about the will.
Pa: Ne we have to wait till the baby born.
Me: what are they expecting boy or a girl.
Pa: Girl actually.
Me: hmm
Pa: Sri please consider our idea.
Me: Dad how can i fuck my own mom?
Pa: its ok kiddo, also its common in many families.
Me: i am a virgin dad. I dont know how to work in bed.
Pa: hay stop telling silly reasons. i’ll teach you what to do, actually we can teach you everything. All you have to say is yes.
Me: at the we get 35% na? aren’t we live happy with that.
Pa: we can but 15% rest worth 500crores.
Me: thats huge.
Pa: Yaa, thats why we need a baby girl.
Me: All right lets try but I am not responsible for any negative impacts.
Ma: Wait??? you are saying ok right?
Me: yes and Dont try to seduce me by wearing these silky nighties.
Ma: Wow you got seduced..
Me: Noooo
Pa: Dont lie kiddo we know you got seduced, its our plan and we bugged your room. Also we saw you masterbate last night and moaning lile haaa haaa.
Me: Damn you guys are insane you know.
Ma: Then tell us
Me: Tell us what?
Pa: you masterbate thinking of your mother.
Me: Dad noo
Pa: Why lie? Come on dont shy baby.
Ma: Dont tease him,
Pa: okey. Alright kiddo go and take a bath and meet us on the bed room.
Me: Meet us what you gonna do there?
Ma: yaa what you gonna do there? Its mom and son stuff.
Pa: Oh you guys gonna enjoy, then what should i do? I am gonna be there we you.
Ma: so which means we are going to do a threesome?
Pa: thats my girl and yaa?
Me: i dont know how that works?
Pa: dont worry kiddo, i will teach you.
Me: what ever.

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