A Fuck with My Parents

Hi every one this is the story of my family,  I have a beautiful and carring family. My mom is little strict but my Dad is my buddy, he always treat me as his friend. we share about our relation ship issues and he used to tease me for being a virgin. A gentlemen actually.

Everything went normal and i have no intentions on my mom also i do respect women. But everything changed on october 12th 2019.
As usual i came back after my swimming class. My parents was discussing something seriously, i just gave a smile and went to my room. Later after 10min my dad knocked the door.

Me: Ya man whats up?
Pa: i and your mom wants to talk to you.
Me: what happened? What about it ma?
Ma: Actually we got a problem
Me: what problem?
Pa: its about your grand father’s Will
Me: oh he wrote a will?
Pa: yaa he split his properties and shares in to two
Me: okey.. but wait he is still alive, then how do you got to know about the will.
Ma: The Lawer is our man.
Me: oh great, so whats in that, he split right one for dad and another for uncle.
Pa: there is a problem in that?
Me: what problem, wait explain it straight okey..
Pa: alright he rote his majority of the money and property to a person who has a women child. If both got a women child, shares will be 50/50. If both got no women child then the, each of us get 35/35.
Me: What about the rest?
Ma: rest will goes to women welfare trust.
Me: what? Is he mad? Dont worry ill talk to him.
Ma: noooo
Me: why ?
Ma: it will endanger our 35% share
Me: what do we do now? Uncle also dont have a baby girl.
Ma: Jaya is pregnant.
Me: wow!! How? Sorry when? Uncle haven’t told me. do they know about these share and will issues.
Pa: no we haven’t told yet.
Me: i understand now you guys are planning a baby. Daddy boy!!! Enjoy man. I am gonna get a little sissy. But my friends will tease me but ok.
Pa: Ya we need a baby, that’s why i need your help.
Me: what help?
Pa: i tested last week and now i am not capable of producing a baby.
Me: oh i am sorry its ok dad, we will see some fertility centers, they will help us.
Ma: No dear that will ruin everything and we need a baby from our blood. You have to help us in that.
Me: you want my seman to make you pregnant. Shit noo.
Pa: No kiddo, we are not going to make a testtube baby or fertility centre baby.
Me: then how can i help?
Pa: You have to make a baby with your mom in a natural way. By having…
Me: intercourse?????
Pa: exactly.
Me: i am sorry, you are my dad or else i will slap you when you said this.
Pa: Goody boy. We are discussing these thing for a month and we checked all the possible ways. This is our last hope. You are our last hope.
Me: Mom?? You too support his idea?
Pa: actually its her idea.
Me: shit you guys know what i am just 17 and worst thing is you guys asks me to do incest sex with my own mother. If some one came to know about this thing. You guys might have to go jail for giving sexual things to a minor.
Ma: no one goes to know about this dear.
Me: what if we got a baby boy?
Pa: we can try, grand pa is not gonna die tomorrow.
Me: what ever i am not into this sorry. And i dont need his stupid money. Keep it whit you. End of the topic bye.

By saying this i walk out from the home.
Seriously i haven’t ever think about my mom in a sexual way. yaa she looks beautiful, have big breast, white skin and little chubby but attractive women. My neighbours have an eve on her when. But she is my mom. I never expect such things from my dad. He too a handsome guy he is 45 but he looks cool and hot in his six pack body. They are a perfect pair actually who looks like Tom cruise and Rebaca Furgussan of Mission Impossible but i can’t do what they said.
I havent spoke to them for next 3 days. In those 3 days i got angry and questioned my self and started observing her beauty day by day.
Man what a women she is. I started getting hard when she is around me. And i did peek on her gorgeous milky big boobs daily. Also she wared dressess in a seductive way.
Finally one day i jacked off by thinking her. So i decided to go with their idea not for the asserts, only for her.
After a week i finally spoke with my parents in dining table.
Me: So what about uncle and aunt? Have you told them about the will.
Pa: Ne we have to wait till the baby born.
Me: what are they expecting boy or a girl.
Pa: Girl actually.
Me: hmm
Pa: Sri please consider our idea.
Me: Dad how can i fuck my own mom?
Pa: its ok kiddo, also its common in many families.
Me: i am a virgin dad. I dont know how to work in bed.
Pa: hay stop telling silly reasons. i’ll teach you what to do, actually we can teach you everything. All you have to say is yes.
Me: at the we get 35% na? aren’t we live happy with that.
Pa: we can but 15% rest worth 500crores.
Me: thats huge.
Pa: Yaa, thats why we need a baby girl.
Me: All right lets try but I am not responsible for any negative impacts.
Ma: Wait??? you are saying ok right?
Me: yes and Dont try to seduce me by wearing these silky nighties.
Ma: Wow you got seduced..
Me: Noooo
Pa: Dont lie kiddo we know you got seduced, its our plan and we bugged your room. Also we saw you masterbate last night and moaning lile haaa haaa.
Me: Damn you guys are insane you know.
Ma: Then tell us
Me: Tell us what?
Pa: you masterbate thinking of your mother.
Me: Dad noo
Pa: Why lie? Come on dont shy baby.
Ma: Dont tease him,
Pa: okey. Alright kiddo go and take a bath and meet us on the bed room.
Me: Meet us what you gonna do there?
Ma: yaa what you gonna do there? Its mom and son stuff.
Pa: Oh you guys gonna enjoy, then what should i do? I am gonna be there we you.
Ma: so which means we are going to do a threesome?
Pa: thats my girl and yaa?
Me: i dont know how that works?
Pa: dont worry kiddo, i will teach you.
Me: what ever.

I went and had a bath while bating all my thoughts were about my mom, her boobs, her but, her curves, her pinky lips oh my god i cant resist my hands touching my dick.

After i wore a teeshirt and a boxer, and went to see them. While i enter the room my mother wore a silk robe which shows her cleavage and nipple poking trace on that robe. But my dad was completely nacked. He has 8 inch cock, which was 90°, his white skin tone and pinky dick. No women will reject him in the bed. Oh my god such a handsome man.
Pa: why are you wearing all these..
Me: i ii just….
Ma: Baby he is nervous.
Pa: ofcourse he have to because he is going to loose his virginity.

My heart beat went to its peak. Amd my 6inch dick is at his full erection which making tent on my boxer.

Ma: look at that he is hard by seeing is dad nacked.
Pa: is that true?
Me: oh i am just…
Pa: its ok kiddo i am a bi and we can do that too.

I was standing there speech less
Pa: Lets undress my son.
My own dad making me nacked, he removed my tee shirt and kissed on my nipple and removed my boxer. While he removing my dick popped out. He just smiled and looked at my eyes and kissed my dick and licked the pink tip and tasted my pre cum.
Oh god what a feel.

We he doing this my mother rubbed her pussy over the robe.
He sucked my dick for while i was in cloud nine. And in a trance state. After few minutes he asked me to close my eyes so i did.
When i open it back i saw my own mother standing infront me nacked. She was little shy but she is hot. Her boobs and the hard nipples, also she is rubbing her wet pussy oh my got. I love my mother.

Pa: Do you like this?
Me: i am exited dad. What are we going to do now?
Ma: lets play a game.
Me: Game?
Ma: yes!! We’ll spin a bottle. we have 1 chances for each. The bottle pointed person have to stay still. And the rest two can do anything with him. But Only one chance for one person.
Pa: lets play.. wow!!
Ma: what about you my boy?
Me: anything you say ma.
Ma: lets play boys.

First they gave chance to me so i spinned and the neck pointed my dad.
Ma: so now your dad is the looser.
Remember the rules dear you should not move. All you can do are speak, moan also you can kiss and play with your tongue when we near your mouth. All you have to do is lie still on the bed.
Pa: Got it.
My dad laid on the bed by spreading his legs. His dick points the cealing and pre cum oozing at the tip.

My mom went near his mouth and lip locked, they exchanged saliva and playing with tongue. Dad tried to grab my mom’s butt but she refused and said rules are rules so she tied his hands and legs on the end of the cott.
They were enjoying like a hell. But simply stood besides them.
Pa: why are you simply standing
Ma: come on baby join with us.
Me: what should i do now?
Ma: suck his cock. Suck your father’s cock
Me: ok
I initially hesitated but my thought me how to suck his cock.
She took hold the bottom of the cock first she kissed his balls then licked all sided of his cock and finally came to the head and licked the oozing drop and sucked for around 2mins and she spitted all of her saliva and pre cum on his cock head and asked me to do like she did.
My dad was shivering and he cant move because his hands were tied. He scolded, shouted and screamed… like Haaaa fuck it suck it motherfucker, my own son if sucking my cock oh god such a bastard.
I started sucking it and i liked the taste of my mom’s saliva and sucked his cock like an animal.
I kissed it and sucked it hard some times i bite it too. Mean while my mom placed her pussy on my dad’s mouth and asked him to lick it.
Later she also began moaning like ahhhh ahhh shhhh ohhhhh these bastards are fucking crazy.

After half an hour of sucking my dad shouted that he is going to cum.
After that my mom came down and joined with me. Then we both licked and sucked his cock. At that time my lips touched her lips and my tongue slightly touched her tongue.
My spine got shivered. Really it is the better and most exotic feeling in the world when we do some naughty stuffs with our mom. Many people will say it is sin but, try to do that sin it gives a feel which no drugs can give.

And finally he came, me and my catched every drop of cum and he shooted all over us. me and my mom drank it fully. One drop was left under my lover lip, by seeing it my mom came and licked it and gave a naughty smile. Wow!! What a feel man…

So its my dad’s turn. While he spinning the bottle i noticed his dick growing again.
Me: Mom look at that he is growing again.
Ma: thats the power of my husband.
Pa: what power? Still now i am impotent.
Ma: its okey honney you are aged.
Me: yaa dad, i am here for you dad.
Pa: thank you beta.
By saying this he kissed on my lips. And we started lip locking. We played with our tongues and drank each other’s saliva. After 5 min of deep kissing my mom called.
Ma: what about the game and what about me?
Me: sorry ma sorry ma. Dad spin it,
And after some bad spins, it pointed me . Now they got over joyed.
Pa: now i make the rules. No tieing hands now.
Me: wow thank dady.
Pa: but i am gonna fuck you on your ass.
Me: what?
Ma: thats super.
I positioned in a doggy style, my mom came under my pennis. My dad rubbing his cock head on my ass hole. Mean while he applied some oil inside my but hole and over his cock.
My mom kissed my balls and licking my cock. I felt like i am in heaven. Now she is sucking my cock.

Me: Mom its a strange feel mom , i love you mom, ahhhh you are a great mom in the world. You are sucking your own son’s cock mom. Oh my god yesssss

Pa: i ll give you another strange feel in the world buddy.

By saying this he inserted his dick in my ass hole, its like tearing your stomach. It pains a lot. I cried and begged him to leave but neither my mom nor dad cared. She busy with sucking my dick and he was busy with fucking me. One side pain And another side pleasure.
My legs went weak and after two minutes of hard fucking it started giving pleasure.
My entire blood went to the bottom of my body. I was like In fucking enjoyment.
My mom eating my dick like a zombie and my father fucking me like an animal.
After half an hour of fucking he came on my ass hole. I can feel his cum inside me. Its damn hot.
My mom licked the excess cum came from my ass hole and squeezed it in her mouth. Then she asked me to open my mouth and spitted half of it on my mouth. I dran it. It was sweet and salt mixed taste and i like it.

Then mom came and continued her sucking process. My dad was tired and lied besides me. After few minutes i felt like cumming i started moaning.
Me: ohhhhh mom ahhh mommmmm uhhhh i am gonna cumm
Ma: don’t baby, not now, wait.
By saying this she tried to put my dick inside his pussy but my boy got busted. Before she gets up from the floor. So she inserted it on her mouth and that was lot a cum she drank it fully.
We started this on 3Pm but now it is 10pm. Me and my dad got tired. I felt sad that no one of us havent satified her.
Ma: its ok kutty i have dildo.
She took it and asked me to suck it for once. I did and she inserted my saliva dripping vibrating dildo on her pussy. She moaned by my name and my dad’s name and she collapsed in a minute and slept next to be.
We all saw one and one’s face and laughed.
Later Mom cooked dosa for dinner and we all ate in the dining table in nacked. And she gave me milk and nuts.
Dad asks me to sleep in their room with them, nackedly. So i stayed there. I even asked for another round but dad said its enough first time.
Pa: we have whole future now just sleep. from all this money and status the most important thing is your health.
Me: Okey but dad tomorrow i am gonna fuck you on your ass hole.
Pa: I am your slave master, do what ever you want.
Me: ha ha and i will satisfy you tomorrow till yo gets tired mom
Ma: my pussy is always welcome for my son.
I laid on the middle my mom to my right and pappa on my lets and we are spooning each other.
My dad kissed me on lips and said good bye. And my mom too kissed me on my lips for the first time. Her saliva left on lips after she kissed and i licked.
Ma: sleep baby tomorrow is the big day.

I slept well that day when i woke up i was alone nacked. I went to the bathroom and freshen my self and wore my boxer and tee shirt back and went to the hall.
My dad was getting ready for some where.
Me: where are you going?
Pa: important buisness meeting.
Me: noo skip that please.
Pa: have to go da kanna.. please understand.
I got sad and he said you can have your mom alone. Fuck her hard and give me a baby girl.
Me: hmm hmm yaaa.
But keep on mind i will fuck your ass hole.
Pa: anytime master… but not now.

My mom went to drop him on the air port and he will be there in hong kong for 1 week.

…….To be Continued..

To wanna know how me and mom enjoyed read the next part

Also to get the next part mail me [email protected] The next part will come depends on the trafficking in my mail..

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