Indian mom saves her son and also her sex life

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Indian mom saves her son and also her sex life… indian sex stories The room they were sleeping turned sultry. Santha woke up from her sleep. There was light, diffused by the night lamp. It means then there is no problem with the power. What happened then to the fan that was running? She lifted her eyes. On the edge of the cot was standing a figure, trying to make a noose. With a long face covered with unshaved beard and mustache it was… BALA!

Alarmed, she jumped up and pulled away the boy. And with him she swayed and stumbled, luckily, on the bed.

Bala, her son, didn’t want to come to the wedding in the first place, but it was she who compelled him. She thought that it was not wise to leave him alone in an empty house. But bringing him here had led him to this!

Her husband was in another room, of the same lodge, playing cards with his old friends who had turned up for the wedding. To let him know this, she had to go out of her room, leaving her son alone. And that cannot be done. She wept.

The boy too wept on his downfall. How could he tell his failure story out; and that too to his own mother? His agony multiplied as his brain was stormed by the memory of those days.


Bala was then doing his final year in college. He was around the age of 20 to 21 years. Like all the young normal boys, he too had the habit of reading sex books and releasing the tension by masturbating.

And, one day, when he was at home on leave, his younger sister Suma spotted a sex book he had hidden under his mattress. Bala was out of home at that time. She climbed up into his room to clean it. It was at upstairs. As she was making the bed, she noticed it sticking out from under the mattress. She pulled it off. It was a cheap book printed with a photo of a naked woman on its cover. The story inside was too hot to read. As she turned the pages, she felt horny.

And Bala, who went out, noticed, only when he reached the market, that his pockets were empty. On the way back he met his mother. She didn’t carry any money as she was going to a bajan in the temple. She wouldn’t be home for lunch, she added, and he’d have his sister to serve his lunch.

He returned home only to find his younger sister Suma on his bed and reading the sex book he had kept hidden under the mattress. As the book she held was hiding her face, she was not aware of her brother’s return. He thought of climb down the stairs, at once, to avoid embarrassment. But by that time Suma ran her hand over her skirt on to her vulva. And that act riveted him to where he was standing. Only then he recalled the story in that book she was reading. It was a fiction of sex between a brother and sister. A runaway brother returns home after a longtime and involves in sex with his own sister, unknowingly. And when they come to know, it was too late. Unable to forget their too good sexperience, they cling to their fucking.

Bala pondered that why he shouldn’t fuck his sister Suma as it comes in the story. He tiptoed down to the front door, locked it and climbed back. He looked around before entering his room. He noticed some strangers, digging a bore well in a neighbor house. Ignoring them, he stepped in. His sister didn’t sense his presence even that time. He cleared his throat. Startled, she jumped up and hid the sex-book behind her back.

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