Step daughter and daddy’s first night

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Step and 's first night

“Daddy I'm home!” Jenna called out as she entered the house. She was panting as if she ran the whole way back home. Her whole thrumming with excitement.

“Hi there, little princess, how was the exam?” Her , Henry asked, as he looked up from his phone.

“It was good, I did well.” Jenna replied as she went and sat beside her father on the couch. “I'm so excited! Finally I'm done with high-school, now all the wait for the and that's it, I'm free from the hell hole.” She continued.

“Oh honey, high-school's always tough but now the race for college starts, did you hear anything from the colleges that you applied to?” Henry asked, his arms around his princess as Jenna cuddled closer with her head resting on his chest just above his heart, her soft dainty fingers rubbing mindless circles on her daddy's chest. A small pout slowly forming on her luscious pink lips.

“I-I don't think I want to go to college anymore.” Jenna whispered. Her voice quivering with uncertainty.

“What? Why is that honey? Is everything okay?” Henry asked his voice filled with worry as to why an enthusiastic girl like Jenna was unwilling to go to college suddenly. “Yo-you aren't pregnant are you?” He asked, holding his breath.

“Wha- whoa no, no!” She said, her eyes wide as she removed herself from her daddy's embrace. “It's nothing like that, I just think it's not for me.” Jenna replied wringing her long fingers together. Eyes looking anywhere but her father's.

“Not for you? What are you saying Jenna? Talk to me baby, what's wrong?” Henry pressed but quickly hugged her as he saw her big brown doe eyes watering. Jenna hugged his masculine father, her arms tightly around his torso, face buried in his neck. Henry heard a soft sniffle and he felt wetness indicating that his sweet princess was crying. His whole body filled with worry. He cooed and shushed Jenna softly while his palm rubbed her back. He pulled her on to his lap and Jenna immediately wrapped her lags around him.

“Oh my sweet …” Henry cooed.

“I don't wanna leave you daddy, I don't wanna leave you alone here, I'll miss you too much. I can't, I can't go away from you.” She cried. It was then Henry understood the real reason why she didn't want to leave for college.

“Oh Jenna, don't be like that sweetheart, college will be so good for you. You have such good grades, you'll learn so much, meet new people, make new . Don't hold yourself back for this . I'll feel lonely for sometime but I'll manage. I'll adapt to it honey. Don't you worry about me.” Henry said, his own eyes tearing up at the thought of it.

“You're my only daddy, I have no one else. I can't. Please daddy, please. I want to be with you. Always daddy.” Jenna hiccupped but slowly started drifting off to sleep after a few minutes. Her limbs still wrapped around her father and Henry never stopped caressing her back. He heaved a deep sigh.

Jenna Brown never met her biological father, or sperm donor as she preferred. Jenna's Louisa was a single mother, a nurse at the city hospital and had met Henry Joseph at an art exhibition gallery. Henry's art exhibition to be precise. They started a relationship but never got married. Jenna was 12 years old then. Everything was going smoothly until it wasn't. Louisa died in a fatal car accident when Jenna was 15. Louisa had no family as no contact with Jenna's bio dad. As Henry never married Louisa, he wasn't on the custody list for Jenna. But fortunately the judge for Jenna's case was a known client of Henry's and often bought his art. And so Jenna was unofficially put under Henry's care as a foster father, even though there may not be any official document proof of such. Even though Jenna is now 18 and technically an adult to society's eyes Henry still kept her under his care and Jenna loved him too.

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