Step daughter and daddy’s first night

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“I want it sweet princess, I want you, but I want to shoot my first shot of cum in your slutty wet . You'd like that won't you?” Henry asked, his eyes darkened with lust.

“Yes , I'd love that!” Jenna exclaimed and gasped as Henry stood and threw Jenna over his broad shoulders fireman style, slapping the roughly. He smiled at Jenna's sharp gasp and watched the creamy ass cheeks jiggling. He then quickly went to his room and placed her on his king-size bed. He stood there looking at his little princess, so ready to be . He opened his tshirt and pants and crawled up the bed wearing only his black boxers.

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Jenna was on her back with her arms propping up to support her upper so she could see her handsome daddy's movements. She followed him with her eyes as he crawled right up her face and locked his lips with her pinkish ones. She wrapped her arms around him. Henry's sly hands rubbed up and down the side of her body before he put one on the bed to support his torso while the other crept under her top to grab a handful of her bosom. As soon he did that, Jenna moaned. Henry massaged her breast, circled with a thumb around the already hardened nipples before pinching them roughly with his thumb and forefinger and pulling them.

“Ahh…” Jenna moaned, pain and pleasure racking through body.

Henry moved down from her lips to her neck and collar bone. And sucking and biting them, in evidently giving her a hickey and marking her as his own. Jenna sucked in a breath, her fingers gripping her daddy's black hair.

“You've been planning this, didn't you? You ? Prancing around with skimpy revealing clothes, teasing daddy all evening..” Henry whispered. Jenna nodded unable to form any words. Henry sat up straddling her and removed the top from Jenna's body.

“Oohh…look at those titties, so big and hard for daddy to suck them.”

“Yessss daddy, they are for you daddy, suck them hard, mark them up.” Jenna's whimpered.

Henry didn't have to be told twice. He dived on to them. Greedily sucking the swollen nipple, his other hand grabbing the other tit and toying with it. He sucked it, and took it between his teeth and tugged it. He looked up to see his biting her lower lip whimpering softly.

“Yes daddy yes, bit it hard honey, chew them up.” She groaned.

And Henry did that, then switched sides and went for the other one. Jenna pressed her daddy's head more towards the tit. Henry treated the breast same as he did it to the other, licking, sucking and biting them all the while making sure that the already used tit is not neglected. Henry then brought the two massive tities closer grabbing them tightly against each other before sucking the spit covered nipples together at the same time. He continued doing that for sometime and then when he sucked them to his hearts content, he lapped both the boobs with his tongue and spit before giving them a sharp slap which Jenna jerk up. “Oh, that feels good.” She moaned and jiggling her boobs side to side which earned her another slap and she giggled. Henry smiled cockily before bending down and tracing open mouth kisses down Jenna's bare belly and hips. He looked up as if asking for permission to open her shorts, to which she nodded. She was so pleased that her daddy was the first person to see her wet pussy. So fuckable.

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