Step daughter and daddy’s first night

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Henry unbuttoned the denim short and dragged it down her smooth legs. His immediate attention went towards her unshaven quivering . Just as he liked. He traced his nose through the curly brown pubic hair cut in a clean triangle shape. He sniffed the area rubbed his nose tracing and smelling his grownup and went further down. Jenna instinctively opened her legs wider. Her pussy was soaking wet. Henry ran his thumb, tracing the wet vulva folds. Rubbing the sticky fluid, brought it up Jenna's mouth and smeared it on her lips. She quickly swallowed his wet thumb eagerly.

Henry blew air softly at Jenna's pussy making her quaver with sensitivity. He lightly, then he put both his thumbs on the sides of her pussy and spreading it open to see the vulva hole and blew a breath of air again, just to see her quaver. Jenna whimpered and tried to bring her thick thighs closer. Her vaginal hole clenching and gaping with anticipation.

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“Uh uh uh little one,” Henry tutted. “Don't close them, let see your womanhood.” And then flicked a finger against the sensitive nub of her soaking pussy.

Jenna's pelvis jerked up but Henry pushed her down. He then pulled both of Jenna's legs on his shoulders and brought his tongue out to trace the inner thighs and groin on both sides, purposely ignoring the wet cunt.

“Please, please please….” Jenna begged and moaned.

“What do you need little one? Tell me,”

“I need you, I need your mouth on me, I need you to lick me,, eat me out like a hungry .” Jenna cried.

Henry didn't reply but then licked a long slow strip of Jenna's wet gooey pussy. He brought his mouth closer as if fusing it with her cunt and started to eat her out vigorously. His nose rubbing against the pubes, eyes straight at his daughter's quivering .

“Oh my god! Oh shit! Jesus! Jenna exclaimed, her hands gripping her daddy's hair, pulling them and pushing his head deeper in between her clenching thighs. Henry stiffened the tip of his tongue and pushed it against the pussy hole, licking and sucking the juices like a starved man.

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Henry brought two fingers up to Jenna's mouth and she licked then and slicked them up nicely before he placed them at the entrance of the vagina and gently pushed them in one after the other. Henry looked at Jenna's face to trace any uncomfortableness but when he didn't he pushed them more. Tracing the wet juicy vaginal walls he slowly started his ministration. Bringing his fingers in and out of her clenching channel. One of his hands went up to grab and squeeze one of Jenna's while the other hand finger fucked her. Twisting and turning them ever so slightly. His mouth busily licked and sucked the sensitive pinkish clit and sometimes licking the tiny urethral opening. Jenna moaned deliriously and when Henry slyly curled his fingers to touch the G-spot, Jenna gasped, her whole body jerking as she felt an electric bolt passing through her whole body. She jolted more with her vagina squeezing Henry's fingers tightly inside.

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