Step daughter and daddy’s first night

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do you think I'm pretty?” Jenna asked not so absent-mindedly as she made it seem.

“Yes, absolutely. I think you're very pretty and beautiful.” He replied kissing her forehead.

“And do you think I'm ?”

Henry was taken aback. “Ye-yes sure yes, you're quite sexy.” He stammered. Jenna giggled at her daddy's flushed face.

“And do you want me?” This made Henry move away from her. “Yes, I want you, I'm your dad, I'll always want you.”

“No daddy, do you want me romantically, and want to kiss, ?” Jenna said looking straight at Henry.

“Wha-what are you saying?” His heart beating wildly.

“You know what I'm saying, don't you daddy? I saw the way you your looking at me. I saw you lust after me.” Jenna said boldly, and slowly crawling up towards Henry on all fours with her jugs hanging giving a clear view through her loose crop top collar. She crawled in to Henry's lap with her arms wrapping around his neck and bringing her soft lips to her daddy. She brushed them lightly before pressing them against his lips. While Jenna moved her lips, Henry sat completely still, his heart racing. Is this really happening? It's not a dream? But then suddenly he came back to his senses and pushed his step- away.

“Jenna stop! This is wrong, you've no idea what you're doing.” Henry said firmly. His eyes wide.

“No daddy, I know what I am doing. I'm a big girl daddy and this big girl wants her daddy to her. Will you do that daddy? You know I love you so much, yeah?” Jenna replied as she slowly moved down in between her daddy's legs facing the semi hardened dick. She nudged the clothed erection with her nose while her fingers opened the zip of his jeans and pulled out the impressive girth out of his boxers. Henry was breathing quite heavily by then, hands curled into a fist by his sides. Jenna took a peek at him before lowering her head and puppy licking the slit and then slowly taking more than half of the enormous and thick penis in her mouth. Her soft lips looking ethereal around her daddy's girth.

“Jenna…Jenna stop, its not right…” Henry heaved but before he could say anything more, his looked up. Henry was stunned to see the doe eyes and pouty swollen red lips, a bit of spit dribbling down her chin. One look and it was all it took. Henry snapped. He grabbed Jenna's soft dark brown hair and forced his towards his dick. It was happening. Jenna smiled softly as her daddy roughly guided her head as she bobbed it up and down the massive length. Henry was in heaven. His whole filled with pleasure as he gently and carefully thrusted his strong hips along the rhythm. Henry knew his daughter was a and so her technique may not be the best but just the thought of having her between his legs, while he face fucked her, made everything amazing. He closed his eyes, mouth hanging open. But before he could in her mouth, he pulled his daughter away. Both heaving roughly. Jenna looked up, eyes filled with confusion as Henry tucked his inside, that strained the boxers.

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