Step daughter and daddy’s first night

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Both of them took a moment to take a breather before Henry slowly pulled out, he saw a gush of white creamy juice come out along with a trickle of blood. His beautiful isn't a anymore. Jenna was looking at it too and when Henry looked up, she smiled. Happiness evident in all of her features. He bend forward and kissed her and her forehead before carrying her to the bathroom. They washed each other, silently and gently. And after drying they laid down on the freshly covered bed still blissed out.

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“I love you , I'm so happy you're the one who took my virginity.” Jenna said looking up at Henry.

“I love you too princess.” They kissed some more and then slowly drifted to sleep, both of them knew that they were now so much more than just being daddy and daughter. They are lovers now.


Stay tuned for part 2…

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