Escort Mom, Daughter struggles with University costs; mom has an idea

Escort Mom, Daughter struggles with University costs; mom has an idea, incest stories. About a year ago, I was really struggling at University. Even though my course was paid for thanks to my mom, my living expenses were just too much. I really tried to find a job, but no one would offer me a job, not even as a dishwasher. My mom offered to help but I refused, even though it sounds stupid, I had some integrity, I wanted to survive without money from my mom, who had already paid a lot for my education. I really wanted to prove to myself and my mother that I was an adult now; I needed to be able to do this on my own.

University was about 100 miles from home and every weekend I would see my mom, I did miss her, she was like my best friend. She treated me as an equal and we were open to talk about anything. She was a successful lawyer at a local law firm, though due to private nature of her business she never did tell me much.

Anyway it was Thanksgiving of my second year, and so far I had just managed to survive, but I was so close to either quitting or robbing a bank. I arrived home to a frosty welcome. It was pretty cold and the snow was coming down quite fast, I only just managed to get home. Once home I was greeted warmly by both my mom and a very welcome fire.

“Get yourself warmed up and I’ll get you something warm to drink, hot chocolate?” mom asked.

“That would be lovely mom, thank you.” I replied.

I just took my coat and shoes off, before settling on the rug in front of the fire, resting against the edge of the couch. Mom returned shortly and placed two large mugs on the coffee table. I picked up a mug and holding it in my hands to warm them, took a much needed sip, as it slowly warmed my insides.

“I’ve never seen it this bad, I surprised you actually made it, I was so worried about you Sophie.”

“So was I, I almost came of the road at the freeway exit, but I was close enough to keep going. So how are things mom, work going ok?

“Fine, business is a bit slow with the weather and thanksgiving, but things should pick up after the holidays. How are things with you, are you still struggling with money?”

“I am close to being very rather than just poor, I only just had enough for gas to get home. But please don’t worry, I am sure something will turn up soon. I just need a couple of weekends of work and I should be ok for a month.”

“Maybe you should stop coming down for the weekend?”

“No way, I really enjoy coming home at the weekends, I miss you mom, even if I am an adult, you’re more than my mom, you’re also my best friend and I really look forward to our weekends together.”

“What about I pay for your gas for coming here?”

“No, mom, please I want to earn my own way, I will find something soon, I am sure.” even though I wasn’t. Mom sensed this and let out a long breath. “What’s the matter mom?” she sat down on the couch, studying the fire for a moment.

“You are very stubborn you know, that’s your father talking, if you were more like me, you would let me help. But if you really want to do this own your own, earn your own money, then I can help get you a job, for the weekends you are down here.”

“That sounds fantastic, mom, what’s the job, I could do some filling or research, anything you could get me would really help.” I pleaded.

“We’ve been pretty open with each other, I know nearly everything about you, even your sexual exploitations. I know sex is fun for you and at the moment a serious boyfriend is something that you’re not interested in.”

“Yes, what’s your point?” mom was worrying me, she seemed to be trying to tell me something, but looked confused on how to tell me. “Mom whatever it is you can tell me, no secrets remember?”

“Well that’s the problem, their is a secret I have kept from you. Not that I thought you would have a problem about it, but I wanted to avoid too many questions.”

“I can only imagine it was very important to you for you to keep it hidden from me, whatever it is, will you just tell me what it is and what it has to do with a job and sex?”

“I do not work as a lawyer, I’m an escort.”

“You’re a prostitute?”

“I suppose you can call it that, as we do end up having sex with most of the clients, but the money is good.”

“Since when?”

“Since you were 16.”

“About the same time as you got your boob job?”

“After I sued that lawyer practice for sexual harassment, no other law firm would hire me locally, so I looked around for something else, and then I met an old friend who helped me get a job with her escort agency. I was very unsure, but since your father died, I had you to look after and the settlement money was not going to last long, especially with your university fees, and sex was something I still needed so I decided to go for it. My friend Monica suggested I get my boobs done and I did. I since then things have been good, a few bad clients but with the money I earn, I could retire in five years, I’ve managed to invest quite wisely, made the money work for me and the future.”

“So what has this got to do with me?”

“I could get you a client for Saturday nights, you should earn enough to last a month or more.”

“I do trust you and that you would not suggest this unless you did not think I would be safe, and it could help, and even though I am pretty open about sex, I must say I am a little shocked about this. I can understand why you would not tell me, but you have a brain and you should be able use it for something more than just sex.”

“Like I said, I knew this is what you would say, and I agree, but it is something I get paid a lot for doing, especially something I enjoy, and I do enjoy it Sophie or I would not do it, and it saves on the hassle of boyfriends and dating.”

“I need to think about this for a while, let it all sink in, let’s just enjoy the holidays for now.”

“No problem honey, finish your drink and I’ll make you another if you want, then we’ll get dinner finished.”

We did not have a family, just the two of us, so as usual it was just the two of us for thanksgiving, not that it bothered either of us, we enjoyed each other’s company. But while we talked about general stuff, my mind kept going over what mom had told me. Mom was still a beautiful woman, even if she had just turned 40, and her boobs look great, even when she first had them done, I told her she looked so sexy and that any man would want to be with her. I said that if we were in a room together full of men, I bet all the men would choose her, even without the boob job she was pretty. Mom thanked me for the compliment but said I was wrong and that I was the really beautiful one, she told me that at least my large breasts were real, 36d in case you ask.

So after dinner and cleaning up we returned to the living room. My mind was still on what mom had suggested about me working as an escort, no doubt I would enjoy it, and being paid like mom for something we both enjoyed was something that interested me. I think I was just stunned, before she told me, I saw my mom as a respected woman in the workplace, now I saw her as a very sexual woman, I could really see that mom looked happy, and who wouldn’t want to have sex with such a beautiful woman. It was just my whole image of mom had changed, which wasn’t a bad thing, but it was something I was having trouble not thinking about, especially picturing my mom having sex with all those strange men.

“I want to do it mom, it makes perfect sense, and it is easy money for doing something I enjoy.”

“Are you sure?”

“You would not have suggested it if you knew I would be against it, but yes, I am positive. I think it will be kind of nice to see you at work, no pun intended.”

“Ok, I’ll give Monica a ring, maybe she could get you something this weekend before you return to university. I’ll give her a ring now, that woman works 365 days year, clients always wanting servicing.” she left the room and made her call. She returned a few minutes not exactly thrilled.

“Well did you get something?”

“Yes, kind of. I spoke to her about letting you join, you will have to go for some tests tomorrow, but she has a job for you this weekend.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“So have I.”

“What do you mean?”

“Occasionally some men will pay extra for two women, especially the mother daughter thing; you know one older, one younger.”

“But we are mother daughter. What do they expect us to do, have sex with each other?”

“No, nothing like that, he will have sex with us both, but we will just encourage each other, like while he has sex with you, you would say stuff like, ‘oh mom this is so good’, and I would say stuff like ‘I am so proud of you’, maybe some dirty talk. But the client doesn’t have to know we are actual mother and daughter, plus I excepted because at least I will be there to guide and help you as it will be your first time.”

“Ok, I trust you, let’s do it.” I wasn’t exactly disgusted by having sex with my mom in the same room, but she is still my mom, there should be something wrong with that, shouldn’t there, besides it was just role-playing, even if the client didn’t know we were a real mother and daughter.

So the next day mom took me to meet Monica and get the tests I needed. Then mom took me shopping for a stylish outfit for the night. We would meet the client at a restaurant and then eventually return to his hotel for a night of pure unadulterated sex.

The night finally arrived and I was really nervous, but thanks to my mom besides me, I was ready to go. We were both wearing evening dresses, mine was red while mom’s was black, and we both wore push up bras to give our boobs more oomph, along with a thong. We took a cab and arrived at the restaurant on time. Mom gave the name of our reservation and we were led to a table where the client was sat waiting.

Mom took charge and asked me to sit on his left while she took the right. Mom was so cool; she gave the client all the usual ego boosting lines, working him well. It gave me the chance to relax and watch her work. Soon the client gave my leg a squeeze and turned to talk to me. I was pretty relaxed by now, and a glass of wine earlier at home and one now loosened me up enough to turn on the charm.

He must have been in his fifties, but he looked very handsome for his age, at least he had his own hair which was only slightly greying. Mom smiled as I spoke to the man, touching him now and then as I flirted with him. The client Martin, seemed really happy with the choice he had been given. After dinner he decided to return to his hotel room for a night of fun. Before the night began, mom explained that usually she stayed the night, but after 6am the client’s time ended so we were free to leave after that time, but if I wanted, we could leave after he fell asleep; it was unlikely he would awaken before 6 for more sex.

We arrived at the room and again mom led the evening.

“My daughter is new to all this, so tell us want you want and I can help her give it to you?”

“Are you really mother and daughter, because that seemed so sincere?”

“Yes we are, I got her the job to help her get through university, so you are really helping us both tonight.”

“Oh that sounds so good, best acting I have seen. Get yourself comfortable, I’ll just need to go to the bathroom.” After he left mom and I both stifled a laugh.

“I can’t believe he thinks it is fake, what should we do now?” I asked. Even though I was feeling less nervous, I still felt unsure now that the moment was finally here, having sex with a stranger while my mom was in the same room.

“Take off your dress and sit on the couch, I’ll sit on the bed. Give him a minute, 10 bucks he is taking a Viagra, just to get his money’s worth, 20 minutes from now, he’ll be as hard as a steel girder.” We both got out of our dresses.

“I have to say, so far has been fun, you certainly know how to turn on the charm.” I told mom.

“So can you, as you know men are so simple, the slightest compliment gets them going.”

“I have to say you look so in your element, and so beautiful, that dress did your figure no justice, something a little tighter next time.”

“I know, since I started this job I have lost a bit a weight, and so most of my dresses don’t fit as snugly. I was going to get some new clothes, but figured, save the money, the clients already paid and I’m only going to be out of my clothes as soon as the clients ready.” The client stepped out and stood naked in the centre of room. He kept fit, and was trim even for his age, why he needed us I have no idea, but maybe it was for the fantasy. He had a decent sized dick and was a little turned on by all that was happening.

“So how do you want to start?” asked mom.

“Well maybe to start, you two could help each other strip naked; maybe even play a little with each other.” I was a bit reluctant, but before tonight mom said this might happen. She said just smile and do as much as we are both willing to go, we even had safe words when we wanted to stop. But I did agree if it happened I would try and relax, but now I was hesitant. Mom just smiled and pointed her finger at me, drawing me towards her.

“It’s alright honey, I don’t mind if you want to play a little with me. I maybe your mom, but it might be fun.”

“Ok, whatever you say mom, but I am nervous.”

“I can tell, I bet it is your first time to touch a woman like this as well.” I nodded as I stood in front of my mom. Mom smiled and kissed me gently on the lips, not sexually but enough to try and relax me and put on a show for the client.

She stood up from the bed and walked around me, she gently kissed my shoulder as she undid my bra. The client had since got on the made and was playing with himself as he watched the action. As mom slipped the bra straps off my shoulder her hands moved within the bra to cup my breasts as the bra dropped to the floor.

She then moved so she was again facing me, and gave me another kiss as she got onto her knees and gently tugged my thong off. I stepped out of them, and then mom threw them towards the client, who held them to his noise for a sniff then wrapped them around his dick as he began to masturbate faster.

Mom stood and turned us around, I reluctantly kissed her as I repeated the show mom had just done as I removed her bra. Even though I had seen mom’s naked breasts after she had the boob job, I had not got the chance to feel them until now as I cupped them from behind, even though they felt slightly fake, they did feel firm and nice. I moved to her front and I palmed both her nipples before moving down to remove her thong.

Mom rested her hand on my head for support as I removed her thong and got a clear view of her shaved pussy, mine was trimmed. It was then I realised I was looking straight at her pussy and that mom had seen mine just as clearly. For some reason this excited me, especially as I saw that she was a little wet. Mom stepped out of them, and I passed them to the client, who threw mine away, then put mom’s thong on his dick instead, very close to squirting his sperm into them.

I looked him in the eye as I stood, I thought I would really try and get him excited as my finger slowly slid up mom’s pussy, I really wanted to find out how wet she was, but doing this also sent a shiver down both our spines. I glanced at mom as we heard the client cum, mom smiled but I saw something in her eyes before I turned back to the client.

Martin patted the space beside him, inviting me to join him on the bed. We stayed above the covers as he moved me into the middle of the bed before climbing on top of me. He played with my breasts, I moaned to encourage him that he was doing a good job. But what was really turning me on was mom who stood beside the bed playing with herself; she was looking at the client who was watching, losing his concentration as he began to fumble with my breasts.

Then mom stopped and picked out a condom from her bag and passed it to me. I opened the wrapper and the client put the condom on. From that moment on I just let my mind wander as mom and I let the client have his way with us. It was not that he was bad, but suddenly I was thinking about mom. When the client had finished with me, watched as mom did her job, afterwards the client fell asleep.

We left about 3am and got a cab, heading home. Once we got home, my mind was still on whatever had happened in the room between the two of us. Mom went to the kitchen to get us both a coffee, while I went upstairs to shower and change into some sweats. When I got back downstairs two drinks were waiting to be consumed on the coffee table. A few minutes later mom strolled in the room from upstairs, wearing a nightie. She sat next to me and seemed to sense my uneasiness about something.

“What’s the matter Sophie? You have been distracted since we left, was it really that bad, because it won’t happen again if you don’t want it to.”

“No, it was ok, nothing I haven’t done before with other guys. Not paid for or anything, but faking it.”

“So what’s the problems?” mom asked as she took my hand in hers and started caress the back of my hand with her thumb, this just drove me crazy and just had to remove my hand and stood up to get away from her, so I stood near the roaring fire mom had made. “Please tell me what’s wrong, I feel a gap forming between us, I don’t like it, maybe I made a mistake asking you to work for an escort agency.”

“As I said mom, it has nothing to do with that.”

“Is it because I was there as well, did I make you uncomfortable to be having sex with me there?”

“Since you told me on thanksgiving what you do for a living, my image of you has radically changed, and tonight just made it clear for me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Even though I have never found a woman attractive to do anything with, tonight I got turned on by seeing you naked, and it scares me.”

“You’re a very sexual person Sophie, with everything happening tonight and it being your first time as an escort, you’re just confused by everything that happened.”

“I don’t think so mom, and even more I think you might have felt it too?” now mom seemed uncomfortable.

“Like I said, sex excites me and I was just excited to be having sex with Martin.”

“Please don’t lie, I know I made a mistake to run my fingers through your pussy and when you started masturbating I could see how excited I made you.”

“I was just excited.”

“Yes, I could tell when I slipped your thong off, but that was way before Martin started the evening, you were excited about undressing me and then about me undressing you, I know because I was excited too.”

“Ok, I admit you are a very beautiful woman but I’ve been with woman before, we are both sexual women, it was just the excitement of the evening.” I could not deny it anymore, I needed release. I turned and got back on the couch with mom, I looked at her and she looked back at me. I had to know if what I was feeling was real or not and whether we both felt it, so I quickly moved towards her and kissed her on the lips. Mom seemed a little reluctant at first before I felt her lips part and her tongue come out to touch.

That was all it took for us both to suddenly become wild as my tongue touched hers and then I moved on top of her. She cupped my ass and pulled me tightly against her. I moved my mouth to her neck, licking and sucking it before I moved to get close to her ear. I sucked her ear, I could hear her moans.

“I want you mom, I want this. I need to be with you, I need release badly, I want you to show me how good women can be together, I need you to make me cum mom.” I rubbed her breasts and as I moved my hands down her body, then slipped my hand under her nightie, discovering she wasn’t wearing panties. Maybe she knew this was going to happen I thought as I slipped my fingers inside of her. “You are so wet, you want this too, say it mom, say you want me too.”

“I want you Sophie, if just for this moment, I need you too, please, I need to cum.” My fingers were moving hard inside of her, mom moved her hand inside my pants and panties towards my pussy, her fingers stroked my clit and slit before she put two fingers inside of me. I moaned loudly into her ear before I returned my lips to hers.

Our kisses became more heated and frantic, I have never ever felt this excited for anyone, and the moans were real and loud. I was close and was sure mom was too. I stopped kissing her as my fingers moved harder and faster. I could feel her fingers doing the same and her thumb was rubbing my clit hard. I moved my own thumb towards her clit.

We were both moving as best we could as we kept our hips moving in rhythm with each other. I looked at her face, she seemed so ready, then she opened her eyes as her back arched and that was all it took, as our eyes locked so did our orgasms as we both came. We both screamed but without words as we both continued to finger each other until a second quickly joined the first. Then I became too exhausted to continue and landed on top of mom and removed my fingers. In no time I fell asleep, it had been a long day.

I awoke alone, I opened my eyes and looked around the room, searching and finding mom, who was sat on the floor staring at the fire. She seemed lost in thought as she watched the flames flicker and dance before her eyes. I watched with her as I thought about what had happened between us. At the time it all seemed right, but as usual afterwards I was now afraid I had spoiled a wonderful relationship mom and I may have once shared. I did not see, but I became aware of a gaze upon me and turned to see mom smiling at me.

“Sleep well?” mom asked.

“Yes, but now that I am awake my mind seems restless.”

“I know what you mean, all I can think about is what happens now?”

“Can I ask what you want to happen?” I asked.

“Being the mother and the responsible one, I should say we forget about it and just carry on as we did before, never speaking of it again.”

“But you can’t.” I stated. I could see she could not lie to herself and me and forget about what happened.

“No, and I guess neither will you?”

“No.” We both sat silent for a few minutes, before mom spoke again.

“Being the one with the experience, age and wisdom, I should be able to say something now that will make it all better. But all I keep thinking about is how amazing it felt. It was pure passion, something I have not felt in a long time. In the beginning I had all the right reasons to stop it, but I could see in your eyes you wanted it.”

“Are you blaming me?”

“Of course not, I would never do that, you were right when it started, you knew I wanted it too, and I truly did, though I would never make the first move, and I am glad you did. But right now it is not what happened, it what happens next that bothers me so much.”

“My thoughts exactly, I will not deny what happened, but now that it is done, what to do next?”

“I think we should both go to bed and think about it, and discuss it in the morning.” I agreed reluctantly, I wanted to discuss it now, but maybe with everything that had happened, my first night of escorting and having sex with mom was too much for me. Hopefully a full night of rest would help me think more clearly and we would both have an answer in the morning.

I said goodnight to mom and returned to my room, a few minutes later I heard mom go to her room. For about an hour a stared at the ceiling in the dark. My thoughts either returning to the amazing feelings I had when mom gave me the best orgasm I have ever experienced or concerning how I felt afterwards. But towards the end of the long hour I kept remembering the orgasm and tried to recreate it by masturbating. But it was not even close to being as good as mom had made me feel, I had to make a choice. I could choose to forget about it completely or I could tell mom I want more.

In the end it was an easy decision, my morals left my body and jumped out the window as I made my way to mom’s room. I knocked gently and stepped into the room. Even in the early dawn light I could see mom watching me intently as I approached her bed.

“I couldn’t sleep mom, can I stay with you tonight?”

“Course you can, I was having trouble sleeping too; I think I could do with the company.” I slid into bed and moved very close towards mom. I could see it in her eyes, that same desire I witnessed earlier. I cupped her cheek with my hand and gently caressed it.

“Mom, we share a very close and special relationship. What we did today, just made it more so, I know that morally it is wrong, but I love you mom and want to be with you. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, next week or even next year. On Monday I return to University and maybe then we will either just decide not to go further, or we might find we have something very deep and special. But right now I want more of you, I can see it in your eyes you feel the same. So I am going to kiss you again and we will just see what happens.”

I leaned down to kiss her, and my hand moved to comb my fingers through her hair as I pulled her face closer to mine. Mom returned the kiss without hesitation and even cupped my ass as she pulled me closer to her, then flipped me on to my back as she became the aggressor. She lifted herself off me and removed her nightie. She helped me remove my sweats and panties as I removed my shirt.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, it made me so wet when I first looked at your breasts and your juicy pussy.” She grabbed by hands and held them to her silicone filled boobs. Mom was being quite aggressive, really trying to get me to play with her breasts hard.

“Mom, I want to explore you gently, I think you are the most beautiful and precious thing in the world, I want to love you.” mom smiled. She lowered herself gently on top of me, kissing me passionately our tongues gently massaging each other. Mom moved onto her back returning me on top.

“I will let you take charge, do whatever you want to me, explore in whatever way you want.”

“Thank you.” I continued kissing her before I started to explore her neck. I licked and kissed her neck feeling her heart beat faster. I moved slowly down towards her breasts. I kissed around her nipples, saving them for last as I explored and felt her breasts. They were quite firm and could just about feel the silicon, before I could not avoid her nipples any longer. I kissed and sucked on them, mom arching giving me more access. Her hips moved against me, I could feel her wet pussy rub against my stomach. I suckled her nipples for a while longer before I moved down towards her pussy.

Kissing all over her stomach and again saving her pussy for last, I kissed the inside of her thighs. Taking I deep breath, I took in the arousing smell mom was producing, or I was making her produce. My fingers reached out and with two of them I ran my fingers over her pussy lips, feeling as I did earlier the wetness and juices that mom had produced. I slipped the fingers into my mouth to taste a sample before I moved directly towards the source with my mouth and tongue. On the first lick I could taste the essence that was mom, it was not sweet, but I did like it. It was warm; the heat that was coming from her pussy told me just how excited she was, especially when she moaned my name.

“Lick my pussy, Sophie, I need your tongue in me.” I started to lick her, long slow strokes up, down and around her pussy lips before I tried to push my tongue inside. I used my fingers to part her lips to help get my tongue inside her pussy. “That’s it baby, fuck me with your tongue.” I tried to keep my tongue as hard as possible but at first it kept slipping out. Eventually I got the rhythm together, mom’s hips were moving and not making it easier so I put my hand on her stomach to steady us both. But she took my hand and taking two of my fingers rubbed them against her clit.

I got the message and began to gently rub her clit, she still had her hand on mine, but she was really trying to move my fingers hard against her clit. I removed my tongue and replaced it with three of my fingers as I gave up trying to be slow and began to fuck her hard and fast. I let her control my fingers as she got closer and closer to cumming.

“Oh yes, oh baby, oh…. oh….. oh…… SOPHIEEEEEEE.” she screamed as she finally came. I stopped fingering her, but her hand continued to move my hand as she made herself cum again, but this time I lifted my head and watched her face as it scrunched before she screamed my name again, then she stopped and panted as she tried to calm down. I moved up, her whole body was shaking, so I held her close as she slowly began to settle.

“Are you ok mom?”

“Never better, never better. Wow, Sophie I have never cum so hard, that was so amazing, to say that was your first time, something about you made me so excited.”

“It’s the taboo, I think it just adds to the arousal factor, but I am glad I was able to give you pleasure. I would really like to feel it too please?” she smiled and flipped me on to my back again. She kissed me and licked around my lips tasting herself.

“Do I taste ok?” mom asked.

“Very nice, better than any man, and it is a really good sign of how excited I make you feel.” She slipped her hand between my legs and began to rub my pussy.

“I can feel you are as excited by me.” I nodded as I moaned, arching my back, moving my breasts closer to her mouth. She licked my nipple, and then bit it gently as she continued to rub my pussy. She licked and sucked my nipples for a while longer, her fingers now moving inside me, before she moved down my body. The anticipation was amazing as I waited to feel her tongue on my pussy, and when I did, I came. It was that easy as I screamed.

“Oh MOMMMMM. Oh god, I came, oh god, keep going I need another, please.” She rubbed her fingers against my clit as her tongue continued to lick my pussy, inside and out. She had obviously used her tongue a few times before as she managed to keep the pace, especially as it took a while to recover after my first and my second orgasm took another 10 minutes of glorious emotions to come. I lost myself in the work her tongue and fingers were doing. I held her head against my pussy as I moved hard and fast against her face to make me cum quicker, my clit getting more and more sensitive until I finally came, screaming loudly, the pleasure and exhaustion finally got to me and I passed out.

I awoke to a very bright room, I forgot mom had the sun facing her room; it must have been the afternoon. I turned over to find mom was gone again. I put on my shirt and panties as I went to find her. I found her busy in the kitchen making lunch.

“Morning mom. Sleep well?”

“Afternoon. I slept ok but that sun really is a pain especially after I get home so late sometimes; I really need to get thicker curtains. You obviously needed the sleep, you’ve been asleep for over 8 hours. I’ve been to the shop and picked up some shopping for lunch and dinner.”

“I feel really good, thanks for letting me sleep. And thank you for last night, especially as you managed to make me cum so hard that I passed out.”

“Yes, usually when I have sex with a man, he just falls asleep. But to see you pass out like that, especially as I caused it just turned me on so much, I had to masturbate to get myself off, before I joined you asleep.”

“So what happens now?”

“As you said this morning, I won’t deny that I want to continue what we have done so far. And once you go back to University, we will be able to put things in perspective. So after lunch, maybe we could grab a shower before we return to bed. I want as much sex as I can have with you before tomorrow, when you leave.”

“Oh god, so soon, we have not much time, I think I will get my bags packed now while you finish lunch.”

It was sad to leave the next day, although I did get the chance to wake up with mom still asleep beside me. Over the next few months mom and I shared many moments together, and I continued to put a few weekends in with the escort agency, allowing me to have enough to pay for my expenses for the next year. Mom and I never did another job together and I continued to earn enough to finish the final two years in no time at all.

But like I said our sexual relationship only lasted a few months. Not to say I turned lesbian or anything, but I had decided that if I could find someone that made me happy like mom did I would attempt a real shot at a serious relationship with somebody, and I did with Claire.

I met Claire at the local gym near where I lived at college. We were together a month before we had sex, it would not compare to mom, but it was different, very good and loving. I had told mom that I had decided to stop having sex with her while I got to know Claire, I was upset as her about this, but she understood as well as I did why I had to try.

Luckily Claire is a very beautiful, caring and loving woman, and I love her with all my heart. I took her to meet mom about 6 months after we started dating, mom was very happy for me and liked Claire a lot.

After I finished University I got a good job I loved and moved in with Claire. She does not know about what mom and I had together, it will remain the only secret I keep from her, but I did tell her about working for the escort agency. Mom eventually found a very loving man to date and settle down with, giving up her job as an escort.

Mom and I don’t really discuss what happened, but sometimes we do reminisce. We remember it as the greatest time of our lives and the fact it ended well and at the right time. But sometimes when I masturbate or am having sex with Claire, I sometimes remember my time with mom.

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