Mother and son – The other part of the relationship

Mother son, the other part of the relationship, It was a usual Friday night, beginning with my usual visit to mom’s house for the weekend. It became the most unusual weekend of my life. When I arrived, mom told me that she’d seen an article in the paper that Unitech was accepting applications for summer jobs by e-mail. They were going to pay ten bucks an hour to students with computer experience.

It sounded like a perfect way to spend the summer before starting college in the fall, so I quickly sent in the application which said they would set up an interview by return e-mail if I met the requirements. Mom and I ate the dinner she made and I remember asking her if she was okay, because she seemed to be totally distracted.

I was nervous about the job application, and I wasn’t sure I had got all the details straight so I went on the computer to look at the e-mail I had sent. When I opened the folder, I saw mine and one that mom had sent. I checked mine and everything was fine. I thought that mom always deleted everything because whenever I used her computer it was always clean. But there was this e-mail that was sent at three in the morning, and when I looked at the address, it had the word erotica in the title. I felt a little guilty, but I couldn’t resist opening it. It said,

Dear Em,

Thank you so much for the stories you’ve shared about you and your son. You let me know that I’m not alone. I have feelings for my son and it has been very difficult for me to accept that. I was always a highly sexed person and my husband said that my appetite wasn’t normal. He didn’t complain for the first five years of our marriage, but when he became interested in other women, he found me too demanding. We’re not together anymore.

Your writing shows what a sensitive woman you are, but I didn’t know if it would appropriate, or if you would have time to let me tell you about my situation, and maybe get some advice from you. I don’t think I could ever act on my fantasies, but there isn’t anybody I know that I can talk with about this subject. Whatever your answer is, thanks anyway, and I’ll keep reading as long as you’re writing.

Sincerely, Paula

It’s difficult to describe that moment. So many things were going through my mind at the same time. I had to read it about three times before the idea sunk in. Amid all the mixed emotions reading about my mother’s sex life, one thing was undeniable; I felt a stirring in my groin that mom thought about me that way.

This was about as exciting as anything in my sex life had been. I was eighteen and still a virgin. I still blushed around girls had little idea what was going on. Like the time I was making out with a girl I had been seeing for a while. We were on a bed and she said, “I want you.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant and I said, “I want you too,” and just went on kissing her without doing anything else. You would have thought I was waiting for an engraved invitation. She broke up with me a while later and told someone it was because I was too inexperienced. No doubt about it.

I was totally charged up by what I had read. I must have looked at the words, ‘Highly sexed’, and ‘Feelings for my son’ about a hundred times. I spent the rest of the night imagining the unimaginable. I couldn’t sleep thinking about having sex with my mother. I was anything but turned off by it. I knew that a son isn’t supposed to want his mother that way, but I was wanting her from the tip of my stiffened cock to every position I imagined her in. I had gone triple X with my mom in a quantum leap. I almost had to stifle a yell because I came so hard.

I hoped that mom would write to that author again so I could read what she was saying. I got up around eight the next morning and after having coffee with mom I went to the computer to see if Unitech had answered. That was one reason; actually, I was more interested if Em had answered.

I had to go through mom’s bedroom to get to the small sitting room where she kept the computer. As I walked through it I was struck by both her presence and her absence. She was there in the cobalt blue dress that still graced the chair she had left it on last night. She was there in the fragrance of powder that added silk to a body I knew needed none. I knew it even though I had never actually run my hand from her calf to her thigh, or from her neck to the small of her back, where the curve of her ass rose to meet it. She was there in the hint of lavender that you could inhale if you came close enough to her skin. But she wasn’t there in the bed where I could only imagine what her pussy would look like with her legs splayed, waiting for her son to enter her. Since reading that e-mail, that was the picture I couldn’t get out of my head. And I didn’t want to.

At the computer, there was nothing in the in-box, but when I looked at the sent e-mails, there was another one that mom had sent. I guess Em wrote her back sometime early Saturday morning and mom must have deleted it, but she didn’t realize that her sent e-mails were being automatically saved for the day. Mom wrote,

Dear Em,

Thanks so much for your answer. I appreciate your warnings that these things can be difficult and that once that physical boundary is breached, there’s almost no turning back. It just seems to be getting worse for me all the time. I’ve had enough of men to last a lifetime, but just being near my son stirs a hunger in me that I’ve never experienced. I know that the excitement of incest is part of what’s driving me, but I’m so drawn to him. His name is Paul. When he was born my then husband said, “We have to name him Paul, because he’s so you.” Even though he’s only been with me on weekends for years now, I’ve felt him as part of me, always. Em, I’m actually aching for him. I could go on, but I’m afraid I’ll embarrass both of us. Thanks for being there.

Love, Paula

All of Saturday served to accelerate my feelings. I fantasized, I masturbated, I decided, and then undecided, and then decided again to do something about it. I left the house in the afternoon and shot some hoops with my friends. I even missed the lay-ups. That evening when I came home, I couldn’t stop looking at my mother’s body. In my crazy head, mom was telling me something. The top she wore looked a little bit tighter; the skirt looked a little bit shorter. The heels were a little bit higher.

Yes, I’d noticed she had nice tits and ass before, but it hadn’t been attached to my desire. Yes, I’d noticed before that her legs looked great in stockings, but I’d never thought of my hand being between her thighs. No, I certainly never imagined that the first woman I might try to sleep with would be my mother. But my sex soaked brain was telling me to try, and the hard-on that hadn’t gone down all day agreed.

I could barely eat dinner and when we were done I asked her if she wanted to sit on the back porch. It was a warm June evening and we sat on the love-seat. It would have been nice to have a fragrant breeze and a million stars over us, but it was overcast and rather humid. I put my arm over the back of the love-seat like a kid on his first date at the movies, angling to rest it on his girl’s shoulder.

I never would have said anything if I didn’t have the confidence those e-mails instilled. My heart thudded in my chest and I said the only thing I could come up with all day to see if any of this was real. I said, “Mom, I’ve been having feelings about you.” When she asked me what kind of feelings, I started to freeze up and got nervous. I didn’t think I could say anything.

But mom said, “You can talk to me Paul; there’s nothing we can’t talk about.”

I said, “I think you’re pretty.” Boy, talk about whimping out.

She smiled and said, “Thanks baby.” In the silence that followed, her eyes said, ‘Say more.’

I said, “Mom, I get excited when I’m with you. I know I shouldn’t because you’re my mother, but I do.”

I could hear her breath as she said, “We can’t always help the way we feel, I know that, but you can tell me; I won’t be upset.” I looked at her breasts as they stretched the soft cotton of her top.

I said, “Mom, I want to do things a guy isn’t supposed to want to do with his mother.” She looked like she was searching for the right words. She was breathing deeper and with each breath her tits came out farther.

She said “You really feel this way about me Paul?”

Before any reasonable thought could stop me, I impulsively bent and kissed her rising breasts. I was more shocked than mom was. She looked at me for a second and she said, “Paul…what are you doing?”

I didn’t want to talk; I didn’t want to explain about the e-mails. She had let me kiss her tits and as I said, “I don’t know mom…I want you.” I leaned in and kissed her neck. I held a breast that filled my hand and said, “They’re perfect.”

She said, “Oh Paul…baby…” She looked into my eyes and then her lips were on mine. It didn’t last long, but it was lots more than a mother’s kiss. She was trying to catch her breath. She pulled her top out of her skirt and when I realized what she was doing, I watched with building excitement as she lifted her top to her neck and her tits bounced a little. She put her thumbs in and pulled the soft white bra down under her breasts exposing both of them.

What struck me first was how big her nipples were. They practically capped the ends of her tits which were being held out to me by the uplift of her bra. Mom cupped one of her boobs and offered it to me. It was smooth and elongated. A few fine green veins that decorated her big nipple only added to its perfection. I took it in my mouth as she closed her eyes and held my head. She said, “Yes baby, yes, yes…” She said it softer and softer as she stroked my hair.

I took her other tit in my hand and felt the velvety flesh as I sucked. The tip of the big nipple became erect and even I knew that it meant that mom liked what I was doing. The tip of the nipple in my mouth felt rubbery and a little bumpy. The areola around it was smooth and puffy. It felt velvety on my tongue. I drew hard on it, almost in expectation that it would once more release sweet milk into my mouth. Mom moaned as I sucked.

I stopped for a moment and said, “I like the way you taste and feel mom,” She smiled at me.

She said, “And I like the way you make me feel.” She unbuttoned my shirt and ran her hand over my chest, breathing harder all the time. When she took off her top and undid her bra, her tits came down only a bit on her chest, but the ends still had a upturned angle that made them look more like the tits of a woman in her twenties rather than one in her thirties.

Mom took charge. She unbuckled my pants and then her skirt. She still had her heels, stockings, and panties on and I was down to my shorts. I looked between her legs and saw her mound but her panties weren’t sheer enough for me to see her pussy. I sat there waiting to do whatever she wanted to do next. She wanted to kiss.

We kissed and I fondled her breasts as we did, because she had already let me do that. I was reluctant to touch her pussy until she gave me permission. It was surreal. Our relationship had gone from ordinary to extraordinary in only hours. I said ‘We kissed,’ but you have to understand what those two words were doing to me. This was my mother’s tongue in my mouth. Her lips moved on mine hungrily and we were almost devouring each other.

The way mom kissed me made me feel as if it was a sexual kiss and a loving kiss at the same time. And for the first time I felt as if I would have a lover. My mother’s kisses were promising me that. My hard-on was straining and after the longest time I felt her hand caress my cock. She broke the kiss to say, “You really want me, don’t you baby?” It sounded more like she was surprised than asking me a question.

I said, “Of course I want you mom, how could I not want a beautiful woman like you?”

She said, “And you’re sure it doesn’t bother you that I’m your mom.”

I said, “Does it look as if it’s bothering me mom?” I pointed to my bulge. Mom pulled the waistband down exposing the full length of my hard-on.

She said, “No baby…no my beautiful, big, hard, baby.” She pulled my shorts off and took the shaft in her hand. It was so stiff it was practically pointing up at me. She bent over and as her mouth approached the thick head, I could feel her fingers on my balls. Her warm lips encircled the plum and mom’s wet mouth and tongue began their work. I’d been sucked by a few girls, but I’d never come while they did it. It sounds crazy but it wasn’t that big a deal with those girls. I don’t mean it didn’t feel good, but I wasn’t out of control.

Being in my mother’s mouth was a different story. The fact that it was mom who was sucking me certainly had a lot to do with it, but it was also how she was doing it. Her hands and mouth and lips and tongue all seemed to be stimulating me at once. If she hadn’t stopped after a few minutes, I wouldn’t have stood a chance at any kind of control.

She said, “Oh you taste good; you’re so big and hard for me aren’t you baby. I want you inside me. momma’s going to be better for you than anyone you ever had.”

I said, “Mom…”

She looked at me and either read my eyes or my mind. Her expression said it all as she inhaled and put the tips of her fingers on her lips. I said, “Mom, I want it to be you; I want that more than anything. Just help me…show me…I’m not sure how to make you feel good.”

She stopped for a moment and then her smile became warm and reassuring and she said, “Don’t worry baby, it’s all going to be wonderful.” She threw her leg over me and reached back wrapping her fist around the shaft. She was about to put me inside her when she stopped and said, “No, we’ll do that later, for your first time, I want you to take me.” She went onto her back and opened her legs. She said, “I’m glad you want me to be your first girl, I mean your first woman…” She laughed. “But you do make me feel like a girl again, a proud girl whose boy is going to take her for the first time. Come to me baby, be inside me.” She rubbed her pussy a few times and said, “Oh God yes, be inside me Paul, I’ve been waiting for you to be inside me.”

I took my dick in my unsteady hand and placed it on the soft curtain of skin. With one push it opened for me and I entered my mom’s pussy. I thought I knew what it would feel like, but when I actually felt my cock sliding into my mother, I knew that I didn’t know anything. Because it had nothing to do with thinking; it was all feeling. It was almost dreamlike with my swollen knob pushing her folds apart to enter the wet flesh that enclosed around mine, the throbbing width of my cock as my mother moved and massaged it, the deep insertion into the depths of her as farther into her center I penetrated. And my mother all the while saying, “Oh yes Paul, yes, like that, you’re doing it so good baby, yes…yes…yes…”

I was inside my mother’s pussy, inside her body, with my hard flesh penetrating her soft flesh. She was closed around me, holding me, massaging me, and I was outside myself, feeling exactly what the word ecstatic means. I had a lover and it was my mother.

I moved inside her knowing all along I couldn’t keep doing it for long. It was too much. But I didn’t need much instruction for that part of it. I moved, she moved, we moved. It didn’t matter, this angle, that angle, slow, fast, she pulled her legs back, she wrapped them around me, she spread them. It all felt so fucking good.

Mom knew what she was doing; there was no doubt about that. Each time I pressed into her, she did something with her hips and her muscles that made me feel as if she was stroking me as much as I was stroking her. She guided me wordlessly with her finger tips or her hand and when I got it right she moaned or sighed with an, “Mmm…” that told me that my cock was getting her in a sweet spot. As for me, none of it could be wrong. Being in my mom’s pussy made all of it feel good. Just looking at her with her thighs spread was awesome enough, but for a boy who’d never had a woman, to be stroking his cock into his mother’s pussy was staggering. Each time I penetrated her open flesh, I thought ‘This has to be the best anything could feel, ever.’

The point of no return came sooner than I wanted, but I was proud that I held on as long as I did. As we moved together, mom was saying things so softly I could hardly make them out. I heard her say, “Yes,” a lot and at one point I thought she mumbled, “Fuck me,” or at least I hoped that was what she said.

She started to buck up at me and that did me in. I stroked as fast as I could after telling her, “Mom I’m coming…oh mom.” Actually each word came out as long as a sentence while I released my cum into my mother’s pussy.

“Yes baby,” she said. “Come inside me, come inside me.” There was relief, there was amazement that I had just come inside my mother, and there was a disquieting question – was I good enough for mom to let me do it again? As the last of the body rocking blasts left me, I realized from mom’s voice that she was still in control and she hadn’t come.

When I was done she held me and said, “Yes baby, stay inside me, sweet baby.”

I kissed her neck and I said, “That was so good mom, but you didn’t come did you?”

She said, “No, but it’s okay, I will.” I was hoping that meant that we would be having sex again soon. It did. I was inside her after about five minutes had passed. And that time she actually came before I did. I can’t remember how many times I had her that night but it lasted until four in the morning. All we did was fuck. There was a time I wanted to stick my cock in her mouth, but I didn’t want to push her. I said all we did was fuck; that sure wasn’t a complaint. We did it doggy style, she sat on me, she rode me, her legs found so many positions to angle me into her that each one made it feel different. During that night, I learned more about sex than in all the years that went before, but what I didn’t learn about was more important.

After our screwing marathon, I must have had so many chemicals coursing through my body that I was up after only a few hours of sleep. Waking up in my mother’s bed and remembering everything we’d done got me hard. I was tempted to wake mom and have sex with her again, but she was pretty wrecked after being awakened so many times through the night. I decided to leave her in her deep sleep. It was about nine o’clock on what felt like the best Sunday morning ever. I was full of energy and I knew that guys would be starting our usual game at the park, so I went. There would be plenty of time for fucking when I got back. I never played so well.

After a few hours of playing we went for pizza and then went back and played again. After that it was beers. Then someone said that there was a baseball game at the university and there would be some kind of party afterwards for the incoming freshman class. So I went to the game. I went to the party. There was dancing, there was making out.

I know what you’re thinking. How dumb can you be? I hadn’t even called mom. I was feeling so confident after my accomplishments during my fiery night with mom that I wanted to test out my new-found skills. They worked. I had never in my life made out with a girl on the first date. And this wasn’t even a date. I danced with this stranger twice and we were going at it, and she was telling me that she wanted to see me again. This kind of thing didn’t happen to me.

When I finally got back to my mother’s house it was evening and I was ready to go at it again with her. But I only had to look at her face to see that something was wrong. And that she had taken something. This was not new. In fact one of the reasons that the judge awarded custody of me to my father was that she often took something. It might be weed, or pills, or booze, or anything else she’d gotten hold of. That was one of the reasons I didn’t know my mother very well. When I was a kid, I saw her once a week, if that much. At that age I didn’t understand why, at times, my father wouldn’t let me see her for months.

Now she wasn’t wrecked, but her speech was slow enough for me to know that her altered mind was somewhere else. I said, “Hey, how’s it going mom?”

She said, “Yeah.” She hadn’t gotten dressed and I could see under her robe that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I started to stiffen and moved to her taking her tit in my hand as I tried to kiss her. She moved back and said, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

I said, “What’s the matter?”

She said, “Look Paul, this was all a mistake.”

I said, “Last night was a mistake? Mom it was great; you said it was great.”

“I know what I said…I know what I thought, but I’m an idiot, a fucking idiot.” That was two more ‘Fucks’ than mom usually said in a year.

I said, “Did I do something wrong, are you pissed because I went out?”

“No Paul, you didn’t do anything wrong, you’re a boy, and I don’t know what I was thinking. I thought it was about the sex for me.” She hesitated a minute and then said, “Okay listen, it’s not your fault, I’ll try to explain some of it to you, but it’s so damn embarrassing. I had this idea about you and me, and it got stuck in my head, I thought it was what I wanted…oh shit…look, I’m not saying it wasn’t good. It was good, you were good, and I did want to have sex with you, but sitting around all day today, I realized that I was really looking for something more than sex. I need someone who can give me what I always wanted…what I couldn’t get from your father. It’s a sharing; it’s intimacy that only has something to do with sex, but not everything. Oh for Christ’s sake, I’m going on about something you probably have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.”

“But mom,” I said, “I thought I was good for you?”

“It’s not you baby,” she said. It’s me. I just can’t go through all this stuff anymore. I’m sorry…I’m sorry I can’t do this. I’m too old for you and I need someone who’s older and understands. It’s probably too late for me and too early for you…bad timing honey.” She took a deep breath. “You’ll be fine, and I didn’t mean to snap at you before. You’re where you should be at your age. Just have fun and forget what happened…and forgive your old drunken stupid mother.” A couple of tears rolled down her face.

I said, “Oh come on mom. I’m sorry, I should have called you; I should have come back earlier…don’t be mad at me.”

“I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at me. Please baby, I made a mistake, a terrible mistake…just try and forgive me.”

I said, “Mom I’m not going to forgive you for the best night of my life.”

She gave me a small smile and said, “Oh sweetie…then treat it as a onetime experience and take something positive out of it.”

I said, “Mom…” and started to reach for her.

She shook her head and said, “No baby…maybe you should go.”

I felt bad. She seemed so wounded and I’d never seen her so vulnerable. I said, “I want to stay here tonight.”

She said, “Paulie, we’re not going to have sex.”

I said, “I heard you mom, okay, I just want to stay with you. Why don’t you get dressed and we’ll go to the diner and get something to eat.”

She let out a deep breath and said, “I…oh okay, yeah, I’ll get dressed…okay.”

We sat in the diner for about two and a half hours, talking. Mom said, “Thanks for staying with me tonight Paul; it makes me feel a little better that you don’t hate me.”

I said, “How could I hate you? You’re my mom.” She smiled. I said, “I don’t know if I should tell you this, but I went to this party this afternoon and I was different.” She asked me how and I told her how confident I was and how I saw things differently.

She said, “I’m glad baby. I guess we’re not going to erase what happened last night, but maybe it can help us get to know each other better. I guess after that, we can talk to each other about practically anything.”

I said, “Sure mom.”

She said, “What I was trying to tell you about intimacy is that it’s what makes things worthwhile. It’s a sharing of, well, everything. You’re together with someone in a way that connects you all the time, even when you’re apart. I’ve had very little of it, but I know that it’s what I want.”

“It sounds great mom.” I said. “I guess talking like this is something like that.”

“Yes Paul it is. When you can open your heart to someone and trust them with it, yes, that’s an important part of it.”

So we shared a chocolate cake and lots of things we’d never told each other. I learned about her relationship with my father from another perspective than I’d grown up with, and I told her about my fears with girls and what I hoped to do with my life. She took my arm as we walked home and said, “Thank you for this Paul. I didn’t think I would feel good ever again.” Whatever she had taken had worn off and she was clear eyed again. When we got home, we went to sleep, in separate beds.

In the morning, I checked the computer; bad news on both fronts. Nothing between Em and mom, and Unitech said they had more applicants then they could handle and weren’t setting up interviews at present. I told mom, and after thinking for a minute she said, “I don’t know if this would work, but maybe you could put up ads to fix computers.” Mom lived in a development with three big buildings with hundreds of apartments.”

I said, “I don’t know, I guess I could fix most of the usual things that go wrong.”

She said, “Give it a try.”

I told her I would and then I said, “Mom I want to tell you something, after talking last night, I felt bad about something I did. I read your e-mails.”

She said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “I was on the computer and in your sent folder I saw the e-mail you sent to that person on who wrote stories, and I read two of them. I’m sorry mom, I shouldn’t have, but after looking at the first one I…I’m sorry.”

She covered her mouth for a moment and then said, “Oh, now I understand…well I guess that’s all water under the bridge. I’m glad you told me Paul, and I’m glad you want things to be straight between us from now on…that’s good.”

I said, “Do you forgive me mom?”

She said, “Of course, we’re not the same as when that happened, are we?”

I said, No mom, we’re not. I think we’re better.”

She smiled and said, “I think we are too.”

Mom’s idea worked. Within days of leaving tear-off numbers on a flyer I’d made up, I started getting calls. I told people I wasn’t a professional, but I was cheap. There were only a couple of people I had to tell to call someone else in. For the most part, it was mostly problems of the ‘Forgot to put the plug in’ variety. Some people even told me to come back once a week just to do a ‘Clean out’. I was making more money than I would have at Unitech and I was in mom’s complex three to four times a week. I usually stopped by and we had coffee, or she made me lunch, or we just talked.

I found out that my mom was a nice person. And you don’t get to know someone by spending ‘Quality time’ with them; you get to know them just spending time, period. After a few months I saw another difference. I said, “Mom, is it my imagination, or are you taking less stuff?”

She laughed and said, “You noticed huh? Yes, it’s not that I planned anything; I just don’t seem to need as much to get by. I’m feeling better.” Then she thought for a moment and said, “No, I shouldn’t say I didn’t do anything, I think since you’ve been coming over…I don’t want to disappoint you. I am feeling better. I’m glad it shows.”

I said, “It does mom, thanks for telling me.” I got up and said, “Gotta go to work, see ya.” I gave her an exaggerated kiss on both cheeks and she hugged me. I said, “Oh, I had an idea. How about next week, we take a vacation together?”

She laughed and said, “Have you lost your mind? I can hardly afford not being on vacation, and besides, this is first job I’ve had in a while I might actually be able to holds on to.”

I said, “No I was talking about a different kind of vacation. I’ll stay with you for the week and we’ll do stuff together. I’m in and out these buildings almost every day anyway.”

She said, “Sounds like fun. Okay I’ll try and come up with some things to do and you do too, okay?”

I said “Yes ma’am,” and left.

It was a great week. I had no memory of ever being with her for more than a day or two at a time. We had fun. We went to the movies, to the zoo, and to the beach. But that wasn’t what made it special, it was being together. I thought we would never run out of things to say to each other. It was an amazing feeling, to say whatever you thought and felt to someone who was always opening up to you too, and listening, and understanding.

I did hold back one thing. Not that I was hiding it, because I felt that she knew what I was feeling. So I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about my mother sexually. The night we had together wasn’t something I was about to forget. It was my first, it was amazing, and it was with my mom. So yes, when I looked at her body, I wanted her, but there was more to it now. I liked being with her: I liked talking to her. No, it was more than ‘like’, it was ‘need’.

One day, as fall approached she said, “I’ve been thinking about something; why don’t you live here when you go back to school. It’s closer, and you’d still be able to make some extra money around the buildings. What do you think?”

I said, “I’d like that mom, thanks. I miss you on the days I don’t see you.”

I could see she was moved and she said, “Do you baby? I miss you too.”

I gave her a hug and it turned into my holding her. She stayed in my arms and gently kissed her lips. It was soft and mom’s lips parted. The tips of our tongues touched for an instant before mom pulled her head back without letting go. She said, “Paul, what’s happening here?”

I said, “We’re falling in love.”

She said, “You can’t fall in love with a thirty-seven year old woman…especially one that’s your mother.”

I said, “I can, if you can fall in love with a nineteen year old who’s your son. Can you mom?”

She said, “It’s too late to ask me that question. I think I’m already there. Do you really love me Paul; is this about sex?”

I said, “Yes mom it’s about sex, but it’s not only about sex. Of course I want you; you get me crazy when I feel your body this close to me. But if you said that we couldn’t have sex, I would still want to be with you, and talk with you, and spend time with you, because yes, I really love you mom.”

“Oh Paul, during these last few months I’ve been asking myself if I could really be feeling this thing between us, or am I just fooling myself again?”

I said, “It’s real mom, and I know what you were talking about when this first started. I want you for everything mom. Do you want me?”

She said, “Yes Paulie, I do. Just promise me you’ll fight with me to keep this working and that we won’t give up.”

“I promise mom.” I guess you could say that those were our wedding vows. And that night was the beginning of our honeymoon, which was a Saturday night, just like the first time I had sex with my mother. But this one was even better, because there was love.

After a long lasting hungry kiss, mom said, “Let’s go to bed baby.” We went to her bedroom and I stripped her slowly against every instinct I had to get into her pussy as soon as I could. But I did want it to last. I’d been with some girls since I first had mom, and my staying power was pretty good, but I wasn’t sure I could last as long with my mother.

Mom had other ideas anyway. She said, “I’ve been thinking about doing this for days now; I want you in my mouth.” She pulled my pants down and as I stepped out of them she took my cock in her fist and said, “Yeah, that’s how I remember it, thick, and big, and hard…ooh.” She was on her knees in front of me and she opened her mouth wide to accept me. She moved toward me and I moved toward her.

Mom fit her mouth around me and I said, “Ohhh…” as her lips and tongue began their massage. I stroked her hair and closed my eyes and I felt both of her hands on my balls and cock while she sucked. By the way she was doing it, I knew it wasn’t going to be like the first time when she stopped after a minute or two. She sucked as if she was going to the end. She knew that I would come, and she knew where I would come – in her mouth. I knew it too.

She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and stroked evenly up and down the length of me while her other warm hand cupped and massaged my balls. How long could I last when the mother I was in love with was doing that to me – not very. I could feel her love as she sucked hard on the head and then took as much as she could down her throat. I watched as my pole slid between her lips. When she took my cock out of her mouth to lick up the shaft, I could see how engorged and swollen the crown was. It was almost purple and when mom sucked on it between her lips, it felt like a stretched balloon, in fact all of my cock was so hard, it stung.

She rubbed the knob along the inside of her cheek and then I felt myself going impossibly deep down her throat. She looked up at me with love and that made what she was doing to me even more intense. In one second I went into that place where everything explodes at once. I called, “MOM, MOM, MOM…” I didn’t have to tell her I was coming. Without realizing it I grabbed her hair as the first cord of cum shot out of me. It stiffened my whole body and with each successive discharge, I yelled, “OH…OH…OH…” I didn’t just cream, I poured it into her mouth. I can’t imagine how much cum my mother swallowed; it seemed like it would never stop coming out of me. She kept sucking, long hard draws along my shaft. I gave her all I had. She made me shudder with each release until I was depleted, and satisfied, and filled with love for the woman that had made feel that way.

We got on the bed and I held her in my arms. I’d never know a more contented moment. I knew she loved me; I knew I loved her. And I knew that lovely body I held would bring me years of pleasure. And I wanted to pleasure her as well. After telling her how much I loved her, I kissed my way down her belly and over her mound. I liked how she had trimmed her pussy with a runway of neat hair above her smooth lips. I liked the taste of her shaved pussy when I licked over it, getting the first flavor of her juices.

My mother’s was the first pussy I’d ever eaten and I knew by the sounds she was making that I’d be doing it to her again. She directed me a little here and there but I knew enough to work the swollen little nub that was full of sensitive endings. Her clit emerged from the hood of folds and I licked and sucked on it as she began to thrash. Mom didn’t seem able to lie still as I massaged it with my tongue. Within moments, mom was coming. She gave a high-pitched cry of, “PAULIEEEEE…” and I had a hard time keeping my mouth on her pussy as she bucked up.

When she settled a bit I sucked hard and she had another spasm, almost as if she was coming again. Her whole body stiffened and then she shuddered as if electricity had gone through her. I kissed her clit and she almost jumped. I moved up and I kissed and sucked on her nipples that were also so sensitive that she squealed a little as I did it.

I held her a while and asked her whether she’d had one or two orgasms she said, “Oh God, I can’t tell, all I know is that I don’t get to feel like that very often.”

I said, “So I was good for you mom?”

She laughed, “Oh yes; you were good for me baby.”

After letting her rest for a few minutes, I was ready to go. Her scent was going to my head and I wanted to be inside her. I sat up stroked her tits and then I rubbed her pussy. She was as ready as I was.

The first time I was inside my mother’s pussy, I thought nothing could ever feel better. I was wrong. I don’t know if it was because I loved her so much now, or because I thought I wasn’t going to have her anymore, or anything else. I was sure this time was better. Now she was waiting for me. As I moved over her, she gave me a smile and put her hands behind her knees. She pulled her legs back and apart. Without using words she was saying that she was giving herself to me. For me, I don’t think there could have been a sexier sight than a mother with her legs spread open for her son. And her eyes said that it wasn’t only her body that she was giving, but also, her heart.

I directed my cock to her shiny opening and entered her pussy with a long deep stroke until I was totally immersed in her wet flesh. She gave a long moan and I felt it go through me. I stayed in her, buried to the hilt. I said, “This is where I want to be mom.”

She said, “Yes baby, this is where mommy wants you, so deep inside me.” She took her hands from her legs and put them on my ass holding me inside her. I felt her heels on my back. She gyrated and moaned, moving her hips as best she could with me on top of her. She said, “Oh I missed you inside me. Even when I thought that this could never work, I still thought of how your cock filled me up that night.” She flexed her hips and humped up a few times and said, “Yes, I missed you baby; do it, do it.”

I began stroking her with long deliberate insertions, savoring every inch of friction along the walls of her pussy. When I pulled back, I came out until the tip of my cock was just inside her folds. When I pushed back in, I drove to the depths where I hit the end of her and heard her make a sound that told me that she was completely filled. Again and again I embedded my cock inside her, penetrating her softness with my hardness. Soon we found a rhythm and moved into the place where lovers join.

I took one of her legs and put it on my shoulder and I could tell that mom liked the angle. She said, “Ooh yes that’s good, OH yes, OH yes, OH yes…I love you so much Paul…it feels so good baby.” I felt her love and how much better it made the sex that I felt that love for her too. I kept flexing my hips and increased the speed as mom’s words matched my strokes. I took one of her tits and wrapped my fingers around it. I wanted to bend down and suck on the big puffed nipple that was stretched out of the top of my fist. I knew I couldn’t get my mouth to it at the angle I was fucking her, so I massaged it between my fingers and that heightened mom’s reaction.

She said, “Paulie, you’re going to make me come,” as her breaths got harder and closer together. That was exactly what I wanted her to do. I felt strong on top of her, and each powerful thrust made me want to make her come.

I said, “Yes mom, come, come on your boy’s hard cock, hard for you mom.”

She “Yes, on my man’s big cock, you’re my man now Paulie, aren’t you, tell me, tell me, tell me.”

I could hear the acceleration in her voice and I said, “Yes mom, I’m your man, who’s going to love you, and fuck you…”

She arched high, and I raised myself to let her, as I continued to drive into her pussy. She said, “Yes…Oh God…LOVE ME, FUCK ME, OHHHHhhhhhh…” She was loud as she came and I kept thrusting. Her orgasm was long and loud and felt almost as satisfying to me as it was to her. When her body dropped back down to the bed, she trembled with a few aftershocks that seemed like spasms. She said, “OH, OH, OH…oh my God…what was that…oh love I haven’t felt that good…ever.” She put her arms around my neck and pulled me down to kiss me.

I had come out of her when she finished climaxing and as I kissed her I returned my still hard cock to her warm wet place. She said “Mmmmm…” and I could feel her smile as we kissed and I stroked. I kept stroking long and deep. She said, “You were always so strong love, and now you’re going to be strong for me aren’t you baby, I can feel it when you’re in me, you’ll help me get clean, so I can be good for you, won’t you baby? That’s what I want, to be good for you.”

I said, “Yes mom, I will, we’re going to do it all together, just you and me.” I stroked deep into her pussy with powerful thrusts and she responded. I took her long legs and held them by the ankles. I pushed them back and as I pushed into her I looked at her fine butt. I let one leg fall on my shoulder and felt the firm flesh of her ass. I put my finger on the pink pucker and rubbed a little. She made an encouraging sound and I put my finger inside her.

She opened her eyes and said, “Take me there Paulie, I want you to.” She said, “Yes,” almost to herself. Then she said, “I never let anyone before, but I want you to.” I was taken aback. I hadn’t thought about having anal sex. I was just getting used to the idea of any sex with my mother.

I said, “Mom, it might hurt you.”

She said, “I was always afraid of it, but I know it’ll be good with you. I want to baby…if you want to.”

I looked at her round ass and the small inviting hole and said, “Yeah I want to mom.” She took some saliva from her mouth and put in on the small hole. She didn’t need to, because when I took my cock out of her pussy, it was soaked with my mother’s juices. I placed the head on the rosy circle.

As gently as I could I pressed in. Mom took a deep inhale and said, “OH.”

I said, “Is it okay mom?”

She said, “Yes baby, I’m okay.”

The anal ring squeezed my shaft just below the knob that was now inside her. It was tight. It was hot. And when I pushed in, it felt good. It was like a hot fist clutching my cock and massaging its way up and down its length as I managed to get a stroke going. It was more than I expected. It was more than mom expected. She said, “Oh God Paulie, oh God, you’re so big inside me, yes baby, yes…don’t stop, don’t stop.”

I was so glad it felt good for mom, because it felt great to me, and the last thing I wanted to do was to stop. I penetrated her a little faster to see how much she could take and she kept saying “Yes,” so I stroked harder and deeper until I had inserted myself completely into her. I couldn’t believe I had gone from total inexperience with any women to the point where I was buried to the hilt inside my mother’s ass. She moaned as I pressed my balls against the sweet round globes at the end of each stroke.

As I penetrated and stroked, I understood that it was more than sex that my mother was giving to me. I told her, “I love you mom; I never felt this close to anybody, I’m inside you, and you’re inside me.”

She knew I wasn’t only talking about where my cock was. She said, “Yes baby, that’s what I’ve always wanted, and I’m glad it’s with you. Yes love, yes, you’re inside my heart.” I continued to accelerate the pace and despite the heat and friction of her tight hole, I was able to get a rhythm going. She said, “Yes honey, do it like that. Oh love, I didn’t know it could be this good. Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

With one hand I fondled one tit and then the other. I slid my hand over her belly down to her pussy and used my thumb to stimulate her clit. She surprised me by starting to come after a few seconds. She cried out “Aaaaiiieee…” and grabbed onto my back for support as she gyrated and thrashed from side to side.

I was close enough to my own orgasm to let go and begin filling her with my cum. I said, “MOM YES, OH FUCK YES…” as her tight ring milked my cock of all its juices.

I could see the pearly semen on my shaft and on her pucker as I moved faster in her now well lubricated hole. She kept calling out to me, “Paul, Paul, OH YES Baby, OH…OH…OH…” It felt as if I was filling her with the love that was flowing through me. I knew what it meant for my mother to be giving herself the way she was, and for me, it was our most beautiful act of love.

As we both finished coming her tight grasp kept me inside her. Mom sighed and wrapped her arms around me as I eased myself on top of her. She gave me a long soft satisfied kiss and I said, “Mom, I’m going to love you forever.”

She smiled and said, “I know.”

It sounds like the ending of a story, but in real life, things go on, things happen. Not we weren’t happy for a long time, we were, for years. It was a new chapter in both our lives. I went to school, got a part-time job and mom worked. We struggled financially, but we got by. We lived as lovers, as husband and wife whenever we closed the door to our home. It sounds strange, but to us it was the most natural thing in the world, we loved each other and that’s how we acted. In public we were more careful, because it’s foolish to ask for trouble. We didn’t care that few would understand.

We did make friends with one couple that we met on the internet, Jim and Sandy. They were a couple of years older than we were, but not much. They also were a mother and son and had been living together for seven years. They didn’t live far from us and we spent enough time to get close to each other.

At that time, I was twenty-three, mom had turned forty and I got this idea in my head. It started because of all the attention I gave to her nipples. I loved sucking on them and she loved my sucking on them. I did it so much of it that she told me one day that for hours after making love her nipples ached. When I apologized she said, “Oh no baby, I love that feeling. It’s like when you make me sore sometimes from being in me for a long time.” She smiled and said, “It’s like having you at work with me the next day, I feel you, and I think about you.”

The idea had its genesis after the first six months of making love, when I began tasting a sweet fluid from mom’s big nipples. Mom said it couldn’t be, but when we looked it up, we found that a woman doesn’t have to be pregnant to lactate, and that constant stimulation could start it. After that, the sweet juice coming from her nipples gave me ideas. I thought about her having my baby. And then every time I came inside her pussy with my bare flesh inside hers, I had the urge to make her pregnant. Of course I knew that she was taking the pill but I started imagining what it would be like.

Jim and Sandy probably added fuel to the fire by telling us that they had actually tried to have a baby, but they couldn’t get pregnant. And that led to one of our fights. When I first said something about it, she said, “You’re kidding, right?” When I told her I wasn’t, she became anxious about it. She said, “Let’s think about this; I’m not a kid anymore.”

I said, “Mom, you’re young, you’re strong, and you’d be beautiful.” I kissed her and took her tit in my hand. I said, “I can just imagine what your tits and nipples would look like swollen with milk, and your belly carrying our baby.”

She said, “Oh sweetheart, believe me, if I were younger I would love to have your baby, I would be proud to, I mean it love, but I don’t think I could go through all that at this stage of my life. It’s hard, believe me. Listen honey, haven’t things been good with us, don’t you always know how much I love you, don’t I show you?”

I said, “Yes mom.”

She said, “Do you ever want anything from me in bed that I don’t give you?”

I said, “No mom.” It was true there were times when the urge would just strike me. She’d be reading a magazine or something and I’d go up to with a bulge in my pants and before I knew it I was in her mouth. I said, “Okay, forget it.”

“Then let’s not mess up a good thing,” she said. “This would be crazy. We both work; I can’t do it. Just listen to me and let it go. And why are calling me ‘Mom’ all of a sudden?” Since we’d been living together as lovers, I’d almost always called her Paula.

I said, “Maybe because you’re making decisions as if I was your boy again. And maybe it’s because you don’t want to have my baby, maybe you’re ashamed of me, and what we do, and who we are.”

I just ran off at the mouth and mom became livid. She said, “How could you?” She was almost spluttering. “How could you say something like that to me when you know damn well how I feel, and how I show you the way I feel every day. When did I ever give you one reason to doubt me? That’s terrible…my God…” She went from angry to crushed in one moment. The tears rolled down her cheeks and said, “All I do is love you…I’m never ashamed…never…”

I felt awful and I went to her and put my arms around her. I said, “You’re right mom, it was a terrible thing to say. I know you’re not ashamed. I just got this thing in my head. It seemed like you wouldn’t even talk to me about it, but it still wasn’t right. Do you forgive me love?” I kissed her wet eyes.

She said, “Oh honey, of course I forgive you. You know I’m proud of you don’t you, and proud of us? I didn’t mean we can’t talk about it. But when you said I treated you like you were still my boy…you’ll always be my boy, won’t you?” She gave me a hurt look.

I said, “Of course I’ll always be your boy.” She kissed me and caressed my cock the way she did whenever she thought I was upset with her. She usually tried to make me feel better with sex, and usually it worked, because, why wouldn’t I feel better after coming in my mother’s mouth, or pussy? She made me stiff and told me how proud she was to be the woman I wanted. She whispered in my ear as she wrapped her fingers around my cock. “And I’m proud of what you do to do me with this…you make me come so hard baby, you know that don’t you, don’t you?”

I said, “I do know it Paula, and I’m proud that you’re my lover, and my mom, and you’re my wife too, aren’t you baby?”

She said, “Yes I’m your wife always. And maybe for now we could just think about me having your baby, and it could be a sweet fantasy for both of us to think about when you’re inside me?”

I said, “Yes Paula…Paula, my sweet wife.”

We made love. As I stroked her she said, “One day you’re going to come inside me and make me pregnant, and mommy’s going to have your baby, and I’ll be so proud that you wanted it to be me.” Mom’s orgasm was quick and intense and she held me fiercely after she came.

And then Hell came up and swallowed us whole. Mom and Sandy were coming back from the supermarket when a fucking drunk driver ran a stop sign and broadsided their car. I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life. Sandy was killed. This beautiful loving person that I saw hours before was gone forever.

Mom was critical and comatose. They thought that somehow her head had banged sideways into the window even though the bag had inflated. She was on the opposite side of the impact and had only minor physical injuries. The trauma was causing her brain to swell. It was a horror show.

I spent day and night there. After a two days Jim came and stayed with me. We waited and waited and most of time they told us nothing except, ‘We’re doing all we can.’ Fuck. My life was going down the drain. Jim cried and held mom’s hand as if hoping that if she lived, somehow his mother would also. On the second day he said that mom squeezed his hand. I ran to get the doctor, but the nurse said that it was just a reflex and very common. We waited some more.

Jim was distraught, and I wasn’t far behind. All I had was the hope that the doctors held out that she could come out of it at any time. What her condition might be they couldn’t tell because of the head trauma.

On the fifth day mom woke up. It was wonderful and terrible. She was confused and didn’t remember anything. She hardly spoke and slept all the time. It wasn’t like in the movies where the person wakes up and everybody is cheerfully getting back to their lives. The next day while the doctor was examining her, she pointed to me as if trying to remember and said, “Is that my husband?”

The doctor said, “No Mrs. Miler, that’s your son, and he’s been here since the accident, looking after you.”

She said, “Oh.” She looked off into the distance and said, “There was an accident.” You could tell by her flat tone that she had no idea about any of it. During the next two days it became apparent that there was a change in her personality, a definite lack of emotion. I hoped it was temporary. Mom had been a passionate person, whether we were talking about a movie, or fighting, or, making love. Now, nothing fired her up. She was quiet, docile, and spoke in a monotone that I hated to hear.

After a few more days, the doctors said there wasn’t more that they could do and that since she had begun to remember some small details of the past, hopefully her progress would accelerate. They also said that the longer it took, the less chance of it all coming back.

When the swelling went down, I took her home and although she could get around, she spent a lot time in bed. She was a strange mixture of able and unable. If I told her what to do, she was fine. Left to her own devices, she could hardly initiate any actions. I left her lists of things to do and Jim and a neighbor stopped in, since we had only one income again and I had to go to work.

A week went by and there was little progress. When I came home one night I found her in bed distractedly putting lotion on the same arm over and over. I said, “Let me do that for you mom.” She rested on her side and I put it on her legs and arms. The nightgown was loose and I reached down her back to with the lotion and she made soothing sounds.

The memory of her soft skin against me exploded in my brain. She wasn’t completely on her stomach and I slowly stroked over the breast I could reach. I did it again and then stopped, thinking better of it. I didn’t know what to expect. She didn’t jump or yell and I returned to the back rub. She said, “Paul, why did you do that, I’m your mother.”

I wanted to tell her how much I loved her and wanted her, but I said, “Sorry, it was an accident.”

She said, “Oh, okay.” The repercussions of the touch came the next day. I brought her breakfast before going to work and she said, “Paul I had strange dreams last night, I don’t remember the details. Paul, will you tell me the truth about something?”

I said, “Of course mom.”

She said, “Did you ever touch me like you did yesterday…while I was asleep?”

I was horrified. I said, “Mom! I would never do that.”

She was very dispassionate about the whole thing and kept asking me questions seemingly more out of curiosity than anything else. I think that her body remembered my hands on it, and I was glad of that. She said, “Paul were we ever intimate?”

I thought that the truth might upset her, but she asked calmly and I just said, “Yes.”

She made a little ‘Hmm’ sound and said, “Were we intimate more than once?”

I said, “Yes.”

She said, “Many times?”

I said, “Many…many times.”

She said, “Did I seduce you, or did you seduce me?”

I said, “We seduced each other.”

She said, “Do you think that’s why I thought you were my husband after the accident?”

I couldn’t take the questions anymore. I rested my head on her breasts and just said, “Oh mom…”

She stroked my hair and said, “I guess that’s a yes…so strange…my son was my lover.” She sounded far off. “But I can almost understand it, you’re good looking, and so sweet, and so loving. You know Paul, it doesn’t seem wrong to me, but I can’t remember. Was it good Paul, did we love each other well?”

I said, “It was perfect mom, even when we fought, it was perfect.”

She said, “Do you want to touch me Paul…you can if you want to.”

I was in a state of turmoil. She was inviting me to touch her, but she wasn’t Paula. I gave in to my temptation hoping we could both wake up from this bad dream. I pulled down the top of her nightgown and cupped one of her tits pushing the flesh toward her expanding nipple. I put it in my mouth as I had so many times before. I sucked hard on the nipple and mom said, “Oh that’s nice Paul; that feels nice.” It wasn’t Paula talking, it wasn’t my mom. I couldn’t go on.

I pulled the nightgown back up over her breasts and said, “I have to go to work now mom, I’ll see you soon, okay?”

She said, “Okay,” as if nothing had just happened. I knew that if I had slept with her, I would never forgive myself. It would have felt as if I were taking advantage of the stranger my mother had become. It would have felt like I was cheating on mom.

As more time passed I worried. I had no encouragement until I came home from work one day and mom said, “Oh Paul, I’m glad you’re home.” That statement under normal circumstances would not be remarkable at all.” But my heart jumped, because she had smiled and there was some life and excitement in her words for the first time since the accident. She said, “I remembered some things. We went to the lake and rented a paddleboat, and we had ice cream on the lawn and it dripped on my white dress, didn’t it?”

I said, “Yes mom it did; that’s great! The doctor said that it may come back little by little. I went to kiss her as I normally did, but I thought I might freak her out so I kissed her on both cheeks. She kissed my lips, but not for long. She gave me a warm smile. She shook her head, and said, “Are you sure you didn’t tell me we were lovers just so you could get in my pants?”

I said, “Mom!”

She laughed, “I was only kidding.” I was relieved. It was her first joke. She said, “I know we were close, I can feel it, I’m sorry Paul.”

I said, “There’s nothing to be sorry about; I’m just happy you’re getting better.”

She said, “Give me a kiss.” This time it was a lover’s kiss and it lasted, and she said, “Mmm nice.”

The next night she remembered more things that we’d done, and lots of what was going on in the world, but nothing about our lovemaking. So I was surprised that when I was about to go to bed, she called me into her bedroom and said, “Paul it doesn’t matter if I remember or not, I want you to touch me like you did the other night.” Most of my reluctance was washed away by the tone of her voice.

I began by sucking on her nipples and this time I did it for a while. I remembered what she had once told me, that a mother’s tits were made for her child. As I fondled and sucked on hers, I believed that they were made for me. I tasted some sweet fluid and I left it on my tongue and took it to mom’s mouth. When she tasted it she looked at me in surprise. I said, “It’s okay mom, it’s because I do this a lot…we both used to like it.”

She smiled and said, “We still do sweetie.” It was nice to hear an endearment from her, I had missed them. I lifted her nightgown and kissed her belly down to the top of her panties to gauge her reaction. She was breathing harder and obviously didn’t want me to stop. I pulled her panties down. I licked her the way she liked; I sucked her the way she liked. She closed her eyes and gave in to it.

I used the tip of my tongue on her clit and she made some of the old noises. Her juices were flowing and she was holding my hair and sometimes pulling it as her excitement grew. That was something she hadn’t done before. It seemed as if there was newness to the experience for her. When I sucked her whole clit between my lips and massaged it with my tongue, mom started to come. It was great to hear and see her in the throes of her orgasm. She cried out and said, “Ohhhh…yeeessss…ohhhhh…..” She sighed as she finished and said, “That was so lovely dear…you must know me, don’t you, you know how to make me feel good…but I don’t remember what you like Paul.”

I said, “It doesn’t matter, you will.”

In the best of all possible worlds or in a movie, her orgasm would trigger a flood of memories and all would be as it was, but I was happy enough with the fact that she had wanted me, and spoke to me lovingly after she finished. She said, “I feel good with you Paul, and close to you; you make me feel safe.” I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to stay with her for the night, so I kissed her and got up to. She said, “NO!” in an agitated way and she pulled me back down and said, “Stay with me please, I love you, stay with me.”

I held her and said, “I’ll always stay with you love, I’m here. There’s nothing to worry about.” She slept quietly in my arms. Even though she had been upset, I was glad to see more of her emotions coming into play.

And that would be the key. In the next five days she began remembering more of the events that were tied to her emotions until she said, “When I called you my husband in the hospital, it was because you are my husband and I’m your wife, aren’t I?”

I’m not ashamed to say that my eyes filled with tears when I heard that. I held her and said, “Yes Paula you’re my wife, yes, yes you are.”

She put her hand on my cock the way I was aching for her to do and said, “Then come and be my husband.”

We kissed for a long time as we stood by the bed. I savored her mouth and tongue playing with mine. It was the same and it was different. Our hands found each others body and touched. We took off each other’s clothes. Mom’s skin seemed especially sensitive and my fingertips across her breasts and nipples sent a slight shiver down her body. I wanted her pussy. I cupped it and rubbed it and slid a finger along the folds until they split and parted. I fingered the wetness within and brought the dewy moisture between both of our lips as we kissed. Mom licked it and I told her, “That’s your love for me.”

She said, “Yes darling.” It wasn’t a usual word for her. I liked the sound and the breathy way she said it. I reached behind and held the full globes of her ass. They were soft and firm and pliant all at once. She kissed my neck and then my nipples. She went down on one knee and took my cock in her hand. She said, “You’re so thick and hard for me.” Mom was always fascinated and proud of my physical response to her sexuality. It didn’t take more that a caress or the sight of her bare flesh to show my craving to be inside her.

She took the swollen knob into her mouth and sucked on it. She did it longer than usual. I couldn’t stand not moving, so I began flexing my hips to get more of my cock into her mouth. She stayed still as I went in and out of her mouth. I controlled myself not to push in too far to keep her from gagging. Between the warm wetness of her mouth and tongue, and the sighs she made as she did me, I easily could have come, drained and satisfied, as I had often been after coming in her mouth, but I wanted to be in her pussy, the way we used to be.

I pulled back and directed her to the bed where she lay back and opened her legs. My cock practically directed itself into her. He pussy opened to accept me and she gave a winsome cry as my first penetration joined us. With each entry into the wet passageway I went deeper and mom responded with an encouraging, “Yes.” She held my arms and pulled her legs back and said, “I want this Paul, I want you.”

I said, “I always want you Paula, like this, like this, like this.”

Mom said, “Yes, baby, yes.”

As I pumped her with deeper penetrations, I said, “This is where I belong, mom.”

She said, “Yes baby, I can feel it, you belong inside me, in my pussy, in me, in me, Ohhh…”

She kept moaning and I pushed in as deep as I could go with powerful thrusts that she encouraged by saying, “Yes darling, hard, like that.”

I felt part of her again, I had my Paula back, I had my mom. Each stroke confirmed to me that we would again be as we once were, part of each other, inside each other. I could feel her slight bucks as her back arched in anticipation of her orgasm. After a few more thrusts, a high pitch “AHHHhhhhh…” pierced the room and mom started to come. I quickened the tempo of my penetrations because I wanted to come with her. Many times in our lovemaking it didn’t matter, but at that moment I wanted to be with her physically as well as emotionally. My quick hard strokes brought us both off.

I called to her, “Paula…mom…,” and began releasing my love-milk into her pussy.

She could feel me letting go inside her and she said, “Yes love, come inside me, fill me, fill me…”

I think that I literally did fill her as I kept coming, seemingly with no end. I could see the pearly glaze all over my shaft and on the lips of her pussy as I slowed and felt the last shudders of my mother’s orgasm.

Mom laughed in relief and said, “Oh sweetheart, it’s good to be back.”

I said, “Don’t ever go away again.”

She held me and said, “I won’t baby, and you, don’t ever stop wanting me like this.”

My kisses said, ‘Never.’

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