Internet Incest Chat, Mother and Daughter unknowingly fall in love while online

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Internet Incest Chat, Mother and Daughter unknowingly fall in love while online, About 2 months ago my daughter asked for her own computer and internet connection in her room. She simply was tired of sharing mine, especially if she wanted some private time. This got me worried, I did want to trust her but it seemed like a strange reason.

“What do you mean private?”

“Well I like to chat, and I am 19. Just sometimes a meet someone on a chat site and things get a little hot. But knowing that you could walk in at anytime just seems to dampen the mood.” Was that all, I had myself played a little with the chat sites, so knew that having the computer in my room would not give her that privacy as most of the time, I would come into the room without knocking and kick her off if I wanted to use it. So for being honest, she deserved a present.

“I was saving to buy you a laptop for your 21st, but I was also planning on getting a new car. But I could buy you laptop now and get the car later, but it would mean your 21st birthday present is very early.”

“Thank you mom, I love you, I want the laptop now if that would be ok with you, sorry about your car, but if you really don’t mind I would love a laptop. Thank you.” And she gave me a big hug. So I went to the shop with Sophie and she picked out a laptop, actually I was surprised how cheap they were, when I started to think of buying a laptop for Sophie, I assumed they would be much more expensive, but Sophie picked out the cheapest one which cost less $300, reconditioned. I said she could get something better, but she argued that it was just for a bit of work and the internet. The man at the shop helped me out on how to share the internet and I brought a router, that the laptop would wirelessly pick up the internet. Once home and Sophie and I got the router working, a very happy Sophie had her own computer and all the privacy she needed. I was happy for her, but over the next month I saw less and less of her. She became a chat addict, and with no husband around since he left 2 years ago, I had no one except the people in the chat rooms to talk too. But now I felt I needed human contact. Since my divorce all I did was moan about how I was too old to date anymore, I had little friends and was quite shy around people. So when I started chatting I found my fill, but I still allowed a few hours a day to be with Sophie. She had decided not to attend college just yet, as she had found a job she enjoyed and would soon be earning more money than her father she said, but at the moment it was an apprenticeship. I worked in the kitchen of a local restaurant. My cooking skills were limitless and the Chef was impressed, I worked from lunch to dinner, working 12pm to 8pm, then giving me enough time at home to spend with Sophie during our own dinner and a late night of chatting.

So after a month I decided maybe it is time to meet someone, I was more comfortable to talk on the internet rather than face to face and if someone I enjoyed talking too would meet face to face eventually, then who knows where it might lead. So while I chatted I began to hint that I was single and looking for a date. I was very discrete, so not to look desperate. I found a general chat site that offered people the chance to talk to people in certain counties or areas close by. It was general, which means they could be either male or female. It must have been about a week before I was chatting to someone who could be a perfect candidate, RosePetal01. She approached me first.

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