My Lusty Mom And Her Armpits

Hello friends i am from banglore.I am18 years old i live with my mom and my mom divorced my dad 4 years ago.

One day when i was returned from my college my mom was applying oil to her head then i was sneaked to see what she is doing.Then she saw me suddenly and asked when did u came from ur college.I replied just now.then she said to eat lunch and take rest.I went to kitchen to eat lunch and i finished eating and slept for a while.When i woke up in my room and went to see my mom.She was shaving her pussy in her room and i was sneaked slowly and started to rub my cock suddenly she woke up.Then i ran to my room after some hours at night me and my mom ate dinner together and she went to sleep in her room and i went to my room.After 1 hour my cock started becoming hard.Then with my hard cock i rushed to my mom room.She was with deep sleep then i opened my pant and sat on corner of my mom room and started shagging my cock it was not quite good experience.


So i went near my mom and she was wearing loose clothes so.The thing i loved about my mom is her armpits.Her armpits are so sexy so i slowly licked her armpits it tasted good so i continued with it and my had 33C boobs i slowly put my hand inside her clothes and pressing her boob suddenly in enjoyment i pressed her boob hard that she woke up and started scolding me for 15 min then she said to go to ur bed and dont repeat this nxt time i was in mood so i waited for my mom to sleep after an hour i removed all my clothes and suddenly went to mom room and i put my cock into her pussy and she jerked off and woke up and started moaning i fucked her so hard that she was encouraging me and i licked her armpits and sucked and drank her milk from those boobs and i was about cum i asked my mom where to cum she said your wish so cummed on her armpits and put my cock into her mouth let her give blowjob and then i again started fucking her for 2nd time in doggy style and cummed on her boobs and fulfilled my dream.The thing is i fucked her without condom and she let me do so.I fucked her yesterday and i really love her armpits more than boobs and pussy.She has a fit body as she goes for fitness.

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