Sudden sex with neighbour

My cock always salute her whenever I saw her . I always masturbate seeing her sexist picture posted by her on Instagram. One day she came to my home and it was a wonderful day when I was home alone . I was only on my v shaped underwear and while watching porn on my laptop I fell asleep so when she was home I was on dog’s sleep . With a small sound I saw her near my room door , I was flat , lying on bed and the porn had made my cock erect which caused a tent , which I couldn’t hide .

She saw it and blushed . I stood up got near her and suddenly what happened to me I grabbed her boobs and started squeezing them . I slapped her face and dragged her to my bed . She was refusing but I forcefully made her nude . I took out my dick and incert it into her mouth and started fucking her mouth . I pulled her head with her hair and roughly fucked her mouth . I came within a minute all over her mouth and face . I was a sexy scene . Then I turn her back and made her doggy . I slapped her ass cheek . I spit on her ass hole and incert my finger there . She made a huge painful cry . I took my hair oil and pour some of it there in her shit hole . And I put my hard dick tip there and slowly enter it . It was slippery and all my hard cock enter her asshole . Now I was roughly fucking her ass . She too enjoyed it as I could hear moans sexily . And after five minute I came all inside her hole and when I took out my cock I saw her yellow shit all over it . I was in wrath so I again put it inside her mouth and cleaned it .


Then I made her all naked and clicked some picture with my phone for future . I saw her hairy pussy so I took out my razor . Soaped it and clean shaved it . I was already hard again so I again fuck her pussy in missinory position . This time it was late for me to come . It took nearly half an hour for my cock to vomit . She had an orgasm a half dozen time within the course . After All this I kissed her forehead. We were both naked . I embraced her and affectionately kissed her whole body and with love I myself dressed her starting from her bra and pantey. I was mad about her . I asked her to come back after all were asleep that night as I was to be alone . She agreed and went back home . I will post my story what happened that night after I receive comments in my mail . [email protected]

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