Mom and son get very close

Mom and son get very close, I’m a full-figured woman. It feels right for me, and I’m happy with it. My breasts just beg to be played with, and I use them to cushion and cuddle whichever of my lover’s body parts happen to nestle on or between them. My ass draws appreciative stares on the street, particularly when it’s squeezed into the very snug slacks or shorts that I wear to display it proudly.

I was 38 when I got divorced. After my 40-something husband chose to try life with his 20-something secretary, we sold our house and I moved, with our son Kevin, into a nice apartment. Kevin was 18 at the time.

Raising a teenager singlehandedly is never easy, but Kevin was wonderfully supportive and helpful in that difficult time when our lives were changing in every way. His help was welcome when I needed a man’s strength with something, but even more welcome were his conversation and companionship, his warm hugs and gentle kisses, and his shoulders to cry on. He was there emotionally with whatever I needed whenever I needed it. This was more than my husband had given me, and it was the main reason I loved Kevin so much.

The kisses I shared with Kevin were often more intimate than is “normal” between mothers and sons, but I didn’t believe that such shows of genuine affection could in some way be wrong. They weren’t incestuous, I convinced myself. They were just fun kisses. And I liked being treated like a woman by a young man I loved very much.

Kevin liked my sexy look and provocative teasing. He stared with hungry eyes when I wore revealing clothes, and gave me leering grins when he caught glimpses of me in just a bra and panties. He’d say things like, “Nice boobs, Mom”, or “I hope you know how great your ass looks when you wear those heels.” His rude remarks didn’t bother me. They were much-needed reassurances of my appeal to the male libido. I pretended to ignore them, but I loved them, and he knew I did.

I hadn’t had good sex for some time. The solitary games I played with my battery-powered toy collection didn’t keep me from missing the joys of a good hard fuck in the arms of a strong man.

I began fantasizing about having sex with my son. Sometimes my fantasies were about me seducing Kevin, and sometimes they were about Kevin seducing me, and sometimes they were about one of us forcing the other into having violent sex. Such thoughts were powerfully arousing fantasies, and very useful as aids to masturbation. But that was all they were — fantasies.

Kevin wasn’t a virgin when the events I’m about to describe happened. He’d had sex with more than one girl by the time he graduated from high school, but he complained that his girlfriends were disappointing partners because of their inexperience and lack of confidence regarding sex. Mature women had the qualities Kevin was looking for in a bedmate. But the only grown woman he’d fucked was the mother of a girl he was dating, and when the daughter found out about it his relationship with both of them came to a sudden end.

I was 43, and Kevin was 19, when something happened that changed our lives forever. My life as an incest mom began on that memorable day.

Kevin and I both had workweek jobs, but this was a Saturday and we’d been out shopping together. It was a chilly day, and I remember that I had on a bulky knit sweater and a pair of snugly tailored slacks.

We parked our car in our apartment building’s underground garage and walked to the basement elevator lobby, as always, to take the elevator up to our apartment floor. But on this day one of the two elevators in the building was temporarily closed for repairs. The one elevator car still in operation wasn’t keeping up with the demand for it. A small crowd of people were waiting impatiently for it in the elevator lobby. Walking up a whole lot of stairs, carrying loaded shopping bags, was unthinkable.

The car arrived and quickly filled to its capacity. I was surprised at how many people could fit into it. The passengers’ mild protests and squeals of nervous laughter were evidence both of their temporary discomfort and of the sense of fun they found in this forced intimacy with strangers.

Kevin and I chose to wait for the elevator’s next run, and several minutes later we were the first ones aboard. Again a small crowd of people had gathered to ride upstairs. Kevin went straight to a back corner of the car, to make as much room as possible for other passengers, and I followed him. Everyone turned to face the car doors, as elevator riders always do. More and more people squeezed in.

Everyone shuffled backwards in an attempt to make room for more passengers. I moved back until I could move no further. The back of the man standing in front of me was pressed against my front, and my back was pressed against Kevin’s front. As before, mild complaints and nervous giggles came from the passengers as they adjusted their positions to ease the crush of overcrowded bodies.

I half turned my head and said to Kevin, “Are you OK back there?”

“I’m fine”, he replied. “This is kinda cool.”

I laughed at my son’s ability to enjoy our predicament. And then it suddenly struck me that my ass, the ass Kevin had so often praised, was now his to take, so to speak. And I was, so to speak, boldly offering it to him.

The doors closed, the elevator started moving, and I quickly learned a few things about being in a very overcrowded moving elevator. First, the gentle rocking of the car makes the bodies of the passengers move against one another. Second, this involuntary massaging causes the passengers to become sexually aroused, giving the males erections which are noticeable to those in front of them. Third, people of both sexes will, once they get used to this pleasant contact, add to it with subtle deliberate movements of whatever parts of their bodies would most benefit from further stimulation.

I felt the unmistakable growth of my son’s cock, both in size and in hardness, against the stretched seat of my skintight slacks. I shifted my hips slightly, trying to avoid painfully crushing Kevin’s trapped penis by allowing it to nestle in the shallow crease that the pants provided between my ass cheeks. I immediately felt the muscular buttocks and legs of the man in front of me rubbing against my belly and thighs. The raw sexual atmosphere of the moment gripped me. I felt a sudden rush of warmth and moistness between my legs. I let my upper body relax backward against Kevin’s chest. My hair tumbled over his shoulder.

I felt something hard pressing against my belly. It was the wallet of the man in front of me, bulging out his hip pocket. I found that if I pushed my hips slightly forward I could actually position that hard bulge against my pussy mound. Of course this was a deliciously naughty thing to do, so of course I did it. And it felt very good. I boldly thrust my hips forward to let the man’s wallet probe my crotch, and secretly hoped he knew what I was doing. If this ride lasted long enough, I was sure I could have an orgasm humping that wallet. I remembered once hearing that “the size of a man’s bank account is a more powerful aphrodisiac than the size of his cock.” This man’s wallet was very well endowed.

I hadn’t forgotten Kevin. I rotated my ass over my son’s hardon. Behind me, Kevin groaned, “Oh shit, Mom.”

“Is my ass making you uncomfortable, sweetheart?” I whispered back to him.

“Fuck no,” he groaned. “Your ass is awesome.” His lips brushed the nape of my neck and then licked at my earlobe.

I hadn’t felt this turned on in a long time, and the fact that it was my son’s cock that was probing my ass crack didn’t lessen my excitement in the least. In fact, it added to the pleasure I was giving myself by trying to force a stranger’s wallet into my pussy through two layers of clothing.

“I’m enjoying this as much as you are, darling”, I whispered back to Kevin. My breathing and pulse rates were getting noticeably higher.

The car stopped at a floor and some people got off. The remaining passengers didn’t seem very eager to move apart from each other. The sexy little game we’d been playing was probably being played by others in the car.

My hands and Kevin’s were occupied holding our shopping bags, but that didn’t keep us from moving our lower bodies. Kevin rubbed his cock against my ass more rapidly, and I rotated my hips in slow circles, masturbating my son with my well-rounded bottom.

I gave up trying to fuck the man’s wallet. I knew now it was the cock behind me that I wanted, and with that realization I became determined that Kevin’s cock would be sheathed in my cunt sometime soon, maybe before this day was over.

We might have continued dry-humping each other all the way to Kevin’s orgasm if a few more people hadn’t gotten off at another floor. Everyone moved slightly apart, perhaps reluctantly. There was an audible sigh throughout the car.

The elevator reached our floor. Kevin and I stepped out into the hallway, and found ourselves alone there. Kevin was breathing rapidly and his face was flushed. His jeans front was tented out noticeably. I was panting a bit too, and I was sure my face showed the same signs of excitement that my son’s did. We took only one step toward our apartment door before we could no longer resist the urge to continue our sex play.

We dropped the shopping bags and were suddenly in each other’s arms. Our mouths tasted each other hungrily, and our hands groped at each other’s bodies through our clothes. We gathered up our purchases and staggered clumsily down the hallway, still kissing.

We somehow made it to our apartment door. Kevin continued to squeeze my ass and grope between my legs as I struggled to find my keys and get the door unlocked. Once inside, with the door closed behind us, we were all over each other again.

Kevin had a handful of bra cup up under my sweater and a handful of buttock through the seat of my pants.

“My bedroom,” I gasped. “NOW!”

We staggered toward the bedroom, undoing buttons and zippers along the way. Clothes fell away and were tossed aside. My sweater came off over my head easily enough, but the tight pants were more of a challenge. I was still struggling to get them down over the fullest part of my hips when Kevin freed my breasts from my bra and began to kiss and suck my stiff nipples greedily.

We tumbled onto the bed. I got my pants off somehow. Our frantic foreplay went on for awhile with both of us still in our underwear, but eventually my bra and panties joined Kevin’s boxers on the floor. It was only then, with both of us fully naked on the bed, that Kevin realized he didn’t have to take me by force. He knew I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

He paused and took a long hard look at his mother’s body. His face showed a wonderful blend of love and lust, the kind of look I’d wanted for so long to see on a man’s face. I cupped my breasts with my hands and lifted them up, pointing my nipples toward him, and moved my thighs wide apart to give him a good look at my moist pussy lips. I was his, and I wanted him to know it.

But I wanted to be in control of our first fuck. I positioned Kevin on his back, his cock standing straight upward, and knelt astride his hips, facing him. I looked straight into his wide-open eyes as I guided his cock to the entrance to my pussy. I teased us both for a moment, moving my son’s cock up and down along my slit, and then I told him how much I loved him and lowered my hips to take him fully into me. I paused, to let both of us savor the precious moment. Then I moved my hips up and down several times, alternately almost releasing him from the grip of my pussy and then burying him completely within it.

We were on our way. Kevin and I fucked like the crazed animals we were on that Saturday afternoon. Kevin played with my tits, which swung freely above him, and slapped my ass encouragingly. I made sure that the movements of my hips got his cock into those secret places in my cunt that needed to feel his presence, and when I felt my climax creeping up on me it took only a brief touch of a finger alongside my clit to push me over the edge. I let out a shriek and shook violently when I came, but I managed to keep my balance as I continued to fuck my son.

A little later his cock suddenly got bigger and harder, he cried out, “Oh fuck yes!” and my son flooded my pussy with his warm sticky love cream. We had become lovers in the best sense. In every sense. I collapsed on him, and we kissed with passion as our bodies quieted down, still linked.

There was so much I wanted to share sexually with Kevin, so many other ways we would enjoy each other in the hours ahead. And how about the days and weeks and months and, who knows, maybe even years, ahead? Even now, my pussy gets warm and wet just thinking about it.

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