Fucking Mom, son has sex with his Mother

It happened the year I graduated high school and turned 18. I must have been born with a desire for incest, but that’s when it was triggered. Here’s how it happened. My mother had been a teenager when my father impregnated her, but they married and were happy together. I was 6 when he died

Tricked My Innocent And Horny Mom Into Incest Sex – Part 1

This story is all about how a son pleased his mom’s sexual fantasies by introducing her to the incest world. Part 1 is the way son finds to approach his horny mom. Hi, guys, I am Raja (Pen name) from Hyderabad. I am 29 years now and this story is all about my lovely mom

Mom and son get very close

Mom and son get very close, I’m a full-figured woman. It feels right for me, and I’m happy with it. My breasts just beg to be played with, and I use them to cushion and cuddle whichever of my lover’s body parts happen to nestle on or between them. My ass draws appreciative stares on the