My mother lover

To introduce the characters, my name is Brian and I was in my early 20s. I was 5’11”, 165 pounds, trim rather than muscular, and blond. And for those to whom it matters, I had an average sized cock – about 6 inches, well below apparently the Literotica standard.

My father had left us when I was a kid so I lived with my mother Stella, in her mid-40s. Of Swedish descent, she was also trim, with small hips and decent sized but slightly droopy breasts. On a good day she resembled Helen Hunt. While I knew she was attractive, having sex with her was in no way an obsession. Here is our story.

“Brian, for a few weeks now I’ve been wrestling with how to tell you this and since I couldn’t find the right way, I’m just going to tell you.”

I looked up, startled, expecting something awful. Cancer? Job loss? A move to somewhere far from my friends?

“I’m going to start going out with someone.”


No big deal I was thinking. The disruption to our routines, especially mine, would be bothersome but I suppose I knew the day would come and besides, in a few years I’d be finished college and setting out on my own.

“Great Mom. Who’s the lucky guy?”

“That’s what’s so difficult Bri. It’s not a guy.”

Startled again. I’d had no inkling she leaned that way.

“You mean, with a woman?” Duh. But that was all I could come up with.

“Well, yes. It’s someone from the office who I started working with a couple of months ago. Do you want to hear about it?”

“Sure.” That came out a bit too enthusiastically. While I sometimes fantasized about my mother, every time I jerked off to her, I’d feel regret after I’d come. But the thought of her with another woman was new and intriguing territory.

“Her name is Valeri and she was born in Hungary. As I said she started working at my place a couple of months ago. I took her under my wing and got to know her a bit. She started off shy but she certainly has a flirtatious, vivacious side. A couple of weeks after she started we had an office happy hour. Two drinks into it the others began to leave and eventually there was just us. I asked if she were married or had a boyfriend and while at first she didn’t directly answer, she finally confessed she was more attracted to girls, or women, as she corrected herself.”

“I was a little surprised but curious to hear more. You see Brian, before I met your father I played both sides of the field.”

Wow! This was news. I started imagining her eating out some girl’s pussy, or even better, some cutie eating out hers. This focus on my mother’s pussy started getting me aroused.

“Geez Mom, you never mentioned that before.”

“Well hardly. Mothers don’t usually share their pre-marital sex lives with their sons. Anyway, she’s not completely lesbian but that’s her main preference. You’ve heard about the Kinsey scale?”

I nodded, but hoped this wasn’t going to lead to a quiz.

“So 6 means you’re completely homosexual or lesbian with no interest in the opposite sex. Zero means you’re completely hetero. Three means you’re perfectly bi. So I’d say that Valeri is a 5. I’m a 2 which means I prefer men but sometimes enjoy women. What about you?”

“Zero I guess. Thanks Kinsey.”

“I told her of my university dalliances including a hot romance with my freshman roommate. She said I was very sweet to have confided in her and that she could see why any woman would find me attractive. We flirted a bit more and then called it a night. But since then the flirting has escalated and last week she asked me out for dinner. I asked if this meant what I think it meant and she said yes. I told her I was tempted but that I’d have to think about it. Which I have. I realized I’m attracted to her and she’s fun to be with. Plus, to my eyes she’s kind of exotic. Sexy too. She’s only 30 with olive skin, dashing brown eyes and curvy hips. And her ass, oh my.”

I was wide-eyed. I was plenty curious to meet Valeri but I was also regarding my mother as more of a sexual being than I’d ever imagined.

“So when do you start dating?”

“I told her Friday so long as our talk went well. Did it?”

“Well, I’m still digesting that you’ve been with girls, but Valeri sounds nice. And you haven’t dated anyone since Dad left. So I say Go For It!”

“Thanks Bri. You don’t know how much I appreciate your maturity. And Bri…” Even though were sitting on the sofa, she looked up.

“Yes…” What was coming next?

“If it goes well, would you be upset if she spends the night here?”

“Where would she sleep?” The words were out of my mouth before the stupidity of the question registered. Fortunately my mother didn’t answer. At least not in words. But that look of sympathy mixed with pity topped with confoundment spoke plenty.

Part 2 – Valeri

Friday. Date night. Mom was giddy and changed her outfit three times before settling on a stylish silk blouse and a sharp black skirt. She looked damn good and I told her so.

“Good enough to eat?” She giggled and before I could unwrap my tongue, continued “Rhetorical question honey. No need to answer that.”

She went out and I took off to hang out with my friends. Normally we’d make quite a late night of it but my mind was elsewhere. I was dying to know how the date was going and whether Valeri would be spending the night. I didn’t feel comfortable mentioning it to the guys and pleaded fatigue around midnight. When I got home I saw mom’s car in the driveway. On entering, no sounds at first but then I heard voices. The bathroom was beside my mom’s room while mine was well down the hall. I had half a mind to try to listen (not easy from my bedroom) but decided against it. Still slightly squeamish about that kind of intimacy with my mother. So I put on the headphones, cranked up some Clash and conked out.

I was awakened by my mother.

“Brian, I need one of your T-shirts.”

“Whaa?” I was groggy and the request didn’t make much sense. My mother was in a thin baby doll and was looking very good. She looked earnest but there was a glow to her I hadn’t seen before.

“Valeri spent the night. She didn’t bring anything to wear for the morning and doesn’t want to get into last night’s dress.”

That snapped me awake though I still felt dodgy. “Sure”, and waved in the general direction of my clothes chest. She got something out and departed.

I wanted to get up as curiosity about Valeri was killing me. Mom too looked fetching in her baby doll. But I thought I should give them some time as obviously Valeri needed to get dressed. I drifted off, got up with a start about 45 minutes later and took a shower. Mom’s bedroom door was open and no one was inside so they must be in the kitchen. I put on a pair of boxers and T-shirt and made my way there.

“So there you are.” Mom, still in her baby dolls, came over to greet me with a hug and a hand through my hair. “And this is Valeri.”

“And you must be Brian. Thanks so much for your shirt.” She came over and we hesitated. I thought of a handshake but that seemed way too formal. But anything else seemed too familiar. Valeri rescued me by giving me two quick pecks on each cheek.

“Nice to meet you Valeri.” Clichés are safe when the brain isn’t in gear. She was short, about 5’2″ and had medium length wavy black hair. Her legs were a bit thick but very firm. Small breasts from the look of how my T-shirt hung and she was barefoot which I found oddly sexy. I don’t have a foot fetish but I do like a nicely formed one. Her red toenail polish just added to the effect. As she turned to go back to the table, I could somewhat tell that even through the loose-hanging T-shirt, her ass was one for the ages. It reminded me of a pornstar from the 80s (whose name I’ve now forgotten) and the closest modern day equivalent would be J-Lo’s.

They were on their coffee and chattering about folks at work. I just had some fruit and toast and didn’t join the conversation. But I noticed that my mother looked animated in a way I’d seldom seen. Eventually she got up.

“I’m going to take a shower now so you two have some time to get to know each other better.” And she left with the slightest of sashays.

Valeri and I looked at one another, each I suppose searching for a conversation starter.

“You’re so cute.” she said. “You look so much like your mother.”

That nonplussed me. Few guys take it as a compliment to be compared to their mothers. But, I knew that Valeri liked my mother so what the hell.

“Thanks. You’re quite attractive. I can see why my mom wanted to go out with you.”

“I was the one who pursued her. She was so helpful at work and, well, I’ve a weakness for tall, trim blondes. Just the opposite of me.”

I must have blushed. Valeri continued “Oops, maybe I shouldn’t talk like this with her son.”

“It’s OK. I know she works out and keeps fit. She just complains about her droopy breasts.” Once again I couldn’t believe what I was saying it as I said it. I sometimes have a tendency to blurt and sitting there with Valeri seemed to ratchet it up. She was at the end of the table and I was on one side. My T-shirt which hung at mid-thigh standing was edged up much higher seated. And she had this bright expression that edged on blooming into a full, glorious smile. Her eyes were captivating and she had full, broad lips. Lips, which I reminded myself, must have been on my mother’s pussy just a few hours ago.

“Oh, I don’t care much for breasts. Mine are nothing special. I’m more of an assman.” And she grinned.

So now I wondered what she’d done to my mother’s ass. In somewhat of a daze I didn’t even see the next blurt approaching. “Well she says that yours is something special.”

Now Valeri laughed. “Oh Brian, I can’t believe we’re having this conversation. Mine is too big.”

I plunged on. Here I’d imagined that maybe we’d talk about how she came to the States, where she’d gone to school etc. Somehow it was about her and my mother’s body parts.

“I didn’t get much of a look so I can’t say, but maybe my mother likes it like that.”

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“Brian” coyly now, “Are you asking to see my ass?”

That brought on a danger zone blush. “Ah, well, er” was about as much as I got out. Valeri was smiling away. Thankfully I was rescued by my mother’s return. She had changed into a snug pair of cotton shorts and pink, short-sleeved shirt.

Valeri got and said she’d change and would shower at home. As she left she flicked up the T-shirt giving me, and my mom, a good look at her ass. Thongs weren’t a thing in those days but her panties were tiny. And her ass was so inviting.

“So what do you think of her?”

“She seems very nice. Cute, no, very attractive.”

“Sexy as hell you mean. What did you talk about?”

No way was I going to tell my mom that we talked about her body. But I don’t lie very well. “She just said how much she liked you.”

Mom looked like she was on the point of a smackdown rebuttal but let it pass. “Well I like her too. A lot. She’s bringing out feelings in me that, well, no need to elaborate.” Then she leaned over and kissed my forehead. We’d never been much for open affection so this was new. Then she pulled my head into her chest. “Brian, I do hope you’ll get on with her. I’d give her up if I thought you were uncomfortable with the relationship but I think I’m smitten.”

“Mom, she’s great. And I can already see the change in you. She’s welcome anytime.”

“Glad to hear it. Are you saying this because you want to see more of her ass?”

Another blush. “I’m sure that was more for your sake.”

“And I’m sure you enjoyed it every bit as much as I did.” Then she kissed my forehead again.

Part 3 – Developments and Conversation with Mom

Over the next few months they were dating steadily. Valeri stayed over a couple of times a week – usually Wednesdays and Saturdays. My mother was very happy and looked like she’s lost years off her life. She also got more touchy-feely. Simple things like touching my arm when we talked, more hugs and snuggling up on the sofa when we watched TV. Unlike a lot of guys on Literotica, I wasn’t desperate for a sexual relationship with my mom, though I did find her attractive and welcomed the growing closeness.

I was also enjoying Valeri’s company. She’d compliment and tease me and became more openly affectionate with my mother. Slaps on the butt and open-mouthed kisses when she left. At first my mother tried to stop this when I was around. Eventually she went with the flow. One time I entered the kitchen when they were kissing and Valeri was fondling my mother’s (clothed) breast. That led to a talk.

“Brian, I’m sorry about that. Valeri is very affectionate you know. But I shouldn’t have let myself get carried away while you were in the house.”

“It’s OK mom. I wouldn’t have minded a show.” Mr. Blurt was seldom at a loss for words.

She looked slightly shocked; then laughed. “Hmm, two women. Every guy’s fantasy, right?”

True dat, though since one was my mother, I wasn’t sure how to take it. Ducking the question seemed the safer course of action. “Seriously, you two have been going out for several months now. It’s a serious relationship – not just a fling. If you want to be affectionate in your own home, I shouldn’t inhibit you.”

That mature-ish response gave my mother pause. “Brian, that is so sweet and thoughtful of you to say. I’ve no intention of flaunting anything but thanks so much for the assurance.”

I should add that I’d gotten into the habit of rising on Sundays before they did. The new routine was to bring them coffees in bed before they got up. One time as Valeri was reaching for hers, the covers slipped and I saw her breasts. They were small but nicely shaped. Her nipples were dark brown and very long and perky. She was nonchalant about it. “Oops, well, nothing to see here Brian.”

“That’s what you think.”

“Actually, I don’t. I’m not crazy about big breasts. Never wanted a couple of heavy melons. Your mother’s are about as big as I like them. But I do love my nipples; their color and how they stand out when I’m excited.” Which presumably she was now. “Do you like what you see?”

Now my mother was watching this exchange with an expression that was one part surprised and one part hard to read. Had it been just Valeri and I alone, I would have been more forward. But under the circs, “You’re a very pretty woman Val.” And I left.

Over the next few weeks Valeri never covered her breasts when I brought in the coffee. My mother always did. I asked her about this one night when we were on our own. We were watching an old movie and on our second glass of wine.

“Mom, does it bother you that Valeri doesn’t cover her breasts when I bring you coffee?”

“It did at first and I talked to her about it. Her attitude is that they’re only tits so what’s the big deal. She’s not that into breasts as sexual playthings so maybe that’s a factor too.”

“But you always keep yours covered.”

“No shit Sherlock. I’m your mother.”

“Sorry, but it just seemed incongruous.” I’m not sure if that’s the word I wanted but that’s the word that came out.

“Are you saying you want to see your mother’s tits?”

“Well, um, not that I’m asking you to see the, just that I wouldn’t mind, no, that I’m sure they’re great looking, but I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable…” I blundered on for a few more part-sentences before my mother laughed.

“Brian, I’m the one who’s made you uncomfortable. Even though you didn’t complete a sentence, I understand. So henceforth I needn’t be so vigilant about my modesty. Just keep in mind that Valeri is much more adventurous than I am.”

“How so?”

“I can’t tell you about our sex life.”

“I’m not asking you to. But you brought up the topic so give me one example. That’s all.”

“Hmm, this will take another glass of wine.”

The glasses refreshed and half drunk, mom continued.

“You can’t mention this to anyone. ”

“It stays in this room.”

“I told you how she’s not so keen on breasts. Even though I like ’em. But she loves my ass.”


“Well, she gets off on kissing it, licking it.”

“You mean your cheeks?”

“No Brian, my hole. She loves to stick her tongue in my hole. Every time we have sex she licks me there. One night she said it was ass-only night and all she would do would be to ravish my ass. Brian, she had me down on my knees with my ass in the air for almost an hour while she licked and kissed me there. She sticks her tongue way up inside. Oh God, I can’t believe I’m telling you this.

“Do you do the same for her?”

“I do. But not nearly as much. I can’t bring myself to stick my tongue right up there. But I’ve gotten to like licking.”

She looked away, then at me. “God Brian, this is NOT the conversation I’m supposed to have with my SON.”

“Mom, I’m touched that you can confide in me like that. I’ve seen how happy you’ve been over these months and Valeri has been nothing but good for you. It was high time you had an adult relationship and now you have one and that’s great. And I’m sure your tits are lovely.”

She half laughed and half cried. “Oh Brian, that was so sweet. I do love you, you know. But it’s a school night and I’d best get ready for bed.”

She went off to the bathroom while I finished my wine. Hers too as she’d left a couple of ounces. She returned to say goodnight wearing a full length nightgown. She kissed me on the forehead, then the nose and cheek. Then she got up, thanked me for the conversation, flashed me a breast, yes, FLASHED ME A BREAST, and left.

Part 4 – Valeri’s Request

Things gradually progressed. Mom and I didn’t have any more intimate talks but the hugs and cuddling on the sofa grew more frequent and prolonged. I still served the Sunday morning coffee and Valeri always left the covers down, exposing her breasts. One morning my mom’s covers slipped. She went to pull them up, then stopped.

“Oh well, if you can see Valeri’s then I needn’t be so shy about you seeing mine.”

I had a semi-hard-on that morning that grew into a full-fledged salute at that sight. Objectively speaking they were nothing special. Maybe a 34C or a 36B and they drooped a bit. The nipples were faintly pink and stuck out nicely. But it was the fact that they were my mother’s that made them special. I still didn’t have a raging desire to have sex with her but I was enjoying our growing intimacy.

Another morning as I entered with the coffees, Valeri got up and said she had to use the bathroom. Got up fully naked I should add. She didn’t make a big deal of it and sauntered off. I was able to see that her pubic hair was jet black and unusually for those days, trimmed. And her ass was even better than the glimpse I’d had several months ago. It was kind of big with rounded cheeks and very firm looking. My cock had risen to a 75 degree angle – almost fully erect but sticking out so it couldn’t be missed. My mother caught me gaping.

“Some people just aren’t very modest.”

“Yeah, she is kind of a free spirit.”

“I didn’t specify Valeri Brian. I said some people.” and she looked directly at my crotch.

“Mom, you can’t expect me NOT to get aroused when I see someone like Valeri naked.”

“Well I’m glad it was Valeri and not the sight of my naked breasts. That would be kind of perverse don’t you think?”

I’d turned my mind from contemplating Valeri naked to my own mother nude to the waist. And my cock was responding – visibly moving from 75 to 90 degrees fully erect.

“Mom, your breasts are lovely.”

“We both know that that’s not true but it’s sweet of you to say so. And your cock..”

But Valeri re-entered the room just then. My mother slipped back under the covers, as did Valeri.

“Looks like you two want to be left alone with your coffees.” and I left.

A few days later my mother told me we needed to talk.

“Bri, this is awkward but I promised Val I’d tell you. You see, from time to time she needs a man. Or in her words, she needs a cock in her. And she wants it to be yours.”

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Bowled over. Wide-eyed. Stunned. Couldn’t process what I just heard.

“You mean, she wants to have sex with ME?” My mother nodded yes.

“How would you feel about that?”

“That would be great. But how you YOU feel about it? I wouldn’t want to come between you. No pun intended.”

“Intended or not, I bet you’d love to cum between us.” Then she giggled and put her hand over her mouth. “I knew that someday she’d want a man and I just assumed it would be an anonymous stranger whose presence I could just ignore. Knowing it was my son who I see every day makes that impossible. Then I’d be imagining the two of you together and the next time I went down on her I’d be thinking that you mouth and cock had been there before me.”

“Really? You’d think about my cock?”

She blushed. “You know what I mean. But I was going to say that when I thought it was between two people I love, it seemed selfish to stand in the way. Besides, I’ll still be seeing Val as usual and I gather she only wants sex with you every month or so. So are you up for it? Pun intended.”

I was up alright which was evident to my mother. “If it’s OK with you, sure.”

It was arranged that my mother would drop me off at Val’s on Friday night. She lived in the boonies and the transit connections were poor. As we arrived I could sense that mom was nervous.

“Here we are dear. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“But I thought that was the point. Aren’t I here because there are some things I can do and you can’t.” I remember being pleased by the comeback. Mom laughed.

“Touché. Have fun and I’ll see you tomorrow.” And she kissed me full on the lips.

Valeri answered the door. She was in a deep green, ankle-length silk nightgown.

“I’m glad you came Brian. Did Stella explain everything to you?”

“Ah, I think so. You want…”. I just couldn’t get the rest out.

“Yes, I want to have sex with you. I want you to fuck me. That IS why you’re here isn’t it?”

I nodded.

“Good. Great. But just so there are no misunderstandings, I want to make a couple of things clear. I like you Brian but this is just sex. I’m not going to be your girlfriend, we’re not going out on dates and you’re not going to turn me straight. Got all that? Oh, and you can’t come in me. I hate condoms. So much plastic that I might as well stick to my dildo. So when you’re close to cumming – pull out. If you dare cum in me, well, let’s just say you don’t want to see a Hungarian woman in full fury. Your mother may have had her tubes tied but I haven’t”

I nodded. I might have vaguely fantasized about the first three but that was off the table. No condom sounded great though.

“OK then. Have you showered?” I had.

“Then let’s get started. Come here.”

I approached her and she surged up and planted a big juicy kiss on my lips.

“Bedroom. Now let’s get out of these clothes.”

We stripped and stood staring at one another, naked. I was at half-mast.

“Oooh, nice size. Not to small and not too big. I like it like that.”

I must have looked offended. I knew I wasn’t huge but it felt odd having someone point that out. Especially a naked woman who I was going to fuck.

“Don’t look like that Brian. If it’s too big I can’t and won’t take it in the ass. Yours should fit just fine.”

Wellll, that brought it up to full attention. She grabbed it, pulled my head down for more kissing, and twisted her hand all over the head. Then she pulled us onto the bed. I quickly had my hand on her pussy and was feeling her lips. Even though she wasn’t stroking me I could feel that the explosion wasn’t far off.

“Nice Brian. You’ll probably cum fast the first time so let’s get it on. But get me ready.” And with that she pushed my head down to her crotch.

She smelled great. Kind of a fresh musk scent is as best as I can describe it. Her pussy lips were thick but not too long and her clit was already standing up. I started licking. First just up and down and then at that juncture where the top of the inner thigh joins the crotch. I sucked here there too and then took her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked them in and out. Then I went back to licking the lips and flicking my tongue around her clit.

“God Brian, I’m loving this. Now stick that tongue inside me. And you can use a finger too.”

I did as told, taking turn sticking my tongue as far in as I could and alternating with a finger. She was getting really juicy and it was drenching my face. I used some of those juices to start running another finger all around her asshole.

“Brian, I need you inside me.”

I raised my head and got up to mount her. Embarrassingly, my erection had wilted some. But Val gave it a couple of yanks and it was good to go. I eased into her and just revelled in the warm, silky tightness. She had some muscle movements that felt like milking and I knew I wouldn’t last long. She grabbed my head and pulled to hers; licking up her juices and then sticking her tongue in my mouth. When she wrapped her legs around my waist it just about tipped me over the edge.

“Val!” I cried and pulled out. Then it was a huge explosion of cum all over her stomach and chest. She smiled and kissed me. We rested a while and then she got up.

“I knew you wouldn’t last too long but it was fun. And thanks to this (gesturing to the pools of cum) I have to shower now. You should join me.”

Valeri got under the water first and rinsed off all the cum. I was behind her and started tentatively washing her shoulders. When her front was clean she turned and grabbed the soap. Then she washed my shoulders, chest, stomach, cock and down my legs.

“Turn around now,”

Next was my back and ass. She paid special attention to my asshole; first rubbing the soap hard into it and then using her soapy fingers to rub it around and up inside. That gave me a quick erection.

“Bend over under the shower.”

She aimed the shower head at my ass and got rid of all traces of soap.

“Your mom really likes this.”

With that she pushed her head into my cheeks and started tonging my asshole. Up and down, round and round, and the odd plunge right up inside. Small wonder my mother loved it. I was in heaven. It wasn’t just the physical sensations shooting through my body; it was the taboo nature of the act as well. No one had done it to me before and I’d never done it to anyone. By this time Valeri had grabbed my cock; gently pulling on it. All at once one of those tongue plunges sent me over the edge and I ejaculated.

“Oh Valeri, I can’t describe how great that felt.”

“I thought you’d enjoy it. By the way, yours and your mother’s asses are almost identical. Someday you should compare.” Now how the heck you could do that beat me. And part of me shuddered at having the same ass as my mother, though under the circumstances it was a very small concern.

“But I didn’t mean for you to cum just yet. I still need you for more.” I’d almost forgotten. Did she mean the anal?

“This will really test the residual powers of a young man. But first I’m putting you to work. You’ve already cum twice and I’ve only had a tiny orgasm while you were eating me. So get ready for a long session of licking my pussy.” Sounded like a deal to me and we headed for the bedroom.

Val laid back and spread her legs. I laid down in between and began licking and sucking; much as before. Her juices intoxicated me and this time she was humping her pussy up and down my face. She was getting into it with a series of “oooohs” and a purring sound. After several minutes she sat up.

“And now my favorite position. You lie back.”

She straddled my head and slowly lowered her pussy on to my face. What a glorious sight! Her thick dark lips were glistening and slightly parted. Finally they came to rest and I started licking. I was able to get far up inside her and just loved how her tasty warm juices flowed into my mouth and over my face. We kept this up for several more minutes and my tongue was getting tired. She was increasing her rocking which now sometimes brought her asshole over my tongue. Finally she stiffened and shuddered and brought her cunt down hard. A series of staccato “oohs” and then a big one. She didn’t squirt but there was a lot more of her juices.

All this time my cock was still soft but the sight of her pussy and the taste of her juices made me feel stirrings.

“Whoa Brian, that was a good one. It really got me in the mood. But first…”

She got up and left the bedroom. Came back in a jiff with some paper towels and a small bottle of olive oil. “Lubrication” in answer to my evident puzzlement. “Now you have to get my ass ready. Have you done this before?” I shook my head.

“First you have to get it in the mood.”

She was face down on her knees with her butt straight up.

“Now give it a really good licking. And stick your tongue inside as much as you can. Don’t be timid. I keep it clean – clean enough to eat off.”

I really had to pull away her cheeks. They were nicely round but quite large. That gave me a great, close-up look at her anus. It was much darker than the skin around it and ridged and puckered with a smooth circular patch around the opening. I leaned in and began licking; lightly at first. But her moans got me going and I put more oomph into it. Eventually I braved sticking my tongue up inside. Not all the way but a good half inch. It was so tight, but I could feel her clenching and unclenching her anal ring muscles. What a delicious, nasty sensation.

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“I’m ready. Get the olive oil. Now pour a little on my asshole. Rub it all around. Pour a little more and slowly push your finger inside. Keep repeating until your finger slides in easily. Then try two fingers. Once they slide in smoothly, put some oil on your cock and slide that in.”

I followed that recipe and was ready to go but the position was awkward. Her large cheeks kept me from being able to penetrate more than a couple of inches. Same problem when we tried a spooning position. Finally though, one that worked. I was on my back and she basically sat on my cock. Her pussy was facing me and her cuntlips were swollen and wet. The sensation in her ass was fantastic. Pressure, a warm, loving, enveloping pressure from all sides that was so much more pleasurable than I ever imagined. She started sliding up and down while fingering her pussy lips and clit. I looked up at her face. Her eyes were scrunched-up closed and her mouth was in a sexy “O”. It was beautiful but I couldn’t help looking back at her pussy while she lifted her ass up and down on my cock. I don’t know how long it went on but as much as I wanted it to continue, I couldn’t stave off coming one last time.

She could feel it and started thrashing her butt all the more. Her fingering grew more frantic too and a minute or so later she was crying out while a small flood seeped from her pussy. She threw herself on me and my cock slipped out – clean as a whistle (are they really the epitome of cleanliness?) with a sheen of olive oil.

“Thanks Bri. I need that.”

Part 5 – Back Home Again

I didn’t see much of my mother until later on Saturday afternoon.

“So how did your date go?”

“It was fun.” I was trying to figure out what else to say when I realized it had become a long pause.

“Fun? That’s it? I don’t get to hear what she did with my baby? How she ravished your body? Guess I’ll have to get the details from Valeri.”

I was tongue-tied but finally came out with “Mom, thanks very much for arranging this. It was really a great night.” Then I hugged her and she hugged back. I started getting an erection which she surely felt.

“I’ll tell Val you miss her.” she said looking at my crotch. Then she kissed my forehead and tapped my cock. With a smile and wink she was out the door.

I started wondering about my own reaction to my mother. While I’d never had the Oedipal obsession, I’d begun to think of her sexually. Our hugs, seeing her breasts, that kiss in the car, and now the cock tap. I thought back on the wild sex with Valeri and imagined her and my mother naked and eating one another. I had to face it. I was sexually attracted to my mother. I wanted to see her naked. Suck her tits. Lick her pussy. Fuck her.

Next morning I was nervous about the reception I’d get when I brought in the coffees. As usual Val sat up naked to her waist. So did my mother. Val spoke first.

“Why don’t you stay with us a while Brian?” And like Lennon in Norwegian Wood, I looked around and noticed there wasn’t a chair.

“You mean…” and nodded at the bed.

“Yes, but not dressed like that. Stella, do you mind if your boy joins us?” Mom just shook her head.

I quickly shucked my boxers and T-shirt and slid in. Valeri moved over to the middle. It was a double bed so it was cozy. For a couple of minutes there was occasional, desultory conversation and then I felt Valeri’s hand on my cock. She was more playing than stroking but it got me hard fast. We were all lying on our backs under the covers and it looked like Valeri was fingering my mother’s pussy too. I thought I’d better reciprocate and moved my left hand over to Valeri’s pussy. To my surprise and delight, my mother’s hand was already there. We teamed up to caress her pussy lips and then my mother grabbed my finger and ran it around Val’s clit. Val’s action on my cock tapered off and she was bucking her hips. Soon she bucked hard and let out a gasp.

“Whew! You two make a good team. Sure beats coffee for waking up.” With that she got up to go to the bathroom. In so doing she tossed the covers completely off.

My mother and I leaned over on our sides and just looked at each other. Her stomach was trim and her pubic hair was blonde, and while unshaved, sparse and wispy. I now had a super hard-on with some pre-cum seeping out of the head.

“Looks like someone’s missing Valeri” my mother smiled.

“It’s not just her.”

“You mean I’m responsible for that?” she nodded at my cock. Her voice was huskier now.

“You’re so beautiful mom. Especially naked.”

“You mean you like being naked in bed with your own mother? You don’t think I should cover up?”

“No!” I grunted.

“OK then. And I must confess I like seeing you naked too. You have a lovely cock. I kept thinking about it when I was licking Valeri’s pussy. That my tongue was where your cock had been just a night before.”

I was afraid this talk was going to make me come all on its own. That’s when Valeri returned.

“I’m ready for more. You two? ”

My mother and I looked at each other. I was sure she’d object but instead she took the initiative.

“Ok, Valeri, you lie back and I’ll eat you. And Brian, you kneel by Val’ face and she can give you a blowjob.”

“Sorry Stella, I don’t do blowjobs. Too much maleness for me. Here’s what. Brian, you fuck me and Stella, you sit on my face and I’ll eat you. But Brian, first get me ready.”

Valeri parted her legs and I got down and tongued her pussy lips like I was possessed. My mother was straddling Val’s face with her back to me. Now and then I got a look at her tight ass and anus. I had to remind myself to keep working Val’s pussy instead of luxuriating in the view of mom’s ass.

“I’m ready Brian.” I raised myself up, adjusted my cock to enter Val’s pussy, and steadied myself by holding my mother’s shoulders.

“And Stella, you turn around. I can’t lick your ass like that.”

Now I was in Valeri and staring at my mother. I tried to kiss her but between my thrusting, and hers and Val’s rocking, we couldn’t make contact. Instead I reached towards her breast. She nodded and I caressed her nipples. She arched her back giving Val direct access to her asshole. She was leaning back on one arm which left her gaping pussy pointed right at me. Her lips were thin and she was very wet. With her left hand she started fingering herself. I thought about helping her out but foolishly thought that it might be too forward.

I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. “Val, I’m going to come.”

She moved her head from my mother’s ass “Another minute Brian. I’m almost there.” I slowed down the pace, thought of baseball and let her do the work. As her thrusts got more intense I pulled out. Shot all over her stomach and onto my mother’s thighs. She scooped some up and rubbed it on her clit. That brought her over the edge and she let out a high-pitched “Ohhh.” Val had come too and went limp. My mother caressed my cheek and ran one finger across my lips. It was wet with her pussy juice.

We all flopped down; spent from the exertions. I don’t know about them but I drifted off for half an hour. Valeri shook me awake.

“We’re going for a shower. Join us?” I didn’t need to be asked twice.

We took turns soaping each other and rinsing. It was crowded but I wasn’t complaining. At one point Val was washing my mother’s back. She was facing me and I had my back to the shower head. Valeri moved down her back and shoved her head into my mother’s ass. That pushed my mother into me and we embraced. I turned my head and we kissed. I felt her tongue press between my lips and I sucked it. Then it turned into wild tongue-lashing. I got hard and it pressed up against my mother’s stomach. She was fingering herself and I reached down to help her. That got me even harder. I couldn’t believe I had my finger between my mother’s pussy lips. She was wet and thrusting and stuck her tongue deeply into my mouth.

Then I felt her hand on my cock. We were too closely pressed for her to fully stroke me but she manipulated the head while I rubbed her clit. She shuddered and cried out. That set me off and I spurted over her stomach. Whew! And just in time as the water was growing cold. Mom gave me one last kiss and we got out, dried and dressed.

Mom drove Val home and I took care of a few chores. When she returned home we tried to act like normal but obviously the atmosphere was strained and artificial. After dinner my mother said “We’d better talk about this morning. Pour us some wine and let’s sit down in the living room.”

We sipped our wine and she looked into my face. “So?”

“It was wonderful mom.”

“I’m so relieved. I’ve been fretting that I behaved like no mother should. That my own wantonness took advantage of you.”

“Mom, I was a fully willing participant. I loved being naked with you and touching you in the shower.”

“And I loved seeing your cock and touching it. And I saw you come, twice.”

“Mom, I think I’m falling in love. And you can see and touch my cock anytime.”

“Can I give it blowjobs too? I’d love to put my lips around it.”

I had a raging erection by now. “Anytime Mom. But only if I can return the favor.”

“You’d lick my pussy Brian? You’d stick your tongue up my cunt?”

“Not only that, I’d lick your ass too.”

“Ooohh, so I won’t have to give that up if I break up with Val.”

“Break up? I thought you were crazy about her.”

“I was, but I’ve met someone new and I want to devote myself to that relationship.”

I moved over and we embraced. She broke the clinch.

“Now let’s continue this conversation in the bedroom. Naked.”

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