Incest is not that great

Although I never disliked them, I was never much of a fan of incest stories, fantasies, real life cases. The mom-son relationship was a bit of an exception, because I’ve always been turned on by mature women (all above 40). The slightly aged skin, the cougar eyes, the experience, all of those are sensual qualities. And of course, the gorgeous, big, milky, slightly fallen breasts are my favorite. So, in the end, I watched mom son porn videos because in general I liked the actress, and in a low priority, there was something I enjoyed in watching someone having his own mother as sexual partner.

That changed a bit when I turned 18. My mom was 47, magical number. Average face, not very tonned butt, but nice waist, pretty legs and an astounding pair of breasts so beautifully shaped that close enough could leave you shaking. And also divorced, so naturally she was looking for a partner. But for some reason she focused on me, and as her straightforward nature dictates, she simply asked me for it.

I just avoided the topic, very uncomfortable and shocked, although I started imagining some stuff, like how some times I had seen her topless or completely naked while sloppily walking through the corridor from the bathroom to her bedroom and viceversa. And then she started being more “sloppy” and teased me quite frequently… I masturbated thinking of her, and once she offered to me her tits to cum over, or a bit of help with her hands. I kindly declined.

So in other words, she was much more interested in the fantasy than me. And one day I was really horny so I granted it to her. She called me into her bedroom. It was past the noon, with the curtains semi-closed and she lighted up some aromatic candles and incense, then made a small gesture to get into business. As it was my 4th time with a woman, she knew I had some experience, thus wanted to make it as romantic and sensual as possible, but still “casual” in a certain way.

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And well it was shocking, to cuddle with your mom… kiss her… he kises you back… she caresses, presses her nipples against you… with all the confidence you put your boner in your mom’s crotch… And as I become nervous because someone could be peeping through that gap in the window from the next apartment building, I take away her pants, she turns around, sits on me and I start stroking. At the end we return to the initial position. I suddenly realize “fuck I didn’t take off the t-shirt”. She smirks and does it for me. I get the final prize. With her tit in my mouth and the other next to my face and the moist heat around my cock I almost melt. A few more moments of heaven until BAM… I cum for almost a minute while still inside.


But not too much minutes after I started to feel really embarrased, kind of regretting it. I mean, it’s your mom. She noticed this I admitted she was feeling the same but that although she said to expect this consequence she still went forward with it. “when it’s done, it’s DONE” she says. “we are adults, son. We both chose this willingly at the end. So better enjoy it than complain”. Moments of silence after I asked her if we would repeat. “[…] I think I will be freely available for you… but still as mom and son, so you will have to cope with that”.

And that’s it. After that time I still do it with my mom, in secret to everyone outside the house, of course. But after the feeling of embarrasment fades away, I can say it’s not that great. Yes, my mom is not a Miss universe, but she is attractive, and I have huge urges to feel and taste her breasts. But still, is not that different from fucking a horny old neighbor, with the difference that is your mom who you are feeling, it’s different from a real lover. She is a relative, and although I love her and desire her, it still remains as casual free sex. Yes, I die for those breasts, but fucking a relative is just marvelous when you’re about to cum. Afterwards, when both are done, it’s still my mom naked next to me, and that’s it.

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