Teacher at the Beach, Two friends run into their bikini clad teacher at the beach

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Josh and Toby wore sunglasses as they laid back on their elbows and kept their eyes out for females in bikinis. They were the best of buddies, eighteen years old, and enjoying the last bit of before they had to begin University. The was a bit windy today and there was not as many babes in bikinis as they had hoped. Yet the sun was hot, the waves soothing, and there had been the odd hottie strutting down the sand.

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“Whoa, incoming dude,” said Toby. “Josh turned and saw in the distance a very curvaceous woman in a red top and a flowery sarong wrapped around her waist. Unfortunately, a tall muscular middle aged walked beside her. As the pair came closer the men could see how incredibly full and overflowing that red bikini top really was. Her hips swung gently from side to side and her long light brown hair blew about in the wind.

The two young men stared at her until she looked right at them and they simultaneously looked away. Soon Josh turned back and saw the incredibly sexy woman speaking close with her man. The man looked up at them and Josh looked away again. The pair drew closer as they continued up the beach and the young men grew more reluctant to stare but continued to steal glances as her amazingly taut . She broke away from her man and changed direction, heading directly for them. The boys grew tense as they expected a reprimand for staring.

“Hi Josh, hi Toby,” said the woman. “Enjoying your summer break?” Josh and Toby stared at her speechless. She wore huge bug eyed sunglasses and smiled.

Josh blinked as he came to a sudden realization. “Mrs. Stevenson?” asked Josh. Suddenly aware it was his social studies from the previous year. The shock hit Toby who stared dumbfounded.

“Oh really? I wonder how much you actually learned in my class if you can't even remember your teacher?” questioned Mrs. Stevenson with jest in her voice as she put her hand on her hip.

“No, no, Mrs. Stevenson, of course we remember,” said Toby. “We just didn't recognize you. Like that.” Whenever Mrs. Stevenson wore skirts they were always well below the knee and her blouses were always done up tight to her neck. The only skin any had ever seen were that of her hands, face, and ankles. Although that did not stop the student population from discussing the shape underneath those clothes. An image flashed through Toby's mind of her in a long brown skirt, bending over to pick up a piece of chalk. That beautiful image was imprinted in his mind.

“Well I hope so,” said Mrs. Stevenson. Her large full breasts were only half way covered as they threatened to burst out of the small red bikini top. Her blue toned sarong was somewhat sheer and red bikini bottoms could faintly be seen underneath. “It hardly gives us confidence if the moment you leave our classrooms your heads are as empty as when they came in.”

“No Mrs. Stevenson. I remember. I really liked your class,” insisted Toby a little desperately.

Mrs. Stevenson's smile extended and she turned her head to Josh. “Enjoying your summer Josh?” Josh almost choked trying to say something. He had been staring at her breasts unintentionally. He cleared his throat quickly. “Yes Mrs. Stevenson.”

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