Teacher at the Beach, Two friends run into their bikini clad teacher at the beach

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“Probably,” said Toby. “After he knocked you out cold then I'd show him a thing or two.”

“Yea, like you showed Adam Campbell,” laughed Josh. The men continued to bicker and jostle each other and did not notice Mrs. Stevenson stand up, nervously brush her hair back, and walk towards them.

“Josh, Toby,” she said standing near them. The young men stopped and stared. Mrs. Stevenson looked , flushed, and nervous. “You don't have any extra sun block do you?” Josh and Toby just stared unable to speak. “I have run out and I burn easily.”

“Uh, yea, sure we have some,” said Toby in a voice an octave lower than normal. He turned to find it amongst their things.

“Great,” said Mrs. Stevenson. She stepped forward, dropped down to her knees, and was suddenly laying on her stomach between them. They both flinched and stared with wide eyes in wonder. Her bare white flesh, inches from them, covered only by a red string across her back and one around her waists and down her butt crack. She buried her face into her forearms, her face burning red, and she said in a very husky voice, “Would you put some on me please?”

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Toby held the bottle of sun block in one hand, looking down at her , then at his friend, then down at her body again. Josh did the same, then turned and glanced back over his shoulder and saw her , laying his stomach, sunglasses on, holding an open book in front of him. Toby looked up at his friend again, made eye contact, widened his eyes, shrugged his shoulders slightly, then got up on his knees beside her and squirted some lotion into one hand.

“Sure Mrs. Stevenson, no problem,” said Toby. He started on her near shoulder. So and smooth, he rubbed it in gently. Smearing and rubbing, he did her whole shoulder. She moaned softly. Toby looked over at Josh and held out the bottle of sun block. Josh took it, squirted some in one hand and started on her other shoulder, working down her back.

Josh felt short of breath. He had before but this was so different. His grew again and ached in his suit. Toby had the grin of a gambler who just won the jackpot. They worked their way down her back and worked around the tie to her top.

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“Don't get any on my top,” said Mrs. Stevenson. She kept her face hidden in her forearms. “Josh, just undo it.”

Josh struggled to keep his voice from cracking, “O.K.” He reached for the tie in the middle of her back, took one end between his fingers and started to pull. It stared coming loose. Josh glanced over his shoulder and saw her husband still in the same position he was before. Josh could not tell if he was looking this way or not. The knot came loose and they laid the string to her sides. Her back was now bare and the sides of her breasts now showed.

Toby started using both hands. He rubbed lotion all around her back on his side and Josh did the same. They worked their way down to the bottom ties of her red . They both squirted more lotion into their hands, then very delicately moved below the tie line, rubbing it into the backs of her thighs. She moved slightly and seemed to tense a little.

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