Teacher at the Beach, Two friends run into their bikini clad teacher at the beach

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After she had passed, the men looked at each other and Toby mouthed silently, “Holy shit.” Then they turned back to watch her appear more and more above the water as she moved towards shore. Only the top of her became visible above the water before she turned and eased down into the water and started swimming parallel to the shore. The boys realized now how much they had been staring. They dove into the deeper water, attempting to make it look like they were there to swim.

The young men kept an eye out for her, wanting another opportunity. They moved closer to shore and soon Mrs. Stevenson was swimming back towards them. The boys stood in knee deep water as she came closer and closer. She used a forward breast stroke, swimming into shallower and shallower water, until she stopped and stood up.

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The thin wet material clung tightly to her skin and hid next to nothing. Her were and long. The clear outline of her smooth pussy showed right through the thin material. She flung her wet hair back causing a spray while the two young men started with their mouths open and their hard cocks tenting in their swim suits. Mrs. Stevenson felt hot and excited with the . She slowly walked back up towards her blanket, her hips gently.

The boys lost all pretence and stood slack mouthed. Watching her firm round bare ass swing back and forth as she walked up the sand. She returned to her beach blanket, picked up a towel, dried her face, then laid down on her back in the sun.

Adjusting their suits, the young men made eye contact and neither could form words. They looked around at the incoming waves and back at Mrs. Stevenson, laying on her back, with her knees up and legs open. “I've had enough swimming,” said Toby.


The young men walked up the beach towards their own towels slightly off course. As they drew closer her legs opened more. A few more steps, their hearts were pounding in their ears and faces red. Then, there it was. Pressed against the wet thin fabric of her red bikini bottoms. The outline clear. Shaved bare. She held a book in front of her face. Her legs opened even wider as the boys slowed their steps and stared. Both of them jumped as a walked confidently by them, breathing hard, dripping wet, and returned to his 's side.

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“Have a nice swim dear?”

“I sure did honey,” said the man and laid down on his stomach next to her and kissed her on the lips. The boys quickly recovered themselves, Josh ran his hand through his hair and they quickened their pace back to their own towels higher up the beach.

“I can't believe what I just saw,” said Toby when they got back to their towels. “I can't believe it.”

“Amazing,” said Josh. He still felt breathless and shocked. “I never would've imagined.”

“I know dude,” said Toby. “Mrs. freaking Stevenson.” He laid back and raised his arms above his head and let out a long gasp of exasperation. “What I wouldn't do.”

“Yea,” said Josh as he glanced over at her. They were huddling close and talking intimately. “Do you think her husband was thinking of kicking our ass?”

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