Teacher at the Beach, Two friends run into their bikini clad teacher at the beach

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“Yes Mrs. Stevenson,” said Josh.

“Your a aren't you Mrs. Stevenson,” said Toby.

Her body quivered and she lost her breath for a moment as she came on the two cocks inside her. The young men didn't let up.

“You like being called a fucking slut Mrs. Stevenson?” said Toby. His breathing getting very heavy.

“Yes me. Both of you. Double fuck your slutty teacher.”

“You love it you slut. A cock in each hole,” added Toby.

“You hot slut,” said Josh. All of them panting now, filled with a crazed animal energy. Josh slapped Mrs. Stevenson's ass.

“Oh fuck yes,” cried out Mrs. Stevenson. “Oh fuck me.”

Josh slapped her ass again. “Yea, take it up your ass you fucking whore.” Something jumped in Josh's brain. He had never spoken that word to a woman before.

“Yea give it to her dude,” said Toby as he drove harder and faster up into her. He slapped her from side to side. “You love it like this don't you Mrs. Stevenson. You love being used like a slut.”

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“Yes, yes yes fuck me, fuck me,” she said totally overcome.

It continued to build. A hot sweating pumping tangle of bodies. Frantic with and sexual energy. Building towards something in a hurry. Then a flash of movement. A . A naked man and he pushed his cock into her mouth roughly and pumped her face. Josh and Toby knew who it was and just kept on going. No way they could stop now. Pumping and thrusting for all they were worth. Sweat pouring off their bodies. Mrs. Stevenson being fucked in all three holes.

It could not last. The pace could not hold. Josh felt his whole body tighten, he screamed out and started cumming hard into her, driving deep all the way inside and holding it. It set everything off. Josh drove in and held on, pumping and pumping, yelling and thrashing his head. Mr. Stevenson held his by her hair roughly and fucked her throat and grunted like an animal as he pumped a huge load of cum down her throat.

Her body overloaded. Every muscle shaking and shivering. She screamed into the cock in her mouth. Squirted onto Toby's cock. Sweat pouring off her body as cum filled every hole. A big tangled mess of sweaty shaking bodies clung to each other over and over through each spasm. Another one. A little less. Another one. Less, bodies quivering, muscles cramping, moaning, deep breaths, total release.

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Toby clung onto her hips as long as he could then fell back onto the grass. Mrs. Stevenson rolled off Josh and laid on her side panting, exhausted with cum running out of every hole, cum still plastering her face. Mr. Stevenson breathed hard, his cock in his hand. Toby laid spread eagle on his back in the grass, catching his breath. They all stayed speechless, stunned, exhausted.

Mr. Stevenson moved first. He moved toward his wife and helped her to her feet and helped support her. He held her close and walked her away to where he had come from. The boys regained a little composure and looked after them. Mr. Stevenson stopped and reached down to a pile of clothes and took out a folded piece of paper. He walked back towards the boys, tossed the folded paper onto the ground between them, and then without a word, he returned to his wife and led her away into the trees.

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