Teacher at the Beach, Two friends run into their bikini clad teacher at the beach

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When he was sure the had turned back again Toby said, “Holy . I so want a picture of what just happened. But I don't think a picture would ever be good enough. I mean. You know what I mean.”

“Yea,” said Josh. He was as stunned as his buddy and his head pressured and hot.

“I should try anyway,” said Toby. He started moving to get his phone.

“No, don't,” said Josh. “Don't ruin it.”

“Yea, I know,” said Toby and stopped moving for his phone. “But no one is going to believe us.”

Josh and Toby watched her as best they could without staring. After a few minutes her stood up and stretched and helped his to her feet. She adjusted her bottom slightly as the boys stared and then she and her husband, hand in hand, walked down towards the water and waded into the light waves.

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Toby got up and straightened out his shorts. “You coming or not?” asked Toby.

“It's going to be so obvious what we're doing,” said Josh.


Josh stood up and they both walked slowly down to the water trying to look as casual as they could. Mrs. Stevenson and her husband had worked their way into deeper water and they both began to swim out. Mrs. Stevenson stopped and screeched and laughed then turned back and swam till she was standing with the water level just below her shoulders. He pulled her hair out long and tossed her head sensually.

“Don't drown!” she called out to her husband who smiled and swam farther out. Mrs. Stevenson turned towards the shore and walked slowly towards it. Her breasts slowly rising up above the level of the water with each step.

Josh and Toby were already waist deep in the water, their eyes locked on her, and their feet unable to move them in any other direction. Mrs. Stevenson finally noticed them and stopped and smiled. She nervously tucked her hair behind one ear, looking down quickly at her top, her face blushed, and she turned and looked out at her husband who was still swimming strongly, then she turned back.

“Going for a swim like my husband boys?” she asked as they drew closer.

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“Yea,” said Josh. “That's why we're here.” His voice wavered slightly. The material of her bikini was very thin and now that it was wet her poked out clearly and even the outline of her areolas could be seen through the material. There was an uncomfortable silence.

“Are you strong swimmers?” asked Mrs. Stevenson. Her face was red, she felt their eyes on her breasts and knew how much they were seeing. The water was a little cool but her felt hot and her heart beat in her chest.

“Oh yea,” said Toby. “We swim all the time.” He had a full erection underneath the water. Taking his eyes off her breasts again and to her face. “Real, nice day for it.”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Stevenson feeling a loss for words as she tucked her hair around the same ear again nervously. The cool water all over her body enhanced the hot tingling over her skin. “Enjoy yourselves boys.” She started moving towards the shore again, bringing her closer to them and then right by them as she felt their eyes glued to her bobbing breasts.

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