Teacher at the Beach, Two friends run into their bikini clad teacher at the beach

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Josh worked down her leg a bit while Toby moved the rubbing of his hands more and more onto the bare skin of her round firm butt. They breathed heavily, cocks straining in their shorts. Minds racing, they were not sure how far to go. Josh moved farther down her leg while Toby stayed higher around her butt and the inside of her thigh.

Mrs. Stevenson took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then she said, “Don't get any on my bottoms. On my .” She trembled slightly. Her breathing was deep and her skin flushed.

Josh looked at Toby who was already slowly pulling at the tie to her bottoms on his side. Josh glanced over his shoulder again, then pulled the tie on his side. Toby pealed the thin string thong downwards till it settled between her legs. Mrs. Stevenson laid nude in front of them.

Toby looked over to where her was laying. His position still had not changed. He looked down the , then over his shoulder. Both boys felt like they not only had their hands in the cookie jar, but somehow found themselves robbing a bank.

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Josh ran his hands up her leg and stared at her smooth slit. It was straight with flat perfect lips. He moved his hands toward it, so close, but did not quite touch it and then he ran his hands up and over and around on her butt. Toby watched her slot as he rubbed lotion quickly on her calf then moved up her leg. Up the inside of her thigh, his fingers moved closer. He moved back, then up, brushing his fingers against her bare and they both shivered slightly.

Josh used both hands to rub and squeeze her firm round while Toby's fingers stayed on her pussy, rubbing gently over the lips. Suddenly she moved and the boys pulled their hands back like they were about to be caught in a mouse trap. She turned over.

“Do my front,” she said in a husky voice. Her on full display. Hidden for years under tight wraps, it glowed like perfection. Her eyes were still hidden behind her large sunglasses and she held her arms above her head. Her naked body a sight so stunning, the curves of her waist, her breasts, her bare smooth pussy. All at their fingertips.

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The line had been crossed. The men abandoned their nerves and dove in with lust. Toby squirted a long line of lotion over her and stomach, down to her pussy, and their hands began to work. Over her stomach, on her big firm luscious tits, up to her shoulders, back down to her wet shining breasts, over her stomach, and then hungry hands on her soaking wet pussy. She moaned and arched her back as the hands reached her pussy, her eyes closed under her sunglasses.

Then coughing. A loud clearing of a throat. Then louder coughing. Mrs. Stevenson sat up, looked over at her husband. He coughed again and nodded in a direction down the beach. They all looked and there was a family in the distance walking down the beach towards them.

Mrs. Stevenson stood up quickly. The young men's hearts jumped into their mouths. Is it over?

“Come on, we can't keep doing this here, let's go,” said Mrs. Stevenson as she grabbed for their hands. “Into the bushes.” The young men let her take their hands, stood up, their suits tenting dramatically, and walked on either side of her towards the treeline at the top of the beach.

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