Teacher at the Beach, Two friends run into their bikini clad teacher at the beach

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“Well, enjoy your day at the boys,” said Mrs. Stevenson. She turned and walked back towards her .

“Thank you Mrs. Stevenson”, said both boys slightly out of sync.

The man, who must have been Mr. Stevenson, put his arm around her waist when she returned to his side and they continued on down the beach.

When Toby felt they were out of ear shot he said, “Holy shit, can you believe that! Stevenson for 's sake, in a bikini!” They were both watching the sway of her hips and wiggle of her butt as she walked. The man with her said something in her ear and she turned her head to look back at them and the boys quickly smiled and Toby waved.

“I couldn't think of anything to say,” said Josh. “We sounded like a of ten year olds. Fuck. I couldn't stop staring at her .

“Yes Mrs. Stevenson,” said Toby in a mocking tone and Josh shoved him. They both continued to watch her. The pair stopped a ways off, came back up the beach a bit, and then started laying out their beach blanket not that far away. “Shit, shit shit,” repeated Toby under his breath so only Josh could hear. “Please be a thong, please be a thong, please please please.” Two in bikinis walked past near the water and the men did not even notice. “Please be a thong, please be a thong, oh please.”

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Her seemed to say something to her and then he laid down on the beach blanket. Mrs. Stevenson had her back to them. She stood tall, flipped her hair in the wind, arching her back ever so slightly, and then untied the sarong wrapped around her waist and pulled it off.

The young men were speechless and their long baggy suits got tight. It was a red thong bottom. The color matched her top and other than the thin red line up the middle, displayed a huge firm round smooth ripe . All out there on display. She turned sideways while folding the sarong and the curves were so dramatic, so perfect. The young men's mouths hung open in amazement.

She finished folding the sarong and squatted down to put it in a bag. The man seemed to say something to her and she stopped and stood up again. She moved around the bag, hesitated a moment, then bent over slowly, keeping her legs straight, thrusting her ass out towards where the two young men were laying. Josh gasped.

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of god,” whispered Toby who had no religious convictions. The distance was to great for details but a tiny triangle of red covered her pussy and that was it. All that smooth white skin, all thrust out towards them. Then it was over.

She stood back up and quickly laid down beside her man on the beach blanket. Both young men let out a long breath, their faces red, their hearts pounding, and finally aware they were both pitching high tents. They adjusted themselves and their shorts, making eye contact for a moment, and then returning their gaze over at the other towel. She laid on her back, her feet towards the water, and they could see her large mounds of tit rolling back and forth on her chest.

Josh took another deep breath, looked over at his friend for a moment, then back at her. He shook his head, trying to come up with something to say. The man laying beside Mrs. Stevenson sat up a bit and looked back in their direction and the boys looked away at the water.

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