Indian wife initiated to cuckold relationship by hubby

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Indian wife initiated to cuckold relationship by hubby

This is a true story of how I started my cuckold experience. After marriage, both me and my wife Geeta had settled in USA. We were away from our friends and relatives in India. I had free time over weekends to search online and find about my kinky fantasies. To my surprise, I found number several websites which were full of cuckolds and bulls. The net was full of material on cuckold relationships.

This is when I came across Jim. He was in mid-40’s, tall, broad shoulders and very experienced in this life style. We both started chatting online. I shared some normal pics of Geeta (non-face). I was too scared to reveal much. Jim was happy to take it all at slow pace, and act as a mentor. He showed confidence and someone arrogance in his experience with married women. Talking intimate details about my wife with him, always made me hard. Jim could sense that and made sure he asked questions about Geeta, such as what positions she liked to be fucked or how I will feel when Geeta is being stripped by a stranger.

As a first step, he asked me to talk to Geeta about taking some of her pics in sexy pose. Short dresses, boobs out, spreading the legs to show some pussy. I told Geeta this was for my eyes only and something I can watch when I am at work or travelling for work. She was up for it as she always loved being admired and liked the idea of looking sexy.

Next step was to talk to Geeta about sharing these pics (only non-face) with some people on Net for admiring comments. She was OK with it if the pics were discreet. This gave both Jim and me confidence that Geeta loved to be admired by strangers.

I started taking several pics of Geeta and uploading online and sharing with strangers. Obviously, Jim used to always get the first cut.

It took me some courage and lot of encouragement from Jim to ask Geeta if she really enjoyed being admired by strangers and will she like a stranger to strip her slowly? At first, she hated this idea but did come around to it on basis of no sex and just a normal strip for admiration.

Both me and Jim were well pleased with our efforts. Jim went into detail about how he will slowly strip my sensual shy Indian wife. We both knew the limits and Jim was cool about it. He knew he will always get a second shot with my wife.

I booked a motel for weekend and sent address to Jim. On the day, me and Geeta arrived at motel for check-in. She had a quick shower and changed to a sexy intimate outfit. I sent a message to Jim confirming we were ready for his arrival. I picked James from hotel reception; this was first time I had personally met him. He was very tall broad and smart looking guy.

As he shook my hand, he winked at me. While we were in elevator, he asked if my wife is ready to be stripped by a stranger? It made me so hot to say “yes, she is”.

As we both entered the room, Geeta stood up to greet Jim. Here was my wife of 18 months or so, in sexy skirt and top with matching heels – greeting a stranger who was about to strip her in front of her husband.

Jim gave a hug to Geeta and made sure he got a good feel of her ass. He had brought a bottle of red wine. That was a good idea to calm our nerves and get Geeta in a mood.

Jim set down on bed and asked my wife to stand in front of him. He spread his legs to make space for my wife. Next, he asked her to put her hands behind her head and stand in that position. Geeta immediately obliged. To my surprise, she enjoyed following the instructions. Her next assignment was to give a good twirl and show herself from all sides to Jim.

Now Jim was ready to push to next level. He started unbuttoning the shirt and took it off. Jim handed it to me to fold it. Jim dropped her skirt on floor and asked her to step out of it.

Right there, I could see my first fantasy fulfilled. My wife standing in bra, thongs and high heels in front of Jim, while he was feeling up her ass. Jim asked me to unhook her bra, this was not part of the script, but it made me hot. I obliged and took my wife’s bra off, while her tits were facing Jim. He took her left book in mouth and pressed the right one. Geeta closed her eyes with a soft moan and said “harder”. Wow, that was unexpected. Jim was having desired effect on Geeta. She was enjoying being centre of attention. Jim took the entire boob in mouth and started sucking on it.

Suddenly, Jim looked at me and asked “Are you enjoying your wife standing half naked and having her boobs sucked” – All I could mutter was a slow “yes”. Jim slowly started pulling her thong down, he was taking his time and looking directly in her eyes while doing so. Next, he asked her to step out of her black thongs. My lovely married wife was now standing in nothing but high heels in front of a guy we met 30 minutes back. This was most arousing moment of my married life.

Jim picked Geeta up and put her on bed. He started sucking her boobs and fingering her pussy. She was wet like a water fountain. He spread her legs and showed me how wet she was. He took off his clothes apart from boxers. Geeta was still not OK with full sex but she was enjoying being played around by Jim.

Jim gave compliments to her boobs, pussy and ass. He made me watch as he kissed each part of her body. He even put bite marks on her boobs. Jim made sure Geeta was maintaining eye contact with him. He made her repeat how much she was enjoying this. He asked her to spread her legs so her husband can get a close look of her wet pussy.

When the play time was over, Geeta went to shower and Jim did a big high five with me. Although he was disappointed for not getting a chance to fuck her. He knew she will be back for more, sooner rather than later.

Jim left soon after. Me and Geeta gave each other an awkward hug. He was unable to keep eye contact with me, maybe she felt guilty. I had to reassure her that I enjoyed it too and I was glad she was exploring sex life. We had the best sex of our married life that evening.

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