Refreshing our past memories with brother

Refreshing our past memories with brother

Two married lady are in their parent’s home as Ruhi & Juhi have got immense pleasure with her brother Amar(name changed),so as our train journey from Indore to Kanpur ends in a high note,both slut sister have revived their sexual pasts on roof top (read previous story” elder brother on roof top” with “secret affairs on roof top”.so our visit to parent’s home is not for rest from a routine busy life with our hubby but need to refresh our past memories also with brother Amar,a 24 years guy with tall figure of 6’0 feet as his nice physical strength and shape are attractive,i specially love his love making efforts on bed,he is a tough guy and myself Ruhi,a 23 years married lady ,white complexion,height of 5’7 feet with physical measurements of 34-26-36 inches,lovely tits with round ass have lost her virginity with Amar and so my elder sister Juhi have also done it.Juhi is a 27 years married lady,as her lovely face with height of 5’6 feet,busts measures 36 inches as waist is of 28 inches and her heavy buttocks of 38 inches is squared shape,she is a lady with all skills as she have enjoying physique love with Amar on bed and we three……..Ruhi ,Juhi & Amar have always pleased eachother’s hot as in last 3-4 days,we both sisters have a great sexual activities on train as well as home,we are looking for more and it’s 10:00 pm as we family members have dinner together and so we both have got inside bedroom but our plan for tonight is in i locked the door as i took out a purple colour robes with a G string as boobs have no cover in this dress , removed my night wear as i put my robes and Juhi looking at me ,smiled………


“nice dress,jiju gifted you
(Me) yes , it’s my honeymoon dress .”and than Juhi took out a red garter belt ,laces with stockings as looking at him,i asked…….”oh i see ,will keep your boobs nude
(Juhi removing her night wear)yes want to make him hot and horny,so he can give both of us lot of pleasure.”and she is nude as she is putting garter belt with laces on waist and than put a red stockings also,looking too hot as well as wild in her sexy both sisters are waiting for our mischievous deeds and so looking at eachother’s hot body,Juhi smiled…….”let’s move for our goal.”and we are looking for amar’s company as our rooms are adjacent and there is s common washroom ,having doors at each end,so going inside brother’s room is easy but if he have put door locked of washroom from his bedroom’s side than it’s tough to get inside his we both sisters walked inside washroom as Juhi is semi nude or can say complete nude while i am in a robes,so we are inside washroom as Juhi hold the door’s handle and opened it slowly,so as our legs are nude,we are in his room and it’s a red night bulb giving us dim light ,so we can see Amar on bed while his face in opposite direction,so both moved to his bed as we are sitting behind him.

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Juhi is looking too hot as her nude boobs with brownish nipples are sexy ,so looking at eachother’s face,she put her hand on his face and starts rubbing it while i hold his elastic bermuda to pull it down and now i can see Juhi kissing his neck as she have leaned her face and as i pulled his bermuda down to legs,he turned straight as his hand hold juhi’s breast hard and as his penis is nude,he smiled”oh i see,both sexy sister’s semi nude body,Juhi dress is too hot”and Juhi felt like a shameless lady as she put her face on amar’s face and starts kissing it while Amar have hold her neck ,so as sexual acts get started i started jerking my brother’s cock , it’s a long thick cock but now in semi erection as i can see juhi’s lips locked on it,he have hold her sister’s boobs as he is squeezing it hard and she is s nude lady except her garter belt with laces and stockings,so her vagina is giving us a nice look as laces are transparent and now i am too horny as i leaned my face on his penis and removed it’s skin to kiss it,it smells natural as my lips are sealed on his shaft and so i can see juhi’s long tongue in amar’s mouth as he is sucking it hard ,while his hand have hold her left tits to press,other hand is rubbing her sexy nude ass and so i opened my mouth as i took it’s glans with half of penis inside mouth and starts sucking it as i can feel his penis growing bigger as well as harder in my mouth,so my head is still and after a while,i took out his wet looking at Juhi,she is sitting on her legs near amar’s face and he is fingering her cunt while putting it inside from laces corner,so he is massaging her breast also and now i leaned again on amar’s penis as i took it in my mouth and starts sucking it but my head is spinning fast as i am a great cock sucker,now Juhi leaned on my brother’s face but she have put her boobs on it,so amar took his breast in mouth as he is sucking it while fingering her vagina,i am too horny as my mouth is watering with his penis inside for 3-4 minutes and he is screaming

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“oh ah you both are the sexiest lady on earth” and Ruhi took out his penis as she starts licking it with her long tongue and now i can see Amar sucking her sister’s other boobs hard as she is in pleasure”uh ah suck suck hard you dog”and as he is fucking her sister’s vagina fast ,he is too hot and horny ,so i left his penis as i hold his waist and put my lips on strong thigh as he left juhi’s breast and now i am making him too hot with my lips burning on his thighs as amar have hold juhi’s waist and now he starts removing her sister’s garter belt ,laces and a red stockings on thighs and legs are making him my vagina is too hot as i sit near amar’s face and looking at me,he pressed my boobs hard as he is asking me to remove my robes,so i took it out and a G string have covered my vagina ,now Juhi sit over amar’s face as he hold her waist and as i put my fingers on didi’s vagina to open it and amar is licking it fast ,so his hand have hold my breast to squeeze and Juhi is shouting”uh ah i will cum ,lick fast you dog”and i am happy to have chance for his love on my i can see juhi’s vagina pouring cum as if fell on amar’s mouth and she left him .now Ruhi is near him as he is pressing my boobs hard and so he hold the strings of panty , removed it and now amar is sitting on bed.

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