Fulfilled my hubby’s desires:a stranger’s love

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I am enjoying my personal life with my hubby Ankit,he have changed a lot in last 4 years of our married life,so being a traditional Indian men while putting barriers on me as our life’s,he have always been with me to keep myself aloof from stranger’s look but it seems Ankit have lost his way as once he started swapping of partners and i have already made love with a stranger’s body,so we both are now keeping our physical relationship opened to outsiders ,so Rashid and Iqbal have got pleasure with me.so Rima,a married housewife got physical with a society’s men Pritam also but it’s a secret for my husband.Rima,a 27 years hot lady is a tall figure of 5’7 feet as her busts measures 36 inches with waist of 28 inches and heavy ass is of 38 inches,keeping my physique fit before pregnancy as long wait of kid is going to end soon.my hubby and even my mom started putting pressure on me to conceive but i will enjoy for a year or more till i put my life in a cage.so as i am in balcony with my eyes on main gate of appartment, waiting for hubby to come ,i have hold a cup of coffee and while drinking it,i can see his car entering inside apartment’s premises but my eyes got stuck on a other guy also as he is sitting on front seat,who is he? ,May be of society or from his office,i can’t say and than i put empty cup in kitchen as i walked to door to open it,so i opened the gate as i know he will bell the ring and so happened as i walked back……….

“door is open,come inside Ankit.”

And i turned back to see him as he came inside with a guy , so i smiled and than walked away towards my room,a guy is in dinning space with my hubby,i think may be he is his colleague and as i sits on bed’s corner, after a while,Ankit came inside and i asked……….

“a guy with you,your office’s staff or colleagues
(He laughed)he is my school friend as i got his look near a traffic signal
(Me)oh i see,will he live here tonight ?
(Ankit)sure,he will be here and you have to be cool
(Me)i will order for meals to a restaurant,nothing else
(Ankit)oh baby,let me have refreshment as go and sit there with him
(Me)not getting introduced and going to entertain
(He)oh ,come with me.”and he have removed his clothes as his undies is making a hard bulge on it and he wrapped a towel on waist,as he looked at me but i am bit shy with my hubby’s semi nudity and so i said………

“o k ,don’t worry i will be there .”

And he walked inside washroom as i moved to dinning space,as he is looking young than my hubby,i moved to kitchen as i took glass full of water for him and now i put glass on table as he smiled………

“I am Rishi
(I sit on opposite sofa) Rima,ankit’wife and i think Ankit as well as you are school friends
(He drink water)no Rima,i am a gigolo as your hubby have called me for you for a night
(Myself bit ashamed)oh i see, sometime he use to do it for our healthy sexual life.”and i smiled as i walked to my room,my mind is in fire as i am in anger with him and so as he walked out of washroom,looking at me he smiled………

“Rima,why don’t you entertain my friend
(Rima bit serious)oh you have called a male escort or you can say prostitute for me
(Ankit laughed)is there any wrong, making love with a paid guy for your hubby’s desires
(Rima)oh than it’s your desire to see me nude with him
(Ankit)yes baby want to see you dominating on bed and in love.”and i got hot as well as horny with my hubby’s desires ,so he walked to dinning space as i took out a black robes with a brassiere and G string,now walked in washroom as i removed my skirts and tops,put undergarments and than my robes on sexy body.later on ,i walked to them as i can see both guys preparing drinks and looking at him,i smiled as i sit on my hubby’s lap and Rishi smiled……….

“want to change my dress ,so washroom
(I indicate him)you can use it Rishi.”and so he moved into dinning space’s attached washroom with his shorts and towel.so Ankit have prepared three strong packs of wine as he kissed me………

“no need to worry but enjoy with him as he is your slave and i will watch my wife enjoying other’s company
(Me)you are so sweet .”and now as he came to me,he have hold his clothes in hand,so i took it and put it in hanger in guest room.while i came back,i sits in between them as we took our glasses and starts drinking wine,Ankit have started making me hot as his hand have hold my breast on robes and Rishi smiled……….

“i have visited this society several times
(Rima laughed)oh i see ,who is the women needs your love?
(He smiled)not going to mention her name.”and we three are drinking wine as it’s 07:55 pm ,so as my half of glass finished,i put it on table and now a young gigolo Rishi is near me ,as i put my hand on his thigh to feel it’s touch,he kissed my face and asked………..”baby,what you love most with a guy like me?
(I am bit surprised with his query) uh i think ,your tongue in my vagina
(He laughed)you are bold and beautiful.”

As my one hand hold the glass to drink wine ,my other one is on his bulge as i am feeling it’s hardness on shorts.so i am crazy to hold as well as to see his nude penis soon,now his shorts have been pulled down as his penis is in full erection and it’s time to start playing but how his penis got fully erected before my suck ,so i hold his penis as it’s a long thick cock and now looking at him,i said………..

“open my robes and love my boobs till i will jerk your penis.” And as he put hand on my robes laces to open it,my other wrist is in hubby’s hand and as i turned my face to him,his penis is also nude ,so i hold his penis also and now started masturbating it fast, Rishi have opened my robes as he is squeezing my breast hard and Rima is sitting between them.so as i am enjoying two cocks in each hands,gigolo Rishi is pressing my boobs hard with his other hand on my thigh,he is a 26-27 years guy with a nice physique and it’s his profession to make lady satisfy on bed ,so let him give the chance to please me ,Rishi hold my hairs as he is kissing my lips and now i am well attracted to him as he took my lips in his mouth,so becoming his bed partner as my hubby want to do so,i left my shy in dustbin and now moved forward as i sits on his strong thigh while putting my arms in his shoulder as i left my hubby’s penis ,so he is loving my face as well as lips and my robes are on shoulders as my left boobs are pressing hard on his chest,so Ankit walked to washroom as Rishi put his tongue on my lips to lick and i am too hot as his penis is touching my tummy,so i took out my tongue as both are licking eachother’s and lastly,he took my tongue in his mouth as he hold my neck tightly,so my long tongue is getting sucked as he is rubbing my back.I know gigolo have knowledge as well as experience of making lady horny on bed and know the art of physical love also,so he is sucking my tongue hard as his hand is pulling my robes out of shoulder.so as i am on his thigh,he have made me a nude lady but my brassiere as well as panty have covered my sexual organs.now he left my tongue as he put me on sofa,so Ankit have put his bermuda on waist as he is putting wine as well as soda in glasses.now looking at Rishi,i smiled and my eyes shows him my next step as he is nude ,he knelt down on my legs and now put my both legs on sofa as he is rubbing my cunt on panty.so i hold glass full of wine as Ankit is drinking it and than i said………

“you mr.don’t waste my time, love my cunt till i cum.”and he took his glass as he is looking at me,so he unhooked my panty and took it out,put it on his nose and smelt hard………”how it smells Rishi
(He )like you have urinated but not washed it properly
(My legs are stretched)oh means i have to wash it
(He put wine in his mouth to drink but spit some on my cunt) oh madam,i am your slave tonight ,so if you will order me to drink your pee,i have to ,so don’t say like this.”

And as he put some wine on my vagina,he is rubbing it with his palm and so he started pushing his finger in my cunt slowly as he is fingering it while licking my thigh and so as it’s dry,he poured lot of wine on my thighs as his tongue is licking it like a dog and i am too horny as i am drinking wine while holding my hubby’s bulge on bermuda.looking at me,Ankit pulled down his bermuda as i hold his penis and now i started jerking it fast while Rishi is fingering my cunt fast as his tongue is rolling on my sexy thighs,so as i removed my brassiere also,he took out his finger and now his tongue is fucking my cunt fast,so he is doing it with comfort and i have hold my hubby’s penis as i am masturbating it wildly.later on i starts screaming”oh uh ah lick you dog lick it fast,i will cum”and he took my fleshy vagina in his mouth as he is sucking it hard and so my hand is on his hairs as i am pushing his face towards my cunt and lastly”uh ah it’s cumming”as my cunt got wet and like a stray dog ,Rishi widened my cunt as he is licking it and i hold my hubby’s penis again to jerk it.later on ,Rishi walked to washroom as i finishes my second drink and while jerking my hubby’s cock ,i asked………

“if you advise me for his penis to suck
(Ankit)as you wish baby.”and he came as i asked him to stand in front of me ,his straight penis is making me horny as he is smiling on me ,so i removed it’s skin as i took out my tongue to lick his penis and now hold his waist as he inched closer,so i opened my mouth to swallow his long hard dick and starts sucking it,so i am feeling hot as my whole body is in sensation,so he hold my hairs as i asked him to fuck my mouth and he is pushing his penis in my mouth to fuck, it’s a nice experience as i have never been with a gigolo earlier on ,so as he starts fucking my mouth fast i am sounding sexy”uh ah oh”and after sometime ,i took out his wet penis and stand there,now knelt down as i put my tongue on his penis to lick and he is in fire”oh uh you are too sexy Rima baby”and now i am horny to get fucked.so i sits on sofa as i hold my hubby’s cock and going hard to make his penis cum,he is kissing my face to lips and his hand is pressing my boobs hard.later on Ankit shouted”oh ah.i will cum “,and his penis ejaculated cum as my hand got wet with his cum,i walked to washroom as i urinated and washed my hand .
I came back as Rishi is drinking more wine and now he sit beside me as he put his arm on my shoulder,just rubbing it gently and my eyes are on his straight penis as i hold it in my palm and as his drink finished,my hubby have already left me in gigolo’s arms and we both are now on bed in guest room.so i slept on bed as he asked………..

“tonight i will fulfill your desires baby and will get money for it, isn’t it
(Rima)sure for your service and hard work
(Rishi)are you in job or a house wife
(Rima)a house wife only
(Rishi)you are so sexy and hot with your beautiful face,why don’t you make your career in this field
(I am in anger)you mr.do your duty and i know my beauty.”

As he knelt in between my thighs,so he widened my legs and now took out a strip of condom ,so he put it on his penis and now he put it’s glans on my wet vagina,he is pressing his cock hard as it feels,his cock is going inside and as i thought to make myself cool,he fucked me hard as i screamed louder”oh it’s in pain”and he fucked me again as he leaned on my top and going hard to fuck my vagina.so while sleeping under stranger’s body while getting fucked,i am like a shameless lady as i kissed his face and hold his waist ,now started bouncing my ass fast as his penis is fucking me fast.so i am screaming in pleasure”oh ah uh fuck fuck hard ,make me your whore”and he is like a professional fucker,giving me gentle fuck as my sexy ass is bouncing fast and after a while,as my cunt is in fire,he took out his cock and walked to washroom.so i am bit relaxed ,later on ,he walked to me with his nude cock and now i knelt on bed as he sit behind my buttocks,now i can see him licking my vagina as he spit inside cunt and than put a condom on his penis as he put his glans in my cunt,so he hold my waist as he fucked me hard and now he is fucking me with speed as well as power and so my ass is moving fast,my cunt is too hot as i know he will cum inside condom,so if i cum again than i will get satisfied and so his cock is making my cunt a hot tunnel and i am in joy”oh ah it’s in fire cum soon”but he is going hard and after 10 minutes of fuck,my cunt released fluids as he stopped and walked towards washroom as i can see his cum in condom.so i am too tired as i slept on bed nudely…………

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