Indian wife starts an affair with an older neighbor

My wife Vidya starts an affair with a neighbor – Rajesh.. The morning after our conversation about opening up our marriage, I tried to laugh it off as just dirty pillow talk. Sex talk at night, when you are horny, is a very different situation than in the cold harsh light of the morning.

Indian wife and husband discuss her taking on other lovers

I have watched my wife enveloped in the throes of an orgasm with another man between her legs – twice. It was a sight to savour as Vidya uninhibitedly enjoyed the pleasure that only a large penis could give her, and I couldn’t. I still get hard thinking about Ramu’s huge dark rod invading her fair pussy. It’s a spectacle to see Vidya, unrestrained, enjoying raw sex, even if that was with another man.


Jealousy was also the other primary reaction. It is definitely not easy to remain without emotions when you see your wife being pounded by another man and her face betrays the fact that’s she’s getting satisfaction from another penis. The only thing that kept me going through those affairs was that I loved Vidya more than anything in the world and I wanted to see her happy. And she was happy. And that she loved me equally, despite having another man humping her daily, because I let her do it.

I know that now, even when she is having sex exclusively with me, sometimes she is thinking about Ramu. Or Mohan. Or any of her other former lovers. Her legs might be wrapped around my hips, even as I pathetically tried to pleasure her, but she was picturing someone else in her mind. Vidya would often take Ramu’s name during sex with me. It was this fact that had led me to suggest that Vidya make another affair a reality.

Moreover, it’s not easy to know that she is only consenting to fuck you out of a sense of pity and a sense of duty. It might be better, so I had argued to myself, if Vidya enjoyed sex with her lover, leaving her free to enjoy sex with me, without picturing someone else. But again, once it was morning, I didn’t feel that way.

Vidya was equally feisty, telling me I had cum twice at the thought of another man’s penis penetrating her. When I denied it, she became playful and asked me to kneel down in front of her. She then proceeded to twist my ears and playfully scold me for thinking of her with another man. Immediately after a few such tugs at my ears, her hands went to my tiny penis and she naughtily commented that I had become hard just by thinking about being cuckolded.

“I can’t even tell if you are hard, darling.” Vidya impishly teased me. “Such a tiny penis.”

I had nearly cum at that. I was caught, and had to admit the idea was hot. Vidya grinned, and told me not to deny my true nature. We both laughed, kissed and made passionate love afterwards.

Life settled into a routine after that. As the days went by though, I began to forget about that discussion. It was something I felt I did in a moment of weakness. For the next three months, I relegated the thought of an open marriage to the back of my mind. Vidya would never cheat on me, I told myself. She loves me too much, and I love her deeply as well. Even if I find the idea of her cheating on me hot. Even I start to cum whenever she takes another man’s name in bed.

Work suddenly got very busy, and I was put in charge of some important national projects. A few days I came home as late as 9 pm. I even had to fly to New Delhi and Mumbai a few times for work, and stay a couple of days there, or more, each time.

“Don’t worry, darling.” Vidya would sweetly tell me every time I had to break the news of my travels to her. “You are doing this for a promotion, for a raise, for our future. I understand.”

And then she would proceed to fuck me dry before I left. She had a way of rubbing her pelvis against my dick and squeezing me once I was inside. It would render me helplessly aroused and I would soon be on the point of cumming. Once I had ejaculated into her, I would thank her even as she would start to laugh.

“You don’t need to thank me, sweetheart.” Vidya would kiss my cheeks and whisper into my ears. “You are my husband. Feel free to cum in my pussy any time. Other men have to ask for my permission; you just have to take me. If you are man enough, that is, hehe.”

Sometimes, during these work travels, the discussion of that night would suddenly pop into my head, and I would be consumed by thoughts of my darling wife taking on a lover when I was away. The cameras that I had installed during Vidya’s torrid affair with Gaurav were still there. After work, I would go to my hotel room, login using my iPad and turn on the cameras, hoping to catch her in the act. Shamefully, even as I feared her getting it on with another well-endowed man, my own little pecker would slowly rise in anticipation.

I would take out my penis and rub it even as I watched the cameras; however there was nothing to see. I would dutifully monitor the video stream – and yet Vidya was just being herself at home, busy cleaning, or watching TV, or entertaining a few friends. I even caught her masturbating, once. She was taking some other man’s name, of course. I began to love her even more as the days went by.

Vidya, my beautiful Vidya, my hot, curvaceous Vidya, my demure, dominant Vidya, my vivacious, energetic, naughty, slutty Vidya. She was my dutiful wife, taking care of me and the house and looking as impeccable as always.

When I was at home, every morning I would wake up (naked, of course, that was the rule in her bedroom), and kiss her feet, nuzzling her awake. She would then turn over and point at her butt.

“Get your tongue in there, darling.” She would order me haughtily, yet mischievously. “That’s what a cuckold husband like you is good for.”

She definitely knew how to get me going!

I would then part her panties slightly, and flick my tongue at her asshole. Licking her there thoroughly, I would then proceed to slurp and kiss her rotund buttocks. Sometimes I would slightly cup and shake them, and watch as her flesh quivered like jelly. She would then turn around and give me a warm hug, which always ended in an adoring kiss. It was enough to make any man hard. It was all I could do to not cum every morning with that ritual. Vidya would then slowly stroke me. Some days I would cum immediately, which resulted in me getting a scolding and some slaps. Other days I managed to hold out enough for her satisfaction, so she would then kneel and give me a blowjob. That was my Vidya. Any man would be lucky to have her. And she was my wife.

Life was pretty good, and humdrum. Soon it was our marriage anniversary. It was also roughly one year ago that Vidya had begun to fuck Ramu. We marked both our anniversary, and the anniversary of her affair with Ramu, with a scorching all day fuck session. I was completely drained out by the time Vidya was done with me. I wasn’t fucking her, she was fucking me, even though it was my penis inside her.

Oh boy! It had almost been half a year since that discussion. I had even stopped checking the cameras for weeks now, even though I was away frequently.

And just like that, suddenly my life turned upside down.

I had just returned from a trip to Mumbai. There were no telltale signs, of course, that anything was wrong. Vidya had never behaved any differently, and I still got sex regularly from her.

It was a Monday. I was in the office, and I called Vidya around noon. This was lunch hour, and Vidya was usually back from her gym by then. Yet, her phone rang and rang, but no one picked up. I hung up, surprised for a moment. Where could Vidya be? Maybe she was in the shower, I thought. Thinking for a moment, after what must have been weeks, I switched on the cameras.

Nothing. Vidya wasn’t even home, as far as I could tell, although the cameras only looked at the living room and master bedroom.

I was expecting a call back within a few minutes if she was in the gym, or out shopping. Yet, almost one hour later, when I had shut off the cameras and gone back to work, Vidya called.

“Hi, honey.” She said. Her voice sounded slightly raspy, as if she had just come back from a work out.

“Hi.” I said. “What’s up, darling? Where were you?”

“Oh, I saw your missed call.” Vidya replied. She had stopped panting by now. “I was in the shower.”

No you were not, I thought. You weren’t even home.

“I see.” I replied. I made some small talk with her and hung up. My mind was buzzing with a thousand possibilities. All my previous thoughts came back.

Was she having an affair? Was I once again going to watch another large penis ravage my wife?

Of course it could be just as Vidya said, and there’s nothing more to it. The living room camera doesn’t see all the bathrooms downstairs and maybe I missed signs of her being there. Even the master bedroom camera doesn’t show the attached bathroom there, but focuses on the bed. So she could be telling the truth, and maybe she was in the shower. But something, something, in the way she had answered the phone late, that raspy voice, and the words she had used … I had to trust my instincts. Something was up.

My mind went back to the time she had an affair with Ramu. I couldn’t even tell she was having an affair until the moment she showed up with him in our bedroom. So how could I tell this time?

If my lovely wife was having an affair, I started to think, it couldn’t be more than a month old at the most. Thinking back, I realized that’s when there had been subtle changes in her behavior. She seemed a bit tired, which wasn’t usually the case as Vidya was a very fit and healthy person. At night, our usual playfulness was somewhat reduced to just a kiss and some touching. I personally hadn’t paid much attention because I myself was busy and tired, and work had been all consuming. Yet, it was strange that Vidya hadn’t really made me pleasure her, or even asked me to lick her butt. And in the morning, whereas she would sometimes playfully try to make me late for work, recently she had been very efficient in getting my clothes and lunch ready. And I was only given a long kiss and some stroking on my manhood at the door before she let me go. No blowjob. It seemed almost as if she was anxious to see me go.

Was I really making this all up in my head? I tried to think objectively, and found that I couldn’t. There was only one way to settle this, I realized.

Today was a Monday. Throughout the last month, I had been home on the weekends and evenings, and only during work was I away. And there was that weekend in Mumbai.

Let’s assume she is having an affair. If I were to somehow make myself absent for a few days, Vidya’s lover wouldn’t miss the opportunity to fuck my wife on her own marital bed, in her husband’s house. He had already taken my wife, and probably had fucked her here in my house already, but he wouldn’t be able to resist the idea of taking her on our marital bed, again.

I acted quickly. Picking up the phone, I spoke to my boss that I was going to take the next Monday and Tuesday off, and return to work Wednesday. I didn’t give any specific reason, but just mentioned I had some family chores to do.

Then I called up Taj Hotel. This was a nice five star hotel quite near our place. I booked a room for four nights. Saturday. Sunday. Monday and Tuesday.

Then I looked up the airlines I normally use to fly to New Delhi. I noted their flight timings. I thus had all the information ready. It was now time to put my plan into action.

That evening, when we were eating dinner, I told Vidya, “Babydoll, something has come up at work, so I need to go to New Delhi this Saturday.”

“Oh, really?” Vidya raised her eyebrows. “How long will you be gone for?”

Was it my imagination, or did her pulse quick and her eyes twitch in anticipation, and her breathing became a little bit more rapid? Probably my imagination, but I replied, “Five days, four nights. I will be flying Saturday at 3 pm, and I will be there Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. I will be flying back early Wednesday morning.”

“Oh, that’s a long time. Longer than usual.” Vidya made a face. “How am I supposed to go without sex for five days?”

I laughed, somewhat uneasily. “I am sure you will manage.”

Vidya grinned mischievously. “I shall have to take care of that starting from tonight.”

She was as good as her word. For the next five days, we fucked like bunnies all over the house. Vidya was incredibly horny, and was dripping wet even as we would start. In no time at all, I would be hard and inside her, and she would be grinding herself on me and humping me furiously. She seemed to be on a mission to make me aroused as fast as possible. I would hardly last a few minutes, before helplessly cumming into her. Afterwards Vidya would make me finger her to an orgasm. That’s the only way I could make her cum anyways.

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