Seducing my friend’s wife – the day after

Seducing my friend’s wife – the day after.

I leaned against the closed door of the guest bedroom, and reviewed the last couple of hours in my head. Still naked and holding onto my clothes, I threw them onto the bed and held out my hands in front of me. Yes, they were shaking. Must have been the adrenaline.


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I could not believe that I had just seduced Matt’s wife, that he had watched the whole thing, and most of all, that Liane had gone along with it!

It all happened so quickly – from our conversation in the kitchen to my off-hand proposition to Liane…the flirtation over supper, the massage, and then… I felt a familiar pulse low in my body as I thought of what I had done to her, and her reaction. Well, she certainly appeared to have enjoyed it. I smiled. Rather reassuring, since it was my first time going down on a woman. I licked my lips, still tasting her.

My hands strayed to my breasts and then lower. I had obviously enjoyed it too. I had orgasmed while giving a blowjob before but, clearly, performing oral sex on a woman had the same effect on me. I absentmindedly touched myself as I recalled how she had squirmed while I licked her and the final gush of fluid at the end. Was that what a female ejaculation looked like from the other side? I had been known to squirt occasionally, though more often during intercourse, and I’d never actually seen myself in a mirror. The taste had been interesting too – subtly different from the flavour of her regular arousal. And from mine. Did all women taste so different? With men, well, it tended to depend on what they’d had to eat or drink recently.

I closed my eyes and thought of her slippery wetness and how my tongue had slid over her so easily. I could feel my own fingers become slick again and realised I had begun to stroke my clitoris in earnest. I might as well get comfortable. I moved my clothes from the bed and lay on top of the covers. I closed my eyes again and started with my breasts, teasing first one nipple into erection, and then the other. I could feel the invisible connection between them and my clitoris and sighed. It was nice, but it always felt better when someone else did it.

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I used one hand to gently twist and play with my nipples, while the other played lower. I dipped my middle finger inside, getting it wet, and then stroked slowly along my clitoris, remembering how hard Liane’s clit had become as I licked it. My hips began to move of their own volition, and I thrust two fingers inside with a bit more force, using the base of my hand to press and rub that sensitive spot.

I quickly abandoned my nipples, moving the second hand down so I could devote more attention to my clit while still using my fingers to fuck myself. I began to fantasise that it was Liane who was doing this to me, and I felt my climax approach. I bit my bottom lip to keep from crying out as I had an intense orgasm, my toes curling and my eyes squeezing shut.

I wiped my hands on my stomach and grabbed my PJs. I wondered if I could tiptoe to the bathroom to get washed up and ready for bed without anyone seeing me. Listening quietly at the door, I heard faint noises from Matt and Liane’s bedroom, so I dashed across the hall and quickly closed the bathroom door. I would sleep well tonight.


Saturday morning was a fairly typical sunny and cool September day. I had stayed in bed until after 8am, which was late for me, but I admit I was also delaying leaving the sanctuary of the guest bedroom. I was worried about seeing Liane again. What if she regretted the events of last night? I wasn’t so concerned about Matt’s reaction. I knew him well enough to know he would have taken it in his stride. I was actually dying to talk to him alone about how Liane had felt.

Taking my courage in my hands, I stepped out of the room. I was still wearing the black cotton camisole and shorts I had slept in. My hair was a messy tangle of auburn curls, coming loose from my braid and hanging to midway down my back. I was also still wearing my glasses, not having bothered with my contacts yet.

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I ventured barefoot into the kitchen. I thought I could smell coffee brewing, so at least someone was up and about. Sure enough, Liane was there, still in her nightclothes, which consisted of an oversized white t-shirt and probably nothing underneath. I let my mind skim over that part.

“Good morning,” I said, stepping into the room and trying to put a normal smile on my face.

“Good morning, Kate” she replied. “Are…how…um…did you sleep well?” she continued, stammering slightly and turning a very bright red.

She was standing at the kitchen counter, her blonde hair still tousled from sleep, and looking – well – lovely. Did I actually think she seemed prettier this morning, now that I’d experienced her up close and personal the night before? Whether or not that made sense, it seemed to be true. Her features were delicate and I noticed a faint dusting of freckles across her cheeks that I hadn’t noticed before. Her bare legs were pale, as was the rest of her. I was reminded of how soft they had felt and how I had enjoyed running my hands over them and licking up her inner thighs…

Concentrate, I thought to myself. Sometimes orgasms are like chips: once you have one, you want to have another, and another, until you work your way through the entire bowl. Of course, once my mind started down that road, I was reminded of the tangy and slightly salty taste of her, which certainly did nothing for my conversational skills this morning. What had her question been?

“Very well, thanks,” I told her, rallying my wits. She was stirring some milk into her coffee and turned back towards me as I spoke. Then, since approaching things directly was my nature, I blurted out, “Are you okay? I mean – I hope you’re not having any regrets. It was fun – I know I enjoyed it and…I hope you did too,” I finished. Rather lamely, I thought. Oh God.

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My gaze dropped to her breasts where I could see her erect nipples under the t-shirt. Had they been that way when I first entered the kitchen? Was she becoming as aroused as I was, just remembering last night? I realised I had licked my lips, thinking about her breasts and I forced myself to stay calm and as normal as possible given the situation.

Liane glanced briefly up to my eyes before turning away and opening one of the kitchen cabinets. “I actually really enjoyed it,” she said shyly. “Really,” she repeated more firmly. Well, that was a relief. “Um,” she started, “would you like some coffee?”

Somewhat reassured that she was able to approximate normalcy, I responded in the affirmative and moved towards her. She placed a mug on the counter and filled it with coffee. The milk pitcher was still on the counter, so I poured some into my mug and moved with her towards the table. We had both just sat down when Matt walked in.

He was dressed only in PJ bottoms and I noticed how toned his upper body was. As he leaned over to kiss his wife’s cheek, I was aware of how the pants hung loosely on his hips and how much skin was showing on that side of the room. I am a basket case, I thought to myself, shaking my head in a purely internal gesture.

He stood up and I could see his own gaze stray to my nipples, which I imagined were hard and quite visible through my thin cami. He raised an eyebrow at me and smiled, saying, “Good morning ladies. How is everyone this morning?” He seemed to be completely at ease and either unaware or unconcerned by the sexual tension in the room. Or maybe the sexual tension was only in me?

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