Ladies’ Spa Weekend, Four girlfriends enjoy a weekend away at an unusual spa

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Ladies’ Spa Weekend, Four girlfriends enjoy a weekend away at an unusual spa

“So Jen and I walk into the room for our body exfoliation and there are these two massage tables, separated by this curtain that doesn’t even stretch the width of the room.”

I was recounting our afternoon experiences at the Spa des Rêves to our two friends, Tracy and Lamya. The four of us had planned to spend a girls’ weekend up North – away from the stress of work and family – being buffed, massaged, and generally pampered in a context of copious amounts of wine and good food. Tracy had suggested this spa on the recommendation of her friend, Shannon, who couldn’t stop raving about it. The wine was already flowing and Lamya topped up my glass with some bubbly pink Zinfandel – something festive for “Ladies’ Spa Weekend.”

And boy, did I need to relax! It had been a while since I had a weekend and didn’t have to bring any work home. My lifestyle was hectic enough, with job, kids, volunteering with school and activities – rarely a down moment. My last weekend away had been… well, that conference out West, I guess – and that was months ago. I was distracted for a moment recalling how I’d helped my friends Matt and Liane expand their sexual repertoire – and mine too. I had always considered myself somewhat bi-curious and that weekend had definitely solidified my attraction to women.

I realised that I had fallen silent, but fortunately, Jen had picked up the train of the story, with no one the wiser.

“Kate and I sort of looked at each other, wondering if they thought we were a couple or something,” she continued.

As if! I thought. Both of us were in our late 30s with young children at home and I was pretty sure Jen was as hetero as they come. Actually, Tracy was the only one of our group with no kids. And she was definitely one of the more adventurous too, with her platinum blonde dyed hair and tasteful tattoos – I think eight at last count. She was fit and muscular with small breasts and a confident attitude. She was also openly bisexual. Sometimes I envied her relaxed attitude about sex – Jen had regaled me with stories of her escapades – I always found it so ironic that two such divergent women were friends. I didn’t know Tracy as well as the others but I’d been pleased when Jen suggested her as an addition to our group this weekend. She had a delightfully cynical way of looking at things that managed to find the humour in any situation.

“Good thing we’re pretty comfortable with each other!” Jen said and sipped at her own wine.

She was sprawled elegantly on one of the overstuffed chairs in our room, her delicate feet resting on the edge of the enormous bathtub that seemed to take up half of the room. Jen did everything elegantly, I thought absently. Her short brown hair was a thick tousled mass that managed to look stylish even in the fluffy white bathrobe. My own auburn curls were still tied in the loose bun I had used to keep them out of the way for our afternoon treatment.

“The older of the two women points to this tiny bundle on the massage table and says something to us in French – I had NO idea what she was talking about – and then they walk out,” Jen added. “Turns out it’s this disposable thong and we’re supposed to wear that and nothing else! I couldn’t even tell which tiny triangle of fabric was supposed to be the back and which the front!”

I laughed along with the others, recalling how shocked Jen had looked after my translation. Although my French wasn’t great, hers was almost non-existent. She drained her glass of wine and held her glass out to Lamya for a refill. Lamya’s dark hair was also still in a bun from her massage this afternoon. The stark white bathrobe offset her dusky Middle Eastern complexion, making her look slightly tanned compared to the rest of us. I envied the neatness of her hair; while mine tended to be a frizzy mass, constantly trying to escape the confines of my hair tie, her sleek black hair always looked like she had just come from a salon.

Lamya hadn’t said much about her massage this afternoon, other than to say that she had enjoyed it and was looking forward to the treatments we had scheduled for tomorrow. I had noticed a slight flush to her cheeks when she said it and had made a mental note to ask her about it tonight when we were alone in our room. She and I were sharing the room next door, with the queen-sized bed, leaving Jen and Tracy the king-sized. The rationale for the room allocations had been that Lamya and I had been friends for more than 10 years but she had never met either of the other women before today. We were in a small cabin a few minutes’ walk from the main resort building. Our two suites were on the main floor, separated by a small vestibule, and there were several other rooms on the second floor.

“So what did you do?” Lamya asked, tucking a stray lock of hair into her bun. She perched on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs, her bathrobe gaping open with the movement and exposing the smooth line up to her thighs. She was a petite, voluptuous woman who seemed very comfortable in her own skin.

“Well, I’m guessing I put it on the right way–” Jen began.

“I opted for the larger triangle in front – figured I’d rather the wedgie be at the back!” I added.

“Ditto!” Jen continued. “Then the two women come back in – they didn’t say anything, so it must have been fine – and the older one starts explaining everything in French with Kate having to translate. And want to hear the best? Turns out the young one doing my treatment speaks perfect English! I mean – would it not have made sense for HER to do the explanations?” Jen shook her head, her hair swishing with the movement.

“Was it good though?” Tracy asked, picking another strawberry from the plate in front of us. “Mmm,” she said, “These are amazing! I’ve never had a body exfoliation.”

I opted for a slice of pineapple and answered, “Awesome! It felt like a back scratch but over my entire body.” I decided not to mention how the woman – Marie, I recalled – an attractive slim woman probably in her late 40s, had gently circled my breasts with the scrub, just missing the nipples. I hadn’t thought much about it at first, but when she rubbed in the lotion after I’d rinsed off the scrub, she hadn’t bothered avoiding them. I felt a familiar pulse in my groin as I recalled her soft touch and the slight smile on her face when she noticed how hard my nipples became with the attention. She had rolled them with her fingers before continuing to rub the lotion lower into my abdomen and hips. Her fingers had skirted along the strings of the underwear, even moving under the larger triangle to where my pubic hair would have been if I hadn’t been completely waxed.

I had glanced over to Jen where she lay on the other massage table, wondering if she was getting similar attentions. I could see that she was biting her lower lip slightly but hadn’t been able to focus much on it because Marie had asked me to flip so she could do my back. I had been a bit embarrassed to realise I was disappointed she hadn’t continued to massage lower under the thong.

I shifted slightly where I sat on the step leading to the bathtub, remembering her hands on my buttocks and thighs. I recalled thinking she had spent a lot of time rubbing the lotion into my inner thighs, brushing against the thin fabric of the thong. She had used long firm strokes along my butt cheeks and had casually moved aside the string of the underwear to caress along the line of my ass, even brushing my outer labia. I had held perfectly still, conscious that we were not alone in the room and having no idea of her intentions. I remembered thinking that she had to be aware how wet I was getting and wondering how far this was going to go, when she had pressed her lotion-covered thumb against my anus. She had rubbed gently, her other hand continuing to stroke teasingly up my inner thigh, and I couldn’t believe how erotic it was. I found myself hoping she would move her fingers to my clit, which was aching for some attention. My hips had risen involuntarily in a tacit request.

Just when I thought my wishes might be fulfilled, I had heard Jen’s aesthetician ask how she was feeling. Marie removed her hands from where they had been teasing me for one last caress along my back and she echoed the question, though in French.

“Très bien, merci,” I had responded shakily, my heart thumping with my arousal. She gave me instructions to take my time before sitting up, to drink a large glass of water, and that she would see me tomorrow for the scheduled facial. I found myself wondering if that too would hold some surprises.

I dragged myself back to the present where Tracy was recounting a hilarious description of her waxing this afternoon. She had opted for a full bikini wax and in apparently typical Tracy fashion, she was comfortable sharing all the gory details.

“She had a trainee with her and asks me if I’m okay with her observing. What am I supposed to say? No – I don’t want a hot busty 22 year old redhead staring intently at my cunt from six inches away while this gorgeous other woman rips my pubic hair from the roots?” She emptied the last of the wine into her own glass and stood to get a fresh bottle – red this time.

“I told her of course I don’t mind – I’m easy,” she continued with a wry grin.

“But not cheap,” Jen interjected quickly, smiling at her friend as she passed her the corkscrew.

“Never that,” Tracy agreed with a wink. “Has anyone else noticed that all the workers here are incredibly attractive? Or maybe it’s just me,” she mused.

She had a point, I considered. Though maybe it’s just the relaxing environs – the quiet refuge up in the mountains, the bubbling of the accompanying river lending atmosphere to the setting. One can’t help but feel contented, setting everything in a more positive light.

“So when do you ladies want to head for dinner?” Tracy asked us in a complete change of subject. “My friend Shannon said we have got to try the cheese fondue. She’s been here four times and she said she’ll be completely shocked if we don’t come away from this weekend desperate to return.”

We agreed we would freshen up and head up to the main building in about half an hour. Apparently, it was expected that we’d just wear our bathrobes and flip flops to the restaurant in the spa and we were just as happy not to have to dress up.

The fondue was as delicious as advertised. We relaxed over white chocolate mousse with a delicate raspberry coulis, sipping a sweet late harvest white wine, and watching some of the other guests amble over to the hot tub. We hadn’t had time to explore that part of the small resort this afternoon, but we had talked about a soak before bed tonight. Tracy had informed us over dinner that the spa was all female and that bathing suits were not required for the hot tubs and saunas. Probably just as well since two of our group – including myself – had neglected to bring any.

We stepped into the chill night air, Tracy and Lamya heading to the sauna while Jen and I left our bathrobes hanging next to a pile of fluffy white towels and stepped into the hot tub. It was February and, while paths had been cleared through the snow, it was cold enough to see your breath. We didn’t dawdle. The hot tub was a great sprawling landscape of natural rock with submerged seats around the inside perimeter and several smaller pools branching off from the main section. With the steam rising off the hot water, it was almost impossible to see into those more secluded areas and I wasn’t even sure if they were occupied.

Jen and I found a spot near the entrance to the pool where the other women would be able to find us and immersed ourselves to the neck. It was delightfully hot and I found all of my muscles relaxing. I could see vague movement through the fog and could hear quiet conversation and laughter, so I figured there must be some other guests in the smaller pools. The sky was completely clear and the moon was full, adding a soft illumination to the artificial lighting tastefully scattered around the landscape.

We hadn’t been sitting long before Tracy and Lamya came giggling up the path from the sauna, clutching at each other’s arm. They hung their bathrobes next to ours and quickly moved to the steps.

“Holy crap! It’s cold!” Tracy exclaimed, rubbing at her arms. She had a gorgeous body, I mused, even though it was quickly being covered in goose bumps. She was about 5’8″ with firm high breasts, long toned legs, and a flat stomach. I sighed softly. My 38D breasts had been firm two children ago.

They sat next to us and Tracy immediately leaned forward conspiratorially.

“Oh my God! I have to tell you what we just saw!” she began. “So we got to the sauna and it’s super dark inside, but we could tell there were a couple of other women in there already. Lamya and I sit down – it’s SO hot, but we’re just relaxing and letting our eyes adjust.”

She glanced around the pool and probably saw the same indistinct movements that I had noticed. Lowering her voice, Tracy continued, “Turns out it’s not just a couple of women – it’s THREE women!”

“And they’re having sex!” Lamya blurted out. “Like – right there on the bench!” I saw she was breathing heavily, though whether from what they’d seen in the sauna, the walk up the slight incline to the hot tub, or just the heat of the pool, I wasn’t sure.

“What do you mean, ‘they were having sex’?” Jen asked, obviously puzzled. I was reminded of how naïve Jen is. I recalled having to explain to her why she probably shouldn’t use the term “double-fisting” when talking about someone holding two drinks.

Tracy rolled her eyes at her friend and explained. “One of them was lying on the bench with one woman basically sitting on her face and the other eating her out and finger fucking her.” She grinned. “I have to say, it was pretty hot.”

I was suddenly very aware that we were all naked and I became conscious of the tickling sensation of the water lapping at my nipples.

“Are they allowed to do that?” Jen asked, frowning and looking around the pool. “I mean – it’s sort of in public.”

“Shannon told me this place is rather… unconventional,” Tracy said. “I know I don’t mind. I’m tempted to go back and watch the rest of the show.”

I was tempted too and as I bit my lip, I noticed Tracy was looking at me rather speculatively. She held my gaze for a long moment and I saw a smile hovering around the edge of her lips.

“Maybe they actually enjoy an audience,” Lamya suggested. “Not me though – too cold to walk all that way back there.”

Tracy looked directly at me again and said, “I think I’ll go back. Hey – if they’re going to do it where they can be watched, then they shouldn’t be bothered by some company. Besides, I love the heat of a sauna. I’ll come back to cool off in a bit. Kate, you should come check it out too – the cold air followed by the sauna is really awesome.”

I wasn’t sure if Tracy was flirting with me or if I was imagining it because I was so horny, but I didn’t care. The heaviness in my groin was doing my thinking for me. I stood up to follow her and said to the other women: “I probably won’t stay long – I usually find saunas too hot.”

“OK – report back in a bit,” Lamya said jokingly and the two of them moved a bit farther away from the steps into a slightly deeper part of the pool.

I grabbed a towel and my bathrobe and hurried after Tracy.

“It’s freaking cold!” I said to her, my teeth starting to chatter. My nipples had hardened almost immediately after leaving the pool and I noticed Tracy’s were as well. She hadn’t bothered to don her bathrobe but was holding it loosely in one arm as she ushered me down the path.

“You’ll be warm soon,” she said. “C’mon.”

We left our bathrobes outside the small wooden shack that housed the sauna and stepped inside, quickly shutting the door behind us. Tracy grabbed my arm to lead me to a small bench just to the right of the door and we sat, allowing our eyes to adjust to the dim light. I could hear gasps and heavy breathing from the other side of the room and it wasn’t long before I was able to see the two women on the bench across from us. One of the three that Tracy and Lamya had seen must have left but the scene wasn’t too different.

A shapely blonde woman who looked to be in her mid to late 20s was sprawled naked on the bench, a white towel under her. Her hair was a shoulder length dark gold in the dim light, her lips full and parted slightly. Her waist was trim and her breasts high and full, as one might expect from such a young woman. She was holding the backs of her thighs, exposing herself to the attentions of the other woman – a petite brunette, with much shorter hair and small tight breasts. She was kneeling on a towel in front of the bench, and I could see some sort of tattoo at the base of her spine. I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing, but I could hear the wet sounds of her mouth on the blonde.

I felt my nipples tingle and my pussy throb in sympathy. I swallowed hard. I had never seen two women together in real life before. It was very different from watching porn, I thought. The woman lying down had her eyes open slightly, so it was obvious she knew we were there and either didn’t mind, or as Lamya had suggested, got off on the exhibitionism. I sat very still next to Tracy, wondering if she expected us to do something or just watch.

As the brunette shifted to lick at the other woman’s inner thighs, the blonde looked directly at Tracy, sliding her fingers down her stomach to dip into her snatch. She thrust it a few times and brought it up to her nipple, circling it slowly and holding Tracy’s gaze.

Tracy stood and said quietly to me, “I hope you’re not easily shocked, Kate,” then walked over to the other bench. As a matter of fact, I was not easily shocked. But I was a bit too shy to join the activity. At least for now…

Tracy knelt beside the brunette and began licking at the blonde’s nipple. I could hear the blonde moan softly and I pressed my thighs together. The brunette began to stroke Tracy’s back and bum, reaching between her cheeks to finger her. Tracy widened her stance obligingly. She sucked at the blonde’s breast, pinching the other nipple and evoking a louder moan from the woman. The brunette pressed her face to the woman’s pussy and I could imagine the sensations she must be feeling. I figured no one would notice or care what I was doing, so I slipped a finger between my own legs. My pussy was wet and I slowly stroked my slippery juices over my clit, dipping into myself for more and relishing the heat on my skin.

The blonde woman cried out and bucked her hips as she came, grabbing at Tracy’s arm as the other woman held on to her tightly, sucking as she writhed on the bench. She gradually quieted and the brunette moved away from her, leaning into Tracy with a deep kiss. I had known intellectually that Tracy liked women as much as men, but I had a moment of surprise watching her kiss a woman. I found myself staring at the graceful line of her back as she pressed into the brunette, wondering how much of her tongue she was using in the kiss. I realised in that moment that I wanted to be in that group, sharing in the kissing and fondling.

Tracy gently pushed the brunette away, positioning her to sit on the edge of the bench. I watched as she moved her tongue up in a line along her inner thigh. The woman let her head rest against the wall and tilted her pelvis toward Tracy, obvious in what she wanted. Tracy didn’t need more of an invitation. I admired her skill as she delved into the woman’s pussy, licking and using her fingers to send the brunette into a squirming, moaning mess on the bench.

My mouth was dry and my attention fixated on the scene in front of me, my finger still idly stroking my clit. I felt a hot hand on my thigh and started. The blonde woman had walked over to kneel in front of me.

She looked up at me. “Arrête-moi si tu veux, mais je pense que tu vas aimer ça…” Did I want to stop her? I didn’t think so. I’d had a woman go down on me before – the first time pretty recently – and it had been amazing. I found myself craving that gentle softness that so differentiated the touch of a woman from a man.

She began a soft progression of licks and nips up my inner thigh. The gentle bites were like nothing I had felt before – so carnal. I widened my legs and slid my butt to the edge of the bench, much as the brunette had done for Tracy. I was still watching them – Tracy was holding her tight and I could tell she was close to an orgasm. I wondered how long it would take me – between the teasing this afternoon and watching the action in the sauna.

I saw Tracy stand and join the brunette on the bench, positioning her bare pussy over the other woman’s neatly trimmed bush, her legs on either side of the woman’s hips. She began a rhythmic rubbing of their cunts against each other, bracing herself on the bench, her eyes closed in concentration. The brunette reached up and pinched Tracy’s nipples hard and she cried out. I wished the lighting wasn’t quite so dim and that I was sitting closer. I wanted to see if their clits were touching… and I imagined it was mine. I unconsciously spread my legs farther apart, tilting my pelvis up.

Tracy adjusted her position so that her legs were scissored with the brunette’s. I imagined their clits gliding together, slippery with arousal. They must be getting harder, much as mine was. I was aching for release, watching the two women and listening to the moans of the brunette as she grasped at Tracy’s arms. The blonde’s tongue finally reached my vulva, licking at the wetness that had gathered with my arousal. She thrust her tongue into me once, deep, before retreating to lick at my clit with soft, quick flicks. She didn’t waste any time before inserting first one, then two, and a third finger into me, knitted them together into a knobby form.

My gaze was locked onto the scene in front of me, sweat trickling down my chest, the steam of the room slightly obscuring my view. Tracy threw her head back, crying out – echoed almost immediately by the brunette. It was too much. The full sensation inside me, combined with the relentless licking on my clitoris and the visual stimulation on the other bench brought me quickly into a powerful orgasm. I bit my lip to stop myself from crying out. The blonde slowed her movements, allowing me to relax. She stood and kissed me briefly on the lips, caressing my cheek with her fingertips.

“Merci, ma belle,” she said and left the sauna before I had a chance to respond. Tracy kissed the brunette and murmured something to her in French before walking over to me. The brunette had lain out on the bench, her eyes closed.

“Shall we head back to the pool?” Tracy asked me casually. I was somewhat dumbstruck, not sure what to say to her after all that.

“Don’t worry Kate,” she said, stroking a hand lightly down my arm. “I won’t say anything to the others about this if you’d rather I didn’t. But,” she continued, looking at me sideways and squeezing my arm gently, “if you ever want to hook up… well, I’d be game,” she finished. “We can just say we watched a bit of a show,” she said, handing me my bathrobe and leading the way back up the path to the hot tub.

My pussy felt heavy with the orgasm, but if anything, it had made me hornier. I found myself wishing that I were sharing a room with Tracy tonight.

We joined the others back in the hot tub, though it took a few moments to find them as they had moved to one of the more secluded pools off the main section. The steamy fog almost completely obscured us from each other, even when sitting side by side, and Tracy entertained them with a much-edited version of our sauna visit. She moved to sit next to me on the stone seat and I felt her hand rest idly on my thigh as she described our supposed surprise and shock at the escapades of the sauna.

“I’m pretty sure stuff is going on in here too,” Lamya murmured. “The noises we’ve been hearing from some of the pool areas sounds like someone is having a really good time.”

“Do you swing that way at all, Lamya?” Tracy asked casually. Her fingers were teasing towards my inner thigh but with all the steam, I was positive no one could see.

“Well,” she began, “I know a lot of Saudi women have ‘special friends’– just not getting enough attention from their husbands. It’s not that unusual.” I noticed vaguely that she had not really answered the question.

“I’ll have to have a word with Shannon when we get back,” Tracy told us, mock-seriously. “She had said this place might surprise me, but…”

“The food has been amazing and I can’t fault the treatments so far, so even though it seems a bit… unorthodox in certain areas, I’m having a great time,” Jen announced. The rest of us agreed and we sat in comfortable silence, enjoying the heat of the water and the quiet of the outdoors.

Well, the other two sat in comfortable silence. I still had Tracy’s fingers stroking my inner thigh, teasing towards more sensitive areas. I wondered if she’d try fingering me in front of the other two and I couldn’t decide if I wanted her to or not. As I debated, she hooked her foot around my lower leg, drawing it towards her and spreading my thighs. Her hand moved higher and my arousal spiked again, as though I hadn’t just had a toe-tingling orgasm 15 minutes earlier. She brushed her fingers along my pussy lips, teasing them apart. The water felt so hot as she spread them open. She idly played around gently as the water was washing away any of my own more slippery lubricant.

I didn’t know what to do with my own hands, gripping the edge of the stone seat and holding myself in place. The others began to chat about the planned treatments for tomorrow, the wine we had at supper, the landscaping of the spa. Tracy joined in appropriately, but I could barely concentrate enough to respond to direct questions. I wanted her to put a finger in me. I wanted her to play with my nipples, aching and straining in the water to be touched. I wanted to grind my pussy against hers as I had seen her do with the brunette in the spa.

“Well, I’m pretty beat,” Jen said finally. “I think I’ll head into bed.”

Tracy pressed the base of her palm against my clit and thrust a finger into me suddenly, once, twice, then withdrew her hand altogether. The tease!

“I think I’ll turn in too,” she said. She and the other two women moved towards the steps to exit the pool, and I trailed afterwards, gathering my wits. I wondered if I’d be able to sleep tonight.


Lamya towelled off in front of me, chatting about her call with her kids this evening and plans for March break, oblivious to my distracted and aroused state. I found myself mesmerised by the creaminess of her skin. I had never realised how beautiful her body was. But tonight I was conscious of the roundness of her breasts, despite having breastfed both of her children years before. Her areolas were large and luscious and her nipples stood straight out, longer than my own and very dark. Her stomach was slightly rounded and her skin looked touchably silky. She was mostly waxed, which I had known already since we both went to the same aesthetician, but she had a tasteful line down the centre, framing her vulva.

I realised I probably should not be staring at my friend’s vulva, but thankfully, she didn’t seem to notice. She was smoothing moisturiser into her arms.

“You have a massage tomorrow with Lucie, don’t you?” she asked, squirting more cream into her hand and bending to rub it along her legs.

I grabbed the paper on the dresser, grateful for a distraction and checked the schedule for tomorrow. “Yes,” I said. “And a facial with Marie – she did my exfoliation today.” My pussy throbbed. “And you have an exfoliation and a facial with Chantal.”

“Lucie did my massage today,” Lamya said and I remembered that I had meant to ask her about it. She was braiding her hair and seemed completely unconscious of her naked body. She grabbed her nightshirt from the pile of clean clothes on top of her suitcase and pulled it over her head.

“How was it?” I asked.

“It was great,” she replied after a short pause. “When I mentioned Shannon had referred us here, she recognised the name immediately. She asked if I wanted a really deep tissue massage with an extra treatment for relaxation.” Her brown eyes glinted slightly and she pulled back the covers from her side of the bed. “You should ask for that too,” she continued. “I’d really recommend it.”

“Okay,” I responded absently. “That sounds really good.”

“I don’t know about you,” Lamya said, “but I’m finding this spa very…stimulating. I might read a bit before bed. Did Jen send you any new stories for your e-reader lately?” she asked. “You know – the raunchy ones?”

I knew the ones she meant. They were often called ‘Mommy Porn’, though I wasn’t really sure why. I found most of them pretty predictable and rather tame overall.

“She did, but I admit I haven’t read any of them since the fourth book about the one with that rich guy and the repressed college student. The characters are just so irritating – I end up thinking that they all need some really good therapy!”

She laughed, agreeing with me. “I know, but they’re fluffy and quick and sometimes I just like something titillating.”

“Well,” I began, “You might like the website I enjoy – I think I told you that I had written a couple of stories and posted them online –”

I had been reading erotica for years and sometimes during my long commute to work, I imagined scenarios based on my own life experiences. A few months ago, I’d decided to try my hand at writing my own erotic story. Lamya was one of the few people I’d told about it, but I’d been too shy to send her the link so she hadn’t read them yet.

“What’s the site again?” she interrupted, eagerly. “And what’s your pseudonym?”

In for a penny, I thought, and told her. I climbed into bed next to her and lay on my back, watching her out of the corner of my eye. She plumped up the pillows and propped her iPad on her knees, quickly finding the first of my stories. I felt nervous, wondering what she’d think of them – and of me for writing about it.

“I like the fact that you start right away with dialogue,” she told me as I turned on my side, trying not to think about what effect my stories might be having on her. I know I got aroused writing them…

She was silent for a long time, the only sound her quiet breathing and the occasional rustle of the covers. “Wow. You’re a good writer, Kate,” she said finally. “You’ll have to let me know when you write the next one.”

“Thanks,” I responded as she turned out the light. “I will.”

It would be a long night, I decided as I tried to sleep.


After breakfast the next morning – a continental affair of fresh fruit, cheeses, yogurt, and a variety of breads – we prepped for our next treatments. I had a facial with the infamous Marie followed by a 90-minute massage with Lucie. Between my experience yesterday and Lamya’s comments last night, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I was directed to a different room this morning for my facial. It was down the stairs, away from some of the other treatment rooms and off to one side. I could actually see the sauna through the window and the river beyond it.

Lucie was waiting for me with a massage table draped in a clean white sheet and a rolling chair behind the head.

“Bonjour ma chère,” she greeted me. “Enlevez tous vos vêtements et couchez-vous sur la table, sous les draps. Je serai de retour dans un moment.” I’ve often been asked to remove my shirt and bra for a facial, but never all of my clothing. But I did as she asked, stripping off everything and lying under the sheet, my heart beating a bit faster as I waited for her to return, wondering…

She knocked briefly before re-entering the room and began to get her supplies organised, asking the usual questions about my skin type and any allergies. I started to relax, thinking that this might just end up being a regular facial, and trying to decide if I was disappointed.

I closed my eyes as she began layering on and removing different creams and lotions. There was the usual slightly unpleasant portion, involving cleaning out my pores and blackheads, and then the part that I always loved: the neck massage. Her hands were strong as they kneaded at my neck muscles, which had probably tensed during my fitful sleep as I tried to avoid brushing up against Lamya’s soft skin during the night.

Marie massaged her thumbs from the base of my skull, along my trapezius to my shoulders in long strokes. Her fingers brushed along my collarbones and gradually moved lower onto my chest. She paused to neatly fold the sheet below my breasts before warming more lotion in her hands, and matter-of-factly massaging them in firm circular motions. The movements brought her hands inevitably to my nipples and she circled them as well. I swallowed, wondering what else she had in mind, but enjoying the erotic connection between my nipples and my pussy. I kept my eyes firmly closed, wishing for the blonde woman from the sauna again but not wanting Marie to stop what she was doing either.

“Est-ce que vous avez un massage aujourd’hui?” she asked quietly.

“Uh,” I had to clear my throat before I could speak. Did I have a massage today? “Oui,” I responded after a moment. “Avec Lucie.”

She brushed once more against my nipples and said, “Ah! Excellent.” She pulled the sheet over my breasts and patting my shoulders firmly, instructing me to lie quietly for a few minutes before getting up. I was to dress in my bathrobe and return to the lounge upstairs where Lucie would find me for my massage. She left the room and I remained motionless, conscious of an acute disappointment, and also of the moisture that had gathered between my legs during the facial. I wondered if I should take care of the build up of sexual tension myself before trying to relax for a massage, but was too self-conscious that someone might walk in.

In the end, I pulled myself together and went upstairs as instructed. Several other women were in the lounge, either sipping at glasses of cold water, or chatting quietly with one another. All of us were wearing the same fluffy white bathrobes and black flip-flops. I felt a giggle bubbling up as I compared the image to that of a cult. Well, at least they offered fruit-infused water rather than “Kool-Aid,” I thought, chuckling to myself.

I didn’t have long to wait, before a tall slender woman with a long brown braid called my name. She had delicate features with clear blue eyes, and she was wearing a comfortable fleece pullover with yoga pants. She chatted with me in French as I followed her out past the hot tubs to a series of cabins overlooking the river. The sun was warm and the steam coming off the hot pools wasn’t as thick as it had been the night before. There were a few women relaxing in the water and I thought I recognised the petite brunette from the sauna.

Lucie led me into the farthest cabin, closing the door behind me. She asked me the usual health questions and whether I had any problem areas on which I would like her to concentrate. She smiled when I mentioned Lamya and Shannon’s names and asked if I was interested in the “deep massage” she had given Lamya. I’d had deep tissue massages before and always found them incredibly effective, so I said yes.

She instructed me to lie naked under the sheets and she would return in a few minutes. Once I was alone, I took a quick look around the small cabin. It smelled faintly of cedar and incense and was nicely heated. A large window made up the entire back wall and faced directly out onto the river behind the resort. When I lay on my stomach on the table, I found myself able to look directly through the window, giving the illusion of being outdoors and completely isolated.

After a discreet knock, Lucie entered the room, turning on a CD player and filling the cabin with soft nature sounds. She placed a small pillow low under my stomach, softening the angle of my lower back then turned down the sheets to expose my back. She began a fairly traditional massage, initially focusing on my upper back and shoulders. She had strong hands and I relaxed with the long firm strokes along my spine. She paused to further remove the sheets and continued her motions along the side of my right hip, down to the back of my thigh. She used her thumbs along my hamstrings, her fingers trailing along my inner and outer thighs. The movement carried her hands back up towards my buttocks and she began slow kneading motions, pressing the cheeks together.

She paused again and I felt the trickle of warm oil at the base of my spine, tracing a line between my buttocks and between my legs. Her hands returned but this time, along my inner thighs, spreading my legs apart. My sense of somnolent relaxation had disappeared and I was now tense with anticipation. Was this leading up to the “deep” part of the massage?

One of her hands idly stroked along my back, while the fingers from her other hand followed the line the oil had taken. She played gently along my outer labia, coaxing it apart, brushing against my clit much too briefly. I was grateful for the pillow under me as it raised my pelvis slightly off the table, giving her better access – though I supposed that’s what she had intended. Her fingers moved closer to my clit and I bit my lip when they finally made contact, stroking in slow, lazy circles. The oil mixed with my own lubrication, her fingers feeling amazingly slippery. She eased a finger into my pussy, pressing down to my G-spot and using her other finger to continue the circles on my clit. I was brought back to the sauna last night and recalled the scene with the three other women. I remembered how the brunette had brought her hand around behind Tracy to finger her, much as I was being touched right now.

I quickly lost myself in the sensations – the rolling of my clit, the thrusting of her fingers inside me. I imagined she was becoming aroused by the excitement she was stirring in me and I wondered if she even felt the urge to rub herself against a client as she brought another woman to ecstasy.

I was already so aroused from the teasing earlier – I felt my orgasm building almost immediately. I pressed my hand to my mouth to smother my cries as I came, her finger easing away from my clit and slowing her movements inside me. She stroked my buttock and back as I quieted, then asked me to turn onto my back.

She removed the pillow as I rolled – I wondered what was in store next and if she would just finish the massage. She squirted more oil into her hands and started at my upper chest, massaging in circles, becoming smaller and smaller until reaching my nipples. She rolled and teased them into firm points, then brought her thumbs together between my breasts, drawing them in a line straight down to my navel.

She used her fingers to spread my folds, exposing my clit to her thumb, stroking it gently. It was so sensitive after my orgasm, but her hands were gentle, drawing out my arousal again. She bent my legs, placing my feet flat on the table, working my clit with one hand as she pressed her fingers into me. Her fingers curled upwards, connecting with my G-spot on the inside and mimicking the action of the thumb and fingers on the outside. My pelvis tilted towards her hand, aching for the slow thrusts into my pussy and the rhythmic movements of her fingers. She knew exactly where and how to touch me. She shifted her right hand, now three fingers thrusting into me, while her thumb brushed against my clit with each stroke and her pinkie teased against my anus.

Her left hand reached up to roll my nipples and I let out a gasp, grateful for the privacy of our location. My arousal continued to build, one of my hands gripping the side of the table and the other pressed against my mouth. My eyes were clenched tightly shut. She seemed to sense my climax approaching and altered her movements slightly, heightening the sensations at exactly the right moment. A powerful orgasm crashed over me and I let out a loud moan.

She quieted her movements once more, stroking over my belly and breasts, down my thighs, avoiding the parts of me still too sensitive to touch. The light strokes became firmer and moved again towards my breasts, kneading and rolling them in her hands. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t yet satiated, but sure enough, when she pinched my nipple gently, the familiar heavy pulse echoed in my clit.

She raised my legs, silently indicating that I should hold the backs of my thighs. She drizzled more oil onto my pelvis, rubbing into my bare mound, pressing onto my clit, but not yet touching it directly. I found myself wishing she would lean forward and lick it – or better yet, rub her own pussy against mine. I was becoming obsessed with what I had seen between Tracy and the brunette. I wanted to feel another clit slide against mine, feel her breasts press into my chest, her teeth tease at my nipples. Lucie had taken off her fleece sweater at some point and was wearing only a thin grey t-shirt. Her nipples were erect, despite the heat of the room – points in the centre of her small breasts, as delicate as the rest of her. I wondered if she were aroused too.

Her fingers finally slid between my folds and found my clit once more. It was as though my last peak had not completely subsided and small electric shocks traveled through my body. This time, she used one hand on my clit and the fingers of her other hand again entered my pussy. Her pinky, which had previously teased at the entrance of my anus now pressed against it, pushing slowly inside. The oil and my arousal allowed it to slide in easily and I groaned with the fullness of the sensation. She continued the rhythmic circling and stroking of my clit, rolling and teasing it. I could feel that it had become erect once more and I pulled my legs apart, aching for her fingers inside of me.

I thought again of the sauna, imagining Lucie was now naked and oiled and that it was her clit rubbing against mine. I reached for my breasts, feeling for my nipples, hard and sensitive, slippery with oil. I ran my fingers over them as though another set of hands was working on me. I moaned as Lucie increased the speed of her movements, gripping my thighs hard again, distantly surprised at how quickly yet another orgasm was approaching.

I couldn’t smother my cries this time as the waves of pleasure crashed through me. My toes curled but the rest of me was paralyzed with the shocks radiating through my limbs. She eased my legs down onto the table as I relaxed and began to massage my legs and hips. I felt completely spent. She pulled the sheets over me and wiped her hands on a small towel.

“Bien aimé?” she asked, with a smile. Did I like it? Wow. I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I just nodded and said, “Oui, merci!”

She instructed me to lie quietly for a few minutes before getting up, to drink lots of water, and so on. The usual post-massage directions seemed rather incongruous, I thought.

After she left, I stretched and wondered if Lamya had received the same treatment. Recalling her expression last night, I had a feeling that she had. Then I thought of Tracy’s proposition following our sauna experience and decided I would take her up on it… but I also found myself wondering if Tracy wasn’t the only member of our group who might be open to that.

I donned my robe and flip flops once more and headed back along the path towards the main building. As I was passing the pools, I heard Tracy’s voice, “Kate!”

She was chest deep in the pool, her nipples just below the surface of the water. I smiled and added my robe to the collection of others and quickly joined her. The water felt heavenly on my rubbery legs.

“How was your massage?” she asked. I wondered if she had any idea. Then I recalled that it had been her friend who had recommended this place.

“It was…” I paused, wondering how to phrase it. Oh, what the hell. “Multiorgasmic,” I finished. She grinned and placed a hand on my thigh.

“Good choice for a ladies’ weekend, don’t you think?” she asked, stroking my leg idly, her eyes scanning the pool. “Let’s move to a warmer spot,” she suggested. I followed her to one of the more secluded pools and wondered what she had in mind.

“Kate,” she began, in her usual straightforward manner, “I had no idea you liked women. I meant what I said last night – I’d love to hook up with you. Truthfully, since the sauna yesterday, I’ve thought about it pretty constantly.”

I was flattered… and incredibly, I felt a familiar pulse between my legs. I was amazed that I could become aroused again after my massage. I had an intense mental image of Tracy in the sauna again and I was almost desperate to re-enact the scene from a slightly different perspective.

I glanced around. We were completely hidden from the rest of the pool. I licked my lips and boldly slid towards her, running a hand down her arm, brushing the swell of her breast with my thumb. She smiled encouragingly and leaned towards me. I followed her lead and our lips met in a soft kiss. Her tongue darted out to skim along my lower lip and she drew me closer to her on the stone bench. My breasts pressed against her arm and our legs tangled together. The kiss deepened, becoming more insistent and I felt fingers on my nipple, teasing it into a point.

We broke apart suddenly at the sound of a giggle elsewhere in the pool, though glancing around, I was certain no one could see us through the steam.

Tracy spoke, “The others will be joining us soon.” She looked thoughtfully at me, her fingers still stroking my thigh beneath the water. “Kate,” she said, “I had an idea for this evening and I’m wondering what you might think. Something with Lamya and Jen too.”

I frowned slightly, trying to imagine what she had in mind. She smiled at me and let her hand roam along my inner thigh. “I’m talking about sex,” she continued. “What would you think about seducing the other two?”

Despite the rapid scattering of my thoughts as her fingers eased my thighs apart and explored higher, I tried to give it serious thought. “I don’t think Jen would go for it at all,” I responded.

“You’d be surprised,” she stated. “You don’t know her as well as I do. Get a couple of drinks in her, and…” she grinned widely. “It’s Lamya I wasn’t sure about,” she said.

I thought back to some of Lamya’s remarks and grinned back. “Oh, I think she might be game,” I said, getting excited with the prospect. We began our planning.


“That was a fabulous supper!” Jen exclaimed. We were back in the room she shared with Tracy, sipping some maple syrup infused whiskey that Jen had brought for the weekend. I was feeling the buzz from that combined with the wine we’d had with supper, not to mention the heady excitement contemplating the plan Tracy and I had developed this afternoon. A certain amount of tipsiness was necessary to lower inhibitions, we had decided and both Jen and Lamya had been innocently cooperative. The four of us were lounging in bathrobes, relaxed and satisfied from our meal and afternoon treatments.

“Totally!” Tracy agreed, then glanced at me briefly and stood, walking over to the dresser. “But – I don’t know about you girls – the chlorine from the pool is seriously drying my skin.” She picked up a bottle of lotion from the top of the bureau and unbelted her bathrobe with her other hand. “You guys don’t mind if I moisturise, do you?” she asked.

“Not at all,” I said, as we had discussed. “Great idea actually – I might get you to do my back after.”

“No problem,” she responded casually. She dropped her bathrobe and began to unselfconsciously spread lotion on her long arms and legs. “So what do you guys think of all the sex at this place?” she said, rubbing the lotion into her breasts. Though her breasts were not large, they were beautifully formed and proportionate to her athletic physique. She seemed completely at ease standing naked in front of us, her nipples erect, one leg resting on the chair in front of her, massaging the lotion into her skin. “I don’t know about the rest of you, but it’s making me super horny.”

“Oh my God!” Jen agreed. “It’s nuts! It’s almost making me wish I were as exhibitionistic as you are, Tracy.” She paused and looked right at Lamya. “And Lamya, can I just say that you have the most amazing breasts I’ve ever seen! Not that I swing that way,” she added as almost an afterthought.

Lamya laughed and brushed her hair away from her face self-consciously. “Thanks,” she said. “I wish they were as perky as yours though.”

Tracy walked over to me with the bottle of lotion in her hand. “Yes,” she said, “I can be a bit of an exhibitionist.”

She put the bottle on the bed next to me and reached around to undo my bathrobe, sliding it off my shoulders. She squirted some lotion into her hands and began to rub it into my upper back and arms. “But I always felt that it’s healthy to be open and comfortable about sex.” The robe slid past my breasts, exposing them to the other women as Tracy rubbed the lotion across my chest. “And if you’re horny,” she continued, “why not do something about it?”

Both Jen and Lamya were riveted by Tracy’s actions. Jen absentmindedly drained her glass of liquor and placed it on the table next to her. Tracy spoke again. “We’re enjoying a weekend away – why not explore a bit too? No harm, no foul.”

She stood and moved towards Jen, saying, “You need to let loose a bit, Jen. You’re always saying you admire my attitude – so…” She stood in front of her and reached down to undo the knot at Jen’s waist, pulling her to a standing position as she did so. Jen seemed confused about whether she should argue or just go along with Tracy. I saw Tracy’s hands move under Jen’s robe, caressing her back as she leaned forward to kiss the side of Jen’s neck.

“Trace –” Jen began hesitantly, biting her lip. “You know I’m not into women…” She trailed off, her eyes unfocused.

“Shh,” Tracy told her. “Stop thinking and just go with the flow.” She moved around the other woman, running her fingers lightly along Jen’s shoulders and neck. Jen sighed and closed her eyes.

“If it doesn’t feel good, I’ll stop. I won’t get you to do anything you won’t enjoy,” Tracy murmured. She reached into Jen’s robe, cupping her breast with one hand. Her other hand continued its gentle caresses along Jen’s upper back and arm. Jen’s eyes were now tightly closed, but she gasped and I imagined Tracy had reached her nipple.

The tie at her waist had loosened with the action and Jen’s bathrobe fell open. Tracy was indeed fondling an erect nipple and while we watched, she moved her fingers to the other. The alcohol seemed to be dissolving Jen’s reservations and when Tracy’s hand skimmed over her stomach towards her pubis, she moaned.

I shifted on the bed and looked over at Lamya. She noticed my movement and turned her attention away from the other women. She cleared her throat and downed the rest of her liquor in one swallow. “I could use some of that lotion too, Kate,” she said. She stood and walked over to me, somewhat unsteadily and grabbed the bottle. “Do my back?” she asked extending it to me.

I squeezed a dollop into my hand as Lamya turned and eased down her bathrobe, leaving it belted at the waist. I smoothed the lotion into her shoulders, squirting more into my hands and rubbing them together to warm it as I reached her shoulder blades and lower. The lotion was more oily than creamy, I noticed, leaving her skin silky and slightly shiny.

“Mmmm,” she said in her low throaty voice. “That feels good. I might want it all over.”

My bathrobe slid off me as I stood and moved off the bed to position myself in front of her. I had noticed vaguely that Jen was still standing in front of Tracy who continued to kiss and stroke her. I unbelted Lamya’s robe and eased it away from her chest, exposing her breasts. As Jen had commented, they were exceptional.

I squirted the lotion onto Lamya’s chest and she gasped as the cool liquid made contact. I immediately began to slowly spread it in narrowing circles around her breasts, gradually moving towards her nipples. They were long and hard, sticking out from the full globes, begging to be touched. I softly drew them out further, watching for any sign that she was uncomfortable with this, but instead, she moaned. I leaned forward to flick my tongue against one, tasting the almond scent of the lotion on her skin. I looked up and she was staring down at me intently.

I swallowed and licked my lips. As I wondered if I should kiss her, the decision was taken from me. She leaned forward and her lips pressed softly to mine. I let out a moan of my own and my thumbs returned to caress and fondle her nipples. I felt her fingers on my own breasts and opened my mouth as I felt her tongue tease against my lips, tacitly requesting entrance. I heard quiet noises from the other side of the room, but quickly became lost in the soft pressure of Lamya’s lips, the exploration of her tongue and hands. The sweet taste of the liquor mingled between us. I wanted more.

I pressed her backwards onto the bed and lay next to her, allowing my hand to roam over her body. Her skin was so unbelievably soft. It felt like silk, the oily lotion allowing my fingers to slide down her abdomen until they reached the neat line of hair. We continued the interplay of lips and tongue, her hands resting quietly at her sides. I grazed lightly over her mound to her thighs and she obligingly spread her legs. Sliding my fingers up her inner thigh, I felt the heat of her pussy before my fingers touched the wetness centred between her legs.

I stroked along the sides of her labia, marvelling at the soft smooth texture of her waxed skin, feeling for the slippery lubrication. My fingers glided over her pussy and she moaned into my mouth. I stopped for a moment, thinking ahead. “Move up higher on the bed,” I told her, pulling her robe out as she did so and leaving it on the floor with mine. Lamya lay on the bed, naked before me. I moved over her briefly, covering her body with my own and feeling my breasts fit into the curves around hers. I kissed her again and moved away towards her neck, running my tongue down her collarbone towards her nipples. There I paused, needing to roll them in my mouth, sucking and licking at them – first one then the other – feeling her start to squirm beneath me.

My nipples tingled in sympathy with the attention hers were receiving. I heard a gasp and a moan from the other side of the room. I was tempted to turn to see how Tracy was progressing with her seduction but other temptations were stronger. I slid down Lamya’s body, tracing my tongue towards her navel, skirting her pussy and positioning myself between her legs. I laid soft kisses up one of her inner thighs and down the other. She smelled of chlorine and the lotion we had been using with a faint undertone of her own musky scent. I tried to be patient – to draw out the anticipation, but the lure of those dark lips, shiny with her arousal, was too enticing.

I flicked my tongue at her outer lips teasingly and she spread her legs, exposing her inner folds to my tongue. Her clitoris was already an engorged pink nub, begging for attention, so I obliged. She groaned loudly as I licked first the sides then the length of her clit, flicking back and forth with my tongue. I dipped down to the entrance of her pussy enjoying the tangy taste of her, smokier than my own, and so erotic. My thighs were clenched together, trying to contain my arousal but feeling my pussy throb in sympathy.

I slid a finger into her, curling it upwards to reach for what I hoped was her g-spot. I must have been successful because she cried out, “Oh God! Yes!” I returned my attention to her clit, flicking my tongue as I thrust rhythmically into her. I felt movement on the bed and glanced up to see Jen lying next to Lamya, Tracy mirroring my movements. Tracy looked over to me and grinned, her lips and chin shiny. Jen’s eyes were tightly closed, one fist pressed to her mouth.

I bent again to Lamya, sucking her hard clit and adding a second finger into her pussy. She moaned louder and Jen echoed the sound beside her. I could see Jen writhing on the bed out of the corner of my eye, Tracy’s hands gripping tightly to her thighs. Lamya suddenly bent her knees, obscuring my view of the other women and groaned loudly. I focused my attention on her clit, and she gasped, “Don’t stop!”

She cried out wordlessly, her pussy pulsing around my fingers as she came. I slowed my fingers, gentling the action of my tongue as her legs relaxed back onto the bed. Jen was gripping the pillow under her head with both hands, her eyes still closed and her mouth open, her breathing laboured. Lamya turned her head to watch as Tracy brought Jen to a quivering orgasm.

I moved up to lie between the two women as Tracy sucked Jen’s juices from her fingers, holding my gaze with her own. She crawled up her friend’s body to kiss her full on the lips, her hand reaching for me. Her fingers found my nipples, already hard and desperate for attention. She moved lithely from Jen’s body to cover mine, hovering over me in a high plank, her blue eyes piercing into my green ones. I reached my hands up to fondle her small tight breasts, pinching lightly at her nipples, licking my lips as I thought of taking them into my mouth. She lowered herself slowly to rest against me, pausing with her lips over my right ear.

“I want to fuck you, Kate,” she whispered. “I want to fuck you until you can’t move.” I so wanted that, too.

She ran her tongue along my neck from my ear to my chin, tracing my lips in a wet line and kissing me so softly and quickly, I barely had time to register what she was doing. My pussy was aching – a dull heavy feeling, engorged and aroused and wanting whatever she would give me. She eased herself down my body to position herself between my legs, elbowing them wider and looking up at me with a lusty gaze. She was unbelievably hot, I thought.

I watched as she lowered her mouth to my pussy and noticed vaguely that the other two women had turned to face us. Lamya reached over to play with my breast closest to her. Jen was not as bold, but I could see her intent gaze on Tracy, whose tongue had now found my clit. I wasn’t even sure what she was doing – flicking along the sides, and up and down – I felt the electric connection between it and my nipples and I wanted it to last forever. I didn’t want to come – it felt too good.

I tilted my pelvis up in a tacit request and Tracy obliged, inserting at least one if not two fingers into me. She licked and sucked and thrust, teasing me to an almost-peak but not sending me over. Her instinct for my level of arousal was uncanny. I felt another finger at my ass, moistened with my own juices, and she eased it into me, complementing the fullness in my pussy. I pushed down toward her hand, wanting more, distantly aware that I was moaning. Jen had now overcome her inhibitions and was fondling my other breast, tentatively touching my nipple. Her naïve and cautious attempts were all the more arousing.

Lamya turned my chin towards her and pulled me into a deep kiss, her tongue exploring my mouth. She tasted sweet and warm. The combined sensation of what was happening in my mouth, my breasts, and my pussy – plus the realisation that there were four of us naked on the bed – was too much. I felt my orgasm crest and cried out into Lamya’s mouth as Tracy relentlessly maintained her action on the lower parts of me.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take the stimulation on my sensitive clit, Tracy eased off and moved back up to take Lamya’s place on my lips.

“You are so fucking beautiful, Kate,” she said, kissing me. She scissored her legs with mine, pressing our pussies together. Tribbing, I had heard this called – I had no idea why – but it felt every bit as good as I had imagined watching her do it with the woman in the sauna. It was like the orgasm I’d had just now – and all the ones this weekend – were just mounting my arousal. I felt like my skin couldn’t contain me – that I would explode with the sensations. But I wanted more.

“Lamya,” I gasped. “Please – let me lick you again. Please!”

I guess I didn’t have to ask twice because she sat up and moved to position herself over my face. Good thing it was such a big bed, I thought absently. She held to the headboard for support and her clit was but a tongue’s distance away. I immediately started licking. I heard myself moaning – the erotic smell and taste of Lamya, the rubbing of Tracy’s clit against mine. There were hands on my nipples again too – I wondered if Jen had gotten back involved. This was more amazing than anything I could have imagined!

Tracy’s breathing was ragged, interspersed with moans and gasps. She sounded like she was getting close to orgasm. My pussy felt slippery and wet against Tracy’s, her clit rubbing against mine so differently from a finger or a tongue. My hands were gripping Lamya’s hips, my tongue focused on her clit, mimicking the sensations on mine. I felt something – a finger? – near my tongue and interpreted that one of the women was now thrusting it into Lamya’s pussy.

I fastened my mouth over her clit and sucked, flicking it with my tongue. She cried out and I felt her clit harden. Oh, the taste of her! I felt a gush of fluid over my face and figured she was coming. That was enough for me. My fingers dug into her flesh as another orgasm washed over me. This one was more intense than the others – toes curling, spots before my eyes, electric shocks coursing through me. It seemed to last forever, wave after wave. I distantly realised that Lamya had moved off me and that Tracy was kissing me, her breasts pressed into my chest. The relaxation of her muscles suggested to me that she had also orgasmed but I had been so overwhelmed with my own, a bomb could have gone off unnoticed.

My body felt limp but my mind was hyperalert now, conscious of Jen on my right, stroking Tracy’s back, Lamya on my left, her hand resting in mine. Tracy, resting on me, her light and lithe body fitted into my curves, her head in the crook of my neck.

I could definitely get used to this, I thought.


Tracy turned up the radio in the car and started to sing along with One Republic. Lamya and I were in the backseat and Jen looked like she was checking Facebook on her phone in the front seat next to Tracy. We had showered off the oil and chlorine and were heading back to reality – though it was a two-hour drive, so we had a bit of time before having to face it completely.

Lamya turned to me and said, “So Tracy suggested we come back again for the May long weekend – what do you think?”

I glanced up to meet Tracy’s eyes in the rear view mirror. I smiled. “That sounds like a great idea.”

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