Lesbian sex under the shower….with 2 students

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My name is Varsha. This incident happened some years ago when I was 27 years old. Of course, I was married then to a rich businessman Arun. We had a big bungalow,car,servants.

But since my husband was always out on work, I started getting bored. So I decided to get a job and even got a job in a Computer Training Institute as a Training Faculty. Actually my husband was a bit upset as he didn’t want me to work but I convinced him to break the boredom I joined job.

In the institute I was assigned some batches to teach Windows,Internet,Tally,Ms-Office etc. Due to my friendliness almost all my students became my friend-like. However in that should mention 2 college going girls – Archana and Nethra – both were 19 years and had taken a heavy liking to me. As days passed we were like friends but they never crossed limits by calling me by my name. They always referred me as Madam.

Many a times when I left office I used to take them to the opposite Juice shop, bakery and we all used to have cakes, juice etc. Finally they even started coming to my house. We used to talk and they clarified some doubts they had and as days passed we even used to play carom, badminton, table tennis. Sometimes I used to prepare some sweet dished for them.

One day it so happened. Due to some disturbances in the city…..lots of shops started shutting down and our institute too closed early. I was on my way back home when I bumped into Archana and Nethra. Even their college had declared a holiday. After some regular talks, Archana asked me “Madam,whats your plans now”.
I told “Nothing much. Just go and relax in my pool”
Immediately Nethra exclaimed “Pool? Which Pool?”
I told “You haven’t seen the pool in our house,right? It’s on the terrace”
Archana asked “Terrace….but wont people in other buildings see you”. I told “No…..Its a small pool but nobody from adjacent or faraway buildings can see”
Then both girls pleased to me “Madam….Madam…even we will join you in pool….We will come over”

I was thinking “Oh Dear. Why did I tell them about pool? How can I be in bikini in front of my students”. So to avoid them coming over to my house I told them “See,that’s my private pool. Usually I wear only a bikini while swimming. It might be uncomfortable for you”

Archana said “Madam, Its ok….we wont feel bad”. Suddenly I asked “but girls you don’t have bikini’s right…..So, I think today its impossible….Lets see some other day”
But will the girls leave me?
Nethra added “Madam, I and Archana will remove our shirt,pant…we are wearing bra,panty inside…that’s more or less a bikini right?”
Both girls pleaded with me so much that I invited them over.

All 3 of us went to the terrace and on seeing the pool both girls started jumping around and exclaiming “Wow….Nice….its small….but nice”. In fact Archana and Nethra were so excited that they stripped their shirt,pant and got down to their bra,panty. In the excitement they told me “Come on Madam. Remove your salwar kameez…Come on”.
I was wondering how to remove clothes in front of students. They understood my dilemma and told me “Madam, Its Ok…..we are like your friends now…forget about teacher-student relationship now”

Slowly I removed my salwar-kameez and got down to my bra,panty. On seeing my milky white body and especially my cleavage Archana exclaimed “Wow…..Madam…you are super hot”
I told I will wear bikini and come back. Both girls told me “No…Madam..No …this is fine…be in this inners only”
Even I thought it correct. Let me be in this inners only. What difference it makes. As I moved towards them they sensed that I was feeling ashamed a bit. Obviously,being senior to them ; being a teacher to them….somewhat this half nakedness was making me fully shy. But both girls comforted me “Aw..Come on Madam….think of us as your friends….sisters”.

I was wearing a black bra,panty. Both the girls were wearing white ones. All 3 of us assembled on the edge of the pool….1,2,3….Jump……We all jumped in the pool with a splash. We started swimming. In fact, the girls were more excited. Screaming,shouting……racing to and fro…splashing water. Seeing the fun….even I too joined in the shouting,howling…splashing water on them and they too splashed water on me. This fun went on for some 15 minutes.

Suddenly I saw Archana signal something to Nethra. Then Archana told me “Madam, I will just use the washroom. Where is it?”
I told “No need of going downstairs. Here only it is there”. I pointed to one door there. Archana left the pool and went inside that washroom.
After few minutes Archana voice comes out “Madam, Shower is not getting on. Knob’s stuck”
I asked “Shower? Why you want shower now. Come on girl….lets swim for another 30-40 minutes and then you can shower”.

But Archana persisted. I also came out of pool and went and pushed the bathroom door. I was shocked to see Archana had removed her bra,panty and standing stark naked below the shower head. Just then Nethra came from behind me. She too undid her bra,panty and became naked.

I didn’t know what was happening. I asked them “Girls..What is this tamasha..Why have you become naked?”.
At this point Nethra just pushed me towards Archana. As Archana held me she said “Come on Varsha…Lets have a naked shower now”
I told “Naked…Me…No…No…Girls what is this? I cant go naked with you”
Then Nethra too came from behind me and told “Come on Varsha….Get naked and lets have naked shower together”. By the time she finished this statement Nethra unstrapped my bra from behind and Archana pulled it off from the front and quickly Nethra downed my panties.

There I was complete naked in front of my students. I quickly covered my breasts with one hand and pussy with the other and pleaded them “Girls..Please What is this..I am feeling ashamed”
“Come on Varsha….Just a naked shower with us”. First of all, I was feeling ashamed and add to it both were calling me by my name!!!.

Archana turned on the shower and as water started to fall on me both sandwiched me in between them….Archana from the front….Nethra from the back. Archana started to wash my shoulders,hands while Nethra started to wash my back. However much I tried to sneak away from them they crushed onto me with full might. In fact, Archana’s voluptuous breasts were on my breasts and Nethra’s nice and ample breasts were on my back. While washing my shoulders and hands, slowly Archana started to rub her breasts against my breasts. There Nethra too started brushing her breasts against my back.
I was pleading “Girls…Please….Let me go….I am your teacher”

At one point I did free myself and was about to run….but Nethra held me from behind and then Archana hugged me and gave a terrific smooch on my mouth. That’s it. Shower up there….Archana’s wet mouth, wet body, her luscious lips, her fresh breath really turned me on….quickly Archana took my lower lip in her mouth and started to chew on it softly. Down there she started to fondle my breasts…Nethra too started to kiss my back. I got heavily turned on and slowly took Archana’s upper lip in my mouth and started to chew on it softly. Very soon we were indulged in a passionate lip lock….in fact, mouth kissing. Just as we finished and panting for breath. Nethra took my lips into her mouth and gave me another resounding mouth kissing.

Slowly the girls laid me on the floor. Archana kneeled near my face and started to kiss my cheeks,forehead,nose,eyes. Then again she slowly took my lips into her mouth and started to chew on it. There Nethra started to kiss my breasts, tits. Very soon she started to lick my breasts and as expected started to softly suck my tits. Quickly Archana too went down and started to lick my breasts and slowly suck my other breasts and tits. Oh Dear! My own students….making love to me.

As they continued to suck my breasts,tits….slowly I caressed both their heads…I felt as though I was breastfeeding 2 babies. Softly I told them “Come on girls….you are my babies….my breasts are yours…..”

In fact, I was so aroused on seeing Archana’s voluptuous breasts….slowly I got up and kissed Archana on her mouth. As she let her fresh breath on my face I got aroused further. I laid her on floor,mounted on her, kissed her cheeks,licked her cheeks and started to lick her breasts..

With me mounted on Archana…….Nethra mounted on my back and started to lick and kiss my back. Oh My God. What a scenario. Archana laid on floor….me on Archana and Nethra on me….I was sandwiched in between my students.

In fact, I even took her breasts in my mouth and sucked on it for nearly 10 minutes. There Nethra was rubbing her breasts onto my back, kissing my back…..shockingly, at one point I even felt she was kissing my bums…..and more shockingly…..licked my asshole!!!
I got so turned on…I quickly turned around floored Nethra and with her bum facing me….I got so aroused on seeing her bubbly bums….I cant believe….I started licking her bums. Here Archana too started licking and kissing my bums. After a while we got so tired that we sat under the shower, hugged each other and started kissing each other all over. I could clearly hear the girls moaning and saying “I love you Varsha….. l like your lips Varsha….I like your balls Varsha”. Even I too while kissing complemented the girls “I like your lips Archana…I like your balls Archana..I like your gaand Nethra”….The very fact that for about 5 minutes we hugged each other under the shower and showered our love towards each other showed how much we were aroused.

Finally feeling tired I crashed onto the floor and lay there. The girls mounted on me and made love to me all over with the water dripping on us. Both girls went further down and licked my pussy. I think it was Nethra who even put her tongue inside my pussy and pleasured me. Then it was moments of each other licking the other’s pussy.
Both girls too had become heavily tired and lay beside me and even cuddled up with me. Archana told me “Varsha….we are sorry if we have misused your friendliness”.
I kissed Archana and told her “At first I thought so…..when you drew me to the shower…..but now even I am happy and pleasured….It was a wonderful Lesbian orgy….by the way, girls….are you both lesbians”….

Nethra “ Yes Madam… we adored your luscious body and wanted to taste it. We had been planning on it”
I asked “Do you want more?”
Archana told “Yeah….in the pool”. After 10 minutes of relaxing slowly both girls lifted me, carried me and threw me into the pool….both jumped into the pool to have another round of – Sex in the pool.

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