Seducing my friend’s wife and letting him watch

Seducing my friend’s wife and letting him watch

“Matt should be home pretty soon,” Liane told me, as she preheated the oven. We were getting supper ready; salad with baked salmon was on the menu, and a bottle of white wine was chilling in the fridge. “He goes to the gym after work on Fridays”, she continued, “but he’ll have a quick shower when he gets home. I admit it’s nice to have some girl time, and a chance to get to know you better.” She was scooping some baby spinach into a large bowl, and I leaned against the counter, glad to be done with work for the day.

“Thanks so much for letting me stay with you guys,” I said. “I wouldn’t have been able to afford to go to this conference, if I’d had to pay for a hotel room too.” The three-day conference had ended that day, but I’d arranged to stay in town for the weekend, just to visit.

I’d know Matt for years — we were childhood friends, but his wife and I had only met a few times and I was looking forward to spending time with both of them. From everything Matt had told me about her, Liane was smart and fun, and kind of like me in many ways — if a bit sweeter. People have always told me that I look naïve and something like a bookish librarian, but…the people that know me well know that there are definitely some edges underneath the innocent appearance.

Liane, though, seemed to be sweet and innocent both inside and out — or that’s what her husband had implied. She was a few years older than me, and I was pushing 40, but she had a natural beauty and easily looked 10 years younger than I knew her to be. I envied how she could get by with almost no makeup; I tended to be a bit too self-critical for that. She was still dressed in her work clothes: casual dark grey pants with a pale blue blouse, that brought out the soft blue of her eyes. She wore her straight blonde hair loose and hanging just past her shoulders, tucking it behind her ear as she worked on the salad. My curly mass of red-brown hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, and I was dressed more casually in dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

She smiled at me and ate a piece of red pepper she was slicing. “Kate, we wouldn’t have dreamed of you staying in a hotel when we have the extra room here. Plus, it’s more fun for all of us too.”

I smiled back, “Well, thanks again. I’ll make the dressing, if you like,” I offered.

“That would be great,” she replied and got out the oil and balsamic for me, along with a small cup.

“I’m so happy the two of you found each other.” I told her honestly, mixing together a simple vinaigrette. Matt had dated a lot of women, but never seemed to find someone who treated him as well as he deserved. He was a decent guy, but seemed drawn to the wrong type of women.

“I feel pretty lucky to have met him,” she agreed.

“Matt’s the lucky one,” I responded, shaking my head, and laughed. “If I were a man, you’d completely be my type, you know. And actually, I don’t need to be a man to appreciate how lovely you are.” And she was. She was about my height — 5’6″, though slimmer than I was, with high, full breasts, and a bright smile. Maybe it was her sense of humour, and the fact that she had been laughing at my jokes all week. I was a sucker for that. I started to wonder if I was getting a bit of crush on my friend’s wife. I’m not bisexual, per se, but I’d consider myself…heteroflexible, I guess. I’d never dated a woman, but I could certainly recognize an attractive one.

Liane got a bottle of white wine from the fridge, and opened it, pouring us each a glass.

“Why, Kate,” she said jokingly, “are you flirting with me?”

It made me wonder if she was flirting back. Which would be kind of fun, I thought.

I decided to be blunt, and see where it led. “I don’t discriminate based on gender,” I replied truthfully, looking at her sideways. “I know you don’t swing that way, but yes, I find you very attractive.” I actually had no idea if she was into women at all, but Matt had never implied anything remotely like that when he’d talked about her, and I thought it was better to play it safe.

I could see her cheeks colour slightly, and she looked down at the counter briefly, as she chopped, then back at me. “I find you attractive, too,” she said. She paused for a moment and continued hesitantly, “I admit…I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with another woman.”

“So, you’ve never experimented…?” I asked. “Even when you were younger?”

“No,” she admitted. “Have you?”

“I have,” I told her, “though not often.” Well, twice, if you count some drunken fumbling with a girl friend in University and a three-some with an ex-boyfriend and a female friend of his. He and I had stayed friends, and sometimes friends-with-benefits, and this had just been an extra benefit one time.

I picked up my glass of wine and passed her the other glass, silently wondering if I could get her drunk and seduce her. “Cheers,” I said. We each took a sip. Probably not, I reconsidered. She seemed way too straight-laced for that.

“Well, hey,” I told her, not really expecting her to take me seriously, “if you’re game while I’m here, I’d be up for helping you expand your horizons.” I held my breath, not sure what she would say and hoping I had not just made the entire rest of the weekend incredibly awkward.

“I’m married, though…” she said, frowning slightly. This, I could work with, I thought.

“True enough,” I began, thinking of what rationalisation would work with her, “though men often have a funny way of looking at sex between two women.” I tried to gauge her reaction out of the corner of my eye. “They don’t tend to see it as cheating. Particularly not if they get to watch.” And I laughed. “Isn’t that every man’s fantasy? Two women together?”

She smiled too and looked thoughtful. “Yeah, I know that’s a turn-on for Matt,” she said. Yes, I thought to myself. I know it’s a turn on for him, since he’d alluded to it before, and because he’s a fairly typical heterosexual male.

I was starting to get aroused, thinking about it, and I found myself really hoping she’d be willing. It had been weeks since I’d had sex, and I’d left all my toys at home for the week. I took another sip of wine. “It actually might be fun to tease him with the idea, don’t you think? Make him wonder how serious we are?”

She opened a drawer and got out 3 sets of cutlery. As she turned towards the table, I saw her smile again, with a hint of a naughty sparkle in her eyes. Maybe there was more evil to her than I’d realised. She turned back to me and said, “I think that would be fun.” She was quiet for a moment and said, “Though, I admit, I’m sort of nervous — I’ve never even kissed a woman. I’m not sure how I’d feel about it.”

I licked my lips. This had potential. “Well, I could kiss you now as sort of a preview — to see if it makes you uncomfortable, or….if it doesn’t.” Please say yes. Please say yes.

She glanced at the clock on the stove and put down the cutlery. I could see she was calculating when Matt would get home and whether he would walk in on something potentially embarrassing. “OK,” she said, quickly, as if she were afraid she’d change her mind. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but ok.”

I put down my wine glass and stepped over to her. “OK then,” I said back. My heart was thumping in my chest. I leaned towards her and brushed back her hair with my right hand. I moved slowly, mindful of her body language, in case I needed to stop. Then I kissed her on the lips. They were soft, and I felt like I could melt into them. It’s so different from kissing a man — there’s no stubble with a woman, and everything just seems more delicate. My hand curled gently around the back of her neck and drew her closer to me. I let my mouth open slightly and felt hers do the same. I daringly brushed her lips with my tongue and tasted the wine we had been drinking. I felt a pulse deep in my groin, and I had to stop myself from running my other hand over her breasts — I could feel them just touching my own. Not wanting to push my luck, though, I reluctantly broke the kiss and stepped back, dropping my hand to my side. Fuck, she was sweet.

“Well?” I asked a bit breathlessly. “Are you up to teasing your husband?”

Her cheeks were pink and she seemed a bit short of breath too. “I think…I’d like to do that,” she replied.

I couldn’t help but smile. This evening was about to get way more interesting.

“OK. How about you just follow my lead, then? We’ll start off slow, and if we do anything that makes you uncomfortable, or you want to stop, just say so. No worries. It’s supposed to be fun — that’s the most important thing.”

She smiled too, and I definitely saw a wicked gleam in her eye, this time. “I think this will be very fun, ” she told me.

We heard the front door open. Matt was home.

Dinner was delicious, and Liane and I engaged in some light flirtation throughout. Her cheeks maintained a lovely flush, either from the conversation, or the wine. I was careful not to drink too much — I wanted to keep my wits about me. Matt seemed to be enjoying the banter, and played along. As we cleared the table and did the dishes, Liane and I made sure to casually touch each other frequently — stroking my hand along the back of her neck, or she’d play with my ponytail as she walked by me. I was wondering how we’d move things along, when I saw her rotate her head in a stretch.

“Sore neck?” I asked, a plan coming together in my head.

“A bit,” she admitted. “It was a tough day at work.” I moved up behind her and began to rub her neck and shoulders gently.

“Mmm,” she said. “That feels good.”

“You’re really tense,” I replied. “I enjoy giving massages,” I told her. “I’d be happy to give you a proper one, if you’d like.”

“A proper one?” she asked, and turned to look at me.

“Well,” I started, “it might be easier if you’re sitting down or even lying down — maybe on the bed?”

She looked for a moment like she might demur, and I widened my eyes meaningfully at her. She smiled and said, “You know — I think I’ll take you up on that.”

“Excellent,” I said. “Do you have any massage oil?”

“I’m liking the sound of this,” Matt interjected, laughing. “Do I get to watch?”

“Of course,” I responded saucily, flipping my ponytail at him. “You can chaperone and make sure I don’t take advantage of your wife.” I winked at Liane.

She laughed and said, “But what’s the fun in that?” She was definitely tipsy. She continued over her shoulder as she walked towards the bathroom, “Matt, why don’t you get out the massage oil, and maybe light a few candles. I just need to freshen up.”

I drew back the covers on the bed while Matt lit some candles in their bedroom.

“What exactly are you planning?” he asked me quietly. Matt has known me for a long time. I could tell he had a notion what I was thinking, but I don’t think he had any idea that Liane was in on it. Knowing Matt as I did, however, I could bet that he was hoping.

“Just helping to relax your wife,” I told him innocently. “Why? What do think I’m planning?”

He didn’t have a chance to respond, as Liane walked in just then. “How do you want me?” she asked. Oh, the possible answers to that question, I thought. I opted for straightforward.

“Why don’t you get naked and lie down under the sheet. I have to use the washroom too, so I’ll be back when you’re ready.”

“OK,” she said. As I walked out, I heard Matt said, “Naked and under the sheet — she read my mind.”

When I returned to the bedroom, she was exactly as instructed — the sheet just covering her behind. Even in the dim light, I could see she had creamy pale skin, and a soft womanly figure. I wanted to run my tongue along her spine, but I knew there would be several steps before we could get there. Matt was sitting on a chair, facing the bed, his legs stretched out in front of him.

“I don’t want to get oil on my clothes — you guys don’t mind if I’m naked too, do you? I’m not overly modest,” I said. I don’t have a particularly exceptional physique, but I was past the age where I let it bother me too much. Plus the lighting was quite dim. Both said it would be fine with them, though I saw Matt swallow hard. As I stripped down, I could see him shift in his chair, pulling discretely at his jeans. I guess the teasing was having an effect, I thought.

I climbed onto the bed and straddled her, reaching for the oil. I warmed some up in my hands, and started on her upper back and shoulders. She actually had a fair bit of tension in there, so I worked the knots for a while, along her shoulder blades and down her spine. The oil had a faint citrus scent to it, and it smoothed along her skin easily. As I worked my way down her back, I eased lower onto the bed, until I was kneeling between her thighs. The sheet moved lower, baring her bum as I massaged from lower back, to her hip, and then to her thighs. I gently rubbed the upper parts of her legs, I made sure to brush the inner thigh, high enough that I could feel she was getting wet. On one of the strokes, I barely touched her clit and moved away again — but I heard her breathing hitch. I moved lower, massaging her calves and feet, before moving back up to her bum and lower back. I had to stretch forward to reach her back, and I let my breasts rub against her. My nipples were hard and as I stroked back down her bum, I had to stop myself from leaning down to use my tongue along her crack.

I sat to one side, and said, “Turn over.” She hesitated for just a moment, then rolled onto her back, quickly closing her eyes. I knelt and started up on her shoulders again, reaching her neck and the base of her skull. Her eyes stayed closed, and she sighed as I reached a particularly sore spot. I massaged first down one arm, to her hand and back up. Then moved across her to the other side, near Matt, who had his hands resting on his upper thighs. I could tell he was watching intently, and I definitely saw a bulge in his jeans, even though the massage had been fairly innocent up to now — well – leaving aside the fact that we were both naked.

I massaged Liane’s other arm and hand, placing it back gently on the bed when I was done. I straddled her hips and returned to her shoulders and upper chest, massaging gently. I gradually eased towards her breasts, moving in gentle circles towards her nipples. My vulva was feeling heavy and I could feel the wetness between my own legs. I brushed across one nipple and moved away towards her shoulder, then returned to it. Her eyes stayed closed, but her lips opened and I could hear her breathing become shallow. I wondered what Matt was thinking about all this, but I didn’t dare look at him. Deciding to take the plunge, I leaned forward and licked one of her nipples. She gasped.

Neither of them made any move to stop me, so I flicked her nipple again with my tongue. I sucked gently on first one nipple, then the next, half expecting that, at any moment, she’d tell me to stop. I moved my lips lower, using my tongue to slide down her body, until I reached her trimmed bush. I stroked it lightly with my fingertips, kneeling between her legs. Her hair was softer than I had expected and a very light brown; I had been waxing all of mine for some time and had almost forgotten what it felt like to touch a pussy with hair. I had an urge to press my bare vulva against hers and rub myself to orgasm, but I concentrated on gentle strokes with my fingers. I lightly ran my fingers back up her stomach and over her erect nipples, and moved to cover her with my own body. As I stretched out on top of her, supporting my weight on my elbows, I kissed her full on the lips. It was even nicer than it had been in the kitchen. She readily opened her lips and tongue to mine. I heard myself make a contented sound deep in my throat, and pressed my pelvis slightly to hers. I could feel the lubrication in my genitals and I longed to have her stroke me.

I moved down her body again with my tongue, pausing at her breasts and then continuing downward. I shifted between her thighs, and I heard Matt clear his throat. Concerned that he was going to tell me to stop, I glanced up. He had his hand resting on the very obvious bulge in his jeans and I wondered if he was trying to decide whether he should pull it out. I smiled at him, and I guess that decided it for him; he started to quietly undo his belt.

I returned my attention to Liane, blowing gently on her bush and moving her thighs wider apart with my elbows. I ran my tongue up her inner thighs, teasing closer, but not yet touching her more sensitive areas. Using one hand, I eased open her vulva, exposing her clit. I could see her arousal, even in the dim light — it looked wet and hot — the same way my own felt now. I bent down and licked her clitoris softly, dipping lower towards her vagina, tasting her. She tasted tangy and slightly salty though still different from my own taste.

I continued using my tongue on her clit in gentle flicks, feeling it harden with the action. Slowly, I eased one of my fingers inside her, and she moaned softly. I felt for the spot inside of her, connecting to where my tongue was working. Her hips began to thrust towards my mouth and her breathing sped up. I pressed my own pelvis against the bed in time to her thrusts, feeling the slippery wetness between my legs — so sensitive without any hair between it and the bed. I moved my tongue away from her clit, not wanting her to come too soon, and she made a soft sound of disappointment. I licked teasingly around her thighs and vulva, sometimes connecting with her clit in a quick flick, and continuing the slow in and out movements of my fingers. Movement caught my eye from where Matt was sitting, and I could see that he now had his very hard penis in his hand and was stroking it rhythmically.

I returned to a steady action on her clit again, licking up and down, slightly faster than before. Her hips began to press up to my mouth more urgently and I shifted my fingers inside her, more forcefully probing her upper wall, where I knew it felt good on myself. She made soft gasps and quiet moans as she squirmed and I had to work to keep my fingers and tongue on target. I could see Matt out of the corner of my eye, masturbating as he watched us, and the combination was enough to put me over the edge. I felt my orgasm peak just as Liane came into my mouth in a warm gush, and slowed my movements.

She stilled and I sat up, moving off the bed. I discretely wiped my mouth and leaned over to give her a quick kiss. I said, “I hope you enjoyed your massage. I imagine your husband would like to have some quality time with you now,” and smiled over at Matt. I bent down to retrieve my clothes and moved quickly towards the door, closing it behind me.

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