My wife and the woodcutters

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My name is Sri. I hail from a major city in South India. Actually 3 years back I got married to a homely, traditional girl called Deepa. She was so shy that even after 3 months of our marriage she was shy to kiss me, hug me or even change clothes in front of me. She struggled to shed her shyness. Our sex life took a beating due to this.

But 2 years back, it so happened….One morning I decided to take my wife to the secluded waterfall and stream which is half an hour from our farm house in South India. My main intention was to have a Naked waterfall bath and sex with my wife. So, we left house at 5.30 am…Drove through the highway. Reached there by 6 a.m. Parked the car on the edge of the highway and started walking through the woods. After 10 minutes we reached the waterfall. Deserted place. I just thought today was the greatest day in my life…as usually people come to this place after 8-9 a.m. My Thinking was such that today will be the happiest day of my life…as a Naked waterfall bath with my wife and sex under the waterfall….that too out in the open.

On going there…I removed all my clothes..became completely naked and went under the waterfall which was very thin. I called out to my wife and asked her to strip naked and come and join me on this boulder. But as expected she was shy to become naked in the open. I told her to atleast remove her sari/blouse and join me in her bra/panty. But she wasn’t prepared to even be half naked. So much traditional/homely she was. She sat on the banks watching me bathe naked.

After sometime I wanted her. So I rushed towards her telling her that if I catch her I will tear her clothes and carry her naked to the waterfall…seeing me charging towards her, she started to escape from me…both of us had great fun trying to catch and escape.

But suddenly, after 5 minutes we both stopped. We were shocked and ashamed to see 6 woodcutters suddenly come there. They were well built, masculine body, dark. They had put on only a piece of cloth around their waist..Half naked men….5 of them were probably 30-36 age….One of them 20 years….On seeing my wife…they talked within themselves and threw aside their axe and started coming towards her. In fact, one of them caught hold of my wife. I immediately realized that danger was on. I went up to them protesting. But 2 punches on my face and I fell on the floor. One more fellow, just kicked on my penis and I lay writhing in pain. I knew that I couldn’t fight those hefty strong men. So I shouted out to my wife “ Run…Run…They want you….Run”

My wife did run. Those guys gave a small chase. One guy caught hold of her…laughing heavily he tore off her sari and threw it beside me. My wife was in her blouse and petticoat and she started crying, screaming for help. I tried once more to get up and attack them. But that 20 year old fellow gave me a nasty kick on my dick and this time the pain was more as I crashed onto the floor.

One of those fellows came from my wife’s behind and tore her petticoat and threw it….this fellow who was in front of her….caught hold of her blouse and in one go tore it & threw it on my face. There was my wife….half naked…in a bra, panty…crying…falling at their feet..asking them not to do anything….All of them surrounded my wife and one of them put his hand on her panty and pulled it off…at the same time..another put his hand on her bra and pulled it off….That’s it…First time…She was naked in front of strangers….I felt ashamed….She cried and cried. Folded her hands. She began to run. The woodcutters were treated to a great visual of a naked woman running through the woods. All of them ran after her and quickly corned her.

They forcibly pinned her to the ground…she was screaming,,,trying to get away…but she was helpless…All 6 of them removed the cloth which they had put…became naked… of them hugged her and gave her a breathtaking kiss on her lips….in fact he was chewing upon my wife’s lips….while other two started sucking,biting her breasts, one of them started caressing her pussy….for 10 minutes….they were just ravaging on my wife…she couldn’t even scream but I could clearly see her struggling.

Then one of them told others to go to a distance….He mounted on my wife….Kissed her lips and inserted his monstrous cock in her pussy….That’s it…All this while she was screaming and crying…but here…she became quiet….that fellow started his sex and love making on her…Surprisingly and shockingly, my wife too started responding back…she hugged him..started kissing him on his cheeks,lips….I was Shocked…Ashamed…My own wife…having sex with another man…that too , a third rated woodcutter….

I screamed out “ Hey Deepa…What are you doing? Get away….Escape from here”
She turned angrily towards me and told “ Hey…Naamard….Do you know how to give sex to your wife? Do you know meaning of sexually satisfying your wife? You are unfit to be a husband….Look at these guys…Look at their masculine body….Look at their monstrous dick…They know what a woman want…they are giving it to me….You are fit to suck your mother’s breasts….Go away..Naamard”

Then in local language she told those guys “ Come on darlings….I am fully yours….Give me the best sex in my life which this hijda husband couldn’t give”

What started off as rape soon turned into sex. Group sex. One fellow lifted her, carried her near waterfall…..made her lay below the waterfall. Then all of them pounced on her and made love to her…had sex with her…SEX UNDER WATERFALL….while I was crying as she called me a hijda, naamard…In fact she even encouraged the senior most fellow to give her Anal sex….As that guy started thrusting his monster dark cock through her asshole she shouted at me “Naamard… kuch seekliya sex kaisi karni hai “. Later on she pinned the 20 year old fellow …mounted on him and made love to him….By this time I was completely mad….The Best thing I could do was….Masturbate on seeing my wife mount on another guy and make love to him…..She even gave a blow job to all of them.

When everything was over…My wife came over running towards me and kicked my balls. She gave back the Mangalsutra to me and told them “I will come with you and stay with you guys. I will be your bitch forever”. They all laughed at my plight and finally they lifted my wife and carried her away deep into the woods!!!

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