Sister, brother and family

The 37-year-old Janet lay prone in her bed, wearing a thigh length sleeping gown hiked up to her belly, having stripped off her panties and thrown the covers off earlier. Her feet positioned flat on the bed, thighs spread, her knees high, she was pleasing herself, slowly climbing the ladder to orgasm. Her right middle finger stroked inside of her wet fuck hole, while her left forefinger teased her clit.

“Sis, are you awake?” She heard her brother’s low query after the light knock on the door. “I’m hungry.”

“Go back to bed, Jeffrey.” I’ll get up and fix breakfast in a few minutes. It’s too early.” She scolded.

Janet was in her childhood home, having left her husband three months earlier and had filed for divorce. Her parents had welcomed her back with open arms, especially her father. Jeff was her younger brother, only 19. A surprise pregnancy to their parents, he was the star of the family, a genius really, and was a pain in her ass as he always had been. Home for the summer months, he would soon have his doctorate in microbiology, but the way he acted one might suspect him of being mentally deficient. To her, he seemed helpless at times… like when it was time to eat.

The spell was broken. Though trying to rekindle the fire between her legs it appeared hopeless and she gave up, cursing her brother. She rose from the bed. Entering the hall, she saw no sign of her brother, her scolding had sent him scrambling back to his bed. She continued to the bathroom, bathing quickly under the steaming hot water. Naked under a terrycloth robe, her flaming red hair combed straight, left damp, she, leaving the light and fan on, proceeded to the kitchen to prepare her brother’s breakfast. Passing his door, she knocked firmly and told him in no uncertain terms to be in the kitchen in 10 minutes.

Janet stood at the sink washing dishes, taking up the slack from her mother as agreed, her mother and father having left for work more than an hour ago. Looking over her shoulder, she greeted her brother, Jeff, as he came into the open concept family area of the recently remodeled home.

“Hey, sleepyhead.”

“What time is it, sis?” He asked, as he usually did every weekday morning. He wore only his briefs and a T-shirt.

“Time for me to be getting ready for work. Your plate is on the table. You can heat it up in the microwave. And, be sure to wash your dishes. I am not your slave.”

“Where is my water and juice?”

Janet threw the washcloth in the sink and reached or two glasses. Shaking her head, she studied her brother as he closed on the table to sit down. She saw the bulge in his briefs, knowing he was well hung, and wondered if he was as sexual as she was, masturbating often of late, not having a husband around. How many times had she pushed her anger and frustration at her husband’s shortcomings aside to fuck him. Her sexuality was a curse, her several undiscovered infidelities contributing to her wrecked marriage.

Janet went to her bedroom, tossing her terrycloth robe on the bed. She retrieved a few clothing items and began putting them on, studying herself in the mirror as she put on each item; her panties, covering a thick forest of pubic hair, matching her top-knot and a well proportioned, a mite heavy, bubbled ass; stockings, firming up her smooth, well proportioned thighs that did not touch; her bra, corralling ample breast with raisin sized nipples that were impressively tall when firm; the skirt, black and formfitting, showing off her hips; the eggshell, white blouse that fit tightly across her boobs; And lastly, the black high heels that postured her ass nicely, that, she knew, drew the looks of men.

She left her bedroom and stopped by the bathroom for a brief curl and brush of her hair. Entering the living area, she wished her brother a good day, telling him to be sure to be at supper at 6 o’clock and that they would go for their usual walk afterward.

“What! No kiss goodbye.” He accused.

She waited for him to approach, shifting her eyes quickly to the bulge in his briefs, that appeared bigger, then back, reminding her of her feeling of sexual frustration. She received her kiss on the cheek and gave him one in return. She headed for the side door that led to the driveway and her car. Jeff, watched his sister, noting the sway of her ass as she crossed the large living area. Had she been looking, she would have seen the bulge in his briefs become a little bigger still.

Jeff did not have a girlfriend. He had never had one and shied whenever a possible relationship presented itself. He did acknowledge the mystique and stimulating feeling the opposite sex presented. His sister, always conscious of her looks and dress, was unavoidable and presented to him feelings he did not entirely understand.

He did however enjoy embracing his ample cock. Leaving the dishes unwashed in the sink, he had directly for the bathroom, shedding his underclothes and stepping into the bathtub, adjusting the shower. He lowered himself to a sitting, then lying, position in the large tub. He reached for his mostly erect cock and began to stroke it slowly. He had only occasionally looked up porn on the internet, and then, only PICs of naked women and female genitalia. He had marveled at the variety of vaginae and wondered what his sister’s must look like. His preference was the large labia, pussy lipped, angry appearing female sexual organ.

He studied his cock intensely as he stroked. On the down stroke he stretched the skin over at his domed head, noting the thick vein that ran up the bottom side. How big was it, he did not care, as length and thickness had no meaning as to good or bad. His mind soon focused on the one sexual vision he had stored away – that of watching his mother and father as they had sexual intercourse, missionary style, a year earlier, as he happened to pass their cracked bedroom door.

The bedroom had been slightly illuminated by the crack in the bathroom door as the light had been left on. Both bodies were uncovered and naked. He saw his mother on her back with her knees ratcheting backward and forward and his father’s backside bobbing up and down, stroking inside of her. He had focused on her right thigh and brief glimpses off her ass, that seemed to be spot-lighted by the available light. He recalled his mother’s moans, her praising of his father’s cock, and her frantic demand of “fuck me hard!”.

Her frantic plea! The way Jeff was now frantically stroking his cock, staring at it. He had watched them long enough to hear his mother’s subdued cry of completion, followed by his father’s own moan of ejaculation. Now, revisiting his mother’s orgasm, his cock erupted, squirting cum into the air, only to fall on his hand and wrist. His labored breathing quickly slowed to normal as he stroked his less firm cock.

The chatter at the dinner table was continuous as mother, father and their children discussed the day. Mother and daughter eventually began to clear the table and wash the dishes. Jeff returned to his room to put on his sneakers in preparation for the walk with his sister. Their father retired to the sofa to watch TV.

Within a brief walk of the home was a very lovely golf course. It was where their parents golfed and Janet and Jeff had walked for nature and exercise most of their lives. This evening, as was their custom, they walked briskly hand-in-hand. By the 8th hole, their conversation had reach a lull and Janet was pondering her wrecked life. They had slowed to a stroll. She was thinking, she was in desperate need of a good fuck. It was closing on darkness when brother and sister neared the ninth hole. Janet’s hand stretched out to her brothers chest to stop him in mid-stride.

“Look!” She said pointing to a large stand of trees.

“Look at that. Two people.” She whispered.

“What?” Jeff questioned, much too loud for Janet.

“Shhh! 12 o’clock. Look at the ground between the two biggest trees. Do you see them? Do you know what they are doing? Let’s get to that sand-trap. And don’t talk!”

Janet, still clutching her brother’s hand, drug him along behind her, both crouching low, as she led the way toward the sand-trap. Entering the deep trap, crossing to the far side of the elongated sand-trap, they peaked over the edge to spy on the couple engaged in missionary sex, positioned in a horizontal view and unobstructed.

Brother and sister watched for long minutes in muted silence.

“Well, at least somebody is having a good time.” She said more to herself then to her brother.

“You should be out here closer to midnight… between one and three. They are all over the place.” Jeff said sarcastically.

Janet looked over to her right and stared at her brother. “And how exactly would you know that?”

“This is my favorite past-time. Summer or winter you can find horny couples out on this golf course… doing it. You would think they could find a bed, where it’s warm, somewhere.”

Their attention became quickly refocused on the animal-like groan coming from the trees. It sounded female.

“Damn! I missed it.” Janet exclaimed with a disgruntled tone, referring to the female orgasm.

“Quiet!” Jeff hissed. “Be quiet and listen and you will hear him ejaculate.”

Squinting to see, Janet could indeed see the fast paced rhythm of the fella between her legs. In a few long moments, she clearly heard his moan, saw his back arch, as he shot off. They both stared intently, seeing no further motion coming from the couple. After a long minute, they watched the couple rise, brush and straighten their clothing, then, leave the shelter of the trees, walking back towards the second hole and the clubhouse.

“Goodness! That’s got me breathing hard!” Janet sighed, maneuvering to her back. “So, you come out here and spy on couples fucking. I suppose, you jerk off while you’re watching?”

“I suppose, I do, sometimes.” Jeff answered with an embarrassed tone. “Did you take note that she must not have taken her panties off? Most don’t.”

“Eagle eyes. You’re something.” She praised. “I’m going to take a shot-in-the-dark here, Bro, and guess you have never been with a girl?”

“I have never had a serious girlfriend, if that is what you are asking?”

“So, if I were to ask, have you ever dried fucked, you would have no idea what I was talking about?”

“You would assume correctly.”Jeff answered. “I have vast knowledge but I am in the dark when it comes to sexual terms… other than the obvious.”

“Do you have a hard-on?”

“Yes.” Was his simple, sheepish answer.

“Would you like me to show you?”

“I am always open to learn new things.”

Janet rolled to her back and grappled with arms and hands to grab hold of her thigh high skirt, lifting her ass to hike it up under her. Laying at approximately 40° from horizontal on the incline of the sand-trap, she spread her legs wide, her knees up, her heels digging into the sand. She held her arms out to her brother.

“Now, lower your shorts and come over here between my legs. No, no, leave your briefs on, dumb ass. Keep your head down!” She commanded, giving no thought that they stood out revealingly against white sand. “Adjust your… your… cock… so it is straight up and down and place it against my crotch. Ahhhhh!. That’s about right. Now, push lightly against me. Ahhh yea!”

“Is this a proper thing for a brother and sister to be doing… I don’t think so?” Jeff queried and answered.

“Keep your voice down! And no… this is probably not proper. If you say anything to anyone I will bury my foot up your ass. You understand, Bro?”

Quite naturally, Jeff was supporting his weight over his sister, snuggling his face into her neck. The feeling in his groin was familiar but quite different. It was much more pleasurable than when he jerked off, but he made no connection concerning being with a person of the opposite sex. Janet wrapped her feet over his legs to give her a bit of leverage. He had not answered her question but she did not press for an answer, as she was quickly lost in her own lustful feelings.

“Take your time, sugar.” She coaxed. “It’s always proper to let the lady orgasm first. Just like that. Yes. It won’t take long.”

A few long minutes passed as brother and sister dried fucked, lying precariously in the Sand-trap. Janet was hugging her brother tenderly.

“Don’t stop, Jeff! I’m getting close.” She huffed lustfully. “Is it good for you? Ohh fuck, it’s good for me. Ouuuuuuuu! Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhhgggg!!”

Her arms tightened around her brother as did her legs. Jeff groaned hardheartedly as his briefs were filled with his ejaculate. For all practical purposes, they had come together. Janet thrust her crotch against him, her pussy soaking her panties. Their bodies slowed to a stop. She lay exhausted. Embarrassment soon gripped them both and they was reluctant to move. Jeff remembered watching his mother and father.

“I suppose, you want me to get off of you?” He asked.

“What?” Janet stuttered, the spell broken.

“I suppose, you want me to get off of you now?” He repeated, sounding knowledgeable.

“No. No. Of course not. Cuddle as long as you want.”

A long minute later, Janet was standing, scrubbing her face with her hands, dismayed by her lack of discretion. She watched her brother adjust his shorts into place. After brushing each other off, she took him by the hand, and instead of heading towards home, she led him out of the sand-trap, continuing their walk. They walked for long minutes without speaking. Janet became aware of her brothers funny walk. Jeffrey was feeling the oddity of having his briefs soiled with cum.

“If you had a girlfriend, you’d be used to that.” She teased. “I apologize for my indiscretion, but I am all by myself right now and I’ve always had a hard time controlling my libido. Watching two people go at it was just too much. We need to keep this between you and me, okay?”

“Libido? Controlling it? Ahh, you like to fuck?” He thought it through. “Of course, Sis, you and I are best buddies!” Jeff chirped.

Janet cut her eyes curiously at her brother and thought ‘men, they are all alike.’ They were nearing the gate that they used to to exit the golf-course and walk the half mile back to their home.

“So, what you are saying, is that you enjoyed our little indiscretion?” She questioned, near the driveway.

“Did I say that?”

She continued, ignoring the obvious, “I suppose best buddies could… lets say… be naughty together occasionally, if they were so inclined?”

“I didn’t know you could read minds?”

They both chuckled.

It had been two days and Janet, laying in her bed lightly toying with her panty-covered pussy, was wondering why her brother had not brought up the subject that they had agreed-upon. The light knock at the door startled her, causing her to jerk her left hand from beneath the covers.

“Yes.” She acknowledged.

The door opened a crack. “Janet, are you decent?” Came the whispered query.

“Come in, Jeffrey.”

“I just wanted to tell you that mom and dad have left for the wedding.” He said, coming into the bedroom and walking to her bedside. Janet was not overly surprised, but still curious, as to why he wore only his briefs and T-shirt. She could see a large bulge in his briefs. She pondered how large her brother might actually be. He felt hugh as they dry fucked on the course.

“And… you wanted me to know that… because?”

She inwardly chuckled as she watched her brother fidget, trying to find the words. “Are you horny, dear brother?” She asked, as she threw the covers to her left. She saw a startled look come to his face as he gazed upon her naked breasts. She would have given $1 million for a camera to freeze the moment. Had he noticed and understood the reason her nipples were firm that standing tall?

“Why don’t you go in close the door and locked it. We would not want to be caug… surprised.” Janet suggested.

As he returned to the bed, she beckoned him with open arms between her parted and lifted legs. He entered the bed from the side and maneuvered between her legs, catching his weight on his elbows, embracing her shoulders. He kissed her on the lips awkwardly and firmly, causing her to shake her head to break the kiss.

“What the hell, Brother!”

“Isn’t that what lovers do?” He quizzed.

“Ohhh. We are lovers, now? Then, don’t attack me. Kiss me tenderly. There… that’s better.”

Jeffrey reached to straighten and place his cock inside his briefs, while in effect pushing his knuckles, unintentionally, against her pussy.

“What the hell, Jeffrey. I didn’t say you could touch me there!” She challenged, not willing to acknowledge it felt good.

“Sorry… sorry about that.” He apologized

Together they maneuvered together, this time, Janet drew her knees back in a more natural missionary position. Her first moan of pleasure ceased his awkward maneuvering and he began to lightly thrust against her without being directed to. Janet’s eyes closed as her mind focused on the pleasure.

Long moments passed. “What took you so long to come to my room?” She breathed next to his ear.

“I was waiting for you to give me a signal. Mom always gives dad a signal.”

“Do tell! You’re not such a dumb ass after all.” She praised. “Ours is not a conventional relationship. We cannot be kissing and fondling one another to let our desires be known. It’s going to be a dilemma. How about just asking or I will tell you outright.”

“That will work, I suppose. I would have liked to do this two days ago… and the next day.” He admitted.

“I should be ashamed to admit it, but me too.”

Brother and sister dried fuck, at her direction, in a leisurely fashion, she, reminding him to keep his orgasm in check while she sought hers. She suggested he fondle her breast and suck on her nipples, making sure he understood he was being allowed to, telling him, it would keep his mind occupied, adding, that it would enhance her pleasure.

“Grab my ass now. No, don’t worry about your weight. You not able to suck my tit… stop trying! Just hold onto my ass tight and push against me hard. Keep your rhythm kind of slow. Dammit, Jeff! What the hell! Keep moving.”

Her brother’s moan relayed to her his failure to hold of his orgasm. She revved up her own rhythm thrusting up firm against him in an effort to hurry herself along, his firmness holding. It worked and in short order she moaned her own lustful completion. They slowed to a stop.

“I’m sorry, sis! I lost my focus grabbing your butt like that. That was very erotic.” He rationalized.

“It’s okay.” She sympathized, thinking ‘men’, they’re all a like’. “Being with a woman is all new and exciting to you. I will teach you, Bro, and make you a worthy lover for your next encounter.

Over the next 10 days, brother and sister dry humped every opportunity that presented itself. The two were like newlyweds and seemed not to get enough of each other. Janet expanded their foreplay but still would not allow him to come near her treasure… her pussy. Jeffrey was becoming quite the kisser.

Then, they found themselves alone together for the first time in the late evening hours, their parents having gone to a masquerade party. Janet and initiated a make out session on the sofa while watching TV. Then, she suggested they retire to her bedroom. She had given the evening’s play a great deal of thought. Standing, facing each other in the closed curtained, near total darkness of the bedroom, she outlined the activities and boundaries.

“I am naked, as you are, Bro.” She began, standing very close to him, near touching. “We are going to stand here a bit, kiss and snuggle and touch. Your hands are allowed anywhere except directly between my legs. You will find, if you haven’t guessed already, that I have a very thick bush on my mound. If any of these words are new to you just ask. You are allowed to explore that forest with your hands, nose or mouth. I desire you at some point to kiss and nipple on my buttocks. I am allowed a bit more liberty exploring you. You’ll fine out how in a bit. That’s just natural, me being a woman. Trust me. I don’t think you’ll mind.”

Janet moved in closer, actually touching her breast to his chest, and kissed him lightly on the lips. The kiss soon became passionate as they embraced each other. Their hands began exploring each others body. Her hands roaming down his shoulders and back, Janet soon clutched her brother’s buttocks, squeezing and sinking her nails into them. He responded with his own ass groping, leading him to guide her to the bed, her knees buckling, dropping her across the bed.

Jeff rolled his sister, she, maneuvering to get more purchase on the bed as he hungrily ravaged her buttocks with his to lips and teeth, nibbling at her cheeks and upper thighs. She giggled and slapped at him, begging him to stop, while hoping he would not.

He rolled her once more. On her back now, he went to the hairy mound she had so vividly described. He had indeed seen the excessive lighter red pubic hair escaping at the edges of her, until now, always present, panties. He played in the forest with his nose, pulling the pubic hair with his lips while gripping the back of her thighs. She could help but thrust her pelvis into his face, in effect, bringing him face-to-face with her pussy. He froze.

“Go back up, Jeff.” She lovingly directly.

“Sis, how are we going to dry fuck with all of our clothes off?”

“I was going to save that as a surprise. But right now I want you to go back up to my mound.”

“It smells like that pretty soap you use, but there is another smell that I can’t quite place. It is very nice though.”

“Now, Jeffrey! Get your nose out of my crack… now!”

She hollowed and he jumped!

“All right, the spell has been broken for the moment. Come up here and hug me. We will kiss a bit and ignite the flame again.”

Timid kisses, on Jeff’s part, slowly became passionate. Brother and sister were once more exploring each others body. Janet’s right hand stroked her brother’s chest and was soon stroking his abdomen.

“Remember, I told you that I would have a little bit more liberty getting to know your body?”

“Yes. Though I don’t really know what that meant.”

“You will!” She assured him, as her hand dropped and her fingers close around his shaft.

“Oh my gooo…sh!” He exclaimed.

“Shhhh! Relax.” She coaxed, as her hand stroked, then, dropped to massage his balls, returning back to stroke his cock, then, repeated.

“That’s not fair.” He complained after a long minute or two.

“It’s the way of the world, Bro.” She retorted. “A woma… a sister must protect her treasure with a passion, while still pleasing her brother. I’ll make it up to you. You’ll see.”

Jeff had the urge to get us close to his sister’s treasure as she would allow. As she toyed and stroked his cock, his right hand went to her mound and he played with the forest between her legs, finally, sucking on her nipples in turn. His suckling was having its effect.

“Listen to be carefully.” She instructed, with a lustful tone. “You’re going to get between my legs as you always do. I, me alone, am going to positioned your cock between my pussy lips. Calm down! Take a couple of deep breaths. When I get you positioned you will hump me just like you usually do. The head of your cock will tease my clitoris… my clit. You have got to control yourself, Jeffrey. I want to come first! You must be careful not to lift too high. I don’t want you poking my hole or accidentally penetrating me. I’m letting you come onto my mound… into that forest of hair. You be careful and it won’t be the last time we’ll be naked together. You hear me?”

Jeffrey, indeed, heard and understood what his sister required of him. His heart was beating like crazy as they maneuvered into position, she reaching between them to place his stiff cock into her pussy crack. Given the okay, he began to thrust slowly against her, feeling her gentle thrusts. Quietly, they dry humped for long minutes. Dry, only implying that there would be no penetration. However, Janet’s pussy was extruding large amounts of lubrication, which Jeff was very conscious of, and aware of how easy it would be to lift a bit higher, his rock hard cock able to penetrate his sister before she knew what had happened. He had the urge but not the guts.

Their breathing soon escalated, testifying to the erotic, lustful, intoxicating desire they were overcome with. Was the intensity of their moans akin to actual intercourse, or, immensely more so because of the wanton desire of true, actual penetrating intercourse, being denied?

Janet’s eventual mind-blowing orgasm would point to such an opinion. Only long moments afterward, the amount of ejaculate that erupted from her brother’s cock onto her mound, seeping into her pubic hair would only add to justify that assumption.

In the pursuing weeks, it would seem that the sexual hormones of the siblings were high-octane. You only had to be there to see Janet on her knees, stance wide, her chest on pillows, her ass postured high, trustingly, allowing her brother to kneel behind her, guiding the action, rubbing his cock against her pussy, between her pussy lips, taunting her clit, but, totally ignoring her treasure hole. He had gained her total confidence.

She was a stern taskmaster, using her denial of sexual favors to keep her partner, her brother, towing the line. Jeff had always admired his sister and would do anything for her. Their sexual relationship mirrored their every day brother and sister relationship. After the above mentioned sexual interaction, one would be hard-pressed to come up with a single reason for her to take her brother’s cock into her mouth. Expanding their sexual relationship? Maybe.

As was their habit, the two siblings were usually in her bed within a few minutes of their parents departing for work. This one particular morning Jeff had once again requested he be allowed to look, study being a better term, at his sister’s pussy. He had been at it for a few long minutes, she, beginning to protest as she always found it embarrassing, having to lay there with her knees up, her legs spread wide.

“I just cannot tire of looking at it. I have seen many pictures but yours is the prettiest most delicate thing I have ever seen.” He told her the nth time.

“You’re just prejudice, little brother.” She told him with a loving tone. “Now, why don’t you do what I ask. Fair is fair. If you want me to suck it again…?”

“You have given me oral.” He rationalized, trying to convince himself. “I should think it only fair for me to reciprocate.”

“Stop thinking, Jeffrey, and do it.

He hesitated for long moments.

Janet had kept him from touching her treasure for some time. Was bare dry fucking just another step closer to going all the way. Now, convincing him to eat her? Penetration was something she swore she would never allow. She had remained on the pill just in case she ran into an old friend our new acquaintance that struck her fancy. Still, because she had not allowed her brother to fuck her – penetrating her pussy with his cock – the term incest had not become part of her thought process. But how could she continue to resist her sweet, but now, not so innocent, brother. His cock was mush, more than ample.

“All right, Bro, I’m tired of your whining. You think it’s the prettiest. You want a taste, I’m certain. Go ahead, but, be gentle.”

She saw his endearing smile, one of total joy, appear on his face. He had warmed to the idea. She knew it also to be a sign of failure – one step closer – one finally step – and she really hated that.

His face made tentative movements toward her vagina before his lips actually touched her. She found it adoringly cute that he actually kissed her pussy lips a few times before his exploration began with his tongue.

“Slid your hands up under my ass.” She directed, as she lifted her feet to place them on his shoulders.

She found his sloppiness and inexperience at eating pussy deplorable but resisted expressing any negativity. She would teach him. The thought reminded her that there was very little time left until he returned to school which was four hours away. What was she going to do? He would only be home twice a month and then only on the weekends – making it almost impossible for them to be alone.

“Right there! Right there! Don’t move!” She demanded. “Oh fuck, that’s good! Keep your tongue right there… on my clit!”

Janet was wobbling on the top rung of the ladder. It would not matter which way she toppled off. She wobbled as she balanced for long minutes, moaning continuously, inwardly hoping Jeff could keep his tongue centered on her clit. Then, she did a perfect swan dive, somersaulting backwards as the orgasm shocked her numerous times – her midsection flexing repeatedly. She would count it among the top three oral orgasms she had ever had.

The intensity of the orgasm was such that the furthest thing from her mind was keeping the promise to herself of not allowing her brother to penetrate her most forbidden inner sanctum – her treasure – her pussy. She automatically, involuntarily summoned to him with open arms to join her – to mount her – to fuck her.

“Come up!. Hurry! I need it in me.” She pleaded. “Damn, it’s big! And so fucking hard. Ohh mercy, fuck me. Fuck my pussy hard, Jeff. Yes!”

It was over… decision made. They were coupled… incestuously. Janet’s knees were ratcheting along his sides, matching his quick paced rhythm. They were gloriously, butt-ass naked, together. They were FUCKING!! Cradled in his arms, Janet felt secure. The bedroom door shut… shut, but not locked as it usually was, leaving them vulnerable for what they thought was an impossibility. They did not hear it when it opened wide, due to their moaning and labored breathing. She was focused on giving her brother a good fuck and she knew he was nearing ejaculation… into her… and she yearned to feel his cock jerk.

“What the hell!” Is what they did hear their father, as he shouted, “I knew you two were up to something. Get the hell off of her, Jeff! I want you showered and dressed. Get your ass showered and dressed. And, out of this house for the rest of the day! I mean it! Stay gone till dinner!”

Jeff was as close to a heart attack as any healthy young person could be, jerking his cock out of his sister and scrambling from the bed. His face and head were lowered as he scooted past his father, but not so low that he did not see the slap to the back of his head coming. He ducked, but it still caught him solid, knocking him against the door sill. His cock swung back and forth as he hustled down the hall to the bathroom. His son admonished, he glared at his daughter as she made an attempt to cover her nakedness.

“You and I, dear lady… you just keep your sweet ass in that bed. He will be gone in a few minutes and we will settle up.”

After he had slammed the door upon leaving, Janet stared at the ceiling. The fantastic orgasm she had just had, the wetness between her legs, her brother’s ample cock inside of her, the feeling of him fucking her for the first time – her father’s seemingly innocent sexual innuendos and advances, she, in her mid-20s, only to become serious groping and vulgar suggestions, all weighted upon her so heavily she could not have moved had she wanted to. If only, she could threaten to go to her mother. That thought was moot.

As Jeff scooted across the living room area, his father sat drinking coffee. “You remember what I told you, young man! You stay gone till dinner.”

Darren did not give his son enough time to get out of the driveway before he was headed toward Janet’s bedroom. All of the urges – sexual yearnings – he had felt towards his daughter had resurfaced as he sat drinking coffee. He had her cornered with no way to escape.

He opened the door and entered the bedroom, closing the door and turning the lock. He moved to the left edge of the bed and gazed down at his daughter. Janet avoided his eyes as she clutched the bedding under her chin. Had it had, a lock and key?

“You are no longer an innocent girl in her 20s. You are a mature woman now.” He spoke softly, lacking emotion. “Wise to the ways of the world. You know how to manipulate a man. The first time you left your husband and moved back home… remember… you got your kicks teasing me. I remember you sitting in the living room next to your mother… wearing no panties, knowing you were showing it to me. That, and 100 other things to torture me for past indiscretions… daring me to touch you… or, even suggest… It’s time you paid up.”

Janet knew everything her father said was true. She watched him as he began to undress. She could not keep herself from glancing at his thick, though short, firm erection. Her hands grudgingly let go of the covers when he reached to grip them, walking them off her down to the bottom of the bed.

“Spread your legs for me.” He said. “Come on, Janet, I know you’re not shy.” His meaning understood as she lifted and spread her knees, giving him an unobstructed view of her pussy.

Like son like father! He took a position, chest down on the bed, between her legs and studied her pussy for a few long moments. He found his daughter’s pussy totally different her mother’s, Martha, she, having virtually no labia lips to speak of. He desired to touch it, but restrained himself. Instead, he maneuvered up to mount her.

“Put it in for me, would you, my dear.”

Janet did as requested, placing the head of his cock to her treasure hole, feeling him push into her, she, still lubricated enough that his cock easily penetrated her, pushing deep. She expected a no-frills, frantic, fast-paced race to orgasm, but it did not occur. Her father cradled her lovingly in his arms, kissing her lightly over her face and neck, as he began to stroke into her slowly. She gripped the back of his thighs with the heels of her feet, but did not engage herself.

“I’m not the animal you think I am.” He whispered into her ear. “I rarely get any loving from your mother anymore. I need a warm embrace and my cock inside a woman’s warm belly every now and then. Surely you can understand that since you’ve allowed your brother between your legs.”

“I do. I understand that, dad.” Janet replied, her heart softening, the cock inside of her beginning to have its affect.

Darin was now withdrawing most of his length, lightly stabbing it back into her, only occasionally pushing deep. Involuntarily, Janet moaned with each deep penetration. He continued fucking her in this manner until her moans were pretty much continuous. He would bring her to orgasm dragging her slowly up the ladder. Her ass was soon returning his thrusts, her knees ratcheting slowly, matching his rhythm – fully engaged.

“I’m sorry, dad. I should have given you some pussy a long time ago.” She whispered. “Your cock is wonderful! I didn’t know you were hurting. I just thought you were a dirty old man.”

Father and daughter continued their slow, but lustful incestuous intercourse, uncovered, in the bright illumination of the eggshell white bedroom. The door was securely locked and they felt safe from exposure, but there were eyes on them.

Jeff had heard what his father had said to his sister. Why had he not told her to get dressed? Why had he not gone back to work. He desired answers. He had looked through a number of windows and could not locate his father or sister. His final stop was at his sister’s room where he was able to peek through the side of one of the closed blinds. His heart skipped and his breathing faltered when he saw the two on the bed. His mind reeled back to the time he saw his mother and father fucking.

One might think he would be unsettled or mad… seeing his father getting his pussy… but he was not. He did not know the history so he could only theorize that his father and sister had been having intercourse all along, or, that his dad, having caught them, wanted his share. He remembered his sister’s distraught words concerning his departure for school in a couple of weeks. He knew now what she was going to do, which caused him to dismiss his first assumption that father and daughter had been fucking all along.

Cocking his head, arching his shoulders, he decided things were, as they were, and he would wait for his sister’s explanation.

Walking back down the driveway, his mine sorted through; me and sis, sis and dad, dad and mom, mom and sis… no way! Mom and… me? Me and mom… Ummm.

Remembering, Jeff turned and ran back up the driveway to the back of the house and his sister’s window. A few seconds for his eyes to focus and he was rewarded, arriving just in time to see his sister’s orgasm, her ass lifting high, her moan discernible through the double-pained window. His mother had not been so energetic. He turned, not wishing to wait for his father’s ejaculation, and left. He decided on a movie.

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