Husband wants to watch his wife help out a friend

Husband wants to watch his wife help out a friend

“So, how was your spa weekend?” Kayleigh asked as Kate watched her complete her round of renegade rows with an ease she envied. Kayleigh’s plank was rock solid, the slight swell of her buttocks barely interrupting the 5’9″ line from her heels to her head. Her short black exercise shorts and bright orange crop top hugged her tight curves and left plenty of her muscular form visible – though one of the nice things about their all-female gym is that no one really cared about what they were wearing. At 37, Kayleigh outpaced many of the younger women in their boot camp, but her enthusiasm and quick wit motivated the others as much as good-natured competitiveness did.


Kayleigh stood in a fluid movement and replaced her black kettle bells in their neat rows near the base of the mirror. Several other women were scattered around the room, either on the mats or the concrete floor, and all at various stages in today’s circuit. Kayleigh returned to the mats, deadlifting the 20 lb sandbag she had left next to Kate’s feet for her squat thrusts. The room was warm and although she had a few beads of sweat trickling down her freckled chest, her breathing was slow and even.

Kate paused in her own set of rows, dropping down to her knees for a brief rest and considered Kayleigh’s question. “It was awesome,” she said finally though she wondered if the sudden warm flush to her cheeks was entirely due to the work out. Probably not, she mused, reminiscing about the events of the previous weekend. Kate had gone up North with a few girlfriends to a remarkable spa where they had all…well, “expanded their sexual horizons” might be the best way to describe it. She didn’t think she would tell Kayleigh those particular details, however. Kayleigh was about as hetero as they come and while she was very open-minded generally, Kate was pretty sure their all-female orgy would shock the daylights out of her friend.

“I’d love to go back,” Kate said honestly, recalling her first experiment with tribbing and feeling a familiar throb in her groin. She struggled back into the high plank and finished her set, conscious that her own plank was significantly wobblier than that of her friend. She replaced her equipment and following Kayleigh to the changing rooms. “What are you up to this weekend?” Kate asked, refilling her water bottle from the sink. Several of Kate’s auburn curls had escaped her ponytail and were now sticking to her sweaty cheeks. She drank almost a third of her bottle before straddling the bench in the change room, towelling off her neck and face.

“I’m off work on Friday,” Kayleigh responded. She unselfconsciously stripped off her exercise gear and rummaged through her bag for her street clothes. She had small breasts, which sat high and pert on her chest. Kate absently noted that Kayleigh’s pubic hair was a pale reddish brown and neatly trimmed. She wondered if her friend would agree to try out her favourite esthetician. Kate had personal experience with the benefits of a completely shaved pussy but Kayleigh had always laughed off her suggestions to try something more exotic.

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Kayleigh’s knit dress slid over the matching lilac satin bra and panties and she held her nylons in one hand, obviously debating whether it was cold enough out to bother struggling into them. “And we have a friend visiting from out of town. Remember I told you about Mike?” she continued, pulling her tights over her long legs.

“Liam’s friend from school, right? The hockey player?” Kate responded. Kayleigh had shown her some pictures of Mike a few months ago and the memory was still quite vivid. “Gorgeous” did not do him justice, she recalled. At 6’2″ and 215 lbs of solid muscle, the 39 year-old was a very manly man, she thought. Green-blue eyes, curly brown hair that brushed the edge of his collar, and just enough facial scruff to look sexy.

“Didn’t you tell me that he was recently divorced?” Kate asked. She wasn’t going to bother changing; she needed a good shower but that would have to wait until she got home. She was eager to get out of her clothes though – sports bras for large breasted women are never particularly comfortable, no matter what the advertisements say. She sighed. With size B breasts, Kayleigh didn’t seem to have the same problem.

“Yeah,” Kayleigh said, fluffing out her short strawberry blonde hair and stuffing her workout clothes in her bag. “I don’t think he’s dating again yet either – Liam said he didn’t want to rush into anything serious. Our kids are away this weekend too, so he’s staying at our place.”

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“Maybe if you’re lucky, he’ll walk around in tight boxers all weekend,” Kate teased, throwing Kayleigh’s towel at her. “Or you can forget to mention that the lock on your bathroom door is still broken and ‘accidentally’,” she continued, making air-quotes, “walk in on him while he’s showering. Offer to wash his back.” She winked.

Kayleigh laughed, her blue eyes sparkling. “Kate, you’re such a horn-dog!” she said. “That’s something you would do!”

“Totally!” Kate responded, grinning at her friend.

“You know,” Kayleigh began thoughtfully, “Liam told me once that he’s always fantasized about watching me with another man.” She glanced at her friend through the corner of her eye, gauging her reaction. She had an inkling what Kate might say and found herself wishing she could be as sexually adventurous as her friend. Kate had told her about the conference she had attended out West a few months ago and how she had a threesome with an old friend and his wife. Although Kayleigh wasn’t interested in women, she admired Kate’s gumption.

Kate gaped at her. “You’re not serious!” she exclaimed. “Oh my God – how awesome would that be? Do you think Mike would go for that?” she asked, obviously working through the details in her mind. “I mean, you and Liam are completely happy together so it’s not like he’d be insecure, Mike will be heading home after the weekend, he’s single right now, you’d get to sleep with a hunky hockey player – it’s like all the pieces of puzzle just coming together!” She clapped her hands together in obvious vicarious excitement. “What are you going to wear?” she continued. “Maybe that pretty wraparound dress you wore to Jen’s party. Oh – and that matching lace bra and panty set you bought last month. The colour brings out the blue in your eyes so well!”

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Kayleigh shook her head, laughing. “Hold your horses, Kate! It’s just a fantasy – those never really come true, you know. Besides, I’m not sure I’D be able to do it!”

Kate grabbed her shoulders and gave her a playful shake. “You idiot! You might possibly have a chance to have sex with a crazy hot guy and your husband is okay with it – how can you not jump at this? Frig – I will personally come over and slap you silly if you pass this up,” she exclaimed, raising one hand and waving it in the air near her friend’s face.

“I’m not -” Kayleigh broke off, shaking her head. “Disinhibited enough,” she finished.

“You?” Kate laughed in disbelief. “Your frontal lobe is turned off more than anyone I know! You just need to get into the zone.”

“What? Like you? You sex-maniac!” Kayleigh laughed too, zipping her bag closed and taking a swig of water.

“I am just a healthy 30-something woman who has needs like everyone else,” Kate said solemnly. “Like you have. Like Mike probably has – well, except the ‘woman’ part,” she continued, nudging Kaleigh’s shoulder with her own. “And hey – if some of Liam’s needs involve watching you with another guy – then who are we to argue?”

Kate buttoned her coat and grabbed her bag. “Let’s stop by the liquor store. You’ll need a nice bottle of wine for supper tomorrow. Or three. Relax you a bit, get you in the mood…” she left the sentence hang and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. Kaleigh slapped at her butt, laughing.

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