Mom’s submission: Sex with son : part-07

Hi readers,
Nancy is making her life full of romance,joy and pleasure,as my sexy body need love and it doesn’t matter ”who is my bed-partner”,but i have always kept physical affairs secret and so as i am in physical relationship with my son Rohan for last 7-8 months,we both have been enjoying like hot as Nancy,a 38 years married lady is hot with her white complexion,she have a tall figure of 5’7 feet and my bust measures 36 inches as waist is 30 inches with my squared dome shaped buttocks of 36 inches,so my strong thighs with reddish vagina is nice but it’s flexibility as well as depth is at as one morning,my son rohan came in balcony while i was sitting there,he smiled and sit on chair and as he took newspaper on hand to open and read it,i ask him…………..

”need a cup of tea or coffee
[rohan]a cup of tea.”and i walked to kitchen as maid have not come yet,so i am preparing tea and there my mobile starts ringing,so after putting tea in cup,i walked to dinning space and received the call…………


”hi ,malti ,you are calling me
[malti] madam,i am ill as i have a viral fever
[nancy] o k,so see your health first,i will manage.”and our house hold maid malti is ill,so i walked to kitchen and than to balcony as we both are drinking tea,looking at me,rohan smiled………….”what happened mom?
[mom]maid is ill,so i have to do house hold work
[rohan]oh i see,but i can help you
[mom]no need of it,as i will only wash dirty utensils and put broom on floor
[rohan]oh and than i will prepare lunch and breakfast .”

And he left balcony as i walked inside kitchen as i started washing utensils,my hubby is out of town as mom & son are alone in as my work completed in kitchen,i walked to dinning space as i started cleaning floors with broom and i can see rohan watching t.v there,so as my work completed in 35-40 minutes,i am bit tired as i do house hold works quite often and now i have a bottle of water in my hand as i sits near my son as my face and neck is sweating ,so looking at me,rohan with a small towel started rubbing my face to neck as his hand is cleaning it,his touch is making me bit as he put towel ,he looked at me and i am looking like a matured lady in my long nightwear and my boobs are nude as vagina is covered in i inched closer to rohan,as i put my both arms on his shoulder and now put my lips on his lips as his hand hold my back and kissed my lips”it’s not a time for love,you sexy women
[me]why not?,love don’t have specific time,so you can /we can do it
[rohan] oh i see,but who will prepare lunch and breakfast
[me]don’t worry,you will get bread and butter in breakfast,lunch can be ordered.”

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And so he hold me tightly as he is kissing my neck to face and i am in his arms as my boobs are pressing hard on his chest,so a morning breakfast is in process and as he hold my hairs ,i put my lips on his lips and he took it in his mouth as he is sucking it hard,so i have put myself in his arms as inside home,we both are enjoying while maid have given us early morning chance for love,later on he left my lips as looking in my eyes,he starts rolling his long tongue on my lips and so i got horny as i opened my mouth and swallow my son’s tongue ,while sucking it hard i can feel his hand rubbing my back and he have hold the strings of my night wear as he is opening it,so our eyes are closed as we are breathing heavily and he have opened the strings of my night wear on back as he is rubbing my soft nude back ,so as i sucked my son’s tongue for 3-4 minutes and he took it out,now both are too hot as he took out my night wear from my sexy body and as it came out,i have put my both arms on chest to cover my boobs and he smiled.

Rohan have put his hand on my thigh as he is rubbing it with his hard palm and i am feeling bit hot as his hand is moving towards my pelvic zone and as his palm is giving me a nice touch,my tight grip of arms on boobs loosened as i put my both arms away and now looking at my boobs,he hold right one and starts squeezing it hard,so his one hand is on my thigh as he is making me hot and now my eyes stuck on his bulge as he is in a shorts ,so hold his bulge as i started pressing it on cloth,so he is pressing my breast hard and than as his hand moved on my panty,i widened my legs as his fingers are moving on i am too horny as he is making me aroused and there he put his hand on my waist and pulled my panty down to legs,so i am fully nude as i have hold his nude cock in my hand but his shorts is on waist and now he pulled it we both are nude as he stand and walked nude towards kitchen as he came back with a butter cake and now knelt down,so he hold my both legs as he put it on sofa and now as i my legs are stretched,looking at me,he smiled………….

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”a nice breakfast,bread and butter.”as he indicate his finger towards my vagina,i am bit shy as i put my palms on my eyes and now he have put a butter cake on cunt as he is rubbing it hard,lady of my age needs foreplay most than fuck as young guys penis can’t make us satisfy ,but his ability of oral sex…………….either licking cunt with tongue or fingering it,licking ass hole or sucking boobs can make us satisfy otherwise arrange for a 12 inches long cock and you will get it in african region of nigro’s ,so as my son is rubbing butter on vagina,i put my crossed fingers as i widened its hole and my body is in sensation as he pushed a small piece of butter inside he put his two fingers inside my hole and now starts fingering it fast,as his lips are burning on my thighs,i have put my sexy bum on sofa’s corner as his finger and lips are making me rohan finger as well as heat of cunt have melted butter inside my glory hole and he is licking it with his long tongue,so his tongue is rolling inside and now as i put my buttocks slight up on sofa,his whole tongue is fucking my cunt fast and his one hand is massaging my breast hard,so my hand have hold his hairs tightly and pushing his face towards my vagina,will my cunt can swallow his face?, i think no but if a lady is hot as well as horny,long….longer……longest with thickness cocks can enter inside and as rohan is licking my cunt while tasting butter in my hole,i am screaming”oh ah um rohan fuck fuck fast”and now he left my cunt as he is looking hot and as his face have become too red,he again pushed his two fingers in my wet cunt as he is fucking it fast,so he sits on sofa as he hold my boobs and looking at me…………..

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”sexy mom,need your boobs in mouth”and as he put his face on my chest,i hold my left breast and pushed it in his mouth as he starts sucking it with his fingers rubbing my vagina,i will cum soon as i am not in position to hold it more and my sexy voice”uh ah um my hot son,now finger fast,i will cum soon”,made him too hot an he is fingering my cunt too fast as he is sucking my breast wildly……….”ahhhhh uh rohan it’s cumming aah”and he left my saggy breast as he took out his wet fingers out of my cunt,so he pushed his finger in my mouth and we both tastes vaginal cum as his cock is looking straight as well as fully erected,he took my right breast as he is sucking it and i have hold his penis in my palm as i am jerking it my hot body is in fire as i need a hard fuck,but will he fuck me for 15-20 minutes,i think no as his penis will cum as my loud screams”uh ah um”made us hot and horny,he left my breast and now he kissed my lips……………

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