Indian Mom: The Lesson

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Indian Mom: The Lesson, Indian incest stories.. It had been three months since that erotic incident where my maid had helped satisfy mother’s longing desire ( Indian Mom: Mother and son develop a relationship). We never got a chance to discuss the incident due to my exams. It was another weekend, when I found mother in her blouse and petticoat before the mirror.

She glanced back with a smile, catching me staring at her curvy behind.


“Can’t take your eyes of my butt?” she said playfully.

“Nooooo!!!” I replied red faced in defense.

“I don’t know what the deal with my butt is, but people seem to be infatuated with it. “She proudly said running her hands over her buttocks.

I could feel my manhood strain against the thin material of my PJ’s, the sight of her hands tracing her rear combined with her remarks was extremely arousing.

“They are really soft you know!” she teased as she squeezed them in her hands.

“Want to feel them?” she playfully asked smiling wickedly.

“Yesss….” I half choked out, as my hand stretched out to touch them.

I had never touched her this intimately before. She playfully wriggled her buttocks allowing me a few minutes of pure ecstasy.

“Enjoying yourself?” she said with a wicked smile and a twinkle in her eye.

I grinned and said “They are indeed soft, but extremely firm!”

“You think so? “she asked, trying to glance at the image of her butt in the mirror, making no attempt to remove my hands.

Glancing at the clock she exclaimed “Oh no it’s getting late I need to hurry for my bath”

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So saying she began to undo the string of her petticoat. She shamelessly dropped her petticoat exposing her naked buttocks to me. I was still sinking in their beauty when her blouse came off in rapid succession. She turned to check her figure in the mirror and noticed me staring at her naked body.

“Your shameless! Would you like it, if I stared when you undress? ” she chided.

“May be!” I cheekily replied.

Mother played along saying “Oh yeah, then I dare you to undress right now!”

Without much thought, I jumped at the challenge pulling my t-shirt over my head and dropping my pants along with my underwear to the floor, before stepping out of them. I could feel my flaccid penis rapidly growing. Mother instantly lowered her gaze to my crotch as my penis stood erect slightly exposing my pee slit through the opening of my foreskin.

“Somebody is feeling horny!” she giggled. I blushed and said “That’s what a beautiful woman like you, can do to a man!”

“Are you trying to flirt with me ” she laughed.

“No I really mean it Amma” I said moving closer to her I gave her a quick peck on her cheek. Taking my chin in her hand she bent my head, returned a peck on my forehead. Her sudden action forced my hand out and I felt her bare midriff against my palm. The skin on her tummy was supple and I made no extra effort to remove it from her belly. Instead I found myself caressing her belly, to which she didn’t react.

It was immensely arousing to be naked with mother. Getting no resistance I got bolder and brought my hand just under her right breast. She had sensed my longing to touch her breasts, but knew I wouldn’t do so without her prodding. She enjoyed being in control and spared no opportunity to tease me.

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