Adventures with mom

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Hi readers, Maheshwari (my mom) asked me to share our experiences here, so I m posting it.

I am yash, studying in delhi. I am the only son of my parents.
my dad died in a car crash, it’s been a dad had a huge life insurance which means me and my mom(maheshwari) had a huge bank balance and a house.

now I am 21 and my mom is 40, she had me at the age of 19 when she was in the college and married my dad, they were college sweethearts. my dad’s death devastated my mom, till now she never recovered it from fully. she misses my dad very much and been through a lot.

my mom is not a fair looking women, if you are rude you will call her ugly.
she has a face full of pimple scars and a dark coloured skin. but when she enters the room all guys will turn towards her because of her body.

she is 5foot5inch tall and 60kg of weight, she has the body of actress vidaya balan. she has a long dark hair till her waists and with a cherry red lips.
but her real impressive assets are her ass, they are perfectly round and firm. her breasts are neither shaggy nor tight, they are somewhere in the middle. Her weight padded out her curves, giving her legs thickness to die for.

mom is very much depressed as my dad’s birthday is tomorrow, for every birthday dad will take mom for a trip. but for this birthday he is not with us.
so i decided to take my mom for a trip to cheer her up.

when I told mom about the trip her face brightened up. she immediately said okay. she asked me where are we going and I said we are going to shimla to see the sunset tomorrow evening and return here by midnight. mom agreed to the plan and everything was set, we are starting our journey tomorrow morning.

mom came near me and gave a kiss in my forehead and said good night and left. i went to my bedroom and slept thinking of tomorrow’s plan.
I woke up early in the morning and made my car ready for the travel, I didn’t pack much stuff as it was a short trip for about 18hour.

I opened my laptop and started browsing through my face book feed, mom came out of the room and said
“What do you think? Is this good?”
she was wearing a pink salwar kamize. The top showed off her massive breasts while sticking to her small frame tightly. After scanning her body
“it was fine.” i replied

“fine, not good?” she went into her room and shut the door again.
After another few minutes she emerged again.

this time she was wearing a white saree with red borders and a red blouse and a red petti coat. her saree was tied an inch below the navel and her hips were revealing. She had a belt of flesh cinched around her stomach, creating curves that any woman would be jealous of.

“How about this?” She said, looking down at her body.

In my eyes she looked absolutely gorgeous.
“It looks great!” I said, “Maybe formal, but it’s still good.”

she is finally satisfied with my answer and we both walked towards the car.

i sat in the driver’s seat and mom took the seat near me, i inserted the car’s key and with a roar the car came to life. i started to drive the car, I glanced over, eyes catching as the seat belt was pulled tight between the valley of my mother’s breasts. She was occupied with leaning forward to try and get a glimpse of the road.

after few hours we were on the shimla highways, we stopped the car to have some snacks in the nearby hotel and refuelled the car and we continued our journey.

we reached our destination at around evening 5 o clock and we enjoyed the hill tops of shimla, took many selfies. I was finally happy to see my mom happy. we saw the sunset from a hill top. while enjoying the view, it started pouring heavily so we decided to return to delhi.

the sun was out, the road we were on had no other cars, it was a “S” bend road. I was cruising at a 30km speed and suddenly we heard a rumbling sound from the top of the hill. several tons of sand slid in our way blocking the road.

“watch out” my mom shouted.

I applied the brakes suddenly and tires screeched, the car stopped after a few feet. Fortunately we were safe, but our road is blocked by tons of sand.
I looked over at my mother, who had up to this point been dead silent during the commotion. She looked like she was hyperventilating.

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