Sex with mami

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So I am a guy from Chandigarh aged 22 name shivjot Maan height 6″3 and weight 74 and i am a pro basketball player mamu is also from Chandigarh in my family there are 4 memb me my mom my father and my brother

My mamu family consist of mamu mami and Masi my mamu age is 29 and Mami age is 26 Masi is 33 married but stay in mamu house because her husband is in USA so whenever he comes to India Masi goes to his house and she’s planning to go us also and my mami name is Neeru(changed) and I live in sector 7 and mamu in sector 44 story is 3 weeks old I was coming Bangalore via plane but my driver was busy with my father because of some kind of political rallies and I called mami to pick me from Mohali airport she said ok I am coming I can’t call mamu because he is a doctor so might not be able to receive me so after half hour mami come in her car it was black jeep compass she hugged casually and asked me how was the match I said we won and I got a bronze she said better luck next time she was wearing a shorts and denim shirt and she asked me to visit her place firstly I said no then she requested then I said ok we went home I changed my clothes there was a permanent room for me and my mom in their home and I slept for 3 hours then she ordered coffee and cookies from Barista for both of us it was 4.00 pm suddenly my phone rings it was my mom

Mom – where are you?
Me – mamu home
Mom- stay there for 3 days or come now because we are going to Bandra (Mumbai)for 3 days
Me- why?
Mom- my friend Neha daughter’s marriage
Me- I will not go there aunt will show me some girls for marriage and. Start conversation with anyone for my intro
Mom- me and your papa is going and driver is on leave for 3 days and he will drop the car to your by today night and If you have to spend somewhere use debit card only don’t borrow money from Mami
Me – ok but ma
Mom- ok take care Shibu (my nickname)
Mami started laughing and said you are faired of marriage me yes a bit she kissed on my cheeks and left saying oh baby so it was normal for me
Mamu called Mami that there is a serious case of road accident he might not come for a day and asked about Masi Mami said she is out for party with her friends
And in night my car was dropped near 6.30 pm so my car is a black range rover Evoque me and Mami decided to gor for dinner in pirates of grill we got to elante mall and done the dinner and done some shopping I purchased a Diesel watch and Tommy fragrance and Jordan shoes and Mami purchased a Jordan hood and Adidas leggings and Lacoste watch we came back we started watching Netflix and after some I started NDTV news we were lying on same sofa after some time conversation started about Taniya my ex Mami was saying she was a nice girl I agreed then why you dump her I said it is a bit sensitive reason she forced I said she was not comfortable with me like when I try to hug her she always avoid once I kissed her she slapped me and I also slaped and said that do even think in your dreams to come back in my life Mami said do have sex with her I said no but she laughed so u never had sex in your life I said with 3 girls and 1 married she said tell about 4 of them I said first was asman she was my class fellow in 12 second my neighbour jasmine mamu was shocked and oh really she so cute and I smiled and 3 was my cousin Deepti mami said then call Deepti and talk something I called and said hey what’s going Deepti? She said what? I said not visited me from 2 months I am missing sex time with you ?

Deepti laughed and ok I will next week and then said mom is near I will call you later I said ok then Mami who is fourth I said my chemistry teacher in 12 th Seema Sharma mam mami said nice I said now tell about you she firstly give some shocking expression but I forced her then she agreed she said I have done with three one your mamu I said obviously she laughed and then with my classmate in 11 th and she smilled and said with vansh I said seriously vansh was my Mami’s assistant oh I forgot to tell she is a travel agent after that I pinched her she gave shocking experience I said can I be the next she smiled and said this is not good I said this will remain a secret I said plss she said ok but don’t even dare to tell anyone about this she smilled and we started french kiss after 15 min I opened his shorts and t shirts and she undressed me I removed her lingerie she was complete nude then we started sucking her boobs she after some sucked my cock after I set my cock on her cunt and she was lying on bed I gave her a push and half dick was inside she moaned ohhhh yeaah fuck kkkk hard yeah quick I inserted full dick inside she screamed and I carry it on for 15 min she said she is going to flow I removed my dick and flowed her juices and put my dick in her mouth and discharge my secretion there after sometime I asked for anal she agreed her ass was tight I applied some moisturizer and fucked her for 20 min I discharged in her ass and we slept nude together after that she is closest one to me we have done sex for so many time I usually go to long drives or club with her

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