Erica and the Blizzard

I was surprised when I got a friend’s request this morning on a social media site. I hadn’t heard from Erica in thirty years. I accepted and immediately we began messaging. After a bunch of small talk she reminded me of the night of the big blizzard thirty something years ago when I was 17 and she was 14.

Erica’s family was visiting my family in the mountains. Snow was on the forecast but as usual the weather man was wrong. The snow came in fast and heavy that Bob’s station wagon got stuck in the snow about a quarter of a mile away after they left. Bob, his wife Pat and their daughters, Wanda and Erica had to walk back to out house to spend the night. Bob and Pat slept on the pull out couch. Wanda slept with my older sister and for some weird reason beautiful young Erica ended up in my bed with me.

Erica always had a crush on me but I always blew it off. I wasn’t crazy about sharing my bed with her or anyone. I liked my twin size bed all to me. I had a little bit of a snotty attitude as Erica tried getting a conversation going as she laid under the covers with me, only wearing one of my t-shirts and her panties for sleepwear. I slept in my gym shorts.

I remember dreaming about Erica’s hand wrapped around my dick and she was jerking me off. When I broke out of my and woke. I discovered that it was not a dream. My dick was rock hard. I could see Erica’s bare titties jiggling as she stroked my dick. At 17 I was not a virgin and I was not afraid of licking pussy either.

Erica said. Danny I want to make you cum. So I asked her straight out. Are you a virgin? She shook her head and said. No, Wanda’s ex boyfriend used to have sex with me since I was twelve. Wanda would laugh when he would fuck me. At first I didn’t like it but I learned to love it.

I slid my hand between her open legs and rubbed her pussy over her light blue panties. She took a deep breath and squealed as she exhaled. I told he. I want to lick your pussy. My cock was about to explode as she wiggled out of her panties. I climbed out of bed and got on my knees and pulled her body close to the edge. Her bush was full of light blonde cunt hairs. She said eat me you whore master. Erica’s pussy was already soaked. It tasted like soap and bitter sweet. I felt like a super stud as she climaxed. I slid my tongue into her little hole as far as I could to suck up her cunt cream. She said. Brad never did that. All he would do is fuck me and Wanda. I blurted out. I want to lick Wanda too.

Wanda was a year younger than me with black hair and a gorgeous knockout body. Erica replied. After you fuck me.

I climbed on top of Erica. The head of my cock found her entrance with ease. I went slow and easy to keep from squeaking or knocking the bed. Erica held both her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming when she came again.

I laid on my back as the little blonde straddled me. Erica had another orgasm and collapsed on me. I said. I need to cum. She replied. I can jerk you off or I can get Wanda. She is on the pill. I said. I want to cum in Wanda’s cunt. Erica got dressed and snuck out of the room. Our parents were down stairs so there was no worry there.

Erica returned with Wanda and my sister. Tami was 18 and blackmailed me into fucking her a few times. So she took control. I had fuck my sister again before I could fuck Wanda. Tami did have a nice body with big tits and everytimé she would ride my cock it was like an ego boost for me when she would cum over and over.

But this time was different. As Tami straddled my cock Wanda straddled my tongue.

Finally Tami had enough and Wanda slid down on my cock. She looked like a nude model by the way she had her panty lines shaved and her perky tits. It didn’t take long for me to fill her pussy with my kid.

Tami and Wanda went back to Tami’s room.

The following morning I fucked Erica again but never had a chance again after that.

As Erica and I messaged she told me of her 16 year old daughter who also has light blonde hair. And looks just like she did years ago. Erica sent me a pick of her daughter in a bikini and my cock throbbed. I decided to ask. I mean what harm could it do? Is there a chance that I could make some memories with her too? There was no response. Then about an hour later Erica’s address and a time popped up. Then I could see that she was typing again. It eventually read. Dinner, Drinks, FUCK!

I will let you all know how it goes tonight.

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