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My mother-in-law was visiting us for the evening. She lived nearby, not too far from where we had purchased our house some time ago. In fact, one of the factors that made us purchase this house was its proximity to Poonam.

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Poonam Sharma, my mother-in-law, was a fifty plus year old Indian lady, widowed just prior to our marriage. She lived by herself, and Vidya dropped in at her place almost daily or every other day in the morning, right after I left for work. Vidya would spend some time with Poonam, before heading to the gym. Sometimes my mother-in-law would also join her using Vidya’s guest pass.


It wasn’t that Poonam really needed to join the gym – unlike other older Indian ladies she had managed to keep herself in decent shape. Just like Vidya, she always used to watch what she ate (not easy with the lavish use of ghee in many of our Indian dishes!), and even at her age she would regularly go for a run early morning in the neighborhood. Yes, her big boobs were now starting to sag, and there were some slight wrinkles on her face, and her hair wasn’t completely black any more, but Poonam still looked at least ten to fifteen years younger than other women her age. I was very proud of my mother-in-law.

Her daughter Vidya, my wife, had inherited Poonam’s good looks and her healthy habits. Like her mother, Vidya kept herself quite fit and athletic as well, despite marriage. Vidya often used to tell me that her mother was her inspiration.

We had all just finished our evening tea, and were sitting in the living room.

“Mama! Look at your butt!” Vidya suddenly told Poonam, after she reached for the samosa plate again. “It’s bulging!”

“It’s not!” Poonam indignantly stood up and turned around to look over her back. “I have a nice butt.”

“No, mama!” Vidya shook her head dismissively. “You need to hit the gym again. You don’t want to let yourself go, like my dear fatty here.”

Vidya giggled as she poked me in my tummy. I could only grin meekly.

“Ok, honey, guilty as charged!” I laughed nervously, patting the slight pudge around my waist.

“C’mon, jamai babu!” Poonam turned to me. “You are only slightly healthy.”

“Jamai babu” is what Indian mothers-in-law often called their sons-in-law out of respect.

Poonam then stood up, and turned around so her back was to me, and bent over. She then turned her neck slightly and asked, “Do you think I have a big butt, jamai babu?”

I nearly chocked on my samosa. I blushed bright red as I looked at my mother-in-law bent over, her butt right in front of my face, and then at my wife, Vidya, who had a naughty smile on her lips.

“Oh, mama, you are embarrassing Rajesh.” Standing up, Vidya came close to her mother, and gave her mother’s butts a squeeze. “That’s a lot of meat, mama. You are joining me in the gym tomorrow.”

“Well, OK, dear, if you want an old woman with you.” Poonam replied, as Vidya continued to squeeze her butt cheeks. “I would slow you down at the gym.”

“You are no old woman, mama.” Vidya made Poonam stand up straight, hugged her and gave her a quick kiss on her cheeks.



Then Vidya turned back to me. Poonam giggled and once again bent over, jiggling her butt in front my face. Vidya laughed.

“Well, dear husband, you didn’t answer mama’s question. Does she have a big butt?”

As she said this, Vidya raised her hand. Poonam was still bent over, her butt thrust out at me. Vidya brought her hand down sharply.


My wife spanked her mother’s butt playfully. “What do you think, hubby?”


“Mummy …” I managed to croak. “You look quite fit … to me.”

“No … but what about her butt?”


“Um … darling … her butt … looks quite good.”

“Why thank you, jamai babu.” Poonam wriggled her butt playfully before standing up straight. Vidya winked at her and nudged at me. I was now trying to discreetly place a cushion over my pants, trying to hide the bulge of my raging boner.

“Alright, beti.” Poonam laughed at my blushing face as she took her seat back. She then turned to her daughter. “I will join the gym, but on one condition. You will find me a handsome fitness instructor there.”

Vidya laughed. “OK mama. Done! You can have mine if you want.”

Vidya sat down beside me and wrapped her arms around my neck. After kissing me on the lips, Vidya then swiftly snatched the cushion away from my hands, exposing the rising hump in my pants to all.

“Did mama’s butt make you all excited, dear?” She asked, giving me a kiss on my cheek.

“Um …”

Both mother and daughter laughed as I blushed with acute embarrassment.

My mother-in-law Poonam’s relationship with her daughter (and my wife) Vidya was different than the ones she had with all of her other children. None of her other daughters, for example, would have grabbed their mother’s butt, let alone have the audacity to spank it. Vidya alone had the sass to nudge and wink at her at my futile attempt to hide a boner. Poonam and Vidya were less mother and daughter, and more of friends and sisters. I also felt Poonam was also less inhibited with Vidya when it came to physical touching.

Two days ago it had been us who were visiting her, and after dinner we were watching some TV.

“Vidya,” Poonam suddenly told her, turning around to face her. “I think I am beginning to sag. I wanted you to take a look.”

“Sure, mama.” Vidya responded, as if it was no big deal. “Let me see. Please stand up, and go over there by the mirror.”

“Yes, beti.”

Vidya then turned to me.

“Darling, would you please stand up and go by the door?”

“Yes, dear.”

I obediently stood up.

“Good,” Vidya smiled at me, before issuing her order, “Now please turn around so your back is to us, dear.”

“Yes, darling.”

I slowly made my way out of the room.

“I am always amazed as to how obedient my jamai babu is, Vidya.” I heard Poonam tell her daughter. “Unlike other Indian men who might be chauvinistic or have an ego when it came to listening to their wives, Rajesh humbly does whatever you ask of him.”

“Yes, mama.” Vidya replied. She was probably smiling triumphantly at her mother’s characterization of me as obedient. “Rajesh simply adores me.”

I now stood near the door, my back to the women, awaiting further instructions.

“No peeking, OK, dear?” Vidya yelled at me. “I am going to check up on mama’s boobies.”

“Umm…” I was quite hot under my collar. “Yes, dear.”

I just realized there was another mirror in the hallway. It was positioned just in the right place so I could actually see, if I turned my face slightly, what was happening inside the room.

Vidya came up close to her mother and stood across her. She raised her hands and gently cupped Poonam’s breasts.

“Hmm.” Vidya mused aloud. She squeezed her mother’s right breast, and then the left.

“They appear firm, mama.” Vidya gently pinched the tip of Poonam’s right nipple, and then the left. “Do you want me to take a closer look?”

“Would you, dear?” My mother-in-law asked her. “I was wondering if I should change my bra size or get a different type of bra for support.”

“Sure, mama.” Vidya started to unbutton her mother’s blouse.

“No peeking, husband!” She suddenly called out, even though I hadn’t moved. “I am taking off mama’s blouse!”

“Er … of course, dear! Yes, dear.”

I wondered if they knew I could see it all. I was now quite hard, and started to gently rub myself over my pants.

Once Poonam’s blouse was unbuttoned, she raised her arms and Vidya took off the blouse. Then Vidya went around her back and unhooked the bra. It fell to the floor and my mother-in-law’s boobs fell free.

I had to practice the utmost self control to not start ejaculating right there. My mother-in-law had massive breasts, with big areoles and nipples to match. It was clear where Vidya got her genes from. Wow!

“Ah, I forgot how big your breasts are, mama!” Vidya exclaimed.

“You have big ones yourself, beti!” Poonam replied, smiling. “And all the problems of big breasts along with it!”

Vidya cupped her mother’s bare naked right breast and started to grope her.

“I don’t know, mama.” She bit her lip as she kneaded Poonam’s breasts. “My boobs have always made me a favourite of the guys, you know!”

“Yeah well.” Poonam’s body gently swayed as her daughter pressed her puppies. “Try jogging with these. You are a young woman! I can’t find a sports bra for me and can’t exactly wear a tank top when I go jogging, and they bounce around all the time!”

“Sometimes I have trouble sleeping.” Vidya confessed, as she switched her attention to Poonam’s left boob. “But then I get your jamai babu to suck on them and I sleep fine!”

Both the ladies laughed. Vidya then stood back.

“No, mama. You are not sagging.” She declared. “And no lumps either, you’ll be glad to know.”

“Thanks, beti!” Poonam bent down and started to put on her bra again. “It’s a relief.”

“Speaking of relief …” Vidya giggled. “I’d better go and give my husband some!”

Such was the open relation Poonam had with Vidya. It just evolved into that type of mother-daughter bond. I had once asked Vidya how she was so free with Poonam.

“It must be due to the first time she caught me,” Vidya had answered after some thinking, “When I was in high school, I was fooling around with the neighbour’s son in my room. Rather than beat me or punish me, my mother sat down with me, and taught her all about sex, and safety.”

“Really?” I was surprised. “That was mighty progressive of her!”

“Yup!” Vidya replied. “She always told me, ‘Be safe! Don’t let the boys do what they want; rather you be in charge.’ And I have always followed that.”

“You have a personal fitness instructor? A man?” Poonam asked, bringing my thoughts back to the present. “And jamai babu doesn’t mind?”

“Ah, Rajesh.” Vidya threw her head back and laughed. She then embraced me and gave me a passionate kiss, with her tongue going down my throat.

I just sat there, letting Vidya have her way with me. Her hands slightly caressed me down there, even as she pressed her lips against mine. My mother-in-law watched, amused.

“My husband loves me.” Vidya told her mother, grinning, after finishing the kiss. I had by now given up all attempts to decently hide my erection. “He doesn’t mind another man being with me, as long as I tell him, hehe.”

Once again mother and daughter had a good laugh.

“Oh jamai babu.” Poonam grinned at me. “You are unlike all Indian men. Vidya is lucky to have found someone like you.”

“No, mummy.” I looked adoringly at my beautiful wife. “I am lucky to have found someone like your daughter.”

Later that night, I got into bed. I was completely naked, while Vidya was in a two piece lingerie. I started by kissing Vidya’s toes.

“OOOH yes.” Vidya murmered. “Do that. Suck on my toes, darling.”

I nibbled each of her toes, before licking the bottom of my feet. Vidya then turned over so she was lying on her belly.

“Kiss my bum, Rajesh.”

“Yes, dear.”

“Kiss it good, honey. I am your mistress and you should want to please me.”

“Yes, dear.”

Vidya’s bottoms left nothing to the imagination – the thin g-string panty exposing her round fleshy bums. I pressed my mouth to her ass and placed lots of gentle kisses on her ample behind. I made sure to suck on her big booty, placing my lips on the flesh of her rear and smooching for all I was worth. I slid my tongue down her rectum and made her rear canal all wet. Vidya loved it when I abased myself like that.

“Spank me, darling.” She suddenly commanded.

I raised my hand and spanked her buttocks. Her flesh shook like jelly as I hit her, gently, again and again.

“OOOH YES.” Vidya then turned around and smiled.

“You spank me so gently. My other lovers used to spank me hard, and rough.”

“Yes, dear.”

“Now come here, sweetie!”

We were cuddling and kissing. Vidya kissed me quite passionately, her hands moving down to my manhood. I was quite hard, and close to my edge.

“Darling.” Vidya suddenly told me. “I feel I owe you an apology.”

“An apology?” I looked at her, puzzled. “What for?”

“This evening. You know. When I told mama that you wouldn’t mind me with my gym instructor if I told you about it.”

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